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Updated on: December 8, 2019
What is Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) ?
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Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports)

Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics Software
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Zoho Analytics (formerly, Zoho Reports) is a self-service business intelligence and analytics platform that helps you easily analyze your business data, and create insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision making. Transform huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. Zoho Analytics has deep expertise in catering to SMBs' BI and analytical requirements and, moreover, delivers them at an attractive price point. Get a powerful BI, reporting and analytics tool in your own brand name embedded within your own product, application, portal, or website.

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Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Freelancers Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Pleasanton, California / +1 (888) 900-9646
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Category Business Intelligence Software Dashboard Software

Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Freemium , Subscription
How much does Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) cost ?
The pricing for Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) starts at $25.0 per month. Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) has 5 different plans such as - Basic at $25.0 per month, Professional (On-premise) at $30.0 per user per month, Standard at $50.0 per month, Premium at $125.0 per month and Enterprise at $495.0 per month. Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) also offers a Free Plan with limited features.
$22 /Month
Billed Yearly


  • 2 Users
  • 0.5 Million Rows
  • Includes Free plan, plus
  • Unlimited reports and dashboards
  • 100+ data connectors
  • Zoho Apps connectors
  • Ask Zia!
  • Daily sync
  • Slideshow
$45 /Month
Billed Yearly


  • All features in Basic plan, plus
  • 5 Users
  • 1 Million Rows
  • Hourly data sync
  • Groups support
  • Workspace Admin role
  • Data Alerts
  • Data backup
$112 /Month
Billed Yearly


  • All features in Standard plan, plus
  • 15 Users
  • 5 Million Rows
  • Logo rebranding
  • Private links
$445 /Month
Billed Yearly


  • All features in Premium plan, plus
  • 50 Users
  • 50 Million Rows
  • 5x performance
  • Live chat support
Free (On-premise)


  • Support for 1 user only
  • Add up to 10 tables, 25,000 rows, and 5 workspaces

Professional (On-premise)
$30 /User/Month

$30 per user per month billed annually

Min. of 5 users


  • Supports multiple users
  • Add unlimited rows, tables, and workspaces
  • Sharing and collaboration


  • Concurrent viewers (Min. of 25 viewers) $8 /month/viewer billed annually
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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 30/03/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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Zoho Analytics (Zoho Reports) Reviews

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Kaveh KamoonehSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 26 November 2019)
Program promises a lot of value but…

Program promises a lot of value but customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. Most tech support people are not very familiar with the product. It's true that Zoho has a lot of different applications and no one can know all of them, but why can't they just ask you which application you need help with and get you to talk to a person with that specialty. On boarding is very frustrating. If you can have the stomach to go through that, then eventually you may reach a place where you realize the promise of Zoho. But good luck getting there.

zoho scamSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 24 November 2019)

scam, support never responds

E LauraSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 22 November 2019)
Very very impressed.

We recently bought Zoho CRM for our sales and marketing teams to use and would recommend to anyone. Amazing price, and actually we've found the customer services team to be fantastic. Paddy (a member of their onboarding team) has helped us with any issues that arose with set-up (not technical issues, more that we didn't know how to do it) with absolute determination and professionalism. I couldn't fault the customer service we've received at all, and the CRM does absolutely everything we want it to.

Kay Altenburger - DeWittSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 15 November 2019)
Only allowed to receive five emails per…

Only allowed to receive five emails per day [incoming] zero allowed to send.Called the company three times and they said it was because I had two emails that I sent bounce back.WTH. Go figure, did more research on the company and sure enough it is owned by a company in INDIA, the C/S reps could not comprehend my English and asked me several times if I could speak clearer --- who me!!! Not speaking clearly. I am a detail nut! Paid for this service and filing a complaint with my credit card company. Hope to get a full refund. What in the world is their problem................

amy petriSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 04 November 2019)
This system is archaic and there is…

This system is archaic and there is currently no way to merge expenses or reports. Slow, gets jacked up and just Terrible. Uggggh.

cwSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 30 October 2019)
Somehow tried to hack my emails.

Somehow tried to hack my emails.

Daniel BurginSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 24 October 2019)
Been going round and round in circles…

Been going round and round in circles with Zoho support for around a week now. Additional factor authorisation stopped working for me - they successfully sent me instructions on how to reset it.I could then sign in on a new computer after re-linking the authentication, but it wouldn't let me log in on the desktop app anymore. I can, however, access from the browser.I tell support that I've tried re-syncing the authenticator - they send me an e-mail telling me to try re-syncing the authenticator.I remind support I've already tried that - they ask me to clear my cookies. I remind them I'm using the desktop app and no longer have issues with signing in with the browser - they ask me which app I'm talking about and what URL I'm trying to access. It's Zoho's app. Downloaded from Zoho. It doesn't need a url. I'm currently waiting for them to tell me whether or not they realise that they provide this app or not... really disappointing support.

ICFSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 21 October 2019)
NON existent support on PAID service, don't waste your money - Terrible

We took out a PAID subscription, we thought that the least we would get is some kind of SUPPORT - WRONG, you send messages about BUGS, and problems = NO REPLY. We are now going to have to export everything to another mail system, can't use a business that you pay for and they don't even have the common courtesy to reply.Indian style support = non existentEven if you PAY. Use it for FREE, never pay these guys a dollar.

ChrisSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 16 October 2019)

Zoho products are full of bugs which makes working with them frustrating and time consuming.

Ben ClarksonSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 15 October 2019)
Simple and affordable

Simple and affordable. This has made my business 100x more streamlined and my life 1000x easier. thanks zoho.

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Apply merge fillter
Custom presentation
Dashboard settings
Candidates overview dashboard
SurveyMonkey campaign
Added formula
Apply merge fillter
Apply merge fillter
Custom presentation
Dashboard settings
Candidates overview dashboard
SurveyMonkey campaign
Added formula


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