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Loyalty Management Software

A loyalty program is an important tool for engaging and retaining customers, making it a crucial part of the marketing strategy. It helps to foster a connection with the brand by identifying returning customers and rewarding them with incentives such as gift cards or loyalty points. Incentivized customers tend to return and make more purchases for products and services. Loyalty management software is a tool which optimizes and manages this entire process. Some robust features offered by loyalty management software are built in email marketing, marketing automation tools, CRM functionalities, rewards management, member portal to view or redeem reward points and integration capabilities in order to integrate it with your content management or POS systems.

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Thanx - Loyalty Management Software


CRM and Guest Engagement Platform
(2 Ratings)

Thanx pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Thanx and how does it work?

Thanx help restaurants, retailers and malls grow customer lifetime value through data-driven engagement and modern digital experiences. It works in a platform like Digital Experience, Personalization, Loyalty + CRM, Open platform and APIs that helps retailers grow customer lifetime value predictably. show more

Capillary Loyalty Plus - Loyalty Management Software

Capillary Loyalty Plus

Reward and retain your best consumers
(1 Ratings)

Capillary Loyalty Plus pricing: Capillary Loyalty Plus Offers Custom plan.

What is Capillary Loyalty Plus and how does it work?

Capillary Loyalty Plus platform helps brands to retain their best customers by rewarding them with highly contextual, personalized rewards. Easily configure rules related to upgrade/downgrade, allocation/redemption, expiry, and promotions. Create and manage a single brand, multi-brand, multi-country or group loyalty programs with ease. Word of mouth isn’t just a concept. Enable enticing referral programs and attract many more loyal customers with a social-ready loyalty platform software. Check vital KPIs on-the-go with a live dashboard that updates as your campaigns are rolled out. show more

SailPlay Loyalty - Loyalty Management Software

SailPlay Loyalty

Email campaign Loyalty Software
(1 Ratings)

SailPlay Loyalty pricing: SailPlay Loyalty Offers Custom plan.

What is SailPlay Loyalty and how does it work?

SailPlay can customize the program, and manages the customers, their activities, points and rewards. It has some features like Flexible bonus points scheme, Built-in CRM system, Single loyalty program, SMS and Email campaigns and much more. It can manage the Companies of all sizes including communities. show more

Fivestars - Loyalty Management Software


Better marketing option out there for small businesses
(25,146 Ratings)

Fivestars pricing: Fivestars Offers Custom plan.

What is Fivestars and how does it work?

Fivestars, their mission is to help businesses and communities thrive by turning every transaction into a relationship. Over 40 million people use Fivestars to get rewarded at more than 13,000 local businesses with one rewards program. Local businesses use Fivestars to bring more customers into their stores with an all-in-one marketing program. Fivestars drives over $2.5 billion in local commerce across its network per year. Fivestars has raised $105 million from HarbourVest, Menlo Ventures, Lightspeed, DCM, Y-Combinator, and others. show more

Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform - Loyalty Management Software

Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

Engage customers on multiple dimensions
(119 Ratings)

Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform pricing: Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform and how does it work?

Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform lets users engage their customers on multiple dimensions, and give them a reason to buy frequently and stay engaged throughout. With this platform, one can maximize their customer engagement and revenue with a complete loyalty rewards program. Users can grow their business using different programs. These include Transactional Loyalty, which is the reward for repeat transactions; and Social Loyalty, which is the reward for activities on social media. Besides these, there is Behavioral Loyalty, which is rewarded for specific user behavior, and Advocacy Loyalty, which is given for referrals. The Engagement Loyalty is awarded for different interactions. One can receive better responses by maximizing customer retention. The users simply need to unlock 360-degree loyalty by rewarding customers for their commendable actions. Users can segment their customers into different tiers and make them feel special every time. Also, one can make the best use of the built-in messaging engine and get going at once. The platform supports flexible reward options and maximizes margins, thus avoiding bargain hunters and increasing the business stature. In this way, users can not only empower their brand but also ensure excellent customer experience at all times. show more

Incentivesmart - Loyalty Management Software


Leading Loyalty Platform
(10 Ratings)

Incentivesmart pricing: Incentivesmart Offers Custom plan.

What is Incentivesmart and how does it work?

Incentivesmart is the leading online points based loyalty platform that lets the business reward, track & motivate staff, customers and suppliers. Incentivesmart grows the performance through social recognition, goal chasing and continuous feedback.

Talkable - Loyalty Management Software


Today’s customers tomorrow’s growth
(21 Ratings)

Talkable pricing: Talkable Offers Custom plan.

What is Talkable and how does it work?

Talkable is changing the way companies acquire and retain customers, by quantifying and accelerating the oldest marketing channel ever word of mouth. Get peace of mind by partnering with a results-focused company with 9 years of e-commerce industry expertise. Identify, target and reward your most valuable customers through in-depth data analysis. Unlock growth with A/B testing and ongoing campaign optimization. Building on your existing customers and the marketing groundwork you've already invested in, they create pathways to maximize the return on those relationships, while attracting the right new clients. show more

Preferred Patron Loyalty - Loyalty Management Software

Preferred Patron Loyalty

Customer Loyalty & Engagement Platform
(40 Ratings)

Preferred Patron Loyalty pricing: Starts at $29.95.

What is Preferred Patron Loyalty and how does it work?

Preferred Patron Loyalty, LLC. is a leading provider of Customer Loyalty Programs and Gift Card Program software. It provides key features like Visit recognition, Mobile Access, Omni Channel Marketing, Sms Texting Messaging and much more. It can manage all sizes of business organization.

Walmoo - Loyalty Management Software


Simple loyalty solution
(9 Ratings)

What is Walmoo and how does it work?

Walmoo is a Interaction-as-a-Service . The simplest and most flexible self-service platform that makes customer/visitor identification, their activity registration and coupon redemption in the physical world very simple and fast. It manages small scale business.

Yoyo Wallet - Loyalty Management Software

Yoyo Wallet

Customer loyalty program Software
(2 Ratings)

Yoyo Wallet pricing: Yoyo Wallet Offers Custom plan.

What is Yoyo Wallet and how does it work?

Reward & mobile payment solution for Campuses. Launch a university or campus customer loyalty programme and transform customer and basket data into actionable insights for personalised marketing campaigns.

S Loyalty - Loyalty Management Software

S Loyalty

Remarkable Loyalty Software
(1 Ratings)

S Loyalty pricing: Starts at $19.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is S Loyalty and how does it work?

S Loyalty is highly praised support team to help the most out of S Loyalty. Its understandable that the difficulties of managing a rewards program and can help ease the experience when it comes to starting a new program or migrating to S Loyalty. Easy to Create a beautifully branded loyalty program, designed just for Shopify and BigCommerce. show more

Switchfly Loyalty - Loyalty Management Software

Switchfly Loyalty

Integrated loyalty solution for travel brands
(2 Ratings)

Switchfly Loyalty pricing: Switchfly Loyalty Offers Custom plan.

What is Switchfly Loyalty and how does it work?

Switchfly is a SaaS travel-commerce and loyalty engagement platform that allows you to deploy online services. Switchfly Loyalty integrates seamlessly with Packaging solution to complement any company’s e-commerce and merchandising strategy by offering flexible payment options on bundles of first- and third-party ancillary products. Burn loyalty points the ability for travelers to burn loyalty points on the core, ancillary, or bundled travel products. The ability to complement overall marketing efforts by offering point discounts and promotions to your loyalty members. show more

LoyaltyGator - Loyalty Management Software


Tailored Solution for Business
(1 Ratings)

LoyaltyGator pricing: LoyaltyGator Offers Custom plan.

What is LoyaltyGator and how does it work?

LoyaltyGator offer cloud based systems for loyalty programs , gift cards programs , and employee loyalty programs. It used to collect the important data by creating a good relationship with the customers. LoyaltyGator offers valuable features like Easy to get start, No transaction fees, No Contracts, Program flexibility and much more. show more

TapMango - Loyalty Management Software


Your lifelong marketing partner
(10 Ratings)

TapMango pricing: TapMango Offers Custom plan.

What is TapMango and how does it work?

Tapmango is a cloud-based SaaS customer loyalty and marketing platform that assists retail stores and restaurants with rewards and promotions management. Tapmango’s main purposes for your business are to retain its customers, upsell to existing customers and acquire new customers. Customers can enroll via the app or web or SMS/text messaging. And you get to customize the look of the tablet app and your branded mobile app and loyalty tags. Tapmango’s key features include mobile ordering, experience management, voucher management, survey creation, and customer recognition. Your customers can also earn points by check-in, by amount spent, on certain products, during happy hour, and so on. The platform’s marketing portal enables you to run campaigns and send promotions for your business in the form of email, text, or push notifications that are sent when an event is triggered. Customers can use the mobile app or the in-store tablet to share images on their social media handles and add yelp/google reviews via automated surveys. show more

InsightJet - Loyalty Management Software


Engage customers with Reviews
(1 Ratings)

InsightJet pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is InsightJet and how does it work?

InsightJet software is a Smart review request tool to reach customers for their real-time reviews. The software offers tools to create social proof to reward, and follow up based on feedback given by our customers. Generate social proof for better reviews across various platforms. Send email and SMS with your brand name for projecting a stronger loyalty program status. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Goody - Loyalty Management Software


The loyalty management platform designed for growth
(29 Ratings)

Goody pricing: Goody Offers Custom plan.

What is Goody and how does it work?

Goody offers a full stack of products for loyalty rewards, marketing, and customer relationship management. It's simple, easily accessible and integrates with everyday applications. Helps to gain insights into the most profitable customers.

Xoxoday Plum - Loyalty Management Software

Xoxoday Plum

Reward out deserving employees and gain their trust
(37 Ratings)

Xoxoday Plum pricing: Starts at $5000.0.

What is Xoxoday Plum and how does it work?

Xoxoday Plum is an employee incentive program and sales commissions software that helps businesses of all sizes to send rewards, incentives and perks on the go, besides disbursing payouts to in house employees and external freelancers as per need. The software assists accountants to create tailored engagement programs that can be used to deliver rewards across 100+ countries. Xoxoday Plum also helps users to launch intuitive marketing campaigns through various channels and useful integrations. Further, developer-friendly building blocks available within can be used to launch appropriate incentive engines and rewards within a short time. The particular software also helps businesses to build solutions piece by piece using an inbuilt modular API suite that allows them to integrate new features as their workflow increases. Xoxoday Plum supports 12 languages that are popular all around the world. Smart wallets make it easier for businesses to manage payouts on the go. Furthermore, a comprehensive dashboard loaded within, allows users to track individual activities and make better decisions. show more

Clutch - Loyalty Management Software


Get in touch with an integrated solution to gain customers’ trust and improve business
(16 Ratings)

Clutch pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Clutch and how does it work?

Clutch is an appropriate customer data and marketing platform that helps companies streamline consistent and meaningful communications across all customer touchpoints. B2C customer relationship management and customer data platform capabilities are incorporated within, after considering the demands made by modern-day customers. Businesses can utilise the platform to create personal and flexible programs for their customer base and gain adequate loyalty in an instant. These customer programs include end-to-end management for promotions, gift cards and store credit. Further, Clutch enables companies to connect with their customers through the most direct channel available to set up integrated communication links. It can also be utilised to send customer-centric emails, which adds value to their messages, besides enhancing engagement rates. These targeted mail pieces help users optimise spendings as well as increase ROI. Overall, Clutch is a safe and secure platform, which comes compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, protecting the information stored within. show more

Annex Cloud - Loyalty Management Software

Annex Cloud

Plan out strong loyalty programs and boost your sales
(28 Ratings)

Annex Cloud pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Annex Cloud and how does it work?

Annex Cloud is an intuitive customer loyalty management software that helps businesses strengthen their customer relationships, keep off competitive offers and improve customer lifetime value simultaneously. The software also enables users to integrate accurate loyalty marketing strategies into their eCommerce website and digital marketing campaigns as per need. Users can even proceed to streamline effective loyalty programs that work for every sales channel, whether it's online or offline. Further, the receipt scanning feature of Annex Cloud, enables customers to submit their receipts to any store branch and earn rewards in an instant. It also helps brands to retain customers and increase purchase frequency adequately. Reward and incentive engine, present within the same helps companies plan out rewards and distribute them to customers within or without loyalty programs. Companies can also distribute rewards based on actions like social media engagement rates, signing up for newsletters, writing reviews, attending in-store events and more. show more

RepeatRewards - Loyalty Management Software


Easy & Affordable Customer Loyalty Program
(1 Ratings)

RepeatRewards pricing: Starts at $39.0.

What is RepeatRewards and how does it work?

RepeatRewards is a full service, omni-channel marketing provider focused on giving businesses of all sizes the tools need for success in their industry. It has solutions like Loyalty, Mobile app, Gift Card and much more. It also offers gift card program (and e-gift card option) for small business owners to be able to compete with the big box stores by offering gift cards to be used at their location show more

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List of Loyalty Management Software

Thanx 5
Capillary Loyalty Plus 5
SailPlay Loyalty 5
Fivestars 4.7
Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform 4.7
Incentivesmart 4.7
Talkable 4.7
Preferred Patron Loyalty 4.6
Walmoo 4.6
Yoyo Wallet 4.5

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