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Updated on: March 20, 2019

URL Shorteners

Long and complicated URLs are hard to remember and cannot be recalled easily at times of need. Long URLs can be shortened to ease their shareability as well. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is minimized in a way that it still can manage directing users to the required webpage. URL Shorteners make the links more manageable, track the links or data that are clicked on, etc. URL Shorteners come with useful features that can help in improving social media services.

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Bitly - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


Globally leading link management solution
( 219 Ratings)

Bitly URL shortener is considered one of the leading link management platform available these days. The software helps in data management, comes with API integrations and offers tight security round the clock. The dedicated customer service offered will help users find timely response and speedy... read more

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Rebrandly - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


Feature-rich efficient URL shortening platform
( 69 Ratings)

Rebrandly cloud-hosted URL shortening software that also extends its support in branding & rebranding (if necessary) the links for better results. This software helps a lot in managing all your links in an easy & systematic manner and also allow sharing them using a custom domain name. It comes... read more

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Nalanga - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


A unique URL Shortener
( 1 Ratings)

Nalanga is a URL Shortener Solution used to shorten a link. Collect data about your customers and their behaviors. Target your customers and redirect them to a relevant page. Share your links to your network and measure data your marketing campaign's performance.

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Sniply - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


Highly reliable & action-oriented URL shortener
( 36 Ratings)

Sniply browser-based URL shortening software helps you to add a call-to-action to all links that you share and on any web page. This facilitates in ensuring more customer engagement and helps them find your business online better. Sniply allows one to keep a good track of the links that got clicked... read more

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RocketLink - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


Retarget Shared Links for Better Lead Generation
( 52 Ratings)

Rocketlink gives users the ability to retarget any link that they share with their audiences by adding customised retargeting pixels and personalised call-to-action buttons. This improves the CTR and decreases the CPC of campaigns since customers who are interested to consume targeted content are... read more

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Link Fox - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com

Link Fox

A Free Online URL Shortener

Link Fox is a Free URL Shortener for shrinking links. Shorten links to engage an audience with clicks. Geotarget your links to redirect visitors to optimize your conversion. Bundle links to share with the public. The dashboard lets you manage your URLs. Marketers, Agencies, Startups, Developers,... read more

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PixelMe - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


Market better with shortened & shareable URLs
( 13 Ratings)

PixelMe URL shortening platform is based on the browser and comes positively integrated with almost all key advertising platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Google AdWords, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora etc. You can easily and efficiently track as well as manage all your links using this... read more

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Branch - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


Link shortening, managing and tracking platform

Branch is an online URL shortening software that will help its users generate easy-to-remember and custom links with greater ease. With the help of link branding feature, users can create and use custom branded domain name in their link for encouraging better engagement. The links generated and... read more

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Thundex Shortlinks - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com

Thundex Shortlinks

A Free URL Shortening Software

Thundex (formerly Bitpin) ShortLinks is a Free URL Shortener tool. A simple tool to shorten url to your content with limited time. Freelancers, Individuals, Small, and Medium companies make use of the software.

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Clickmeter - URL Shorteners : SaaSworthy.com


A robust and user-friendly URL shortener
( 5 Ratings)

Clickmeter cloud-hosted URL shortener software comes designed with bothURL shortening as well as link targeting capabilities. This software helps in monitoring, keeping a track of and also optimizing all the marketing links in a single unified place to help driving maximum sales possible. You can... read more

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Buyer's Guide on URL Shorteners

Several URL shortening platforms have been cropping up in the market lately. To browse through all of them to pick a single best-suited one is a tough challenge. The following factors can be considered to ease the challenging task a bit.

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