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Updated on: December 15, 2018

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Software

Nobody likes to visit websites that run slow. Websites with less latency, high digital content delivery speed, and good loading speed are preferred not just by the web traffic but also liked by search engines. A content delivery network (CDN) can be defined as a geographically distributed group of servers working together for ensuring fast delivery of digital content over the internet. A CDN software is used to minimize website loading times and enhance website performance. Content Delivery Network or CDN have cast a significant influence on how content is delivered through the Internet to the websites or the end-users. CDN services include request routing, web caching, and server-load balancing, etc.

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CDN77 Now deliver ultra HD videos in a massive amount
( 40 Ratings)

CDN77.com supports live video streaming seamlessly as well as Video-on-demand services. You can use this software both as live streaming and static delivery CDN. This can accelerate the speed of your website, gaming and multiple other digital content delivery. CDN77.com comes with significant... read more

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CacheFly Enjoy FTP integration & simple origin pull CDN
( 6 Ratings)

Cachefly CDN supports around 40 PoPs. Delivery of massive files is easy and hassle-free using this software. The CDN infrastructure is based on TCP Anycast routing and is the very first to do so worldwide. This software comes with a sub-user account. This CDN software offers its users several... read more

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CloudFlare API & CMS integrated user-friendly CDN software
( 208 Ratings)

CloudFlare content delivery network is a user-friendly software and can help significantly trigger up the loading speed. The software is exclusively designed for ensuring modern cloud computing. It comes with a smart dashboard that gives a graphical presentation to help managers make instant... read more

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KeyCDN Robust CDN solution with 24 PoPs
( 100 Ratings)

KeyCDN is a powerful, user-friendly and efficient CDN software that is available with full SSD coverage. This software is highly optimized and it can trigger up the speed of your content delivery like games, websites and as such. This CDN software comes with features like free SSL, HTTP/2 Support,... read more

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Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudFront For seamless and highly optimized CDN solution
( 102 Ratings)

Amazon CloudFront CDN is extremely easy to set up. It supports HTTP by default. It supports static content caching, dynamic content routing, cache purging, custom SSL certificates, dashboard and reporting features. This CDN software helps in delivering videos, data, and APIs to the end-users very... read more

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Rackspace CDN
Rackspace CDN Powered by Akamai to offer CDN support and service
( 12 Ratings)

Rackspace CDN uses Akamai network in order to provide intensive support and services for speeding up website loading time and content delivery. It resells a custom map with around 200 PoPs. Users can add a maximum of 10 domains or resources per service only. Rackspace lacks in a few features like... read more

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Akamai 2000+ PoPs across 100+ nations with 1000+ network
( 33 Ratings)

Akamai is perhaps one of the most popular and oldest CDNs available in the market. It offers a more reliable connection and less latency by establishing interconnects with Google edge locations privately. It enjoys appropriate API and CMS integration for benefitting users better. Akamai has served... read more

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wao.io A Solution to Optimize Websites

wao.io is a Cloud Service used to improve the performance and security of your website automatically without any coding. The software offers features like a high-class image optimization, HTTP/2 or intelligent caching with one push of a button. The software optimizes page size, images and code... read more

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StackPath CDN
StackPath CDN Accelerates and enhances website performance

Stackpath software has no issue integrating with your system and is a highly recommended solution for gamers. The software features a full and uncompromised uptime SLA and helps to minimize the server load. This product enjoys peering agreements with Verizon, Vodafone, AT&T, & Rogers, which ensures... read more

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Internap CDN
Internap CDN A flexible, robust tool to boost web performance

Internap CDN software is helpful if you wish to improve your website performance, stream live video or wish to speed-up applications. Users can easily upload, transcode organize and deliver their digital content with the help of this tool. It has a simple user-friendly interface. It supports RTMP... read more

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Buyer's Guide on Content Delivery Network (CDN) Software

One thing that irritates the most while browsing websites online is low loading speed. It is, therefore, vital to shop for a content delivery network judiciously for improving user experience by keeping them thoroughly engaged.

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