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Azure DevOps Projects

Azure DevOps Projects | Microsoft Azure
(71 Ratings)

Host your first web app on Azure in just three steps with Azure DevOps Projects—simply select an application language, a runtime, and an Azure service.

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AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy | Automated Software Deployment
(49 Ratings)

AWS CodeDeploy is service that fully automates code deployments for a fast, reliable software deployment process.

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AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline | Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
(43 Ratings)

AWS CodePipeline is a highly useful tool for automating release pipelines, allowing for fast and reliable updates on both applications and infrastructure. It is a fully managed service, which means that the setup and maintenance of the service is done . AWS CodePipeline is easy to set up and use, and with its intuitive user interface, can quickly and easily configure release pipelines. The customer can configure pipelines to work with a wide range of services, including Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon ECS. It can also configure the pipelines to integrate with other third-party services, such as GitHub and Jenkins. AWS CodePipeline helps to keep the applications and infrastructure up to date, and makes it easier for quick delivery with new features and updates to the customers. show more

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IBM UrbanCode Deploy

UrbanCode - Overview
(17 Ratings)

Use a DevOps approach to orchestrate, automate and deploy applications, middleware and database changes. Increase frequency of software delivery through automated, repeatable deployment processes. Collaborate closely among lines of business, development and IT operations.

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Nolio Release Automation

Nolio Release Automation
(2 Ratings)

Nolio Release Automation (formerly CA Release Automation), a leading application deployment tool, is ready to work in your enterprise, delivering apps faster with improved quality. Learn more.

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Control-M and DevOps

Control-M and DevOps - BMC Software
(1 Ratings)

The Control-M Automation API from BMC enables developers and DevOps engineers to use self-service workflow automation to deliver applications faster.

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Envoyer - Zero Downtime PHP Deployment
(1 Ratings)

One-click deployments built for teams, tuned for Laravel, loaded with tools and goodies you're going to love.

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CloudBees CodeShip

Codeship | Ship Faster with CI/CD As A Service | CloudBees
(159 Ratings)

CodeShip is a hosted Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. It sits between your source code repository (e.g. GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket) and the hosting environment. It automatically tests and deploys every change in your platform.

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Octopus Deploy

Complex Deployments Made Simple
(0 Ratings)

Octopus Deploy software is a deployment automation server both on-premises or in the cloud. The software manages QA, acceptance testing and production deployments. Complex deployments steps for .NET, Java, and other platforms are made simple. Manage Access control and measure the performance via Dashboard. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

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ISPW - Compuware - BMC
(2 Ratings)

ISPW allows DevOps practitioners to build mainframe-inclusive DevOps tool chains. It automates mainframe code approval and deployment activities while maintaining critical audit controls. Users can see the status of all programs throughout the lifecycle and monitor deployments.

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Faronics Deploy

Deploy | OS Deployment - Faronics
(1 Ratings)

Faronics OS Deploy allows you unlimited deployment of images to your environment and makes a daily OS refresh of labs possible with just a few clicks. It uses an Imaging Server that requires a one-time setup on any Windows computer, server OS not required. Free 15-day Trial.

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Harness | Self-Service CI/CD Tool for DevOps Teams & Engineers
(37 Ratings)

Harness is the industry's first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform. Its mission is to empower developers worldwide with the ability to deploy their own code without fear of breaking things. Harness' customers include Nutanix, NCR, SoulCycle, Build.com, McAfee, Ancestry, and Discover Financial.

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Digital.ai Deploy

Release | Release Management Tool | Digital.ai
(11 Ratings)

With Digital.ai Release, an enterprise release management tool, automate and get visibility with release orchestration. Manage the most advanced release pipelines with ease.

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Features and Benefits | GoCD
(23 Ratings)

GoCD is an open source continuous delivery server that helps organizations increase productivity and deliver high quality through automation.

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CI and DevOps platform | Shippable
(2,513 Ratings)

Features and capabilities of Shippable's CI and DevOps automation platform.

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Armory: Enterprise Continuous Delivery with Spinnaker
(7 Ratings)

With Armory and Spinnaker, devs are empowered to deploy code with safety, resilience, and velocity to any cloud or on prem production target. Learn how we can help you achieve CD at scale.

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The simplest way to deploy your full-stack apps | Qovery
(13 Ratings)

Qovery is the first Container as a Service platform that allows any developer (junior, senior, backend, frontend...) to deploy applications in just a few minutes. Qovery integrates seamlessly with Github and requires no effort from the developer.

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Mobile Continuous Integration & Deployment for iOS | Buddybuild
(6 Ratings)

A continuous integration, continuous deployment, and user feedback platform for iOS development teams. Get up and running today.

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Continua CI

Continuous Integration Server - Continua CI
(6 Ratings)

Continua CI is a Continuous Integration Server which is affordable, scalable and easy to use.

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Commando.io - Manage servers easily online.
(458 Ratings)

A web based platform for running commands on servers via SSH.

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List of Continuous Delivery Software

Azure DevOps Projects 4.4
AWS CodeDeploy 4.2
AWS CodePipeline 4.1
IBM UrbanCode Deploy 4.4
Nolio Release Automation 4.3
Control-M and DevOps 4.5
Envoyer 5
CloudBees CodeShip 4.3
Octopus Deploy NA
ISPW 4.3