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Criteo Customer Acquisition

Criteo Customer Acquisition | Criteo
(8 Ratings)

Criteo Customer Acquisition uses powerful machine learning to identify new customers from existing ones. Gain the broadest reach and visibility across web, mobile browser and apps. Boost engagement through patent-pending Kinetic Design.

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turboSMTP - Special Features of a Professional SMTP Service Provider
(5 Ratings)

Get the most out of your emails. Send at high speed; use a powerful Email Validation Tool; consult Real time Reports; create your Webhooks, and much more.

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Track your emails right from the point of sending them
(14 Ratings)

GetNotify is the best email tracking service for both businesses as well as individual users. Normally, users never get to find out if the email they sent has been read by the recipient or not. However, with GetNotify, clients get to track their email and see whether the recipient went through its contents or not. This feature is suitable for both personal emails as well as email marketing. It is flexible and thus integrates itself with any client company and email provider. Multiple emails can be tracked simultaneously and clients can set their tracking page and customise the same accordingly. GetNotify is thus, one of the most preferred email trackers that start tracking registered emails as soon as they are opened by the recipients. When using it, all a client needs to do is attach ‘getnotify.com’ along with the receiver’s email ID. Once this is done, the email tracker starts notifying the sender about every activity on the sent email. show more

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Install MailTag, and send bulk emails at ease
(0 Ratings)

MailTag, an email tool, enables users to make more sales and that too in less time. After users click the ‘send’ button, the software notifies when the recipients open the emails or click the link within the emails. Apart from this, users can even track their performance of the open rates, link clicked rates, and other such details too. All such details are sent via desktop notifications, email notifications, or on the dashboard. Besides, one can even pay ample attention to email scheduling and make emails arrive at the perfect time as they want. This can be a boon for multi-time zone communications. The software helps to increase the open-rates by choosing specific time the users want the emails to be delivered. Users can use the email auto-follow up function and save a tremendous amount of time. Also, this in a way would help them to improve their email reply-rates and simultaneously increase sales too. Trusted by even more than 8000 satisfied users, this software is convenient to work on and does not consume much time too. With MailTag, one can stay more organized and stress-free, send bulk emails with complete peace of mind. show more

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Track Email in Minutes
(5 Ratings)

ReadNotify software is simple reliable email and document tracking service. The software offers notification tool to track emails and documents are opened / re-opened / forwarded and so much more. Monitor the report delivery status to improve the performance of sending emails.

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Funkcje | Wsparcie sprzeda?y - monitoring i analityka ofert | Sellizer.pl
(1 Ratings)

Sellizer to kompleksowe narz?dzie wspieraj?ce sprzeda?, które dzi?ki powiadomieniom SMS i rozbudowanej analityce, poprawi Twoj? sprzeda?. Wypróbuj za darmo przez 14 dni!

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Email Tracking Software | Email Tracking Outlook and Gmail
(1 Ratings)

Email tracking gmail is the main feature of our email tracking software, TrackKnight. We are ready to help you by providing effective tracking of your business emails

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Intelliverse Email Tracker

Intelliverse Free Email Tracking Software For Outlook and Gmail
(2 Ratings)

Intelliverse's Email Tracker Software improves the efficiency of all your emails. Email Tracker lets you know the best time to get in touch with your contacts.

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The Best Email Tracking Software Sends You Email Message Read Receipts
(1 Ratings)

Free email tracking trial! Instantly track emails. Find out when, where & how long recipients read your sent emails. Receive email message read receipts.

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Email Tracking Tool for Gmail
(171 Ratings)

OpenedorNot is an Email Tracker for Gmail used to analyze daily reports and receive real-time updates in seconds. The software offers tools to check the status of emails send, get delivery status, find the recipient who read the email and inspect the number of times the recipient had read the email. Generate reports to measure the performance of campaigns.

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VisNetic MailFlow

VisNetic MailFlow | Email Management Software
(3 Ratings)

VisNetic MailFlow is powerful, affordable email management and tracking software that automatically assigns email to the appropriate groups or individuals, allows for efficient email workload distribution, and includes a shared contact database with email history.

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Follow Up Pal

Follow Up Pal - Close more Sales, Automatically
(3 Ratings)

Automate your Sales Follow Up Process and Close More Business. No Complex CRM or software - If you can use email, you can use Follow Up Pal.

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Features - MergeMail - MergeMail
(6 Ratings)

Mail Merge, Email Tracking, Templates, Template Editor, Integrations, Email Previews, and Unsubscribe Links

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Mailcastr - Emails & Chat bots
(2 Ratings)

Get 10X more leads by sending the right email at the right time and chat 24*7 when leads are on your site.

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Mailalert - Free Email Tracking
(3 Ratings)

Free Email tracking for Gmail & Google Inbox without branding. Real-time notifications and link tracking. Works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

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Intelligent Sales CRM System | With AI, Email & Calls | SalesX.io
(3 Ratings)

Close 10X more deals with SalesX.io - The ultimate sales crm system to automate followups with built-in AI, email and calls. Skyrocket your revenue today.

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Easily view Mailgun messages and email events
(0 Ratings)

Digging through Mailgun email logs only to discover the message you are looking for has been deleted. Mail Flagger solves this issue and many more.

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Winning Email

winning.email — Domain Name Listed on Flippa:
(4 Ratings)

Buy & Sell Websites, Domains, and Apps. Browse the Flippa marketplace today and reach over 800,000 Buyers and Sellers.

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Keep track of your business email’s deliverability rates in an efficient manner
(0 Ratings)

Doubletick is a comprehensive email tracking tool specially designed for Gmail and G-Suite users, helping them out with email delivery and readability monitoring facilities. The tool can be directly integrated with Gmail and G-Suite to keep track of the sent emails. When an email is sent, it shows one grey tick beside the email. The one grey tick gets converted into two grey ticks once delivered to the recipient. Finally, when the two grey ticks turn into blue, that means the mail has been read by the recipient, just like WhatsApp. The best part is, that Doubletick helps users keep track of the total number of times the recipient has opened the email. Also, businesses can pre-schedule their email timings with the software are get them delivered automatically at the specified time. Doubletick offers real-time pop-up notifications over the desktop whenever a particular email gets opened. Moreover, it also automatically refreshes the webpage so that users get access to updated notifications over sent emails. show more

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FollowUp Inc

FollowUP Inc. - Cold emails, automated follow ups. Straight from your mailbox.
(55 Ratings)

We help people automate cold email sales processes. Follow-up emails used in a proper way will dramatically increase your leads. Try it out for free!

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List of Email Tracking Software

Criteo Customer Acquisition 4
Turbosmtp 3.1
GetNotify 3.5
MailTag NA
ReadNotify 4.3
Sellizer NA
TrackKnight 2
Intelliverse Email Tracker 4.8
DidTheyReadIt 4
OpenedOrNot 4.5