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Meeting Management Tools

There's no doubt that unplanned meetings are perhaps the biggest waste of time for an employee in a company. With meeting management tools however, that will be a thing of the past as it helps to coordinate meetings and create an agenda. This ensures focused and productive meetings. Using meeting management tools is quite easy, as they integrate with calendar software letting you schedule meetings, have a set agenda and once it's over, offers a consensus tracker to know if everyone is aligned. Such products also offer an ability to record minutes of the meeting via text or audio and archive them for future purposes.

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Most affordable calendar booking solution in the world
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Tidycal pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $29

What is Tidycal and how does it work?

Tidycal is the best, most affordable calendar-booking solution in the world. helps to make calendar scheduling for bookings.

Retro Rabbit - Meeting Management Tools

Retro Rabbit

Lightweight and Retrospective Slack-first Tool
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Retro Rabbit pricing: Starts at $1.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Retro Rabbit and how does it work?

Retro Rabbit is a slack tool to solve all common retrospective issues that teams can use to submit notes and receive honest feedback about their efforts anonymously. With the help of a single Slack command, users can save notes throughout the entire sprint of the project. The tool helps teams save about 30 minutes of set up and enables the team to start discussions right away. Team members can even upvote the most important discussion points to create actionable items. The tool is designed to be user-friendly with a simple design that aids productivity. With Asynchronous Retros, users do not have to remember the entire sprints. All they have to do is submit a note of retros and it will be accordingly collected. And with a single click, they can even load all the notes for an easy group review. With a simple pricing structure, users receive a pay-as-you-go model that charges them only for the active users. show more

Autostandup - Meeting Management Tools


Accurate daily standup
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What is Autostandup and how does it work?

Start day with an accurate report of daily activities from the last 24 hours across a number of supported platforms. An automated visual report posted to the team's standup channel. Autostandup is generated from a number of 3rd party tools used daily by developers. The first thing need to do is create an account. Sign up using email, username and password. Next, put autostandup into use. Go to configuration page under username at the top right. There will find a list of app integrations. Activate the apps use on a daily basis and authorise account. show more

Hypercontext - Meeting Management Tools


A Collaborative Meeting Software
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Hypercontext pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Hypercontext and how does it work?

Hypercontext (previously Soapbox) is a platform used to streamline objectives, meetings, and morale into one workflow. The software offers customizable meeting agendas for your one-on-ones, team meetings and other recurring meetings. Take meeting minutes right within your agenda and gain insights with real-time employee feedback to measure meeting effectiveness in minutes. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Dive - Meeting Management Tools


Where the teams get together
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Dive pricing: Starts at $7.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Dive and how does it work?

Dive is a user engagement platform that fosters culture, strengthens human connections, and increases employee engagement in a remote company. It enables you to hang out, play games, have important discussions, and have enjoyable adventures together, on a video session. With Dive, you can customize team-building activities and games to boost remote employee engagement. You can boost collaboration, connection, and team morale among employees while having a lot of fun. You don't only provide a location for casual hangouts with Dive; you also establish a united culture where co-workers interact, feel connected, and appreciated. With Dive's high-quality audio and video platform, you can make your team meetings more interesting and dynamic. You can play games, send emojis, sounds, and gifs to your colleagues, and set Rituals for a weekly dose of fun using Dive rooms. You can schedule a hangout session with Rituals at any moment throughout the week. You can also examine your position and confront your colleagues’ using scoreboards with Dive. Additionally, the platform allows you to connect with Slack more quickly and easily for better collaboration. show more

MeetingBest - Meeting Management Tools


Manage Meetings and Events in Minutes
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MeetingBest pricing: MeetingBest Offers Custom plan.

What is MeetingBest and how does it work?

MeetingBest is a platform used to digitize meeting event management processes in real-time. The software offers complex approval flow tools results and record event details via SMS/mail/PC version/mobile terminal. Measure the cost details and review process of meetings to automate workflows. Medium and Large Enterprises make use of the software. show more

Remeet - Meeting Management Tools


Topic-first meetings for teams
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Remeet pricing: Starts at $10.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Remeet and how does it work?

Remeet - Rewire your distributed team’s communication channels for maximum productivity with a fundamentally new approach to meetings. Many meeting-related rituals are nothing more than bandaids that we use to patch meetings’ faulty, backward nature.

Gistify.ai - Meeting Management Tools


Map Your Meetings
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Gistify.ai pricing: Starts at $5.00.

What is Gistify.ai and how does it work?

Find what’s important in video meetings fast. Gistify uses artificial intelligence to help get the most out of your recordings. Using patent-pending technologies, the Gistify service allows to transform audio and video into a new, visual experience, creating an interactive tool that saves time. Take advantage of recorded meetings and let us take the notes so can be more present. show more

Topicflow - Meeting Management Tools


Productive and meaningful meetings, every time
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Topicflow pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Topicflow and how does it work?

Smart agendas can help teams make decisions and take action quickly and efficiently. These agendas are multi-player, allowing multiple people to collaborate and discuss their ideas. They also integrate with your favorite calendar, making it easier to plan and hold meetings. Automation tools can help streamline the process of preparing for a meeting, giving teams more time to focus on the task at hand. Once a meeting starts, teams can use structured agendas to capture all outcomes and next steps. This helps promote accountability and ensure that everyone is on the same page. The agendas also help to link intention to action, ensuring that the meeting is not just a waste of time. Smart agendas can help teams to make the most of their time and be productive. show more

Talkie - Meeting Management Tools


One-click voice chat rooms & screenshare
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Talkie pricing: Starts at $10.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Talkie and how does it work?

Talkie is a virtual workspace for remote teams, Where hybrid & remote teams can communicate & collaborate effortlessly in a click. Talkie eliminates meeting links, tabbing over different channels & elevates presence, to give distributed teams the flow of working in person. It integrates with Slack, and Google Calender. show more

Crewdle - Meeting Management Tools


Green, private and simple videoconferences
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Crewdle pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Crewdle and how does it work?

Crewdle is an advanced video conferencing software that enables you to host video chats and video conferences with your employees, colleagues, friends, and clients. It offers you a user-friendly interface with a large variety of simple and useful functionality for hosting high quality video meetings. With Crewdle, you can create your own personal meeting space by creating your personal ID. You'll obtain a short URL with your personal ID, which you can share with others so they can reach you fast. You can meet your contacts in your customised room or join someone else’s room with a single touch. You can host new online meetings quickly and effortlessly from your dashboard. Crewdle lets you record your meetings and simply share it with attendees afterward so they can watch it at their leisure. You can invite additional attendees using active links that can open the virtual conferencing room in a browser or in iOS or Android mobile apps. Additionally, the video and audio are stored in the Crewdle cloud, and the files can be viewed in a browser. show more

Flows - Meeting Management Tools


Plan Meetings in Minutes
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What is Flows and how does it work?

Flows software is a platform used to create efficient and engaging meetings. The software offers a meeting planner, that implements a workshop planning framework and Facilitation dashboard to check the agenda. Set time for the planned activity and measure the progress via dedicated dashboard for participants. It integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. show more

ACE Meetings - Meeting Management Tools

ACE Meetings

The Calendar that Earns You Coins
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ACE Meetings pricing: Starts at $4.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ACE Meetings and how does it work?

Put an end to complicated scheduling. Manage meetings and appointments without any hassle: send the link, find the best time to meet, and book the call that’s it. It takes less than 5 minutes to lay down scheduling preferences. Share personal link or embed it directly on website. The call’s details get automatically added to both calendars. Embed calendar, get a custom domain for calendar, use templates to style calendar. show more

Planist - Meeting Management Tools


Meetings Software for Needs
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Planist pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Planist and how does it work?

Planist software is an integrated meeting scheduling system based on block chain. The software offers tools to customize logo, URL, and manage created events based on rules and exceptions. Access calendars to find the available times and make payments via popular gateways.

Meeting Cost Calculator - Meeting Management Tools

Meeting Cost Calculator

Understand, analyze, and optimize your meeting culture.
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Meeting Cost Calculator pricing: Starts at $4.78. Offers Custom plan.

What is Meeting Cost Calculator and how does it work?

If the customer tired of wasting time and resources on meetings that never seem to produce any measurable outcomes? With Meeting Cost Calculator, can finally find out the real cost of organizing a meeting, and understand if it is truly worth it. This comprehensive tool provides detailed insights into meeting expenses, making it easier for organizers to step back and assess the true value it will add to their organization, and identify the success metrics that will result from it. By providing calculated, data-driven insights into potential costs, Meeting Cost Calculator allows professionals to make informed decisions about their meetings, while helping to increase organizational efficiency in the long-term. On top of that, Meeting Cost Calculator allows organizers to understand their overall meeting culture by providing organizational-wide metrics. This allows professionals to make informed decisions about the value their meetings will bring, and allows them to influence the meeting culture within their organization. With Meeting Cost Calculator, will never waste another minute or penny on meetings with unmeasurable outcomes. show more

Meetinch - Meeting Management Tools


Collaboration tool for effective meeting management
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Meetinch pricing: Meetinch Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Meetinch and how does it work?

Meetinch is a collaboration tool for effective meeting management that helps to plan, run, track, and schedule team meetings in the most productive way. Meetinch app combines all your past and future meeting agendas and notes, along with tasks and made decisions. Use the meeting agenda templates or create your own, so you never have to write the same meeting plan again. show more

Ninety.io - Meeting Management Tools


Cloud-based Collection of the essential tools need to run the company on EOS
(4 Ratings)

Ninety.io pricing: Starts at $13.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Ninety.io and how does it work?

Ninety is a revolutionary cloud-based software providing small to mid-sized companies with the core tools needed to grow and thrive. Ninety’s platform integrates data, processes and people into one comprehensive system, so you can achieve your short- and long-term goals while accelerating your company’s vision. show more

Instant Meet - Meeting Management Tools

Instant Meet

Take Back Control of Professional Life with Instant Meet App today!
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Instant Meet pricing: Instant Meet Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Instant Meet and how does it work?

Introducing Instant Meet App- the perfect solution for professionals searching for a convenient and secure way to schedule meetings. Instantly streamline the virtual check-ins with colleagues, clients, and partners by using Instant Meet App's /meet command. The effortless user experience of the app allows to break free from the hassle of email tag while giving total control over the meeting preferences. Instant Meet App also provides unique features such as customizable themes, calendar organization capabilities, robust audio/video technology, and artificial intelligence-driven analytics to help make the most out of every meeting. Additionally, this advanced security measures guarantee that the data is kept safe, allowing to meet confidently online knowing the information is protected. show more

Smart Standup - Meeting Management Tools

Smart Standup

The smart way to sync
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Smart Standup pricing: Smart Standup Offers Custom plan.

What is Smart Standup and how does it work?

Smart Standup includes relevant links and suggests best writing practices for a more useful summary. Smart Standup reminds everyone to share their updates. Comment, react, and unblock others with ease. Smart Standup tracks accomplishments across the tools you use. Review and edit your summary before sending. Choose how often your team shares updates in Slack. Smart Standup adapts to your process. show more

AIRA - Meeting Management Tools


Your conversational artificial Intelligence
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AIRA pricing: AIRA Offers Custom plan.

What is AIRA and how does it work?

AIRA is your Smart Meeting AI Assistance Tool that takes care of your online meetings and provides you with a transcript of your whole phone conversation. Syncs with both Microsoft 365 and Google Mail. Analyze meetings and suggest improvements, optimize sales, and drive sales pipeline. If you have a busy schedule and have a work atmosphere where you needed to take up online meetings, it becomes tedious to keep track of all these while creating specific meeting notes. show more

SpeakUp Live - Meeting Management Tools

SpeakUp Live

A Q&A tool for remote all-hands meetings
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SpeakUp Live pricing: Starts at $25.75.

What is SpeakUp Live and how does it work?

SpeakUp Live is an all hands meetings tool that makes it easy to field questions from your remote audience. Anyone can post a question or vote on questions. The meeting leader can easily see the top voted questions and answer them within the tool, or live in the meeting.

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List of Meeting Management Tools

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Hypercontext 4.5
Dive NA
MeetingBest 5
Remeet NA
Gistify.ai NA
Topicflow NA
Talkie NA
Crewdle NA

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