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Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping Software is a diagramming tool that gives a visual structure to your great ideas and goals evolved from brainstorming sessions. A Mind mapping tool allows users to segment the sessions into topics, add relationships, and determine their priorities by adjusting the sizes of the segments. Mind mapping tools can work as productivity tools where teams can assign tasks, add due dates, collaborate, and entirely focus on progress. On-boarding to a Mind Mapping Software is easy and secure.

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Mindly App - Mind Mapping Software

Mindly App

Organize Projects in Minutes
(1 Ratings)

Mindly App pricing: Mindly App Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Mindly App and how does it work?

Mindly software is a platform used to capture, organize and develop your ideas. The software offers tools to create quick summaries, automate tasks and write down process. It supports iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. individuals, Small companies make use of the software.

Mindomo - Mind Mapping Software


Collaborate with others using mindmaps, outlines, and charts
(55 Ratings)

Mindomo pricing: Starts at $3.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Mindomo and how does it work?

Mindomo is an idea management software that creates mind maps and enables you to collaborate with your other team members in order to exchange opinions. It is an excellent collaborative mind mapping tool explicitly built by the software application to help the users develop their ideas and interactively brainstorm their opinions. It is a useful tool featuring options like task management, collaboration, interactive web publication, and presentation tools. Mindomo is an online collaborative and mind mapping service of areas that provide the optimal setting for developing concepts, brainstorming ideas, and working potentially within a team. This tool allows managers to assign and create a task to team members, instantly upgrade project plans, and automatically reschedule dependent tasks. Businesses must opt for Mindomo because they can utilize this tool to share editable files or folders with various departments, configure and analyze project goals, and record minutes of meetings. In addition to that, professionals can monitor and track the project progress in Gantt charts using Mindomo. Mindomo is an excellent software for businesses as it integrates the system and collaborates with multiple third-party applications under freemium and subscription pricing strategies show more

SimpleMind - Mind Mapping Software


Mind Mapping simplified with SimpleMind
(15 Ratings)

SimpleMind pricing: SimpleMind Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is SimpleMind and how does it work?

SimpleMind is an advanced mind mapping tool that was created with the intentions to analyze and structure your thoughts and to convert them into useful information. The tool analyzes your thoughts and structures them to bring out the best from them. It has a unique layout that is free to use and enables you to organize your ideas in the exact way that you want them to. With SimpleMind, you can map multiple Mind Maps on a single page and set them horizontally, vertically, and top-down which facilitates a more effective brainstorming. It provides an unlimited virtual page size and the number of elements apart from the option to insert images to your Mind Map. Users can even add video recordings to their topics in order to make their Mind Maps all the more innovative and engaging. Users can additionally add voice memos from their phones or tablets to increase productivity. The software is available in three price variations, ranging from free for beginners to pro for professionals. They additionally provide a free 30-days trial to their users. show more

MindMaster - Mind Mapping Software


Collaborative Mind Mapping Software
(64 Ratings)

MindMaster pricing: Starts at $49.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is MindMaster and how does it work?

MindMaster software is a full-featured collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool for needs. The software offers built-in presentation feature to create dynamic slideshows and export them in editable PPT or PDF file. Collaborate with teams to make project plans with schedules to be done on a specific day. Share your mind map in minutes. It integrates with Dropbox. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

MindManager - Mind Mapping Software


Mind mapping for personal and organisational success
(125 Ratings)

MindManager pricing: MindManager Offers Custom plan.

What is MindManager and how does it work?

MindManager is an advanced mind mapping software for businesses and individuals to transform their data and scattered ideas into dynamic visual mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, matrices and other diagrams. The software helps to capture, organise and structure information easily, boosting up productivity besides clarifying everything with the power of visualisation. It comes equipped with built-in templates and a drag and drop option to organise data, reduce complexity and improve understanding. MindManager helps to gather, connect, search and analyse the vast information related to users’ work. They can keep all links, data, documents and tasks in one place for easy access. The software helps to transform ideas into an executable plan, strategy and process. Team members can easily complete tasks with information, resources, deadlines and notes. It also helps to reduce inefficient meetings and team misalignments by simply allowing users to share information with external customers and other team members. show more

MindGenius - Mind Mapping Software


Stimulate your imagination with MindGenius
(21 Ratings)

MindGenius pricing: Starts at $13.33.

What is MindGenius and how does it work?

MindGenius is a mind mapping tool for organizing and prioritizing your thoughts and information in order to improve understanding and clarity, as well as the conversion of ideas into outcomes. It helps you create, cooperate, and work efficiently for project management using interactive and engaging mind maps. MindGenius facilitates assigning of resources, setting of durations and dependencies, reviewing of progress, and revising of your plans to enhance work efficiency. You can use Microsoft Teams and MindGenius Online together to make your next virtual conference considerably more efficient. The platform makes brainstorming simple and enables you to give your visions, ideas, and plans some structure. You can choose one branch from your map to show and the others to hide. Users can use the Category Dropper to identify which branches require further attention. Then, using the Quick Filter, you can draw attention to those branches. MindGenius not only helps you produce ideas, but it also helps you convey them using Microsoft Office products. Additionally, MindGenius offers you smart tools including fast stakeholder reports, four Dynamic, and Gantt View. show more

WiseMapping - Mind Mapping Software


Mind Mapping made innovative and intuitive for you
(16 Ratings)

WiseMapping pricing: WiseMapping Offers Free-forever plan.

What is WiseMapping and how does it work?

WiseMapping is a free online Mind Mapping tool that enables you to create, share, collaborate and view your thoughts shaped into a Mind Map. It provides you with the options to make personal notes, plan collaboratively, and work in class rooms or as a team. WiseMapping is free to use without any limitations and you can collaborate and share your Mind Map with anyone at any time with it. You can even work with others on your Mind Map using WiseMapping. Users additionally can link their Mind Maps with documents and embed them into blogs and web pages. It is an open source software and you can install it anywhere internally in your school or company. Users also get the option to export their maps in various formats like PNG, JPEG, SVG and FreeMind. The software offers two absolutely free versions based on personal requirements: for Individuals and for Business/Education. show more

Bubbl.us - Mind Mapping Software


An Online Mind Mapping Software
(67 Ratings)

Bubbl.us pricing: Starts at $4.91. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Bubbl.us and how does it work?

Bubbl.us software is a platform used to organize your ideas visually. The software offers editor tool to manage task and capture thoughts to automate workflows. Collaborate with teams in real time and share your work with a link at the same time. Export work in JPG, PNG file format. Small, Medium companies mkake use of the software. show more

MindMup - Mind Mapping Software


Design Mind Maps in Minutes
(52 Ratings)

MindMup pricing: Starts at $2.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MindMup and how does it work?

MindMup software is a platform used to capture ideas to automate presentations and document outlines. The software offers a frictionless planning canvas to capture and organize your thoughts and ideas into a sequence of slides. Collaborate with teams to add images and icons to map context and illustrations. Freelancers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

NovaMind - Mind Mapping Software


A Visual Mapping Tool
(5 Ratings)

NovaMind pricing: Starts at $6.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is NovaMind and how does it work?

Novamind software is a platform used to organize ideas and thoughts with an interactive visual map. The software offers drag and drop tools to create a beautiful visual Mind Map with layout algorithm. A wide variety of themes available used to create a suit of your style. Export the resulting presentation to Microsoft PowerPoint. Professionals, Individuals make use of the software. show more

GroupMap - Mind Mapping Software


Online Brainstorming Software
(18 Ratings)

GroupMap pricing: Starts at $16.66. Offers Custom plan.

What is GroupMap and how does it work?

GroupMap software is an real-time online brainstorming tool for needs. The software offers over 80 brainstorming templates to create activities to suit your team’s needs. Customize and organize the basic building blocks and can download results in a single click as a PDF report, CSV or XLS file formats. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

MindMeister - Mind Mapping Software


Create and share mind maps visually
(102 Ratings)

MindMeister pricing: Starts at $0.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MindMeister and how does it work?

MindMeister is an intuitive mind mapping application that helps users with the capture, development, and sharing of a wide range of ideas in a visually represented form. A specific map editor feature within the same helps users with activities such as brainstorming, note-taking, project planning and more. MindMeister also offers easy access to individual users, eliminating the extra hassles of downloading or updating multiple features. Moreover, the application even facilitates real-time collaboration within the team, by enabling users to share and work together on mind maps as much as they want. Furthermore, it is also capable of updating real-time changes across multiple tracks, made on the map. Additional features like integrated chat where users can comment, vote and discuss ideas along with built-in visualisations help users to project Mind Maps into pleasant slideshows and get them exported as PNGs on any website at the same time. MindMiester also assures simplified project management by facilitating seamless integration with MeisterTask. show more

GitMind - Mind Mapping Software


Online Mind Mapping Tool For Brainstorming Creative Tasks
(2 Ratings)

GitMind pricing: GitMind Offers Free-forever plan.

What is GitMind and how does it work?

GitMind is a smart online mind mapping tool which allows users to brainstorm concept mapping, project planning, and other creative tasks. It is a comprehensive tool that helps them to visualize complicated concepts, generate new ideas, make lists, and presentations, and thus improve their productivity. The tool provides secure cloud storage for saving and protecting the files. Any changes made by the user automatically synchronize across all devices. GitMind has a large template gallery and themes, which can be used to create mind maps, logic charts, org charts, fishbone charts, flowcharts, UML diagrams, and much more. These can be used by designers, writers, professors, engineers, and other professionals for completing creative tasks at hand. The files created on the platform can be processed in batches and switched between outliner and mind mapping. The mind maps can be exported to PDF, TXT, SVG, and other relevant formats. GitMind enables remote teams to create mind maps together, through real-time online collaboration of files. show more

SEMYOU mindMAP - Mind Mapping Software


Visualize with Mind Map Software
(0 Ratings)

SEMYOU mindMAP pricing: SEMYOU mindMAP Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SEMYOU mindMAP and how does it work?

SEMYOU mindMAP software is a platform used to create Mind Map and share ideas in minutes. The software offers drag and drop tool to structure and prioritize ideas. Collaborate with teams to manage tasks and project portfolio to automate workflows. Individuals, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

iMindQ - Mind Mapping Software


The smart software for mind mapping
(0 Ratings)

iMindQ pricing: Starts at $39.00.

What is iMindQ and how does it work?

iMindQ is an intuitive mind mapping solution that promotes brainstorming, encourages creativity, and offers a new way to organize, visualize, and communicate ideas. It offers smart tools that include a variety of map layouts for business, education, and personal purpose, which can be used by any department in a company, school system, or university. iMindQ assists people in stimulating learning, organizing, and graphically presenting concepts. This tool enables you to create WBS charts, mind maps, organizational charts, concept maps, Gantt charts, flowcharts, and other kinds of diagrams that are increasingly being utilized to display critical information in an easily remembered and comprehensible style. You can create a WBS from your deliverables to plan projects and graphically assess the results using the Gantt chart view. Using the unique HTML mind maps for a collaborative experience, you can work together and exchange ideas with friends and coworkers using iMindQ. You can personalize the appearance of your maps by adding hyperlinks, notes, photos, symbols, warnings, and more to the map subjects. You can also upload attachments from your PC and manage them. show more

Inclr - Mind Mapping Software


Organise your notes graphically that improve memory retention
(0 Ratings)

Inclr pricing: Inclr Offers Custom plan.

What is Inclr and how does it work?

Inclr is a mind mapping tool that helps individuals to take short notes of any information in a structured way so it can be memorised easily. Such data in a structured form train users’ memory to increase data retention, reduce information overload and develop a great balance in their digital life. With Inclr, individuals can create groups and relationships among the data so that it can be memorised easily. They can even navigate through this information by colour coding or touching the screen of the device. The tool enables users to store their information and thoughts in a graphically customisable cluster. Each cluster can be given a separate identity to find the required information quickly. Inclr tool has a wide range of uses, including note-taking, research topics, memory building, multiple project management, brainstorming, life planning, daily browsing, etc. Moreover, the tool also protects its users’ privacy and does not take help from any third-party services to collect data. show more

Ember.ly - Mind Mapping Software


Learn Smarter with Emberly
(0 Ratings)

Ember.ly pricing: Starts at $4.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Ember.ly and how does it work?

Emberly delivers powerful knowledge management tools straight to fingertips, so can learn more efficiently and better retain new information. People have access to endless sources of knowledge these days, and Emberly is committed to helping professionals take advantage of the opportunities available. This platform lets to store all important data in one conveniently organized space, so can stay organized and on top of learning objectives. With a range of easy-to-use features including highlights, annotations, notes, tags, searchable databases, third-party integration and more, Emberly has everything need to ensure up-to-date with the latest news or trends in chosen field. It provide sophisticated algorithms that help make sense out of large swaths of data quickly and accurately. It also make it easy to share documents securely with colleagues or co-workers while maintaining full control over who can view or edit each item. Together with our comprehensive suite of analytics tools that track progress periodically during training sessions or campaigns, Emberly provides a reliable resource for any professional seeking to keep ahead in their field. show more

QuikFlow - Mind Mapping Software


Flow Visualization through Mind Mapping
(0 Ratings)

QuikFlow pricing: Starts at $1.08. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is QuikFlow and how does it work?

For the busy professional who needs to stay focused and organized, Quikflow is the answer. This groundbreaking app helps the customers structure thoughts without being bogged down by the manual process of creating the layout. With QuikFlow the customer can create an intricate web of ideas quickly and smoothly. Breaking free from the simple tree pattern of traditional mindmapping, QuikFlow allows to explore the whole range of customers thoughts in an easy-to-navigate network. Plus, anytime want to go back and make changes, it's simple and fast. QuikFlow is the best way for professionals to plan and communicate in a visual format. With it, the customer can effortlessly connect all ideas to the bigger picture. Get organized and save time with QuikFlow. show more

KnowFlow - Mind Mapping Software


Simple and elegant map editing tool
(0 Ratings)

KnowFlow pricing: KnowFlow Offers Custom plan.

What is KnowFlow and how does it work?

KnowFlow is a platform that enables its users to visualize and design ideas, tasks and solutions. The software allows users to work with documents in the form of Mind Maps and also define the structure of tasks, aims, processes and situations of the user. Users can align the vision of the case by coordinating the work of the team and securing its knowledge. One can create knowledge libraries and secure the knowledge of the organization and its members while also making fast decisions. A map helps users and their team to grasp and understand the structure of links between the elements hence enabling the user to see the whole picture and finding new solutions while coping with the knowledge flow. Items can be used by other users in different contexts and multiply their knowledge of the subject for the entire team. Multiple users can use the software for team projects, and it also works with text, voice, audio, video and images. show more

Slatebox - Mind Mapping Software


Create Editable Visualization
(0 Ratings)

Slatebox pricing: Starts at $6.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Slatebox and how does it work?

Slatebox is the perfect tool for collaborative creativity. Designed with excellence and created for education, Slatebox brings the world of drawings and ideas to life in a visually striking way. Slatebox makes sharing the drawings and ideas simple. Through its intuitive interface, anyone can easily create visual ideas without having to read a manual. It puts in control of creating both digital and analog images on any device with little effort. The sleek design allows to collaboratively work with others from anywhere by drawing pictures that are synched across multiple devices – saving time when discussing complex visual concepts with colleagues or students. Whether creating stunning images or just doodling around, anyone can make an impact in real-time! show more

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List of Mind Mapping Software

Mindly App 5
Mindomo 4.8
SimpleMind 4.6
MindMaster 4.6
MindManager 4.5
MindGenius 4.4
WiseMapping 4.3
Bubbl.us 4.3
MindMup 4.2
NovaMind 4.1

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