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Vidyard Prospector logo

Vidyard Prospector

Best Sales Prospecting Tool Write a Review

If the customer is ready to power up prospecting process? Look no further than Vidyard Prospector. This is easy to use, laser-focused tool equips with the arsenal needed to get the right leads for business. This game-changing technology does the heavy lifting for customers, reducing the amount of time spent hunting leads and writing emails. It offer a wide range of features designed to make sales process faster and more effective. This revolutionary automation means can compose personalized and targeted emails with ease. Plus, will be able to identify the best leads with sophisticated lead scoring system. Finally, will find trend-setting analytics integrated with our platform that will give instant insights into the success of campaigns. In short, with Vidyard Prospector, will get the features need for a hyper-personalized outreach system.Stop wasting time hunting leads and writing emails and start reaching the right leads so can focus on building the perfect product and business. Unlock the power of third-person-perspective with Vidyard Prospector.

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Markettailor logo


Create personalized website content without code in minutes Write a Review

Leading B2B companies from India already use website personalization to boost conversion rates and engagement by showing the most relevant version of your website to each visitor. Identify visiting companies and highlight what is most relevant to them with personalized content before they have the chance to bounce. Convert more B2B leads with personalized websites.

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Salespanel logo


Track and Qualify Leads in Minutes 4.4 Based on 6 Ratings

Salespanel is one of the most powerful tools available to sales and marketing teams that allows them to understand customer interactions and leverage data to close deals. With Salespanel, qualify leads, nurture them throughout the buyer journey, generate highly targeted campaigns based on qualified visitors, both on and off the website, and convert leads into customers. Unlike the central marketing software or CRM, with Salespanel have complete control over the lead acquisition system as it syncs up with any kind of lead form or magnet in real time. Plus, can use data even if customers cannot be identified. This will give the extra edge when it comes to accurately targeting and reaching out to the potential customers. Salespanel is the ultimate resource for sales and marketing teams who want to make their customer interactions easier and more efficient by understanding customer behaviour better and driving better conversions without leaving anything to chance. So take advantage of this versatile tool today and launch the business into the big league!

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Find That Email logo

Find That Email

Pricing | The Yellow Pages of Emails 3.8 Based on 6 Ratings

Find verified professional’s email addresses in millions of companies worldwide. Reveal social networks profile email addresses, search based on name and and company domain or upload a bulk list and get results sent to your email.

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Leadtrekker Lead Management logo

Leadtrekker Lead Management

Simple Customer Relationship Management System | Leadtrekker Write a Review

Leadtrekker is a custom-designed customer relationship management system to enhance businesses of any size, in all industries

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Lead Assign logo

Lead Assign

How Industry Leading Enterprises Manage, Route, and Close Leads. 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Enterprise battle tested, globally scalable, localized, and purpose built to handle the demanding needs of enterprises like yours.

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EasyLeadz logo


Improve Sales Conversions by Automating Prospecting Write a Review

EasyLeadz is a B2B virtual sales assistant that enables you to save time by automating your manual prospecting, while targeting the right companies a the right time. EasyLeadz can help you with researching potential customers and companies, finding the relevant contacts in these companies, and getting in touch with them in an automated way. EasyLeadz helps you find companies that are actively trying to improve and enhance the department your software targets. For example, EasyLeadz can target companies that are hiring for customer service staff as these businesses are more likely to want to buy customer service software. EasyLeadz can also find companies that have recently received funding or investment as they are likely to have money more to invest in your product or service. The final area EasyLeadz targets is companies that have just launched a new product in your market as they are more likely to want to be open to buying new services.

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Re:catch logo


Automate Inbound Pipeline Processes Write a Review

Re:catch is the perfect tool for professionals seeking to streamline their sales pipeline. This cloud-based sales funnel automation software makes it easy to qualify, route, and schedule inbound leads, helping to achieve revenue acceleration. By optimizing Speed-to-Lead and Time-to-Revenue, Re:catch helps create efficient, effective processes, streamlining lead management and improving customer experiences. From easier management of large volumes of leads to higher close rates and faster response times, Re:catch is the ideal tool for closing more leads and increasing sales revenue. With Re:catch, professionals can more easily manage their sales pipeline, and quickly and easily identify and close more leads while providing smoother customer service. Why settle for manual lead management when Re:catch offers a smarter, more effective solution? Embrace the power of automation and revolutionize the sales pipeline today with Re:catch. It's time to elevate the business to new heights of success. Get started with Re:catch and watch the sales soar!

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Luna logo


Manage Sales Work in minutes Write a Review

Luna software is a platform used to send automated messages. The software offers AI tool to suggest new high-quality leads and send them the personal message they deserve. Close more deals by engaging with leads across multiple channels. It integrates with Hubspot, Gmail and Pipedrive.

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Fill Your Sales Pipeline with Quality Leads | LeadMachine 4.8 Based on 2 Ratings

Our powerful AI solution for smart sales will automate your sales prospecting and build a complete list of hyper-targeted leads that fit your target customer profile.

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ReachStream logo


Empowering Your B2B Success with Qualified Prospects Write a Review

ReachStream is a trusted B2B marketing and sales data platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses reach their target audience effectively. With its contact and company filters, the software allows users to generate best-fit matches and gain key insights about prospects. The platform boasts an extensive database with unlimited contact and company profiles, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to build custom lists of B2B prospects. Additionally, ReachStream's user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation make it accessible for teams of any size. One of the most impressive features of ReachStream is its ability to improve campaign performance through data. By providing 20+ key insights about prospects, including deliverability and open rates, businesses can make informed decisions and tailor their campaigns accordingly. This leads to higher deliverability and open rates, ultimately reducing bounce rates. Another advantage of ReachStream is its seamless integration with CRM software. Users can easily download their custom lists in XLS format and integrate them into their existing CRM system. In today's competitive business landscape, having access to reliable B2B marketing and sales data is crucial for success. With ReachStream, businesses can create successful campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

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S2L by Phone logo

S2L by Phone

Call Every Lead in Less Than a Minute and Double Your Sales Write a Review

Poor lead follow-up is costing your company a lot of money. Call every lead while they're still viable, and more than double your sales.

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Xzazu logo


Leads, Distribute The Right Customer, at The Right Price Write a Review

Xzazu is all about distributing your leads to exactly the right customers, while minimizing your efforts: a comprehensive, state-of-the-art SaaS solution for your lead distribution, at a fair price. Xzazu advanced state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools gives all the data that need to enhance the business.

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Zaplify logo


Warm Sales Acquisition Made Simple Write a Review

Zaplify helps professionals save time reaching out to the right decision-makers. The AI-driven platform provides actionable insights that make sure customers always on top of the game. This powerful tool provides reliable and accurate contact data every time. Customer can connect with the key players in any industry quickly and in a timely manner in order to achieve success. When it comes to finding contacts, Zaplify's technology makes it is easy to reach out fast. It allows automatically find relevant contacts, identify their decision-making authority, as well as access organization insights so can better understand their needs and objectives. Customers won't have to waste time manually researching or sifting through piles of inaccurate data. With Zaplify’s complete solution set, gain deep insights into organizational hierarchy in order to identify decision-makers for chosen target market - saving countless hours of research while still providing excellent results. Its AI-powered insights feature also gives valuable information about the prospects so that conversations are always meaningful and productive. Be armed with up-to-date information starting from day one, knowing exactly who and what is exactly driving a organization’s decisions will help businesses prioritize their resources more efficiently than ever before!

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Evolution360 B2B Leads logo

Evolution360 B2B Leads

Evolution360 - Powerful 360° easy-to-use Sales & Marketing Platform Write a Review

Web leads B2B, SEO, advanced web analytics, social media, form tracking, intuitive reports and much more. 14 days free trial. No obligations. No credit card required.

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LeadLeaper logo


Free Linkedin Email Finder - LeadLeaper 4.6 Based on 24 Ratings

Discover new prospects in minutes with LeadLeaper's cloud-based sales intelligence and prospecting app. It's a snap to email dozens of new contacts and then track their interest.

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Lead Validation logo

Lead Validation

Let's Verify | Lead Validation Platform Write a Review

Let's Verify is a lead validation platform created to help you verify the quality of your lead data and maximize the success of your marketing campaigns.

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ExchangeLeads logo


Home 1 - Exchange Leads 2.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Your Problem Our Solution Time Wasted Updating Contact Info Wasting time verifying the accuracy of all your contact data that decrease in quality by 5% every month We Keep Your Contact Info Current We perform over 50 validations and threat checks on each of your contacts to keep your database clean and up-to-date with quality... Read More

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Holaconnect logo


HolaConnect | Find the Email Addresses, Phone numbers, Social Links of anyone 5 Based on 1 Ratings

HolaConnect lets you search for people - find email addresses, phone numbers and social links. The world's leading people search engine.

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Sendcrux logo


Crafted to enhance B2B and B2C response rates Write a Review

Grow their business with Sendcrux! This top-of-the-line email tool makes sure their customer outreach efforts are the best they can be. From seamless cycling between ESPs, SMTPs, and domains, to refining cold, opt-in, and double opt-in email campaigns, our robust and reliable features let them get the most out of their email marketing. Sendcrux's intuitive interface and sophisticated automation capabilities keep the process effortlessly streamlined and resource-efficient, so with us onboard, they can unlock potential and drive growth with effortless ease. They understand that engaging their customers is the key to success, so why not choose an email tool designed to ensure they reach the right people in the right way? Sendcrux puts them on the fast track to success, empowering them to refine their customer engagement strategies with a range of options to fit any business model. Make Sendcrux part of their winning team today and revolutionize the way they grow their customer base. Choose Sendcrux and open up a world of possibility.

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List of Lead Intelligence Software

Vidyard Prospector Vidyard Prospector 0
Markettailor Markettailor 0
Salespanel Salespanel 4.4
Find That Email Find That Email 3.8
Leadtrekker Lead Management Leadtrekker Lead Management 0
Lead Assign Lead Assign 4.5
EasyLeadz EasyLeadz 0
Re:catch Re:catch 0
Luna Luna 0 LeadMachine LeadMachine 4.8

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