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Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics software contains applications and tools to optimize a business’s marketing strategies. These systems improve decision-making and help provide higher ROI on marketing and sales efforts. They gather data on marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms, analyse the results and performance of the campaigns via analytics dashboard and can integrate with your sales, marketing or other analytics software. With the help of Marketing analytics software, you can get a complete view of customers across all the channels, enhance your social media strategies, personalize your marketing campaigns, improve your customer engagement and even anticipate customer or market behaviour. Leveraging customer data to your advantage helps you maximize your marketing efforts.

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monday sales CRM by monday.com

monday sales CRM is an intuitive and customizable platform used to manage, automate and centralize your entire sales cycle.
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monday sales CRM by monday.com pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is monday sales CRM by monday.com and how does it work?

monday sales CRM allows business owners, sales teams, and RevOps to automate and manage the entire sales cycle from pre- to post-sales - streamlining all customer data in one centralized place. With the intuitive, powerful, and easy-to-use platform, one can capture leads from any source, easily manage contact information and communication, automate manual processes with no code automations, and track every deal's status so that no opportunities or deals slip through the cracks. You can view your deals with one simple click, and analyze your sales processes using real-time data and updates with customizable dashboards. Once a deal is won, all post-sales activities can be managed directly from monday sales CRM, making it truly unique and unlike other CRMs. Connecting all company stakeholders, such as finance, legal, and account managers to all necessary information in one place, ensures smooth billing, contracting, and onboarding. show more


AI-driven Marketing Prediction Platform
(52 Ratings)

Morphio pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $199

What is Morphio and how does it work?

Morphio is an AI tool for digital marketers that enables them to scale their data analysis efforts. This makes it easier for marketers to incorporate the effect of past data while trying to predict future trends. And with the ability to include countless data sets into their marketing efforts, users can correlate data with their respective ROI. With hands-on data analytics automation, users receive the ability to grow their skill sets overnight along with the ability to scale. With a proprietary algorithm, users receive constant insights that can boost their bottom line. Users can also seamless aggregate their campaign performance and focus on the most priority metrics. They can also integrate their Search, Display, and Social Media marketing data on a single platform and easily monitor both paid and organic results with the data visualization tool. Other features include defining traffic, conversion, and ROI goals, being alerted about campaign data abnormalities, and more. show more

Bitclu - Marketing Analytics Software


Analyse your business opportunities with Bitclu
(5 Ratings)

Bitclu pricing: Starts at $19.99.

What is Bitclu and how does it work?

Bitclu offers appropriate data analytics and futuristic visualisation to businesses so they have the clarity to optimise Amazon lists and enhance sales accordingly. With this tool, users can keep a log of every change they make to the listing, bullet points or title, besides monitoring whether their sales are progressing or whether their conversions are improving. Furthermore, the tool presents an advanced restocking facility, which makes sure that the users’ inventories never runs out of stock. The smart system of Bitclu also provides appropriate predictions regarding the dates until which the stock will last and how much users will need to reorder. This tool further helps users to analyse their Amazon sales. With Bitclu’s well-designed dashboard, one can get excellent visualisation that leads to the clear observation of key parameters and helps in measuring data more quickly. At present companies situated across international markets like the USA, Mexico, China, UK, Spain, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, India are reaping the opportunities offered by the same. show more

Adverity - Marketing Analytics Software


Automate your data integration with Adverity
(205 Ratings)

Adverity pricing: Adverity Offers Custom plan.

What is Adverity and how does it work?

Adverity is an advanced marketing analytics platform that is designed for the transformation of your data into engaging dashboards and intuitive insights. It eliminates the need for manual reporting and saves a lot of time by automating your data integration from all types of tech platforms. With Adverity, you can connect all of your data using a large library of data connectors and get rid of data error and spreadsheets permanently. You can transform, optimize and enhance your data and distribute it across various destinations using Adverity’s smart tools and features. It increases flexibility and assists you in maximizing the value of your harmonized datasets by leveraging your data. It provides better visualization with flexible and engaging dashboards. Users can monitor their multi-channel performance, speed up their marketing reports and democratize their data using Adverity. Users can additionally optimize their future plans and campaigns with Adverity’s predictive insights feature. The software comes completely equipped with international data protection standards and certifications for security management of user’s information. show more

Pega Marketing - Marketing Analytics Software

Pega Marketing

Get your marketing decisions streamlined on the go
(272 Ratings)

Pega Marketing pricing: Pega Marketing Offers Custom plan.

What is Pega Marketing and how does it work?

Pega Marketing is an intuitive decision-making platform with a scalable architecture that helps even the biggest of organisations stay agile, streamlined and ready for the next challenge. Thanks to the low-code platform and user-friendly interface, it significantly helps reduce manual processing, improve relationships between IT professionals, business users and developers alike. Quick automation is one of the sought-after features of Pega Marketing and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes the entire process easy by allowing bots to take care of every little detail associated with the project, thereby enabling the consultants to focus completely on their clients. Further, RPA also enables the elimination of errors to the maximum possible extent thereby increasing work efficiency. Pega Email Bot, Prediction Studio, Event Strategy Manager, Adaptive Decision Maker and Real-time Intelligence are some of the notable products under Pega Marketing’s exclusively designed Process AI. Additionally, Pega Process Fabric and Multi Experience Applications enable consistent performance across all channels, orchestrate work efficiently and pull in important data from existing systems. show more

SparkToro - Marketing Analytics Software


A Audience Intelligence Tool
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SparkToro pricing: Starts at $112.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is SparkToro and how does it work?

SparkToro software is a platform used to collect online audience’ attributes, behavior, & sources of influence. Build your outreach with list for publications and people that reach your customers and Compare the attributes and sources of influence for multiple audiences. Prioritize your press, social, content, SEO, and outreach campaigns and analyze your brand’s audience vs. your competitors. show more

Digivizer - Marketing Analytics Software


Gain Real-time Insights with Reporting Tool
(1,912 Ratings)

Digivizer pricing: Starts at $89.0.

What is Digivizer and how does it work?

Digivizer software is an all-in-one marketing tool to measure the campaigns to automate workflows. Collect audience growth and content engagement with your social channel metrics. Generate reports and can export charts with image and vector files in PDFs file formats. It integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Strackr - Marketing Analytics Software


No code software to create softwares
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What is Strackr and how does it work?

Strackr is an affiliate platform that consolidates user affiliate data such as transactions, clicks, income, and payments into a single affiliate platform. The objective behind this feature is to save the user time by compiling everything in one location, making it easy to monitor data on a single affiliate dashboard. Strackr ensures that a user can see all of the reports that they require, as well as compare them to other affiliate programs, all while keeping all data secured and secure. It is an excellent assistance system for both individuals and corporations, and it includes a live chat system to address all user questions. This software assists in monitoring and tracking data from numerous affiliate systems such as Awin, Impact, ShareASale, Amazon, and others. It has a dashboard that allows you to keep track of the number of leads generated, revenue generated, and clicks recorded. It sends consumers a daily summary of their earnings through email, allowing them to stay on top of their earnings. Strackr is a piece of software designed specifically for email marketing and coupon channels. It also aids in the improvement of efficiency and the increase of sales and revenues. It's a fantastic tool that allows you to keep track of your affiliate revenue. It also sends you daily updates through email, allowing you to plan your next steps accordingly. Strackr also allows you to compare the performance of different programs, assisting you in selecting the best affiliate program. Furthermore, the program ensures their customers' entire security. show more

Funnel - Marketing Analytics Software


Make All Your Marketing Data Business Ready
(103 Ratings)

Funnel pricing: Starts at $399.0.

What is Funnel and how does it work?

Funnel.io is an automated data collection and marketing report software, offering active integrations with 500+ data sources. The software can be used by IT engineers, analysts and those linked with digital marketing. It collects relevant data across multiple data sources, maps them in real-time and powers up the business intelligence tool. Business houses associated with e-commerce can use Funnel to replace their manual data collection process. They can also generate intuitive marketing dashboards and reports using the same, and make smart business decisions in real-time. The scheduled export feature offered by Funnel ensures updated data management and on-time access. Its unified connector option ensures integrated connections across data within minutes. Businesses can also use the automated data warehouse export mechanism offered by the software to generate a centralized marketing overview of their own. They can generate custom metrics within Funnel, leveraging on formulas, conditions and automated tools. show more

Voluum - Marketing Analytics Software


Advertising campaign tracking & monitoring tool
(174 Ratings)

Voluum pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Voluum and how does it work?

Voluum affiliate marketing and advertising campaign optimization tool offers a centralized management facility. You can track, monitor and optimize all your affiliate campaigns using this advanced cloud-hosted tracking tool and receive extensive analytics from all possible sources. Traffic distribution can be managed, employ Artificial Intelligence tool to give your campaign performance a boost and also conduct A/B tests properly. Voluum affiliate marketing software features highly collaborative tools, SSL for custom domains, and there is no need to get bothered with server maintenance tasks. Voluum enjoys multi-platform support, helps in fraud prevention and real-time click tracking. show more

GreyMetrics - Marketing Analytics Software


Digital Reports and Dashboards
(3,152 Ratings)

GreyMetrics pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is GreyMetrics and how does it work?

GreyMetrics is a marketing analytics software. It's used to build reports and dashboards. The software has a drag-and-drop tool for data widgets, allowing users to generate bespoke reports and manage data presentation as needed.Monitor statistics and download reports as PDFs or password-protected emails.Its vast list of features includes - Create reports/dashboards using industry-standard report templates. Create custom reports using drag and drop. All your marketing data in one report - Generate reports with a single click data from 20+ integrations for marketing. Create bespoke reports by dragging and dropping data widgets. For quick start they have over 25+ pre-defined templates for standard reports, made along with consultation with industry experts. One of their most beneficial features is their live marketing dashboards – allowing you to monitor data from everywhere, provides samples for all integrations and helps you build beautiful visualizations without prior design skills.It automatically creates multilingual reports in GreyMetrics in 9 different languages. Customize and download your reports in PDF format or send them through email with password protection. Create reports and connect accounts in one click. show more

TapAnalytics - Marketing Analytics Software


Get complete marketing and reporting solutions with TapClicks
(758 Ratings)

TapAnalytics pricing: TapAnalytics Offers Custom plan.

What is TapAnalytics and how does it work?

TapClicks is a marketing reporting dashboard that serves to be widely helpful in offering ideal marketing operations, analytics, workflow and order management, and reporting solutions. The software plays an important role in simplifying complex marketing strategies while making business better and smarter. This exclusive marketing platform provides an end-to-end business solution to SEO, performance pertaining to reporting/analysis, workflow approvals, and so on. With TapClicks, one can easily automate order entry using TapOrders that has been built for media agencies and other companies. One can track, book inventory, manage creatives and go through the workflow accordingly. Besides this, users can opt for TapWorkflow to make their team better and more organized, thus leading to customer satisfaction. With the TapAnalytics feature of the software, one can also analyze the performance of marketing, and improve the team’s response and optimize campaigns by identifying issues and finding the opportunities to drive better ROI. Users can rely on TapReports, to communicate and collaborate with clients using the online dashboard. To get a unified view, one needs to look into insights, gather information, etc., and understand different business strategies in a timely fashion. show more

CHEQ - Marketing Analytics Software


Secure your paid marketing strategies by removing the unreal audiences
(41 Ratings)

CHEQ pricing: CHEQ Offers Custom plan.

What is CHEQ and how does it work?

CHEQ is an intuitive cybersecurity solution that is specially designed for marketers to provide them with the most accurate and powerful CAS solution in the market. The software helps brands to enhance their marketing efforts by avoiding bots and invalid users that cover 40% of the overall web traffic. By directing their marketing strategies to the real customers, the solution enhances sales and thereby growth of the businesses. In addition, it also improves on-site conversion efforts and funnel metrics by generating leads with real customers. CHEQ helps marketers to make better decisions with the help of real marketing data and analytics. It unlocks revenue opportunities, cleans up unreal audiences and straightens out the optimisation process as well. Moreover, the solution is also capable of intercepting invalid site visitors besides preventing site tool flooding in real-time. CHEQ also comes in handy for negative SEO probability monitoring and funnel transparency enhancing processes, enabling marketers to make better strategies. show more

Punchh - Marketing Analytics Software


Redefine your loyalty program to enhance daily sales
(71 Ratings)

Punchh pricing: Punchh Offers Custom plan.

What is Punchh and how does it work?

Punchh is a top graded loyalty and engagement management platform for retail, restaurants and convenience stores. That helps brands schedule loyalty programs for their customers, in an omnichannel environment both digitally and in-store. Being an integrated engagement platform, Punchh offers detailed information across different customer touchpoints, helping out users with their decision making. The software features a scalable and secure infrastructure that offers out of the box integration with eCommerce and POS systems. Further, enterprises can use the data-driven decisions provided by Punchh to personalize 1:1 campaigns and enhance the retention rate of an individual customer for a lifetime. Restaurant owners, can use the software to deliver a customer-first loyalty campaign, reward guests as per their choices and help them with online ordering and payment. They can use Punchh to generate a personalized relationship with individual guests and boost up the ROI eventually. Convenience stores and retail business owners get to modernize customer loyalty programs and drive more customers to their business with the same. show more

DigitalMaas - Marketing Analytics Software


Manage your GMB Business In minutes
(13 Ratings)

DigitalMaas pricing: Starts at $24.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is DigitalMaas and how does it work?

DigitalMaas software is a Local Marketing Platform used to manage your Google My Business locations at scale.The software offers features like GMB Posts and can respond to Google Reviews, Menus, Photos, and much more. Import your locations and take your audit results to analyse your data and measure the performance of your business. It integrates with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and more. show more

Aura Vision - Marketing Analytics Software

Aura Vision

Manage stores more efficiently
(0 Ratings)

Aura Vision pricing: Aura Vision Offers Custom plan.

What is Aura Vision and how does it work?

Aura Vision is an intuitive in-store analytics management software, making store management related tasks quite efficient, eliminating new sensors in retail and mall premises. Adding more visibility to the day-to-day management of all the store outlets, Aura Vision helps store operations teams to detect their level of performance in a seamless manner. It also generates brief reports that include essential data, so that quick data-driven decision can be made. The software integrates with existing CCTV camera networks and enables stores to go online in no time. Moreover, an intuitive plug and play feature present within the same saves time and eliminates the need for new sensors by collaborating with all major security brands. Aura Vision uses Artificial Intelligence to segment the total footprints' data more accurately than traditional footfall counters. It makes measuring the impact of visual merchandising and marketing easier through the detailed engagement metrics. The software also allows stores to gain required material insights into various marketing campaigns as per convenience. Aura Vision, being GDPR compliant, protects the identity and privacy of both staff and customers. show more

AdStage - Marketing Analytics Software


Drive more conversions with AdStage
(203 Ratings)

AdStage pricing: Starts at $23.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is AdStage and how does it work?

AdStage is a hassle-free PPC software that helps B2B organisations with advanced PPC reporting. Trusted by different companies from all around the globe, this software helps to analyse and automate one’s paid marketing at scale. With AdStage company leaders can analyse and share insights on ad campaigns and conversions with their designated teams and clients. Furthermore, this software allows the company's users to automatically monitor and optimise tasks, including day-partying ads, so the marketing team can focus on strategy. With AdStage, business leaders can normalise data to the preferred destination, such as BI tools. Also, by using this software companies can put their cross-channel ad data into Google sheets with a single query. Moreover, the partnerships provided by this software help companies with deeper insights thus ensuring their growth at full potential. Furthermore, its analytics and conversions can easily connect the data to down funnel metrics. By using AdStage, business organisations can pull marketing related data in an instant and ship it to the tools present within the software’s ecosystem. Also, this software promises to help its customers with 5x higher CTR. show more

DOZ - Marketing Analytics Software


Marketing Software and On-Demand Marketers
(3 Ratings)

DOZ pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is DOZ and how does it work?

DOZ is an Online Campaign Management Software. They set-up a custom and efficient online strategy to achieve your business goals. Improve your visibility on the internet and grow the number of daily visitors to your websites or apps. Turn your visitors into qualified leads and customers to increase your revenue. The build an eye-catching and unique identity that speaks to your market and to your customers. show more

Datorama - Marketing Analytics Software


Dashboard solution on the cloud for marketers
(351 Ratings)

Datorama pricing: Datorama Offers Custom plan.

What is Datorama and how does it work?

Datorama is a dashboard software that is based-on the cloud, so it is quite easy to access it from any location at anytime. The software can gather vital data from multiple sources and display it to the users at one place. It comes with visual analytics, calculation functionality, key performance indicators etc. Users can easily access the files they want with the help of advance widgets, available with this dashboard software. Datorama features both public dashboard and private dashboard, which enables you to monitor other people’s access to the dashboard information. Datorama comes equipped with other features as well, like data visualization, business intelligence and big data features. show more

TrackMaven - Marketing Analytics Software


Marketers can drive expected results with TrackMaven
(191 Ratings)

TrackMaven pricing: TrackMaven Offers Custom plan.

What is TrackMaven and how does it work?

TrackMaven is a marketing analytics software that enables users to connect and monitor marketing performance across different channels, which would help them tie details to the bigger picture. The software aims to make data the asset to one’s business via social media platforms, ads, website analytics, content, SEO and traffic, social listening, competitive intelligence, and influencer marketing. One can easily get back to what they love, and use the software to become the reporting and insights team to help one stay focused on sharing their brand’s story. Developers have designed this software in a way, which combines marketing expertise and knowledge with world-class technologies. TrackMaven has widely helped marketers to drive expected results in the simplest manner and that too, without consuming much time. With this application, marketers can boost their ROI by overcoming even difficult situations and decision-making processes. Marketers can draw insights from any online marketing channel, including Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, Linkedin and many more. show more

Pudding.ai - Marketing Analytics Software


An Ad Creative Tool
(4 Ratings)

Pudding.ai pricing: Pudding.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is Pudding.ai and how does it work?

Pudding.ai is a real-time ad creative analysis solution that helps marketers understand what elements of creatives help or hurt the performance based on chosen KPIs. The AI analyses images, videos, and copy elements, providing actionable insights and data-driven suggestions to improve future campaigns. Pudding.ai currently supports Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest ads. show more

Windsor.ai - Marketing Analytics Software


Connecting all marketing data
(68 Ratings)

Windsor.ai pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Windsor.ai and how does it work?

Windsor.ai is a marketing attribution software, developed specifically for marketing professionals and enterprises that is utilized to optimize return on investment using the power of Artificial Intelligence. It lets users incorporate all of their marketing data and run advanced marketing attribution models into one place, depending upon their entire customer journey. Windsor.ai enables users to analyze customer journeys to measure business conversions. Moreover, it comprises a data driving marketing feature which allows marketers to create revenue-based decisions promptly. This tool incorporates HubSpot, stripe, Magento, Jira, and much more. Medium and large-scale performance marketers who desire to obtain insights and drive additional performance use the Windsor.ai software. Overall, it is a responsive and API-first product with promising features of collecting, which is spent on various platforms. The flexibility to add any manual expenditure makes it an excellent product. Users can customize the dashboard to suit their analytic needs. The attribution modeling feature enables users to track the result back to the right marketing source, and allows purposeful data science decision making. show more

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List of Marketing Analytics Software

Bitclu 3.8
Adverity 4.7
Pega Marketing 4.2
SparkToro NA
Digivizer 4.8
Strackr NA
Funnel 4.3
Voluum 3.3
GreyMetrics 4.5
TapAnalytics 4.4

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