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Updated on: May 24, 2022

Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics software contains applications and tools to optimize a business’s marketing strategies. These systems improve decision-making and help provide higher ROI on marketing and sales efforts. They gather data on marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms, analyse the results and performance of the campaigns via analytics dashboard and can integrate with your sales, marketing or other analytics software. With the help of Marketing analytics software, you can get a complete view of customers across all the channels, enhance your social media strategies, personalize your marketing campaigns, improve your customer engagement and even anticipate customer or market behaviour. Leveraging customer data to your advantage helps you maximize your marketing efforts.

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AI-driven Marketing Prediction Platform
(26 Ratings)

Morphio pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $199

Morphio is an AI tool for digital marketers that enables them to scale their data analysis efforts. This makes it easier for marketers to incorporate the effect of past data while trying to predict future trends. And with the ability to include countless data sets into their marketing efforts,... read more

Crystal Ball

Optimize Google Analytics with automated and manual annotations
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Crystal Ball pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $59

Understand their Data! Better and Faster with Crystal Ball. No need to navigate between multiple data sources! Now with Crystal Ball, you can finally understand the impact of life events, website updates, news, and much more, without the hustle of manually integrating Google Analytics data with... read more


Gain Real-time Insights with Reporting Tool
(4 Ratings)

Digivizer pricing: Starts at $89.0.

Digivizer software is an all-in-one marketing tool to measure the campaigns to automate workflows. Collect audience growth and content engagement with your social channel metrics. Generate reports and can export charts with image and vector files in PDFs file formats. It integrates with Google... read more


A Audience Intelligence Tool
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SparkToro pricing: Starts at $112.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

SparkToro software is a platform used to collect online audience’ attributes, behavior, & sources of influence. Build your outreach with list for publications and people that reach your customers and Compare the attributes and sources of influence for multiple audiences. Prioritize your press,... read more


Redefine your loyalty program to enhance daily sales
(11 Ratings)

Punchh pricing: Punchh Offers Custom plan.

Punchh is a top graded loyalty and engagement management platform for retail, restaurants and convenience stores. That helps brands schedule loyalty programs for their customers, in an omnichannel environment both digitally and in-store. Being an integrated engagement platform, Punchh offers... read more


Get complete marketing and reporting solutions with TapClicks
(285 Ratings)

TapAnalytics pricing: TapAnalytics Offers Custom plan.

TapClicks is a marketing reporting dashboard that serves to be widely helpful in offering ideal marketing operations, analytics, workflow and order management, and reporting solutions. The software plays an important role in simplifying complex marketing strategies while making business better and... read more


Advertising campaign tracking & monitoring tool
(14 Ratings)

Voluum pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Custom plan.

Voluum affiliate marketing and advertising campaign optimization tool offers a centralized management facility. You can track, monitor and optimize all your affiliate campaigns using this advanced cloud-hosted tracking tool and receive extensive analytics from all possible sources. Traffic... read more


Manage your GMB Business In minutes
(7 Ratings)

DigitalMaas pricing: Starts at $24.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

DigitalMaas software is a Local Marketing Platform used to manage your Google My Business locations at scale.The software offers features like GMB Posts and can respond to Google Reviews, Menus, Photos, and much more. Import your locations and take your audit results to analyse your data and... read more


Marketing Software and On-Demand Marketers
(1 Ratings)

DOZ pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

DOZ is an Online Campaign Management Software. They set-up a custom and efficient online strategy to achieve your business goals. Improve your visibility on the internet and grow the number of daily visitors to your websites or apps. Turn your visitors into qualified leads and customers to increase... read more


Marketing analytics for everyone
(4 Ratings)

Newlytics pricing: Starts at $39.95. Offers Free-forever plan.

Newlytics is made for small businesses and marketing agencies to track their marketing spend and attribution without any development. Newlytics track everything that happens on your websites and landing pages. Discover what your users click on, and how they behave. Every time a visitor contacts you... read more


Offers meaningful analytics and suggestions for better content marketing
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Vidooly pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Custom plan.

Vidooly is a video analytics and marketing software that helps brands and content creators to get valuable insights into their videos’ performance and audience engagement. The software brings a powerful insight generator that shows which videos your audience is watching most based on several... read more


Marketers can drive expected results with TrackMaven
(132 Ratings)

TrackMaven pricing: TrackMaven Offers Custom plan.

TrackMaven is a marketing analytics software that enables users to connect and monitor marketing performance across different channels, which would help them tie details to the bigger picture. The software aims to make data the asset to one’s business via social media platforms, ads, website... read more

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