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Updated on: May 15, 2021

Marketing Analytics Software

Marketing analytics software contains applications and tools to optimize a business’s marketing strategies. These systems improve decision-making and help provide higher ROI on marketing and sales efforts. They gather data on marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms, analyse the results and performance of the campaigns via analytics dashboard and can integrate with your sales, marketing or other analytics software. With the help of Marketing analytics software, you can get a complete view of customers across all the channels, enhance your social media strategies, personalize your marketing campaigns, improve your customer engagement and even anticipate customer or market behaviour. Leveraging customer data to your advantage helps you maximize your marketing efforts.

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Marketing analytics for everyone
(2 Ratings)

Newlytics is made for small businesses and marketing agencies to track their marketing spend and attribution without any development. Newlytics track everything that happens on your websites and landing pages. Discover what your users click on, and how they behave. Every time a visitor contacts you... read more


A Tool to Manage Affiliate Data
(1 Ratings)

Affluent is an Affiliate marketing with powerful tools to manage data via unified dashboard. Create custom tables and visualizations based on the KPIs. The software offers API to maintain your connections to other platforms. Schedule revenue emails in your inbox every day. Marketers, Publishers,... read more

Marketing Evolution

Modern Marketing Measurement
(1 Ratings)

Marketing Evolution provides advanced marketing measurement and optimization solutions that increase campaign performance and drive sales. Reach your consumers more effectively by understanding how they interact at every touchpoint across online and offline channels. Use advanced analytics to... read more


Effective management of marketing data
(1 Ratings)

JustControl.it is a marketing-focused platform that helps its users to manage all the data streams in one place. The software provides its users with tools to filter, aggregate, visualize, and transform vast amounts of data from any source. The architecture of this software is powered by a... read more

Captain Growth

Automate your Marketing Analytics with AI
(2 Ratings)

Captain Growth empowers your company by helping you make sense of your data. Captain Growth works in a number of areas, including audience segments, targeted ads, anomalies in your metrics, and poorly performing creative ads. Captain Growth also helps you decide on the settings for your ads. This... read more


A tool to increase Marketing ROI
(19 Ratings)

Windsor.ai software is a Marketing Attribution software used to optimize ROI with AI. Analyze customer journey to measure conversions of business. It integrates with Stripe, HubSpot, Jira, Magento, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A Simple Click Tracking Solution
(6 Ratings)

ClickGum software is a platform used to track clicks, conversions, and ROI from all your online marketing. The software offers features like geo-location, rotate between links. filter fraud clicks. Split your traffic across multiple landing pages. Segment report and Export in CSV file format.... read more


Performance Marketing Platform for KPIs, Fraud Clicks, Reports and Mobile Apps
(18 Ratings)

Trackier is a Customisable Performance Marketing Software targeted at Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers to manage publisher relations. The Trackier Platform enables users to create, automate, measure, and optimize their marketing campaigns, creatives and conversions in one place. Users get data... read more


Gain Real-time Insights with Reporting Tool
(3 Ratings)

Digivizer software is an all-in-one marketing tool to measure the campaigns to automate workflows. Collect audience growth and content engagement with your social channel metrics. Generate reports and can export charts with image and vector files in PDFs file formats. It integrates with Google... read more


Make business marketing process a super convenient task
(318 Ratings)

NinjaCat being a unified marketing platform, helps organizations with marketing reports, data pipelines and dashboard management facilities. Marketing teams can use the all-in-one software to report, store and analyze the marketing performance of their data at scale. Members can track KPIs and... read more

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