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Updated on: August 23, 2019

Time Tracking Software

Effective time management enables one to achieve more within a shorter span of time. Time tracking is a vital task that is crucial for ensuring timely completion of project tasks and thus is critical to a company’s very survival. Time tracking can help foster discipline among your staff as it will reveal how productively they are spending their time at work. It also facilitates making your clients realize how much effort & time the assigned projects are consuming so that you can quote them appropriately. This tool simplifies, automates and improves the tasks associated with proper time tracking and also helps to avoid payroll mistakes. This software helps in monitoring team activities and manage expenses systematically.

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Time Doctor - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com

Time Doctor

Time tracking with employee monitoring facilities
(285 Ratings)

Time Doctor time tracking software can be installed in Mac, Android and iOS. It is suitable for small-sized companies. Automatic time capture helps to record time on an automated basis. Invoicing and billing scopes are present. Users can track non-billable and billable hours, multiple billing... read more

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TimeCamp - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Well-featured multichannel task management tool
(624 Ratings)

TimeCamp is a cloud-based task management software that can be run on multiple devices and system. You can install it on Mac, Window, Android, iOS etc. It is available in SaaS version as well. This software is an all-in-one solution for budget management, business management, payroll management,... read more

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ClickTime - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Reduce Costs and Increase Project Visibility with Timesheets
(168 Ratings)

Clicktime is a time tracker tool for project managers that uses simple time sheets to keep every project on track. Users can quickly approve employee hours through the help of dashboards and reports for a holistic view. Employees can easily edit, add, and copy hours among timesheets, include custom... read more

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Clockify - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


A Free Time Tracking Software Solution
(843 Ratings)

Clockify is a Simple Time Tracker and Timesheet app for your team to track time on projects. Set hourly rates, and calculate billable hours and payroll. Share and print export timesheet data in file formats of PDF, CSV, Excel. Freelancers, Small, Medium, and Enterprises make use of the software.

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DeskTime - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


A time tracking tool with diverse feature range
(147 Ratings)

DeskTime web-based time tracking software can also be used as an artificial intelligence software, project management software etc. This software contains a few deep learning features like ML algorithm library, neural network modeling, model training etc. Time tracking from mobile devices is... read more

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Hubstaff - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Spend less time tracking and more time growing
(1,231 Ratings)

Hubstaff time tracking software is used by over 10,000 teams across the world that want to achieve more. Track work hours, pay team members, invoice clients, see in-depth reporting, and more through their web dashboard, desktop, and mobile apps.

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TimeLive - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Cloud-hosted expense and time tracking tool
(29 Ratings)

TimeLive helps in project costing and free data migration. It provides configurable notifications, supports personalizable notifications, comes with QuickBooks, Microsoft Azure Active directory and 750+ apps via zapier integration. It has a highly intuitive user interface. Users will get to use... read more

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AccountSight - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Time Tracking Tool for Professional Services Companies
(79 Ratings)

AccountSight is an easy to use intuitive tool for professional service companies that enables them to track time and expenses that are invested in every project. It is packed with advanced capabilities that enable users to easily plan, schedule and track resource utilization for the most optimal... read more

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Homebase - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Digital time tracker with a diverse feature range
(310 Ratings)

Homebase web-based time tracking software comes with multiple employee scheduling features, time clock features, collaboration features and surely time tracking ones. Reporting & analysis capabilities, online punch card, vacation/leave tracking, mobile time tracking, offline time tracking,... read more

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Toggl - Time Tracking Software : SaaSworthy.com


Simple, flexible and feature-rich time tracker
(954 Ratings)

Toggl cloud-based time tracking solution offers software solution in time clock and employee monitoring categories as well. This software is platform-independent and can be run on the Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices. Agencies, small teams and freelancers will find the tool highly useful and... read more

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Buyer's Guide on Time Tracking Software

For payroll management, tracking employee productive time, enhancing workflow, minimizing expenses, and billing the client appropriately one buys time tracking software. However, the choice is limitless, and this abundance can influence the right purchasing decision. Take into consideration these points for making the right choice 

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