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Business Instant Messaging Software

Business instant messaging software works as an internal messaging platform for businesses and helps teams to avoid informal communication such as texting from personal phones. This text-based messaging application facilitates person-to-person conversations, group messaging, peer-to-group, file sharing, and more. Instant messaging can reduce the load of back-and-forth emails exchanged for mere discussions, queries, or concerns.

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Slack pricing: Starts at $2.67. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Slack and how does it work?

Slack is a communications and workflow solution designed for teams. Using Slack, you can set up channels, which can be around any theme, project, client or department.


Messenger For Buyers And Sellers
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PinChat pricing: Starts at $32.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is PinChat and how does it work?

PinChat allows you to communicate with customers via a URL or QR code, across platforms and App, simple and fast. If you are currently running a retail store, an e-commerce business, an online platform, or you are simply an individual seller, PinChat is designed just for you.

Fookuz - Business Instant Messaging Software


The application to manage your corporate identity
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Fookuz pricing: Fookuz Offers Custom plan.

What is Fookuz and how does it work?

Fookuz, is the all-in-one application to manage your corporate identity. This easy-to-use tool is the perfect communication platform to distribute and orden all your concepts, standards and guidelines to preserve your brand & build identity.

Adeya - Business Instant Messaging Software


Encrypted Messenger Platform & Secure Communication
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Adeya pricing: Adeya Offers Custom plan.

What is Adeya and how does it work?

Adeya offers a multi-platform, data-compliant end-to-end encrypted collaboration solution for team messaging, file-sharing, voice and video calls, and conferencing across devices. IT departments are taking advantage of easy to deploy, privacy-focused central administration consoles to engage with users, finally free from shadow IT. Encrypted Messenger SMS and instant communication. Secure broadcast and group chat. Responsive application design that will adapt to each screen type assures the best user experience. show more

Sameroom - Business Instant Messaging Software


Connect two teams with a Tube
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Sameroom pricing: Starts at $40.83.

What is Sameroom and how does it work?

Sameroom connects channels and rooms across different chat platforms. You can connect teams between Slack, HipChat, Skype, Fleep, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Campfire, IRC, Flowdock, and Gitter. The platform works behind the scenes with its unique “always-active” software and allows everyone to continue working together from their favorite chat environment there is no need to switch teams or apps and users are finally one step closer to truly eliminating email. show more

AnywhereWorks - Business Instant Messaging Software


Team Collaboration Tools and Services
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AnywhereWorks pricing: AnywhereWorks Offers Custom plan.

What is AnywhereWorks and how does it work?

AnywhereWorks offers tools to help your business be more sustainable, productive and flexible. People can work where they’re at their best without the distractions of an open office or the confines of a cubicle. Anywhere gives businesses the chance to build and grow without forcing them to be confined to expensive and competitive urban clusters. show more

MeetSpace - Business Instant Messaging Software


Create instant meeting spaces for any event
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What is MeetSpace and how does it work?

MeetSpace lets you and your attendees easily chat, discuss and share with each other before, during and after your event - whether it's virtual, in-person or hybrid. Attendees can meet and chat directly with everyone else attending, and you can set up as many discussion spaces as you like to focus on particular topics. Attendees can optionally receive mobile, desktop and email notifications to get the latest updates from you and chat notifications from fellow attendees. show more

Beekeeper - Business Instant Messaging Software


Boost your frontline workforce with Beekeeper
(79 Ratings)

Beekeeper pricing: Beekeeper Offers Custom plan.

What is Beekeeper and how does it work?

Beekeeper is a secure employee management app that ensures enhanced employee productivity. To communicate and coordinate better with the frontline workers, this app is the right choice. This particular app serves industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and construction. Trusted by diverse global business leaders, Beekeeper helps users to find and connect with contacts, systems and updates in seconds. With this app, HR teams can spread essential information to the frontline workers, automate onboarding, digitise employee surveys, as well as streamline training. Furthermore, with this employee app, companies can increase engagement by 300%. Beekeeper also helps companies segment audiences and schedule messages. By using this app, companies can analyse the performance of their strategies thereby ensuring relevant, actionable and timely communication. With easy integrations, automated workflows and dedicated configuration support, Beekeeper’s open API save time and IT cost. Furthermore, by utilising its suite of tools, companies can maximise productivity with mobile information and workflows. With the Beekeeper app, users can also download the reports to get a clear overview of the latest trends in reaching and digitally enabling a company’s frontline workforce. show more

Rock - Business Instant Messaging Software


Remote Work Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

Rock pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Rock and how does it work?

Rock software is a platform used to organize business workflows in minutes. The software offers tools to create a Rock space for any team project with tasks, notes, and files mini-apps. Collaborate with your team, add comments to tasks and notes to organize discussions and view List and Board Views. Create your own labels with rich text editor to format a note to automate workflows. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

TelebuPing - Business Instant Messaging Software


Office chat and instant messaging app
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TelebuPing pricing: TelebuPing Offers Custom plan.

What is TelebuPing and how does it work?

TelebuPing is an office and instant messaging app that helps employees connect easily with each other and cooperate on team projects. Ping lets businesses of all shapes and sizes easily collaborate across all types of devices. Get more work done with minimal effort and easily focus on your tasks. Merge all your communication to one screen & get everyone on one page. Ensure data security & complete privacy with end-to-end data encryption. show more

Dropvault - Business Instant Messaging Software


A vault for your sensitive documents
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Dropvault pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Dropvault and how does it work?

Dropvault is secure, B2B encrypted document sharing, messaging and team collaboration without the friction that comes with traditional encryption apps. You can share, upload or email a document, a message, a conversation, many conversations all secured and encrypted so that not even Dropvault can access. Friction-less encryption. No complex keys to store or exchange with your customers so your team can share securely with confidence and without the friction of most traditional tools. Using the API means your customer can stay on your website and never leave to upload documents or messages but their data is always secured. show more

Wire - Business Instant Messaging Software


The most secure collaboration platform
(120 Ratings)

Wire pricing: Starts at $5.83.

What is Wire and how does it work?

Wire™ is the most secure collaboration platform, transforming the way businesses communicate at the same speed that founders disrupted telephony with Skype. Empower today’s mobile workforce with a secure solution that is fit for modern communication whether in the office or on the go. Gain both mobility and security without suffering from man-in-the-middle vulnerability. Wire is leading the development of a new, open global standard for secure communication technologies called Message Layer Security (MLS). show more

Brosix - Business Instant Messaging Software


A Instant Messenger Tool for Teams
(23 Ratings)

Brosix pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Brosix and how does it work?

Brosix software is an All-in-one Instant messenger to streamline business workflows with real-time communications. Collaborate with your teams with Audio & Video calls, Chats and Meetings. The software offers features like File transfer, Screenshot, Screen Sharing, Spell Check to automate workflows. Manage your team network activities and user permissions to visualize ideas and concepts during your conversations with interactive messaging platform. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Text Request - Business Instant Messaging Software

Text Request

Text Messaging for Enterprise Businesses
(190 Ratings)

Text Request pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is Text Request and how does it work?

Text Request gives your business the power to text through your business phone numbers. They give you all the tools you need to text professionally as a team while keeping communications organized. You can add Text Request's messaging service and all features to your current landline, toll-free, or VOIP number. Text pictures to one person or thousands at a time to create more engaging messages. Receive MMS messages to make communication easier. Text Request supports every known language, so you can communicate with anyone anywhere. show more

Crypho - Business Instant Messaging Software


Enterprise end-to-end-encrypted messaging and sharing
(26 Ratings)

Crypho pricing: Crypho Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Crypho and how does it work?

Crypho is group chat and file sharing with end-to-end encryption. Crypho is available as desktop and mobile apps, as well as on the web, and is available anywhere with an internet connection, independent of company networks and firewalls. Chat-rooms for invited members only with a shared file folder. Send confidential messages in real-time. Share with individuals or teams. Encrypt and transfer files with a keypress, or simply by dragging and dropping them on the app. Teams can keep a shared folder of strongly encrypted files. show more

Microsoft Kaizala - Business Instant Messaging Software

Microsoft Kaizala

Get engaged securely with your networks and manage works efficiently
(51 Ratings)

Microsoft Kaizala pricing: Microsoft Kaizala Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Microsoft Kaizala and how does it work?

Microsoft Kaizala is a reliable messaging and work management application that facilitates active collaboration among employees and clients related to a particular organization. Enterprises can coordinate their work in an effective way using the same. The app features a simple chat interface that empowers users to have excellent, effective communication through multimedia messaging besides audio or video calls. With Microsoft Kaizala, employees get access to integrated work management cards that assist them in their task management, data collection, insights analysis, and more. Also, they get to connect with millions in a secure way and build flexible groups. The open directory model lets users engage with their own networks in an efficient manner. All they have to do is just sign up for the mobile app with their phone number. Microsoft Kaizala’s customizable action cards and open APIs help organizations digitize and automate their business processes. Moreover, the app also offers access to end-to-end data ownership, enterprise-grade security, and industry-leading compliance standards. show more

Softros LAN Messenger - Business Instant Messaging Software

Softros LAN Messenger

A secure messaging platform facilitating intra-office communication
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What is Softros LAN Messenger and how does it work?

Softros LAN Messenger is a compact LAN messaging software that helps businesses gain access to a safe, secure and effective way to set up an intra-office communication network. The application encrypts business-relevant data with AES-256 encryption technology to eliminate data leaks out of the companies’ messaging networks. Moreover, Softros LAN Messenger comes with a serverless architecture, which means it does not require any dedicated server to run. Users can send messages to just one or multiple peers at the same time. Moreover, users can also forward messages to their peers even when they are offline, which the latter will receive once the connection gets restored. Apart from forwarding text messages, employees can also send files and folders by just dragging and dropping them in the conversation or over the recipients’ icons. Admins can create different groups to arrange their co-workers by departments or job titles. Also, users can keep track of messages, view send the history of individual messages and take printouts as per convenience. show more

Mattermost - Business Instant Messaging Software


High trust collaboration for your enterprise
(572 Ratings)

Mattermost pricing: Starts at $3.25. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Mattermost and how does it work?

Mattermost’s mission is to make the world safer and more productive by developing and delivering secure, open-source collaboration software that is trusted, flexible, and offers fast time-to-value. Maintain full ownership and control of company IP and customer data behind your own firewall or VPN. Safeguard against major security incidents, vendor lock-in, and resource-draining technical debt. show more

Rocket.Chat - Business Instant Messaging Software


Replace Email with Rocket Chat and improve digital workflow
(156 Ratings)

Rocket.Chat pricing: Starts at $2.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Rocket.Chat and how does it work?

Rocket Chat provides greater transparency in chatting with the team members or clients through its channel and private groups. The app, unlike emails, takes away the need for CC/BCC categorization and lets the user open up the conversation. The team chat option allows the user to collaborate and communicate as a group through the medium of audio or video calls. It also facilitates screen sharing, thereby allowing users to share information and other important details right in the chat. With username restriction and admin transparency, Rocket Chat ensures a secure and safe workspace. The software is trusted by leading blockchain innovators such as Aragon, Hyperledger, Golem, Brave and Tokenly among others. Rocket Chat uses real-time translation for the messages to be converted between two users as per their convenience. The user interface of the app has been translated to over 50 languages which are more than any other team chat service. The customization option of the software is highly comprehensive. One can add or remove features and give the app a manual look by picking out one’s own plugins and themes. The collaboration platform of Rocket Chat is specially designed keeping in mind the workflow of a user or firm. show more

Teamwire - Business Instant Messaging Software


Strengthen your frontline workers, close security leaks
(0 Ratings)

Teamwire pricing: Teamwire Offers Custom plan.

What is Teamwire and how does it work?

Teamwire GmbH is a German software company providing a leading enterprise messaging app. The product "Teamwire"​ is much more than a secure messaging app for enterprises, government, and healthcare. Communicate fast through 1:1 or professional group chats and experience a real-time exchange on a multi-device solution. Escalate critical events and quickly coordinate emergencies with colleagues. Recognize different message occasions with color-coded alerts, announcements, and notices. The live location can also be combined with the alarm function so that mobile employees can be looked after as quickly as possible in a crisis situation. show more

Productivise - Business Instant Messaging Software


A single messaging platform for your distributed workforce
(4 Ratings)

Productivise pricing: Starts at $300.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Productivise and how does it work?

Productivise is a privacy-preserving messaging platform that helps businesses in various processes such as collaboration, product training and engagement with the aim to smooth the communication procedure. It provides a secure network with closed groups so that no confidential information goes out of the organisation. The messages and documents can only be circulated in the predefined path by the users. The platform allows subject matter experts to directly place the information into the right folders to avoid updates getting lost. It can also track who created and circulated the message and when the content was uploaded to ensure that only the single version of the information circulates to every member. Productivise allows users to create 3D groups inside the platforms for different teams based upon their roles, projects, locations and tasks. The platform sends automatic reminders about important events, meetings, progress reports and tasks to keep everyone up to date. show more

mySuite - Business Instant Messaging Software


A new way to manage the data
(0 Ratings)

mySuite pricing: Starts at $9.99.

What is mySuite and how does it work?

mySuite is a web-based solution using Cloud Computing. The mySuite Message system lets you reach all co-workers, clients and customers, even those who are not online, when you sent them messages, files, or both. The idea is to have a tool that speeds up communication, making your message, files and documents available to anyone authorized as soon as he or she logs on to mySuite. Delegating is a necessity, but it only works when the right task goes to the right person. In practice, the essence of delegating is far removed from simply transferring the task. It must also incorporate into the transfer the conditions for that task to be carried out. show more

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Beekeeper 4.6
Rock 4
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Wire 4.4

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