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Business Instant Messaging Software

Business instant messaging software works as an internal messaging platform for businesses and helps teams to avoid informal communication such as texting from personal phones. This text-based messaging application facilitates person-to-person conversations, group messaging, peer-to-group, file sharing, and more. Instant messaging can reduce the load of back-and-forth emails exchanged for mere discussions, queries, or concerns.

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AnywhereWorks - Business Instant Messaging Software


Team Collaboration Tools and Services
(1 Ratings)

AnywhereWorks pricing: AnywhereWorks Offers Custom plan.

What is AnywhereWorks and how does it work?

AnywhereWorks offers tools to help your business be more sustainable, productive and flexible. People can work where they’re at their best without the distractions of an open office or the confines of a cubicle. Anywhere gives businesses the chance to build and grow without forcing them to be confined to expensive and competitive urban clusters. show more

Teamwire - Business Instant Messaging Software


Strengthen your frontline workers, close security leaks
(4 Ratings)

Teamwire pricing: Teamwire Offers Custom plan.

What is Teamwire and how does it work?

Teamwire GmbH is a German software company providing a leading enterprise messaging app. The product "Teamwire"​ is much more than a secure messaging app for enterprises, government, and healthcare. Communicate fast through 1:1 or professional group chats and experience a real-time exchange on a multi-device solution. Escalate critical events and quickly coordinate emergencies with colleagues. Recognize different message occasions with color-coded alerts, announcements, and notices. The live location can also be combined with the alarm function so that mobile employees can be looked after as quickly as possible in a crisis situation. show more

Vocantas Communicate - Business Instant Messaging Software

Vocantas Communicate

Multi-modal Communication Solutions
(1 Ratings)

What is Vocantas Communicate and how does it work?

Communicate offers hosted- and premise-based multi-modal communication solutions, using interactive text, voice, and email. Automated Shift Fill saves time and money by introducing efficiency to your scheduling process. Send mass notifications to your workforce instantaneously. Inform staff of any updates, emergencies, or facility shutdowns effortlessly. Allow your staff to choose the communication method that works best for them - email, text, phone, or app. Allows employees to call in or text an absence or lateness and provide details regarding when they will arrive or return to work. The real-time integration ensures your Kronos system is updated and managers know in seconds. show more

Netpresenter - Business Instant Messaging Software


The communication platform that drives organizational change
(1 Ratings)

Netpresenter pricing: Netpresenter Offers Custom plan.

What is Netpresenter and how does it work?

Netpresenter is a global leader in employee communications software. Gather valuable feedback on how your messages are performing. Have precise insights at your fingertips and measure the reach and impact of your employee communications with the statistics feature. Netpresenter respects your branding and enables you therefore to add your own logo, color palette, and fonts. It is your own corporate communication channel, so let’s make it look that way too. Let Netpresenter do the work and save yourself a lot of hassle with the handy scheduling feature. Create messages upfront and publish them at exactly the right moment. Also, take content down automatically when it is no longer relevant. show more

Softros LAN Messenger - Business Instant Messaging Software

Softros LAN Messenger

A secure messaging platform facilitating intra-office communication
(18 Ratings)

What is Softros LAN Messenger and how does it work?

Softros LAN Messenger is a compact LAN messaging software that helps businesses gain access to a safe, secure and effective way to set up an intra-office communication network. The application encrypts business-relevant data with AES-256 encryption technology to eliminate data leaks out of the companies’ messaging networks. Moreover, Softros LAN Messenger comes with a serverless architecture, which means it does not require any dedicated server to run. Users can send messages to just one or multiple peers at the same time. Moreover, users can also forward messages to their peers even when they are offline, which the latter will receive once the connection gets restored. Apart from forwarding text messages, employees can also send files and folders by just dragging and dropping them in the conversation or over the recipients’ icons. Admins can create different groups to arrange their co-workers by departments or job titles. Also, users can keep track of messages, view send the history of individual messages and take printouts as per convenience. show more

Kezmo - Business Instant Messaging Software


Customizable and open source collaboration platform
(7 Ratings)

Kezmo pricing: Starts at $4.99. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Kezmo and how does it work?

Kezmo is a customizable and open-source collaboration platform that allows you to easily manage tasks, connect people, and get work done in every scenario. You can create workspaces to help you manage different topics, projects, clients, or ideas. Connect your most important workspaces and people on a handy visual map. Make the most of your chats by using simple commands to create content directly. Use channels to separate discussions, allowing you to focus without cluttering a single conversation. show more

Weseeble - Business Instant Messaging Software


Simple app for visual update which are private and secure
(79 Ratings)

Weseeble pricing: Starts at $3.00.

What is Weseeble and how does it work?

Weseeble is a simple system for tracking updating and collaborating on your orders & their status. Add users, Business Partners they might be your leads, customers, suppliers, or associates, add contacts under each Business Partner and add projects too. RFU brings together Users & Biz Partner contacts on a common platform. list updates required, prioritize & add deadlines. Post updates from your mobile or computers, your post can be of any popular file format image, video, audio, document, or just simply text messages. show more

Pumble - Business Instant Messaging Software


Interact efficiently with your team
(3 Ratings)

Pumble pricing: Pumble Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Pumble and how does it work?

Pumble is a fantastic business instant messaging program that allows you to communicate with coworkers and teams in real-time. It's a free alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams that you can use right away by registering. Pumble allows you to communicate in real-time by sending direct messages, establishing micro conversations in channels, and keeping track of what's essential to you. You can work effectively with persons outside your firm. Documents, photos, and links can all be shared with others. You will be notified of all new messages if you enable notifications. You may search through all of your messages and chat history to find the information you need. All of your documents and photographs may be found in one location. Pumble gives you free access to an unlimited number of users and their messages for the rest of your life. It also allows you to chat from any device, such as a desktop, mobile device, or the web, and is accessible on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. show more

Productivise - Business Instant Messaging Software


A single messaging platform for your distributed workforce
(4 Ratings)

Productivise pricing: Starts at $300.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Productivise and how does it work?

Productivise is a privacy-preserving messaging platform that helps businesses in various processes such as collaboration, product training and engagement with the aim to smooth the communication procedure. It provides a secure network with closed groups so that no confidential information goes out of the organisation. The messages and documents can only be circulated in the predefined path by the users. The platform allows subject matter experts to directly place the information into the right folders to avoid updates getting lost. It can also track who created and circulated the message and when the content was uploaded to ensure that only the single version of the information circulates to every member. Productivise allows users to create 3D groups inside the platforms for different teams based upon their roles, projects, locations and tasks. The platform sends automatic reminders about important events, meetings, progress reports and tasks to keep everyone up to date. show more

Hubgets - Business Instant Messaging Software


Converged communication that makes your business more productive
(22 Ratings)

Hubgets pricing: Starts at $2.50. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Hubgets and how does it work?

Hubgets is a business instant communication platform, available as a service or in your private cloud. The mission is to improve the way people communicate at work. Lots of companies are already migrating to instant messaging and other fast communication methods, but they are still up against many challenges. Hubgets uses artificial intelligence to learn about each user's communication behavior and acts based on the Happiness Index it computes. They care about each person, every minute, in order to make the whole team more productive. show more

Trillian - Business Instant Messaging Software


Modern and secure instant messaging
(47 Ratings)

Trillian pricing: Starts at $3.33. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Trillian and how does it work?

Trillian is a modern and secure instant messaging. Trillian's centralized chat history means never losing track of important discussions. Searchable group chats become living knowledge centers for present and future employees to draw upon, reducing the need for repeated questioning. Organize many-to-many group chats by location, department, or whatever makes sense for you. Persistent group chats help you create a shared knowledge center ensuring your company stays in sync regardless of where everyone is physically located. show more

Hibox - Business Instant Messaging Software


Task management, business chat and video calls
(67 Ratings)

Hibox pricing: Starts at $4.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Hibox and how does it work?

Hibox is an out-of-the-box solution to handle the three most critical pain points in collaborating with your team. Having all these tools integrated helps teams start working right away, whereas with other messaging apps you have to set up separate products that require an additional cost and time and create external integrations that often just show notifications that don’t actually let you get work done. You can also integrate your favorite apps like Dropbox and Google Drive so you can keep working with the tools your team loves. show more

talkspirit - Business Instant Messaging Software


Enterprise Social Network Collaborative Platform
(144 Ratings)

What is talkspirit and how does it work?

Talkspirit offers a complete solution to work more effectively and communicate better within organizations. Connect your favorite business applications and all the information sources you need to be automatically informed of new events. Through polls, collect in a few clicks the opinion of your employees on current issues. Make your organization more participative and develop a feedback culture. Group your photos and your illustrations in an image gallery, to facilitate access to them and generate more consultation and feedback. show more

Pronto - Business Instant Messaging Software


All-In-One Communication Platform Built Simple
(41 Ratings)

Pronto pricing: Pronto Offers Custom plan.

What is Pronto and how does it work?

Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. Ditch email, radios, and paper and connect students and staff through real-time text messaging. Chat via live video with up to 20 participants all streaming video, or up to 400 participants observing. Keep your entire organization in the loop and use the Announcements feature to send one-way communications to your entire organization. Pronto gives everyone a voice by allowing them to confidently send messages in their native language while Pronto automatically translates those messages into the recipient’s native or preferred language. show more

Chanty - Business Instant Messaging Software


Team Communication and Collaboration Software
(106 Ratings)

Chanty pricing: Starts at $3.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Chanty and how does it work?

Chanty is a team collaboration app that helps teams communicate and increase productivity. Ping a colleague, online team members or even the whole team to get the quick answer or deliver a solution that needs instant reaction. Create new tasks from scratch or turn any message into a task to enjoy a smarter collaboration with your deadline-driven team. Assign and filter tasks by status, dates and people. Enjoy a flexible, visual and simple way to execute scrum methodology and manage your tasks in one place. Set due date, control status and priority for any task or subtask. show more

Team App - Business Instant Messaging Software

Team App

Create A Free App For Your Team
(89 Ratings)

Team App pricing: Team App Offers Custom plan.

What is Team App and how does it work?

Team App is a platform that allows teams and social groups to improve communication by creating their own smartphone app. Design your app, choose from a huge range of features and you will have a fully functional Team App created in less than 10 minutes. You will receive push notifications whenever a team admin posts something new. Get notifications and reminders about key dates in your team’s calendar, such as presentation nights and social gatherings. Even get RSVP’s to all your events. show more

OurPeople - Business Instant Messaging Software


Deliver critical information to your Frontline Workers
(17 Ratings)

OurPeople pricing: OurPeople Offers Custom plan.

What is OurPeople and how does it work?

The OurPeople platform is GDPR compliant and fully within company control. When a worker leaves, crucial information stays safe. Quickly build engaging content to share with the team. Signpost to other systems, duplicate, save and schedule for later. Quickly build engaging content to share with the team. Signpost to other systems, duplicate, save and schedule for later. Provide employees with the skills they need to succeed in their roles. Refresh their knowledge over time and boost their development. show more

Crew - Business Instant Messaging Software


Empower your distributed workforce
(31 Ratings)

Crew pricing: Starts at $30.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Crew and how does it work?

Crew Enterprise connects your entire workforce from the frontline to corporate leadership, unifying communications, streamlining scheduling, elevating task execution, and making operations hum. Drive consistent execution across your entire workforce and maintain real-time visibility into progress across all teams. Collect insights and take action at scale. Command Center is the central nervous system of your frontline workforce. Protect your people and your organization with advanced compliance controls and safety features. show more

Rivers - Business Instant Messaging Software


A Fast And Secure Team Collaboration And Communication Platform
(3 Ratings)

Rivers pricing: Rivers Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Rivers and how does it work?

Rivers is a team collaboration platform which allows people to have organized and focused conversations with their colleagues, college classmates or any group of people. It ensures that they don’t lose track of the conversation in large groups. The group functionality feature makes it a suitable option for messenger groups created for team conversations. This feature also segregates discussions in a topic within the group. This platform can be accessed from multiple devices with the messages being synced across all devices. Other features of the software include discussion on private topics, unlimited document sharing, and fast and safe chatting. The tool can be used to collaborate with remote teams quickly and reliably. Such teams can increase their productivity by using features such as Cubes, Topics, Tasks, and Channels. They can stay organized, connect with other members anywhere, and instantly deploy the tool anywhere. Rivers is available on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. show more

Crugo - Business Instant Messaging Software


Share files and organize events easily together
(67 Ratings)

Crugo pricing: Crugo Offers Custom plan.

What is Crugo and how does it work?

Crugo is a cloud-based Business Instant Messaging Software. Bring team conversations together into one secure place. Simplify the chaos with simple open and private group chats or direct messaging, allowing everyone to keep in contact. Send and receive messages with your work colleagues in an instant from any device. No spam, no clutter, just clarity, and speed. Organize one-on-one conferences for your remote workers and clients. Keep track of all your file versions, so you can revert back whenever you need. show more

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List of Business Instant Messaging Software

AnywhereWorks 5
Teamwire 5
Vocantas Communicate 5
Netpresenter 5
Softros LAN Messenger 4.9
Kezmo 4.9
Weseeble 4.9
Pumble 4.8
Productivise 4.8
Hubgets 4.8

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