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Updated on: May 25, 2022

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iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based software that acts as a communication conduit between multiple systems and applications. It allows the maintenance of integration flows and data sharing within the organization. It boosts internal efficiency, improves workflows and eliminates data loss or inconsistencies, by bringing different tools together in a central ecosystem. iPaaS helps to easily view, manage, and modify all data, infrastructure and operations thereby reducing downtime and development time. In addition to offering fraud detection and intrusion alert, it being centralized platform facilitates to understand where these threats are and respond accordingly. IPaaS is a scalable solution and can meet increased volume in data from various environments. iPaaS helps to structure the growing integration requirements of the organization without any additional costs.

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API Spreadsheets

Productive Workflows with SpreadSheets
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API Spreadsheets pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $69

API Spreadsheets software is a platform used with API and Database to manage data. Save Data from Web Forms and can create a Live Dashboard with Google Sheets. Collaborate with your team and manage spreadsheet data. It integrates with Google Sheets, Dropbox and Local Spreadsheets. Small, Medium... read more


A Integration Platform for Enterprise
(22 Ratings)

Cloras pricing: Cloras Offers Custom plan.

Cloras software is a platform used to manage all your integrations in one place. The software offers Seamless Integration with data points on a single platform. It is an enterprise-class security, speed, and compliance in every interaction. Connect required data points with complex business logic... read more

API Fuse

An Embedded iPaaS solution
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API Fuse pricing: Starts at $500.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

API Fuse is an iPaaS software built for native integration for your SaaS app in minutes. Customize integrations directly in your product with White Labelling tool. Gain insights with list of integrations in marketplace to build and monitor usage. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of... read more

DBSync Cloud Workflow

Get Your Apps Talking by Adding Value and Automate Your Business
(61 Ratings)

DBSync Cloud Workflow pricing: Starts at $2400.0. Offers Custom plan.

DBSync Cloud Workflow has a robust integration platform that can be run on SaaS-based or on the cloud. DBSync Cloud Workflow can be integrated into an API interface, laptops or desktops, and mobile phones or tablets which facilitates ease for the user. Leverage out-of-the-box integration Maps and... read more


Connect and sync data across different cloud apps
(316 Ratings)

PieSync pricing: Starts at $9.0.

PieSync helps you to connect and integrate your business cloud apps. With PieSync, you can connect as many apps as you like and ensure that the data flows between this apps in both directions, as well as syncing and updating. PieSync has a feature called Intelligent 2-way Sync, which means you can... read more

TIBCO Cloud Integration

Integrate your applications and data quickly
(160 Ratings)

TIBCO Cloud Integration pricing: Starts at $400.0. Offers Custom plan.

TIBCO Cloud Integration, speeds up the integration process for enterprises and their employees, by an API-powered approach irrespective of the place they are located in. Organizations get to establish an agile information landscape by enabling their API project managers to develop, publish, protect... read more


Integrate Your Cloud Stack Using Visual Workflow Editor
(113 Ratings)

Tray.io pricing: Starts at $595.0. Offers Custom plan.

Tray is an automation platform that lets users connect their cloud stack without any external support. They can quickly integrate their software applications using automated workflows. Using the visual workflow editor, users can quickly build and streamline their processes. Users can also use the... read more


Connect the Software that runs your Business
(240 Ratings)

SyncApps pricing: Starts at $49.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

SyncApps make bidirectional data integration simple. Integrating your Cloud, On-Premise or Plug-in application with your CRM, Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission-critical applications is now a reality. Signing up for an account is as easy as using Google or just putting in... read more


Managed Integration Services
(33 Ratings)

Recursyv pricing: Starts at $320.0. Offers Custom plan.

Recursyv provides a fully Managed Integration Service to customers across all business verticals and geographies. Based on a resilient Enterprise architecture, deployed in multiple datacentres globally, Seamless can be deployed to connect one or many apps. The agile team obsess about integration... read more

Formstack Sync

Sync systems & tame data chaos
(50 Ratings)

Formstack Sync pricing: Formstack Sync Offers Custom plan.

Formstack Sync is a data synchronization tool that can help you unite disparate systems and avoid data inconsistencies. Unique identifiers for each object type are used to pair and de-dupe records across systems so you always have the most accurate data available. Easily update your integrations... read more

OpenText Alloy

Eliminate data silos and unlock the information advantage
(66 Ratings)

OpenText Alloy pricing: OpenText Alloy Offers Custom plan.

Alloy enables organizations to harmonize, cleanse, enrich and aggregate data in a single cloud platform to improve process automation and efficiency. With increasing data volumes, fragmented enterprise application landscapes and a growing variety of data types, many organizations struggle to manage... read more

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