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iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based software that acts as a communication conduit between multiple systems and applications. It allows the maintenance of integration flows and data sharing within the organization. It boosts internal efficiency, improves workflows and eliminates data loss or inconsistencies, by bringing different tools together in a central ecosystem. iPaaS helps to easily view, manage, and modify all data, infrastructure and operations thereby reducing downtime and development time. In addition to offering fraud detection and intrusion alert, it being centralized platform facilitates to understand where these threats are and respond accordingly. IPaaS is a scalable solution and can meet increased volume in data from various environments. iPaaS helps to structure the growing integration requirements of the organization without any additional costs.

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AMSA Connect - iPaaS Software

AMSA Connect

Enhancing the higher education software ecosystem
(2 Ratings)

AMSA Connect pricing: AMSA Connect Offers Custom plan.

What is AMSA Connect and how does it work?

Amsa Connect is a data enhancement platform that breaks down data silos to improve departmental collaboration. It assists colleges in achieving data transparency across campus by synchronizing numerous platforms. With Amsa Connect, you can connect your ERP to any information source to have quicker access to your data via a consolidated platform. It enables consumers to select between planned and real-time data transfers. Through smart technology, integrated data is sanitized against the USPS database and the data is stored on the platform after it has been checked and sanitized for simple maintenance and approval. Within the platform, users can change constituent data and sync it with different databases. Each integration in AMSA Connect comes with an error report that enables the client to interact with the relevant error data. The Analytics panel receives data from error reports as well. For personal demographic records that are incorporated into the institutional ERP system, AMSA Connect enables duplication resolution. The custom forms in AMSA Connect enable businesses to replace the functionality of a custom WebAdvisor or other outmoded data gathering and processing method. show more

ApiWay - iPaaS Software


Integrate with other apps to increase sales
(1 Ratings)

ApiWay pricing: ApiWay Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ApiWay and how does it work?

ApiWay is a sales-generating software that businesses can use without knowing how to code. One can connect their CRM, Chatbots or email marketing service with this software to generate leads. It comes equipped with 50 ready-made integration templates and supports over 50 apps for integration. ApiWay integrates with certain email marketing platforms as well such as MailerLite, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Campaign Monitor, etc. This helps to design emails for broadcasting, perform A/B testing, and sign up forms to build a good relationship with customers. Users can also perform open rate and click rate analytics to track mail opening rates by customers. ApiWay helps one to launch an online store by its integration with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Magento, etc. This helps users to create their web pages, distribute products into different categories, manage their stores, perform sales analytics and add an Instagram tag to their products. Some of the other software categories supported by the app include webinars, CRM systems, landing page builders, etc. The software provides integration with amoCRM, LeeLoo, E-Autopay, Enquiz, Google Analytics, and Facebook Leads to name a few, without having to hire any professional coders. show more

InterWeave Smart Solutions - iPaaS Software

InterWeave Smart Solutions

The Smart Integration Platform
(3 Ratings)

InterWeave Smart Solutions pricing: Starts at $291.0.

What is InterWeave Smart Solutions and how does it work?

InterWeave Smart Solutions deliver complete configurable Solutions to integrate today's popular business applications you configure, test, run. An alternative to inefficient program and consultant-based approaches, next-generation web-based Solutions are powerful yet easy to use, extremely affordable, and deploy in just days. You don’t need to be a technical resource, analyst, or developer. Connect your cloud with applications, data, enterprise solutions, and other clouds to create your hybrid cloud environment. show more

Trujay - iPaaS Software


Manage Complex CRM data integration & migration
(54 Ratings)

Trujay pricing: Starts at $199.0.

What is Trujay and how does it work?

Trujay is a CRM aiding tool with a range of different solutions, especially for project managers who are running on close deadlines and limited budgets. It provides handy solutions for every data migration project and includes different plans such as Self-service, Concierge, and Custom. Trujay also functions as an expert integration solution where users can integrate Hubspot with leading platforms such as NetSuite, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho CRM and many others. The company has partnered with middleware vendors such as Dell Boomi, Workato, and IntegrateHQ to increase its range of website requirement. This makes it relevant for agencies, marketing groups, sales teams, and businesses of all sizes. With seamless migration, users can integrate disparate systems to realize higher efficiencies, cost-savings, and reduce duplication, boosting the growth of their businesses. Trujay hosts the highest of security protocols, reliable processes, and is backed by more than 20 years of CRM migrations and integrations. show more

Recursyv - iPaaS Software


Managed Integration Services
(33 Ratings)

Recursyv pricing: Starts at $320.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Recursyv and how does it work?

Recursyv provides a fully Managed Integration Service to customers across all business verticals and geographies. Based on a resilient Enterprise architecture, deployed in multiple datacentres globally, Seamless can be deployed to connect one or many apps. The agile team obsess about integration and will have your data synchronizing in hours/days, not weeks/months as can be the norm. Recursyv provides all of the implementation and management services including daily usage reports to every client. show more

Prismatic - iPaaS Software


Integration platform for B2B companies
(10 Ratings)

Prismatic pricing: Starts at $495.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Prismatic and how does it work?

Prismatic is an advanced integration building platform for B2B companies that offer the developers to develop top-notch integration for their customers to have a fulfilling experience. It provides powerful and smart tools to the developers to build integrations using a low-code designer that provides the best in-class experience to the users. Prismatic provides a streamlined configuration experience and an embedded integration app store to make your integration setup super easy and fun. It also provides instant integration support and ensures robust logging and alerting to its customers. With Prismatic, you can develop integrations that are reusable and using a low-code designer, you can define their UX configuration as well. You can additionally enable your customers to activate their integration themselves and keep a tab on their issues with Prismatic’s smart alerting and monitoring tools. Users can easily troubleshoot their issues using Prismatic’s built-in logging and full visibility tool. Users can also mould their integration solution as per their requirement with Prismatic. The software offers free services up to 4 integrations, after which it is chargeable. There are many price variations offered by the software to fit every budget type. show more

eZintegrations - iPaaS Software


Exclusive browser-based no-code integration for your business
(9 Ratings)

eZintegrations pricing: eZintegrations Offers Custom plan.

What is eZintegrations and how does it work?

eZintegrations is a cloud iPaaS platform that facilitates on-time integration with a minimum amount of IT intervention. It is an AI-enabled platform that does not require any coding or infrastructure. The platform facilities seamless collaboration between on-premise enterprise applications and other SaaS applications developed by any leading vendor, including Oracle, Infor, Workdays, Salesforce, etc in a seamless manner. eZintegrations helps businesses to connect and manage data related to customers, items, suppliers and assets directly from enterprises’ Master Data Management (MDM) system. eZintegrations also let admins connect and share comments, reviews and feedback of their end customers with their team members. Moreover, the platform even takes all reasonable steps to protect users personal information from misuse, loss, interference as well as unauthorised access, disclosure or modification. Inbuilt IOT facilities, help businesses with accurate data collection and sensors from gadgets, buildings, human body heat and machines. show more

Jelastic - iPaaS Software


A Simple Cloud Paas Software
(34 Ratings)

Jelastic pricing: Jelastic Offers Custom plan.

What is Jelastic and how does it work?

Jelastic software is a Platform-as-a-Service used to optimize an Unified Cloud Experience on Any Infrastructure. Manage triggers and the system will scale your application and measure the traffic with load balancer across multiple instances. The software offers a deployment manager, access to log and config files. Collaborate with your team collaboration and can automate integration with CI/CD tools. Developers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Modulus Data - iPaaS Software

Modulus Data

Smart HR Data Integration at your fingertips
(32 Ratings)

Modulus Data pricing: Modulus Data Offers Custom plan.

What is Modulus Data and how does it work?

Modulus Data is a HR data integration platform that helps you save time and money by optimizing your HR procedures and avoiding tedious double-data input. It focuses only on integrating HR systems to enhance value for customers without the need of any internal IT resources. Modulus Data's expert data integration consultants manage the bespoke data mapping so that your integration is tailored to your specific business requirements. You also get turnkey connections created by Modulus Data professionals to lower the cost of integration. Modulus Data additionally updates, monitors, and hosts your HR integration on Flexspring, a next-gen iPaaS built specifically for HR integration. You can reduce the number of duplicate employee profiles, unneeded user accounts, and personnel participating in manual data input to improve security. With Modulus Data, you can increase the efficiency of your HR staff by preventing repeated data input across your systems. You can use an API-to-API connection to get near-real-time data exchange instead of scheduled file transfers. Using pre-built connections, you can achieve quick integration or choose readymade connections with Modulus. show more

elastic.io - iPaaS Software


The next-gen enterprise integration platform
(16 Ratings)

elastic.io pricing: elastic.io Offers Custom plan.

What is elastic.io and how does it work?

Elastic.io is a powerful next-gen enterprise integration platform that lets users leverage the power of a cloud-native, low-code integration platform for establishing a well-connected enterprise. It offers an easy-to-use Enterprise Integration Platform that allows you to have the advantages provided by B2B gateways, ESB solutions, and API management in just a single place. It additionally offers an intuitive Integration Flow Designer that can quickly transform data between systems and applications by integrating input data into particular fields. It provides intelligent connectors like protocol connectors, mapper, expression language, content-based routing, and content enrichment. It also ensures monitoring to detect issues in the integration workflow. Users get a dashboard to manage all of their data and workflow in a single place. It additionally assists the user in finding the source of the errors and fix rebelling workflow. It is developer-friendly and ensures the fast development of new integration components. The platform offers a free 14-day demo version for trial and testing. show more

Obindo - iPaaS Software


Empower your employees to find the right information at the right time
(6 Ratings)

Obindo pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Obindo and how does it work?

Obindo is an intuitive knowledge discovery platform that enables businesses to let their employees easily find the information they are looking for. The platform comes with a knowledge discovery dashboard of its own, where employees get to find relevant information on the go and stay in the loop with their colleagues. Obindo’s message capture technology helps users to extract important information from emails and transform it into knowledgeable graphs that are easy to understand. An intuitive language-processing technology offered by the platform enables users to find the most important ideas and concepts from their team’s conversations. Its expertise-identification system categorises employees based upon their acquired knowledge. This enables admins to find the right person that will be suitable for a particular project. Obindo also supports seamless integration with some of the most common tools such as Yammer, Slack and even Microsoft Teams that enables new employees to get a clear understanding of individual projects that they are working on. Furthermore, users can also connect their email inbox with tools like Dropbox and Asana, to manage scheduled tasks conveniently. show more

APIANT - iPaaS Software


Save time by developing custom integrations as needed
(22 Ratings)

APIANT pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is APIANT and how does it work?

APIANT is a hybrid integration platform that reduces time by automatically connecting various software and automating processes. The software allows users to connect to the cloud and can be used by businesses of all sizes. Additionally, it is available as dedicated, self-hosted software for businesses, developers, and system integrators. APIANT allows bi-directional sync to adapt endpoints between apps without migration. Users may use all linked systems and yet get an uniform proper view of their information across different apps. The platform also encourages the integration of specialised apps, like those for points of sale, hotels, eateries, research, accountancy, and more. The software offers hundreds of pre-built components as well as the option to create new connectors using a cutting-edge Assembly Editor, making it more affordable and quicker. Furthermore, the software speeds up the delivery of full integration. All of the integrators are accredited, assisting users with integration architecture design, automation development, staff training, and even full integration project implementation. show more

Cyclr - iPaaS Software


Embedded integration done right with Cyclr
(31 Ratings)

Cyclr pricing: Starts at $599.0.

What is Cyclr and how does it work?

Alternatively, you can utilize Cyclr’s embedded marketplace or launch capability, which provides an extremely quick set-up procedure for end-users and eliminates the requirement for you to implement your own UX. Cyclr is a low-code, user-friendly integration platform that enables you to react to user integration requests without contributing to the development backlog. It offers a scalable connection architecture, as well as simple low-code tools for designing and building integrations, and an API that allows you to construct whatever UI/UX you want, along with simple ways for launching and delivering integrations straight within your SaaS service. Cyclr creates a comprehensive abstraction layer between APIs, decreasing development and maintenance time to virtually nothing. The Cyclr API is simple to use and enables you to create your own user interface. With the platform’s little-code, drag-and-drop based integration process builder, you can create your own bespoke integrations and transform your API into a graphical, front-end, and code-free tool that your whole team can utilize. Cyclr’s automation builder can also be used to develop automations that are totally based on your API. show more

Tray.io - iPaaS Software


Integrate Your Cloud Stack Using Visual Workflow Editor
(113 Ratings)

Tray.io pricing: Starts at $595.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tray.io and how does it work?

Tray is an automation platform that lets users connect their cloud stack without any external support. They can quickly integrate their software applications using automated workflows. Using the visual workflow editor, users can quickly build and streamline their processes. Users can also use the connector press to integrate with any web-based software. The platform lets the users access the complete toolkit and every connector at no extra charge. Using the in-built features, the users can empower their workforce with automated processes and thus are able to work in real-time. The organizations can improve their marketing efficiency, streamline the buying signals, and send sales updates directly to the sales representatives and provide great after-care programs that help customers keep coming back. The tool currently supports 4500 APIS, and more are updated regularly. The platform can improve marketing efficiency, scale growth, and streamline buying signals and sales updates. Users can also request a custom package to get the best out of the services as per their requirements. show more

Cloras - iPaaS Software


A Integration Platform for Enterprise
(22 Ratings)

Cloras pricing: Cloras Offers Custom plan.

What is Cloras and how does it work?

Cloras software is a platform used to manage all your integrations in one place. The software offers Seamless Integration with data points on a single platform. It is an enterprise-class security, speed, and compliance in every interaction. Connect required data points with complex business logic without any developer support. Synchronize data between all your eCommerce, ERP, CRM data points. show more

SyncSpider - iPaaS Software


Automate your everyday time consuming task
(9 Ratings)

SyncSpider pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is SyncSpider and how does it work?

SyncSpider automatically syncs all the App Data, Inventory, Contact Leads, Tasks and everything else with the channels and platforms you are already using. Also sync all the Webapp data like contacts, support tickets, tasks and product details to the CRM or to other apps. SyncSpider will easily automate your everyday time-consuming tasks. show more

Integrately - iPaaS Software


Integrate your applications in just a minute with Integrately
(1,054 Ratings)

Integrately pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Integrately and how does it work?

Integrately is an iPaaS software (Integration Platform as a Service) that assists the users in automating their manual tasks with just a single click. It is developed specifically for business owners and professionals that wish to automate their tasks and processes as easily as possible. It enables the users to integrate apps like Google, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Facebook to move their data automatically in order to save money and time. With Integrately, you can send market leads to your CRM, update meetings in Google calendar & CRM, get notifications through email or slack on finalizing deals, add purchases or leads to spreadsheets, and create invoices using Quickbooks automatically. You can create personalized automation or customize existing ones and add multiple actions and conditions as per your requirements. Users just have to select the apps and then they get a choice of over 250k+ integrations that are ready to use. The software offers various premium plans to try and test its features apart from a refer and earn option that helps the user to earn free credits. show more

enosix - iPaaS Software


Working Together Faster Than You Dreamed Possible
(20 Ratings)

enosix pricing: enosix Offers Custom plan.

What is enosix and how does it work?

enosix is an innovative provider of real-time integration solutions between SAP ERP and front-end systems of engagement (such as Salesforce). The solutions are pre-built and require minimal coding, enabling companies to quickly realize the value in days instead of months. enosix’s seamless Salesforce CPQ integration lets you experience order entry with speed, as real-time order visibility with views of SAP orders are available immediately after order placement. Dramatically shorten development and integration cycles with a pre-built solution to tie Salesforce Field Service and SAP together. show more

Exalate - iPaaS Software


Stay connected, always!
(85 Ratings)

Exalate pricing: Starts at $95.0.

What is Exalate and how does it work?

Exalate provides flexible synchronisation facilities to internal teams across company borders, enabling users to experience unlimited customisability. To fit the unique synchronisation scenario, this platform has many tools and integrations to offer. Exalate is installed as a dedicated portal on each system that fits one’s favourite tool like a glove. Each tool admin will be in complete control over what information they want to share with the other side at all times. Furthermore, Exalate offers a drag and drop interface for a seamless no-code set up in minutes. It ensures that users can customise synchronisation rules from one side of the connection to another. The accurate script engine of this synchronisation platform offers ultimate flexibility to create sync rules from each side separately. Exalate also allows users to eliminate time-consuming tasks like copying data from one tracker to another or manual data entry. Employees can also collaborate on critical tasks and resolve them in lesser time. Exalate integrates with systems like Jira, ZenDesk, HP QC/ALM, SalesForce, Azure DevOps and ServiceNow. show more

TORO Cloud Martini - iPaaS Software

TORO Cloud Martini

Manage APIs with TORO Cloud Martini
(307 Ratings)

TORO Cloud Martini pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is TORO Cloud Martini and how does it work?

TORO Cloud Martini is an integration platform that answers to all API management requirements and workflow automation of different companies. The platform offers low code convenience with full code satisfaction. Also, TORO Cloud Martini ensures seamless integration and automation. With this, a business can create and publish APIs. The platform further allows users to build solutions in the cloud or on desktops. TORO Cloud Martini takes care of the full lifecycle of API management including API first design, applying API services, deployment, authentication and discoverability. The platform features a robotic process that streamlines complex business processes to free up a company’s staff for higher-value work. As a result, there are no chances of human error and it delivers greater efficiency. It also brings data together from multiple sources to give one’s business a detailed picture. Accurate data integration capabilities help companies effectively manage and harness all necessary information. TORO Cloud Martini allows users to integrate virtually, besides enabling users to implement enterprise-grade data integration using little to no code. show more

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Prismatic 4.9
eZintegrations 4.9
Jelastic 4.9
Modulus Data 4.9
elastic.io 4.8

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