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SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing software is a platform that allows you to design, distribute and manage your SMS messaging campaigns. It provides a collection of tools required to get started with marketing via text messages in a controlled and scalable way. SMS marketing software offers features like bulk text messaging, personalized messaging, automated responses, MMS, scheduled messaging and contest tools. Being cloud based systems, they can be accessed from desktop as well, which allows you to avoid drafting messages on your phone's tiny keyboard. You can track data related to each SMS campaign interaction and get insights into performance of these campaigns.

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The smart SMS marketing platform for you is here
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ShortySMS pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $19

What is ShortySMS and how does it work?

Shorty SMS is an advanced text message marketing platform that is hosted in the cloud and can be used to surprise and excite your VIP customers, top clients, and finest leads using the power of text messaging. It enables you to create SMS message sequences that can be sent automatically to offer your clients a unique and enhanced user experience. With Shorty SMS, you can measure the success of your SMS marketing by keeping track of the outcomes and statistics. You can employ real-time dialogues to keep your consumers interested. The Shorty SMS platform offers features for SMS Quota, International SMS, Private Phone, and API Access. With the Shorty SMS platform, you just have to apply for a one time SMS marketing license and then you can enjoy all the smart features and tools with ease to improve your business. Shorty SMS also offers an API to make all the process easier and simpler for its users. Additionally, the Shorty SMS platform also offers easy integrations for Zapier platform to enhance collaboration between the two software. show more

Zoho Campaigns - SMS Marketing Software
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Zoho Campaigns

We offer only the best
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Zoho Campaigns pricing: Starts at $3.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zoho Campaigns and how does it work?

Zoho Campaigns helps you to send content-rich emails and makes your email marketing campaign more effective. Its pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop editor lets you create and send attractive newsletters within minutes. Its marketing automation tools let you send follow-up emails easily and keep your audience engaged. With Zoho Campaigns, get insightful and detailed reports about your campaign performance that will help you take informed decisions. It also helps you make your email look more personalized and dynamic, so that every subscriber feels the message is only for them. It also conducts A/B Testing between two versions of your campaign to find out which one is more effective. show more

Respond Flow - SMS Marketing Software

Respond Flow

Engage with customers with 1-1 communication, automated for your convenience
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Respond Flow pricing: Starts at $45.0.

What is Respond Flow and how does it work?

Respond Flow is a business text automation software that helps brands acquire, engage and retain customers via automated two-way text and call system. This comprehensive SMS platform helps prominent brands like Sysco, Epibreads and Tulsa remote to turn reliable prospects into a passionate community of lifelong customers. With intuitive features that help businesses deliver exceptional customer service, Respond Flow optimises sales and marketing across multiple departments. Users can send fully automated mass messages to customers with targeted and personalised content. Moreover, with a finely-tuned algorithm, Respond Flow ensures seamless delivery of messages to designated customers facilitating enhanced revenue generation. Furthermore, this SMS platform provides accurate and actionable analytics in real-time, helping brands fine-tune their messaging content and techniques for a wider reach and boosted productivity. Respond Flow also comes loaded with a curated community of SMS experts, providing relevant information on how streamlined texting can help with customer retention and sales revenue enhancement in real-time. show more

EquiiText - SMS Marketing Software


Efficient business messaging with inbuilt AI
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What is EquiiText and how does it work?

EquiiText is a smart messaging platform powered by artificial intelligence that enables its users to manage the process of business messaging. The software allows its users to generate sales for their business by using SMS text messaging and engaging the interest of customers. Users can funnel their sales pipelines for measurable success through the software. The timed follow-up feature of the software enables users to send campaign messages automatically. The artificial intelligence responder of the software called ALINA automatically answers the questions of the customers with ease. Users can promote engaging conversation and establish brand loyalty by personally replying to the customers. One can easily encourage SMS engagement by building unlimited groups, contact lists, auto-replies, and keywords. The software enables users to keep their funnel full with the help of drip messages making it easier for the user to follow up. Users can connect the software to several other apps with the help of Zapier. show more

TextMagic - SMS Marketing Software


All in one messaging solution to transform customer experiences
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TextMagic pricing: Starts at $0.04.

What is TextMagic and how does it work?

TextMagic is an intuitive text message marketing software that helps businesses to improve their customer experiences by forwarding notifications, reminders and alerts at the right time, besides streamlining SMS marketing campaigns. The software can also be used to send personalised texts over SMSs to staff members and suppliers alike. Its easy-to-use interface enables users to log in to their accounts and send texts in bulk, spread across 190+ countries. Organisations can also convert their emails into text SMSs and deliver them to any mobile number of choice. TextMagic comes with a strong SMS gateway API that can be used to forward text messages directly from users' existing apps. Brands also get access to a two-way chat system where customers can send messages to businesses and communicate conveniently. They can create SMS distribution lists and forward critical emails as text messages. Further, with TextMagic, businesses can also share PDF files, Word files and images. show more

ClickSend - SMS Marketing Software


A Fast Communication Tool For Businesses And Brands
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ClickSend pricing: ClickSend Offers Custom plan.

What is ClickSend and how does it work?

ClickSend is an easy-to-use product that helps to generate real business. It provides real results and data through its bulk SMS Gateways, fax, post, email marketing tools, and messaging services. The SMS Gateway allows users to track, receive, and send SMS or online messages worldwide. Text messages can be sent to contact lists via a telecommunications provider and the gateway can then receive any replies. Users can enhance engagement by easily sending staff and customers multimedia information like still and moving imagery. The MMS Gateway is simple to use by just dragging media files onto the dashboard and reviewing campaigns before sending them. Users can send messages on channels like WhatsApp, RCS [Rich Communication Service], Facebook, Viber, and Messenger. With the SMS text-to-speech feature, text is converted to speech where the recipient’s phone is called and when it is answered, the SMS is spoken out. Users can send marketing emails via the dashboard or transactional emails via API. Faxes can be sent and received without a fax machine easily using the platform. show more

Call Loop - SMS Marketing Software

Call Loop

Send Voicemails and SMS in bulk effortlessly
(8 Ratings)

Call Loop pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Call Loop and how does it work?

Call loop is software that helps organisations to send SMS and other media services to subscribers in bulk. Companies can easily create and send voice broadcasts, voicemails and SMS to multiple subscribers with just a few clicks. Besides, the personalisation of text messages and sending them directly to selective subscribers is also possible. With these services, the software provides analytics and reports of the statistics of the media services in real-time. It enables companies to send voice broadcasts with high-quality audio. The software also enables scheduling the delivery of media through autoresponders. The implementation of an online texting tool also helps to reduce the time taken to individually send media to the subscribers. Further, the users get delivery reports with insightful metrics. Through this software companies can also send emergency notifications. The voicemails can be sent via ringless voicemail directly to the voicemails of their clients. SMS triggering, voice broadcasting and SMS reminders are some of the key features of this software. show more

TextToHire - SMS Marketing Software


A Texting Tool to Manage Workflow
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TextToHire pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is TextToHire and how does it work?

TextToHire software is an Enterprise Texting tool used to manage real-time communication to engage talent and increase placements. Integrate with any ATS or CRM in minutes. Customize and Send personalized campaigns to contacts to build better business relationships. Engage candidate with notifications & reminders to increase streamlined workflows. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

askneo - SMS Marketing Software


Engage Customers with Text
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askneo pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is askneo and how does it work?

askneo software is a platform to build customer experience with texting. Neo the bot recognizes their phone number, customers name and adds them to your directory. Collaborate with team members and organize filter tickets. Measure the Conversation threads with access to conversation history. Measure the business performance to tickets and questions to automate workflow. show more

Salesmsg - SMS Marketing Software


Business texting and calling made simple, scalable, and two-way
(14 Ratings)

Salesmsg pricing: Starts at $35.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Salesmsg and how does it work?

Salesmsg is an online text and phone conversation automation platform that makes it simple to send, receive, and administer text messages and phone calls among your colleagues and peers. It allows you to manage, receive, and send text messages and conversations online or on the move using an easy and personalized dashboard. Salesmsg offers two-way texting that allows you to communicate with your consumers more quickly. It makes it simple to offer and manage account and number information for team members. The platform provides your colleagues with personal or shared phone numbers, as well as auto-replies for when you're not in the office. You can create, modify, and delete members and can use tools like broadcasting to deliver messages to a large number of people at once. To establish immediate discussions, you can integrate your app to send outbound messages or use triggers. You can also use merge fields to add custom data from your marketing automation software or your CRM to your text. Additionally, users can easily load their contacts into their Salesmsg app using a CSV file. show more

Acumbamail - SMS Marketing Software


Send email and SMS with ease
(20 Ratings)

Acumbamail pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $79

What is Acumbamail and how does it work?

Acumbamail is an email marketing platform that has been trusted by over 4,000 businesses since its inception in 2013. Every month, 400 million emails are sent from their own servers to help their customers (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Enterprises) develop their relationships with their subscribers by sending content-rich emails with appealing designs. The platform is built for any type of user, allowing them to construct Email and SMS campaigns, as well as design and publish landing sites, without having any prior understanding of HTML coding or design. The platform includes a dynamic form builder for websites and landing pages, among other capabilities. Custom fields, segments based on lead scoring and historical behaviour, and thank you and unsubscribe pages are all included in advanced email list management. Email campaigns with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and over 800 customisable templates. Newsletters, autoresponders, A/B tests, and RSS feeds are all examples of campaigns. Behavior-based automation workflows lead to more effective campaigns. With more than 150 customisable templates and custom domains with SSL certification, you can create and publish landing pages. show more

EZ Texting - SMS Marketing Software

EZ Texting

Manage text related issues with ease
(885 Ratings)

EZ Texting pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is EZ Texting and how does it work?

EZ Texting is a text management software that helps its users to easily communicate with their contacts either via SMS messages. With the help of the keywords provided by the software, users can build their customer lists. The software also allows users to integrate simple forms into their website or on their social media handles in order to capture new subscribers. Users can efficiently engage their audiences with the help of the software, users can send personalised reminders to their contacts to make sure that the contacts meet all the deadlines properly. The users can also get feedback from the customers via text by using the software. EZ Texting also helps the users to make their text messages more attractive by adding photos and videos. Further, the software allows users to have personalised one-to-one conversations with their users by using the phone numbers provided by the software. Users can even send texts to their contacts by using pre-existing mobile numbers. Further, the software enables users to get their own shortcodes whether they have high volumes or multiple clients. show more

Releans - SMS Marketing Software


Engage Customers with Communication channels
(3 Ratings)

Releans pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Releans and how does it work?

Releans software is a platform used to reach your customers via communication channels like SMS, Email, and WhatsApp. Connect your website or application to SMS API for reliable global messaging with a 1200+ direct carrier connections. Engage audiences with email marketing to create email campaigns. Measure the performance of your campaigns with reports. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Textable - SMS Marketing Software


Messaging Platform For VoIP Providers
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Textable pricing: Textable Offers Custom plan.

What is Textable and how does it work?

Textable is an out of the box, bring-your-own-provider, messaging platform for VoIP phone numbers. Enable messaging with your existing VoIP phone number and start texting within minutes. Textable allows you to use your business phone numbers to separate personal and business communications. Easily connect your existing VoIP numbers and start messaging in minutes. Real-time messaging application in your browser window. Supports push notifications. Always in sync with your mobile app. show more

Sheet 2 SMS - SMS Marketing Software

Sheet 2 SMS

Send SMS from Sheets
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Sheet 2 SMS pricing: Starts at $6.0.

What is Sheet 2 SMS and how does it work?

Sheet 2 SMS software is a platform used to send Send SMS from Google Sheets. The software offers pre-build spreadsheet and use conditions to trigger the SMS. Send one-time campaigns or create personalized messages to build an automated workflow to triggers SMS. Marketers, Small companies make use of the software. show more

Sendlane - SMS Marketing Software


Send emails to the right people at the right time
(51 Ratings)

Sendlane pricing: Starts at $79.0.

What is Sendlane and how does it work?

Sendlane is an email and SMS marketing software that lets you convert your online consumers into loyal, lifetime customers. It helps you save time and money by giving you the tools you need to collect leads, improve your marketing, and make data-driven choices. With Sendlane, you can get data-driven, behavior-based automation capabilities that have been proven to help you transform email marketing into your top growth engine. It gives you the information, support, and the resources you need to generate more money with email. With this platform’s drag-and-drop email builder, you can create aesthetically appealing, high-conversion emails and add customised SMS messaging to your funnels to start discussions and generate money. Sendlane makes it easy to automate, track, and segment your contacts so you can deliver personalised experiences that increase lifetime value through recurring purchases. You can trigger messages depending on real-time online activity, from sign-ups and transactions to cart abandonment and page visits. Additionally, users can track every purchase, click, dollar spent and visit across your funnel to uncover hidden income opportunities. show more

Heymarket - SMS Marketing Software


Experience seamless business connections and personalised text messaging services
(166 Ratings)

Heymarket pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Heymarket and how does it work?

Heymarket is a comprehensive business messaging solution that offers omnichannel messaging services through shared inboxes, templates, reminders and assignments across multiple business departments. Heymarket comes as an intuitive platform equipped with clever features that are trusted by over 50 million businesses located ay different parts of the globe. This reliable platform enables users to work from anywhere at any time leveraging features like shared inboxes that can be used for customer service, logistics, sales or operations. Heymarket also allows users to assign chats to designated departments or individuals and control notifications by setting up relevant ones for easy text management. Further, with private commenting, users can add comments to specific texts privately for individual members within their team. Heymarket also allows users to reach out to multiple contacts at once by letting them organise contacts through specific lists and targeted messages, facilitating seamless customer service. Beyond these, Heymarket's omnichannel messaging facilities through applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram messenger and Line, enables users to reach out to customers across multiple platforms in a seamless manner. show more

MessageMedia - SMS Marketing Software


Provide outstanding customer service
(17 Ratings)

MessageMedia pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is MessageMedia and how does it work?

MessageMedia is a commercial mobile messaging solution that allows companies of all sizes and sectors to send and manage SMS text messages via the web, email, or API. Appointment reminders, alerts and notifications, promotions and marketing, invoicing and payments, and personnel and rostering are among the mobile messaging solutions offered by the platform.Within a web browser, users may send text messages, check replies, and forward messages to mobile phones using MessageMedia. For a customised SMS campaign, users can smoothly incorporate data fields into messages. The platform provides a variety of delivery options, including individual and mass SMS messages. Email to SMS turns ordinary emails into SMS messages, allowing users to send messages directly from their email account with the same speed and efficiency as traditional SMS. Email to SMS creates a two-way communication channel with a message audit trail. The SMS API from MessageMedia allows you to connect to your existing company software or CRM and send messages directly from it. For two-way communications, message tagging tells apps which outbound message corresponds to which reply. Customers or employees can submit a message to a dedicated inbound number, which the application can respond to. Additional customizable capabilities include delivery reporting, validity period control, and API web push.Text to voice online transforms text messages to voice, allowing businesses to send SMS messages to landlines, non-mobile phone customers, and visually impaired people. MessageMedia allows users to send and receive text messages using a corporate landline or toll-free number, allowing customers to text instead of calling customer service. MessageMedia also supplies businesses with an enterprise-grade chat platform for secure IP communications that integrates IM and SMS text messaging. show more

LeadWire - SMS Marketing Software


Boost your Sales with SMS Marketing.
(0 Ratings)

LeadWire pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is LeadWire and how does it work?

LeadWire is an online marketing platform companies use to send SMS Marketing campaigns, organically generate leads, and measure results. Create and integrate subscription forms on your website that are linked to your LeadWire audiences. You can paste the generated HTML code anywhere in your website to grow your subscribers. Therefore, every subscriber can then be reached with SMS marketing campaigns or surveys. show more

ExpertTexting - SMS Marketing Software


A Text Marketing Tool
(1 Ratings)

What is ExpertTexting and how does it work?

ExpertTexting software is a platfform used to manage text campaigns. The software offers SenderID (Alphanumeric) based SMS service or text service to notify your customer. View incoming message from your company name and can receive a text message response from your customer. There is a Text API or SMS API to integrate to your current system or with any CRM to retrieve your incoming text messages as well. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

MOBtexting - SMS Marketing Software


A SMS Software for Business Needs
(12 Ratings)

What is MOBtexting and how does it work?

MOBtexting software is a Cloud-based SMS platform used to create better customer experience through AI-enabled programmable Voice Telephony. The software offers tools like Intelligent Routing and can connect with your customers across by sending messages. The MOBO is an omni-channel voice bot used to generate leads with instant alerts for better workflows. Small, Medium companies make use of the software show more

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List of SMS Marketing Software

Zoho Campaigns 4.4
Respond Flow 4.4
EquiiText NA
TextMagic NA
ClickSend 4.5
Call Loop 3.9
TextToHire NA
askneo NA
Salesmsg 4
Acumbamail 4.5

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