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Conversation Intelligence Software

Conversation Intelligence Software helps revenue teams record, transcribe, and capture insights from each customer interaction during a sales call. It can provide statistics of each prospect conversation, including talk ratio, customer interactivity, and proactively flag them. Conversation Intelligence Platform is useful for sales reps, customer success managers, account managers to identify best practices that should be adopted by their teams and approach the sales deals that are in the pipeline. Conversation Intelligence software can identify keywords, themes, and is helpful to prepare action items.

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Salesken - Conversation Intelligence Software


Convert in more leads with an efficient sales assistant for your business
(251 Ratings)

Salesken pricing: Salesken Offers Custom plan.

What is Salesken and how does it work?

Sakesken works as an AI Sales Assistant for businesses. Organizational admins can trust the software as a copilot for their step-by-step sales journey. They can use it to get detailed insights about scores incurred by individual leads and their conversion metrics. Further, detailed insights and analytics let users diagnose potential loopholes and improve them on a daily basis. Salesken assures active integration with external platforms like Skype, Zoho, Pipedrive, Bluejeans, RingCentral and more, making it easier for professionals to get their lead conversion mechanics sorted out. Apart from generating leads and converting them into loyal customers, enterprises can also depend on Salesken to generate accurate feedback from the clients’ end. They can get the process completed via direct call, web conference, one-to-one business chat with agents and email facilities. Advanced dashboards featured by the software, let managers/team leaders monitor the regular performances showcased by their team members. show more

Convin - Conversation Intelligence Software


A Conversation Intelligence Tool
(12 Ratings)

Convin pricing: Convin Offers Custom plan.

What is Convin and how does it work?

Convin software is an AI-powered Conversation Intelligence Software used to manage sales team understand calls to close more deals. Manage history like call information, topics & any other information that you want. Receive notifications to manage details about products and collect feedback to optimize the workflow. The software offers an advanced metrics like behavior analysis and topic duration to understand rep's performance on talking in calls. Sales Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Salestrail - Conversation Intelligence Software


A unified mobile CRM platform for sales
(2 Ratings)

Salestrail pricing: Starts at $3.5.

What is Salestrail and how does it work?

Salestrail is an artificial intelligent-based sales platform that motivates sales teams to build a better sales channel and close more sales. Salestrail directs the activity, automatically acquires interaction with Salesforce, and encourages sales representatives always to plan the proposed sales to the salesperson on what to do next. The software is compatible with both Mobile Android and iOS. A salesperson will benefit from rich CRM data without losing time in manual recording. The software allows sellers to record calls, emails and meetings in Salesforce automatically. It also performs active activities and ensures that customers never lose sight of their sales. The application is recognized for increasing productivity and increasing sales with more companies around the world. Sales and sales management receive data for the allocation of the sales process, each withdrawal, each sent email, and each meeting. It also equipped with additional custom fields and queries to collect key data for your organization. The software marketing features provide an overview of actual sales of potential customers in real time and create marketing automation based on the benefits that Salespeople add to Salesforce through the business card scanner. show more

Avoma - Conversation Intelligence Software


Intelligent Customer Meetings and Better Business Outcomes
(144 Ratings)

Avoma pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Avoma and how does it work?

Avoma is an end-to-end AI meeting assistant for customer-facing teams. Analyze trends for competitors, objections, discounts, and feature-asks to build data-driven products. See the talk tracks of top reps and coach everyone to use them. AI will extract summarized notes for key topics like Next Steps, Pain Points, Objections, Competitors, Positive Moments, Questions Asked, etc. Go to specific speakers and topics identified automatically or search for topics of interest in transcripts to listen to recordings faster. Automatically record meetings and get high-quality transcripts to take better notes later on. Also, get manually typed notes linked to transcripts. Prepare agendas with proven templates instead of copying and pasting every time. Shared templates ensure consistency across the team. show more

Pickle - Conversation Intelligence Software


Pickle is used by some high-growth teams
(12 Ratings)

Pickle pricing: Starts at $80.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Pickle and how does it work?

Pickle transcribes phone/video call records, provides a data platform for simple searches, and then analyses and summarizes the dialogue for easy understanding. With your best discussions, you can improve sales performance and customer experiences. Pickle uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your sales process by finding blind spots and turning discussions into actionable information. We'll show you how to develop an army of superhuman sales and customer service representatives by duplicating your top agents. Get AI-generated summaries, transcripts, and notes automatically. Snapshots and Collections allow you to capture and share memorable moments with your whole team. Zoom meetings can be recorded automatically. You can add time-stamped notes and follow-up action items in real time, ensuring that you never forget a key information. Connect every team to the voice of your customers. Share Zoom meeting videos and notes with your entire team, no matter where they are. Concentrate on the talk rather than taking copious notes. With agenda templates, AI-generated transcripts, and smart notes all in one spot, we've got you covered. show more

VoiceOps - Conversation Intelligence Software


Better up your call centre ROI with ideal coaching
(12 Ratings)

VoiceOps pricing: VoiceOps Offers Custom plan.

What is VoiceOps and how does it work?

VoiceOps is a coaching enablement software designed for call centres. Coaching enablement is an important inclusion for brands to generate higher ROI and enhanced flexible behaviours. The software is the first of its kind for it conveniently turns call centre data into measurable outcomes for the relevant teams. Better coaching enables call centre operators to produce flexible changes in behaviour and thus, make the most out of the calls they receive. Scalable coaching enablement further makes it easier for the operators as well as the executives to sift through and analyse the data. The training is essentially consistent without repetition, all directed to transform the team’s excellence as well as the outcomes it provides. VoiceOps helps in maintaining measured adherence to the call flow. With a large number of calls at a go, it often becomes confusing and difficult for the call centre people to adjust through. This is where VoiceOps comes in and helps clients to reduce their performance gaps, generating stellar ROIs. show more

Murf Voiceover Studio - Conversation Intelligence Software

Murf Voiceover Studio

Enhance the engagement levels of generated videos with attractive voiceover
(3 Ratings)

Murf Voiceover Studio pricing: Starts at $13.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Murf Voiceover Studio and how does it work?

Murf Voiceover Studio helps users add lifelike background voices, within the generated videos in a few minutes. It is mainly a text-based voiceover generator, equipped with AI voices that are hyper-realistic by nature. Users can either opt for simple script typing facilities or can go for home-style voice recording options. Once done, they can convert the particulars into AI-based voiceovers for videos and music. The software is loaded with more than 20,000 voice-overs, which are curated by users located across 116 countries, in 15 languages. Further, users dependent on Murf Voiceover Studio can modify the pitch of an individual voiceover, speech and narration quality. They can also put more emphasis on certain words as per needs. An inbuilt grammar and spelling checker tool runs timely analysis through the submitted scripts, checking for errors besides offering appropriate suggestions as well. Additionally, a royalty-free gallery within the software is loaded with multiple background music that users can incorporate in real-time. show more

ConverSight.ai - Conversation Intelligence Software


Supply chain optimized
(16 Ratings)

ConverSight.ai pricing: ConverSight.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is ConverSight.ai and how does it work?

ConverSight.ai is a supply chain optimization platform that combines insights from disparate data sets to automate repetitive processes and suggest the optimal course of action. It enables you to close the gap between execution and planning so you can confidently take the next step. With ConverSight.ai, you can use AI to gain real-time access to sales, inventory, and distribution data, reducing response times and increasing operational and supply chain. With ConverSight.ai's monitoring, alerting, and interactive decision-making capabilities, you can make smarter decisions faster. Athena, from ConverSight.ai, sends out vital business indicators throughout the day. Athena is a conversational AI business assistant that detects demand and inventory changes to help you optimize your supply chain. Athena’s collaboration, automation, and smart recommendations go beyond the dashboard to help you make better decisions. Athena increases visibility across your whole business, allowing you to find hidden insights and detect early-stage irregularities. From a single search bar, you can access numerous applications and databases in real time. Athena detects and reacts to changes in demand, supply, and inventory turnover, keeping your team informed and on track. show more

Modjo - Conversation Intelligence Software


Experience the power of conversational analysis
(54 Ratings)

Modjo pricing: Modjo Offers Custom plan.

What is Modjo and how does it work?

Modjo offers real-time conversational analysis, transforming businesses. Used by 200+ companies, Modjo increases conversion rates by 20%. It transcribes business calls, video conferences and audio files, besides storing all of this data in a CRM. Modjo helps companies receive 100% of customer information. Furthermore, businesses can highlight best practices and collaborate faster with Modjo. Every important interaction can now be highlighted and shared. With Modjo, every encounter is recorded and analysed, including conversations, note-taking, emails and subjects covered. Accessing all company data has never been easier. It helps speed up the onboarding of recruits. Furthermore, Modjo helps individuals become more relevant and effective in their training and feedback sessions. It allows automatic detection of topics, intelligent coaching recommendations. Modjo collects interactions to better understand what is said during such interactions and offers appropriate information. Whether it's the total number of calls made, the talk/listen to ratio, or the themes most discussed with the customers. Moreover, Modjo trains teams with its sales enablement tools. show more

Wingman - Conversation Intelligence Software


A Real-time Coaching tool for Teams
(437 Ratings)

Wingman pricing: Starts at $60.0.

What is Wingman and how does it work?

Wingman software is a Conversation intelligence to gain actionable insights on sales calls. The software offers audio and video recording to track the progress of your prospects in the deal pipeline. It has real-time notes and automated Cue cards to have better conversations. Measure the performance of team with reviews with call records via dashboard. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Chorus - Conversation Intelligence Software


Enhance business-specific sales with the right conversation software at your service
(2,745 Ratings)

Chorus pricing: Chorus Offers Custom plan.

What is Chorus and how does it work?

Chorus is an intuitive conversation intelligence platform that helps companies to capture and analyse customer-centric calls, emails and meetings on the go, besides helping them make better decisions facilitating enhanced sales. It comes loaded with a variety of video conferencing, sales engagement, dialer and other enterprise centric solutions helping users to record and analyse every conversation in detail. The platform runs through company-specific sales and business processes, identifying appropriate themes and patterns in every conversation and highlighting the important moments automatically. Companies can also launch learning programs for their teams to meet specific sales needs. Chorus provides detailed insights into customer-centric interaction, which enables businesses to discover what is happening across their sales pipeline and where they need to focus to create successful relationships. In addition, the offered insights can be used to analyse trends about relevant conversation topics, such as product features, objection handling, pricing or competitors. Real-time integrations with external platforms and tools help with strengthening individual workflows across various departments, like communication, automation, scheduling and more. show more

Gong - Conversation Intelligence Software


Software for Remote Sales Teams
(4,351 Ratings)

Gong pricing: Gong Offers Custom plan.

What is Gong and how does it work?

Gong is a software that assists organizations in handling their remote sales and their remote sales team. It lets users gain critical insights into what’s happening with their remote sales team, their deals, and their market. The inbuilt Revenue Intelligence technology which allows users to operate based on reality instead of opinions. This technology enables users to understand which deals are real. Gong automatically captures customer interaction and provides users with insights that help them identify deal risks and take appropriate action if required. The software enables users to coach their team to gain more successful closes. It allows users to replicate what their best reps do and transform their team into quota-shattering super sellers. With this software's help, users can know what is going in their market and learn about shifting sentiments in their accounts. Gong also enables users to understand what messaging & product offers to make sense for today's market. It helps users make everyone from their sales team better than the last by reviewing and analyzing their calls. show more

ExecVision - Conversation Intelligence Software


Conversation intelligence platform
(240 Ratings)

ExecVision pricing: ExecVision Offers Custom plan.

What is ExecVision and how does it work?

ExecVision is the only conversation intelligence platform purpose-built to drive human behavior change. Unlock valuable conversation insights to drive better decision-making and improve performance. Conversation intelligence technology ingests, analyzes, and transcribes voice and web conference interactions. The software leverages AI, machine learning, and deep learning to surface valuable, actionable insights so businesses and their teams can reach their full potential. Your ExecVision Inbox helps keep conversations organized. show more

Marchex - Conversation Intelligence Software


Conversation Intelligence that drives critical action
(176 Ratings)

Marchex pricing: Marchex Offers Custom plan.

What is Marchex and how does it work?

Marchex is a leading conversational analytics company that connects the voice of the customer to your business. We deliver AI-driven insights and solutions to help companies find, engage and nurture their most valuable customers across voice and text-based communication channels. Marchex leverages proprietary data and conversational insights to deliver real-time solutions that enable brands to personalize customer interactions. show more

Fireflies.ai - Conversation Intelligence Software


Brings All meeting MOMs on Your Fingertips
(35 Ratings)

Fireflies.ai pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Fireflies.ai and how does it work?

Fireflies.ai is an online meeting recording and transcription software. The AI powered solution is capable of recording meetings over multiple web-conference platforms. It can also transcribe live conference meetings and audio files uploaded by individual organizations. Members can skim through the transcripts while playing the audio as per their convenience. The system enables employees to comment and mark specific sections of the calls to collaborate with other team members. Any long duration call can be thoroughly reviewed in real-time, users can run detailed searches across action items and other highlighted metrics. Members within a particular team can either invite others to their meeting or make the software auto-join calls through the integrated calendar. The software sends a notification email containing the transcript and recording of an individual meeting, a few minutes after the actual meeting has started. Fireflies.ai can be used to auto-populate an organization's CRM with meeting logs, notes, recordings, and other important information. It has active integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Zapier. show more

Alan In-App Voice Assistant - Conversation Intelligence Software

Alan In-App Voice Assistant

Create a memorable brand identity and user experience
(0 Ratings)

Alan In-App Voice Assistant pricing: Alan In-App Voice Assistant Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Alan In-App Voice Assistant and how does it work?

Alan In-App is an AI-powered interactive voice assistant. It helps and encourages clients of a business to find the right product for them. It supports the usage of features that attract users' attention and gives a customised voice encounter for each user, to reduce app abandonment. The platform cuts operational expenses for businesses by outsourcing low-level work to a voice command. It uses speech to onboard & educates personnel, and it improves safety by decreasing job disruptions with hands-free operations, allowing the business to run more efficiently. The platform promises to assist its users at any time, relieving helpdesk workers by quickly responding to typical inquiries, reducing wait times and satisfying customers by effectively educating consumers on goods and services. Furthermore, individuals may use voice to reaffirm and strengthen their brand image as well as market items along the user journey, which will aid in acquiring fresh consumer insights and increasing engagement. show more

KNO By Alltius - Conversation Intelligence Software

KNO By Alltius

Get Answers Quickly and easily
(0 Ratings)

KNO By Alltius pricing: KNO By Alltius Offers Free-forever plan.

What is KNO By Alltius and how does it work?

KNO, AI-powered no-code assistant! KNO is here to revolutionize the way to get reliable and precise information. With KNO at customer side, there’s no need to take long detours in search for answers. Simply ask anything and it'll generate bite-sized portions of exactly what looking for—every time. It's powered by advanced generative AI that makes it smarter and more capable with each new request. And the best part is can deploy KNO as an ultra-powerful support or sales assistant in SaaS without a single line of code! show more

Kape - Conversation Intelligence Software


Converting Sales Conversations into Revenues
(0 Ratings)

Kape pricing: Kape Offers Custom plan.

What is Kape and how does it work?

Kape is a revolutionary platform that empowers sales leaders to create highly productive sales teams with the help of modern technology. It adopts an innovative approach that captures and analyzes everyday sales conversations with clients to identify skill gaps and improve productivity. This approach saves time and resources that would otherwise be invested in creating lengthy presentations and quotations. Kape provides insights into the suitability of potential clients, helping businesses avoid payment and service-related issues in the future. By gaining a deeper understanding of clients' companies and financial capacities, sales leaders can make informed decisions about whether to pursue a business relationship. Kape's cutting-edge technology makes it a valuable tool for sales leaders who want to streamline their operations, improve their teams' performance, and make better decisions about their business relationships. show more

Donut.cx - Conversation Intelligence Software


Chat Commerce made ECE
(0 Ratings)

Donut.cx pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Donut.cx and how does it work?

Donut.cx is a WhatsApp-first omnichannel engagement platform that helps sell, support, and engage better. By consolidating all the customer interactions into a single platform, Donut.CX makes it easy to manage customer relationships. With Donut.cx, user can quickly and efficiently resolve customer issues, sell more products and services, and engage more effectively with the customers. By providing a unified team inbox for the customers, user can give a more personal and responsive service that will keep them coming back for more. With Donut.cx, user can provide the best customer experience and build long-lasting customer relationships. show more

Herbie.ai - Conversation Intelligence Software


Advanced & Matured Conversational AI
(0 Ratings)

Herbie.ai pricing: Herbie.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is Herbie.ai and how does it work?

Herbie.AI is a two-way voice-enabled speaking smart assistant that provides conversationally-driven customer service both on voice and text. Herbie.AI is a full-time, multicultural and multi-ethnic AI-powered chatbot that provides 24x7x365 energetic customer service and a unified approach across 13+ social channels. It utilizes the customer's preferred language to transform business digitally. Herbie.AI is equipped with advanced and matured conversational AI technologies that enable it to provide support to customers for resolving their queries, answering their questions, and making purchases. Furthermore, it adds a fresh, friendly and futuristic branding to website. Herbie.AI can automate conversations with online visitors, employees, customers and suppliers. This chatbot can be integrated with various CRM and helpdesk systems, helping to create a personalized experience for each customer. show more

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List of Conversation Intelligence Software

Salesken 5
Convin 4.9
Salestrail 4.9
Avoma 4.9
Pickle 4.8
VoiceOps 4.8
Murf Voiceover Studio 4.8
ConverSight.ai 4.7
Modjo 4.7
Wingman 4.6

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