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Updated on: July 22, 2019
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An easy to use agent scripting application.
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Quickly build, deploy and analyze agent scripts with Zingtree. You can easily add agent scripts in any browser and can set up individual agent tracking to monitor your agents performance. It allows you to design agent scripts without coding by using Visual Designer. This software supports seamless integration with SalesForce and can be easily deployed in any CRM system. In addition, it has powerful analytics tools using which you can get performance summaries, track every session and can generate reports based on analysis. By maintaining history of every sessions the call transfer between agents is a hassle-free experience in Zingtree.

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Zingtree Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Medium Business Small Business
API Contact United States
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Category Call Center Software

Zingtree Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Subscription
How much does Zingtree cost ?
The pricing for Zingtree starts at $8.0 per month. Zingtree has 4 different plans such as - Starter at $8.0 per month, Professional at $39.0 per month, Business at $79.0 per month and Corporate at $239.0 per month. Zingtree also offers a custom plan based on the customer's request.
$8 /Month

$8 Per Month Billed Yearly ($96) or $12 Per Month Billed Month-to-Month

  • 40 End-user Sessions
  • 12 Agent Credits
  • 1 Author
$39 /Month

$39 Per Month Billed Yearly ($468) or $49 Per Month Billed Month-to-Month

  • 350 End-user Sessions
  • 60 Agent Credits
  • 5 Authors
  • Awesome Analytics
$79 /Month

$79 Per Month Billed Yearly ($948) or $99 Per Month Billed Month-to-Month

  • 1000 End-user Sessions
  • 150 Agent Credits
  • 10 Authors
  • Awesome Analytics
$239 /Month

$239 Per Month Billed Yearly ($2,868) or $299 Per Month Billed Month-to-Month

  • 4000 End-user Sessions
  • 500 Agent Credits
  • 30 Authors
  • Awesome Analytics
  • Enterprise Self-Hosting
  • Fully customizable (Source code license)
  • Easy to setup
  • Total Security
  • Frequent updates
  • Fully functional
  • API Access
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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 11/04/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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Zingtree Reviews

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Jose S.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 02 May 2019)
Better flow of work

Pros: I work on a team where we have lower techs troubleshooting issues before it gets to me. Zingtree has been extremely helpful for when my team or myself are not available, for the other techs to see what we have built up on how to resolve some issues.

Cons: Zingtree can sometimes be a pain to build up but could just be user error.

Jennifer F.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 22 December 2018)
Just what I was looking for!

Pros: We have reduced our ticket volume by 70% and made it easier for customers to get answers on their own, which is the preferred way to troubleshoot

Cons: I would like to see the ability to add images to buttons, without having to use code.

Overall: I'm really happy with the features, quality and pricing. The support has also been immediate and thorough

Vincentas K.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 26 September 2018)
It did everything we wanted to

Pros: - easy to use

- fast start

- seamless integration

Cons: - Design options could be better

- Could have even more integrations with other platforms

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 05 September 2018)
Basic, but Effective

Pros: Like my title suggests, this software is easy to use and has proven to be a good tool for my agents as our company has started out.

It is good for training purposes as well as remaining functional on a day to day basis. Something my company desperately needs.

Cons: The only real con of Zingtree I can think of in terms of software is the simplicity of it for supervisors. I often see my team wishing there was more they could do with Zingtree, but it does what it is essentially supposed to do.

I also wish it had a better navigation bar to help narrow searches.

Overall: Great for call centers and easy to use in terms of getting new employees off the ground and going.

David F.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 01 August 2018)
Awesome Software - Amazing Time Saver

Pros: This software has saved us so much time going back and forth with customers. The step by step breakdown allows our customers to provide all of their information ahead of time and cut down on the amount of emails that have to be sent. Our customers are able to answer a series of prompts that we can see in our system. It greatly reduces how long it takes for a customer issue to be resolved when time isn't being wasted on countless email correspondences. We are now able to answer more customers and faster because of this software and has reduced our overall response time. I would highly recommend this software to anyone dealing in customer service where troubleshooting has many different variables.

Cons: The one downside to the software is that it can be time consuming to set it all up. This gets easier as you get better with it but it can be a little difficult at first when trying to create a tree for your customer service. The other downside is that it is a little difficult to navigate on the back-end when you are integrating it the software.

Overall: Immense reduction in response time and time spent per customer. Customer issues are solved in at least half the time now because of this software.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 26 July 2018)
Bill from ZingTree was a wonderful person to work with.

Pros: Easy to use, easily integratable with ZenDesk and other software. Has helped the company expand with troubleshooting processes.

Cons: More API options would be nice, not just email node support. Also, having multiple people using the same tree sometimes resulted in an error when generating nodes at the same time.

Overall: Company has been more effective in the troubleshooting aspect of ZingTree!

Nate S.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 26 July 2018)
Great tool, Bill was a fantastic contact to answer all of the questions we had.

Pros: Usability and great knowledge base if we needed anything small-scale. I like the different ways to create trees, it gives it flexibility.

Cons: Unfortunately, the user interface is not the most friendly to use. It has very limited API integration at this point in time.

Overall: There are a lot of great benefits to this software, from building a system to interacting with the APIs.

NISARGKUMAR P.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 25 July 2018)
ZingTree was a fun tool to work with. It was very straightforward

Pros: I know it uses the concept of tree data structure but having it laid out on an interactive UI was the best part. I also loved the mapping feature of it where we could drag and drop the lines to make connections to other questions or answers

Cons: Opening up Zendesk tickets when we undergo the process of factorizing the tree would be great and that would help us solve the issue of the customer service tickets

Julia J.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 02 July 2018)
Easy to use and helpful for school

Pros: Wizard is so helpful when creating a long decision tree. I like how it prompts you for each question so you can plan out the entire tree.

Cons: It is difficult to insert extra node within a complete decision tree. It often times throws off the entire flow of the tree.

Overall: This is a user friendly software that I can use to create a decision tree for my masters thesis. I have been able to manipulate individual trees into a master tree to include 15 different questionnaires within one tree.

Alexis G.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 28 June 2018)
Zingtree was the perfect solution for an interactive troubleshooting walkthrough tool.

Pros: Zingtree's backend interface is extremely intuitive and user friendly. U.S. Boiler has been able to easily and accurately create troubleshooting walkthroughs for U.S. Boiler products. These walkthroughs are utilized by our customer base. The troubleshooting scenarios are easy to update and allow us to embed videos and imagery to better demonstrate how to solve certain issues.

Cons: The only issue I've experienced with Zingtree is the sizing of imagery. My images were not responsive to mobile devices. However, I did reach out to a representative of Zingtree and my problem was promptly resolved.

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