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TalkDesk Call support solution with an enhanced ACD feature.

TalkDesk Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 TalkDesk Alternatives

Genesys PureEngage - Contact Center Operations Software

Genesys PureEngage

Manage your customer’s experience in an effective manner
(740 Ratings)

Genesys PureEngage pricing: Genesys PureEngage Offers Custom plan.

What is Genesys PureEngage and how does it work?

Genesys PureEngage is a customer experience management software that offers help to its users with a personalized and self-centric approach across its all channels. This way, it allows the users to create their own brand loyalty. The software offers multi-cloud and omnichannel customer engagement solutions to its users. Users can meet their business needs in an efficient manner with the help of the software. Genesys Pure Engage allows them to integrate all of their systems while leveraging out existing investments at the same time. With Genesys PureEngage, users can even unify all their customer engaging teams, right from marketing to the service and support team. The application combines real-time journeys along with intelligent and world-class routing and digital transformations. It helps users to communicate with their clients in a personalized way, across voice, web, mobile, chats, social media and other messaging channels. Users can gain visibility in all skilled resources within a short span of time by using the predictive matching feature if the software. Finally, the software allows users to artificial intelligence in order to automate the dialogues and hire the top agents with predictive routing in the assisted services. show more

TalkDesk vs Genesys PureEngage | Genesys PureEngage Alternatives
Zendesk Talk - Call Center Software
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Zendesk Talk

Feature-rich customer support solution.
(39 Ratings)

Zendesk Talk pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zendesk Talk and how does it work?

Zendesk helps you to connect with your customers using it’s cloud-based call center solution. It allows you to choose a toll free number for delivering your service. Using this software, you can receive unlimited inbound calls and also you can support your customers by making outbound calls. In addition it allows you to make concurrent calls to support multiple conversations from same number. It provides browser-based call center solution that allows you to manage all your calls from browser and does not require any phone hardware. Moreover, it allows you to record all calls that can be later used for QA. show more

TalkDesk vs Zendesk Talk | Zendesk Talk Alternatives
Five9 - Contact Center Operations Software


Cloud contacting made easier for you
(1,416 Ratings)

Five9 pricing: Five9 Offers Custom plan.

What is Five9 and how does it work?

Five9 is a smart cloud contracting platform developed specifically for digital businesses to bring about the power of cloud technology to customers. It assists the user in engaging the clients on the channel of their choice, streamlining the operations, automating the workflow, and increasing the agility of the business to enhance customer experience. Five9 is a popular AI-based software that is trusted by billions of customers for increasing interactions annually. It aims at providing end-to-end solutions using omni-channel routing, WFO, analytics, and artificial intelligence in order to deliver exceptional business results and increase agent productivity. It further enables digital interaction, quality management, gamification, recording and analytics, and much more. Users can additionally engage, retain, attract, scale, and motivate the best agents from anywhere in the world for your contact centre. You can also optimize your workforce with the powerful tools offered by Five9 apart from motivating and managing your agents to produce exceptional customer results. The pricing plans of the platform are quotation based and the users have to contact their members directly on their official website to get more details. show more

TalkDesk vs Five9 | Five9 Alternatives
Aircall - Contact Center Operations Software


Best call center software for you
(847 Ratings)

Aircall pricing: Starts at $30.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Aircall and how does it work?

Aircall Call Centre software is a top-ranking call center software because it seamlessly integrates features with the most popular help desk tools. This tool offers customer relationship management, live chat, and eCommerce software to predict customer requirements on every call, helping businesses enhance their efficiency. Aircall is a useful cloud-based phone calling system and a call center solution to handle modern-day businesses effectively. It is a voice platform that ensures seamless service with productivity and helpdesk tools. Aircall is a great platform that helps businesses to run smoothly by supporting their sales team. It offers efficient and clear communication with the customers through deep insights and real-time analytics. And through its industry-leading call center features, customer relationships are enhanced. It assists businesses in making the phone calling process easy, accessible and transparent for the users. Businesses that use Aircall can receive advanced analytics and track the performance of their team’s and agent’s productivity. Moreover, they can check the team activity promptly on the live feed with an existing help desk and CRM feature that strengthens the understanding process. It is a flexible voice solution for businesses with custom, professional, and essentials pricing strategies. show more

TalkDesk vs Aircall | Aircall Alternatives
Dialpad Talk - VoIP Providers

Dialpad Talk

Experience more than a business phone system
(1,138 Ratings)

Dialpad Talk pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dialpad Talk and how does it work?

Dialpad Talk is a flexible and scalable business phone system. However, the available features make it go beyond merely a phone system. For clients can use this particular to connect to groups, send multiple messages at once and have seamless video conferences. The platform has been designed in a manner to provide client organisations with the required flexibility for communications, offering a whole range of channels to choose from. Phone number porting is another of the features that make Dialpad Talk a convenient option for most businesses. In-built support allows porting phone numbers with absolute ease and zero hassles. Further, Dialpad Talk gets completely integrated CCaaS support for businesses having their contact centres and support teams. Simply put, it allows contact centres to make and manage calls from the same platform simultaneously while handling customer-centric calls and queries. Forwarding calls to a maximum of five contacts at a time is again a noteworthy feature found within. show more

TalkDesk vs Dialpad Talk | Dialpad Talk Alternatives

Products Similar to TalkDesk

RingCentral Office - VoIP Providers

RingCentral Office

Get your business-specific communications streamlined in an organised way.
(2,235 Ratings)

RingCentral Office pricing: Starts at $19.99.

What is RingCentral Office and how does it work?

RingCentral Office is a robust communication and collaboration platform that enables seamless communication between in house employees and clients over messages, videos and calls. The platform simplifies users’ workflow by providing them with an easy way to forward team-specific messages, share files and manage tasks on the go. It helps to reduce email clutter by creating dedicated threads and folders for individual teams, projects and topics. Users can even streamline their work by inviting their partners and customers to join in conversations as per need. RingCentral Office also enables employees to make flawless HD quality video and audio calls to individual colleagues, partners or customers. The platform abides by enterprise-grade security without any compromise, to facilitate the proper safety of audio and video calls. RingCentral Office offers 99.999% uptime SLA so that users get to receive maximum calls. Moreover, it even allows real-time integration with appropriate external tools, assuring better decision making. show more

TalkDesk vs RingCentral Office | RingCentral Office Alternatives
Twilio Flex - Cloud Communication Platforms

Twilio Flex

A communication centre that fits your business
(441 Ratings)

Twilio Flex pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is Twilio Flex and how does it work?

Twilio Flex is a programable communication platform designed for effective businesses, helping brands connect with their customers over text messages, voice/video call and email. To set up a communication network, the software either uses the Internet of Things, Elastic SIP Trunking, Phone Numbers or Short Codes. It accelerates the communication process by providing the widest breadth of communication mechanism. This way, Twilio Flex also saves 34% of the users’ operational expenses. The platform deploys a 100% cloud contact centre within days at which companies can adapt, inspect and adjust any part of the contact centre. Organisations can also provide relevant and contextual information to their agents for highly personalised interactions. With Twilio Flex, developers can respond to rapidly changing market conditions by making alterations in their applications. It also allows them to get feedback from individual customers and deliver the right outcome. The software helps to generate new business insights that further enhance operational strategies. show more

TalkDesk vs Twilio Flex | Twilio Flex Alternatives
CloudTalk - Call Center Software
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Powerful Virtual Phone System For Businesses
(768 Ratings)

CloudTalk pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is CloudTalk and how does it work?

CloudTalk is a virtual phone system for remote sales and customer service teams. It helps businesses maintain a local presence with an international phone number and allows them to operate their virtual call center from anywhere. The system easily adapts to the needs and size of the business. The voice features help improve the customer support team with advanced features such as call queuing, call recording, short numbers or call masking. The tool’s intelligent call routing ensures that calls are routed to the right agents based on custom criteria. Businesses can boost the productivity of their staff, teams or departments with outbound call center features such as click to call, call notes, transfer, predictive dialer or agent status. CloudTalk can also be integrated with existing CRM tools, helpdesk, and e-commerce solutions. Organizations can improve the quality of their VoIP call center with detailed call statistics, agent reporting, emotion and sentiment analytics, and more features. Some other tools ensure better and easier management include security, unlimited concurrent calls, responsive web admin, and multi-language phone. show more

TalkDesk vs CloudTalk | CloudTalk Alternatives
Nextiva - Call Center Software
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Customer Experience Suite for a Complete View of Customer Journeys
(1,473 Ratings)

Nextiva pricing: Starts at $18.95. Offers Custom plan.

What is Nextiva and how does it work?

Nextiva is a customer experience management suite that is aimed at revolutionizing the communication aspects of businesses and helping them convert more prospects. It is relevant for businesses of all sizes, including Family Businesses, Franchises, Sole Proprietorships, SMEs, and Enterprises. With Nextiva, all conversations can be managed at a single location and managers can dig deeper into what customers are talking about. And with instant data and analytics as a backup, it becomes easier to drive better decisions. The tool even allows automating of communication tasks on the basis of how customers interact with the business. Users can track customer journeys with the help of native and existing tools, streamline communication pipelines, manage different cases, and tap into the sentiments of their customers. By sending the right message at the right time, they can delight customers and improve their overall brand experience. show more

TalkDesk vs Nextiva | Nextiva Alternatives
CallHippo - Call Center Software
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Experience a virtual phone system backed by world-class support facilities
(494 Ratings)

CallHippo pricing: Starts at $14.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is CallHippo and how does it work?

CallHippo is a virtual phone software for businesses and enterprises, offering them local toll-free phone numbers for 50+ countries in just 3 minutes. The software helps businesses in fulfilling their daily calling commitments with its Power Dialer function. This function helps to automatically dial from an uploaded list of numbers for each campaign, saving time and improving productivity. Moreover, a dedicated CallHippo Coach helps users with 100% call coverage on important interactions that need proper attention, like customer objections and competitor comparisons. With this software, businesses can evaluate a 30 minutes call in just a few minutes. They can scan through the critical call moments, listen to them and record feedback within an instant. CallHippo helps marketing teams to decipher campaigns, channels/media, keywords and search terms that make customers receive calls. It also helps users to analyze campaign wise success rates to discover the ones that are generating more calls, conversions and revenues. show more

TalkDesk vs CallHippo | CallHippo Alternatives
Bright Pattern - Call Center Software
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Bright Pattern

Provide adequate omnichannel assistance to individual clients with Bright Pattern
(79 Ratings)

What is Bright Pattern and how does it work?

Bright Pattern is an omnichannel call centre software that enables companies to easily connect with their customers via call, email, text, chat, video and more. The software ensures consistency and quality within customer-specific interactions with the help of its built-in, omnichannel and AI-supported quality assurance capabilities. Further, with Bright Pattern, companies can provide their customers with effortless communicative services in real-time, besides enabling them to switch between channels while on call. The software helps agents to personalise customer experiences across all channels with the help of customer CRM data and key customer information accordingly. Large teams can depend on Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact centre solution, in order to communicate with in-house team members or external clients. Bright Pattern also comes loaded with a plethora of CRM capabilities enabling users to track customer-specific journeys across different channels. Moreover, the software ensures seamless customer experiences and optimises call centre performance with AI-powered Omnichannel quality management facilities. show more

TalkDesk vs Bright Pattern | Bright Pattern Alternatives
CallTools - Call Center Software
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Complete call center solution for growing businesses
(45 Ratings)

CallTools pricing: CallTools Offers Custom plan.

What is CallTools and how does it work?

CallTools is a futuristic call center management solution designed for small and large businesses around the world, such as BPOs, telephone marketers, contractors, sales and customer service centers. The software offers a host of options for its user’s business including modules like predictive dialing, preview dialing and more. Further, Calltools includes real-time review and call recording options, enabling managers to monitor the performance of individual agents and the entire business in an efficient manner. The detailed reports offered by the software enables call centers to monitor total calls, active campaigns, live calls, abandonment rates and more. It records detailed call lists including caller IDs, timestamp, duration, and voice recording. Organizations can mask individual calls, enable telemarketing-based auto dialer and use group DID matching services as well. The software offers active integrations with 750+ apps like Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot, Base and more using Zapier. The business SMS messaging feature within Calltools enables lead nurturing processes in an efficient manner. show more

TalkDesk vs CallTools | CallTools Alternatives
CircleLoop - Call Center Software
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Making business communication easier all around
(96 Ratings)

CircleLoop pricing: Starts at $6.45.

What is CircleLoop and how does it work?

CircleLoop is a cloud-based business phone system that incorporates Pipedrive, assisting users in saving their time and getting their things done easily with its modern-day communication features. It is a very useful tool as it enables users to make and receive calls anywhere on any device. It effortlessly works using its powerful features and tools. Besides receiving and making calls, it also shows users all of their calls histories and easily manages their settings. CircleLoop software provides a cloud-based telephone system supported by mobile apps and desktops without needing any hardware support. It has flexible pricing features from broad local, national and mobile selections. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of tools and many compelling plans as well. CircleLoop comprises some amazing features, including voicemail to text conversion, personalized voicemail, call recording and forwarding, smart call activity notifications, analytics, and much more. Moreover, the incorporation of Pipedrive offers flexible and easier ways to keep in touch with their customers over phone calls rather than messages or emails. Eliminating all the hassles and other desk phone works, CircleLoop solution offers features with a subscription pricing strategy. show more

TalkDesk vs CircleLoop | CircleLoop Alternatives
Freshcaller - Call Center Software
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An effective call center application for startups.
(70 Ratings)

Freshcaller pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Freshcaller and how does it work?

It is a cloud-based call center solution best suitable for customer support and sales teams. It is an easy to set up software which simply require a internet connection and a web browser to start supporting your customers. It allows you to purchase local phone numbers and it also has call masking to mask your existing number with an alternative number. In addition, it has shared lines which allows you to share one number with multiple users. This software has real-time dashboard that provides information about call queues, ongoing calls and agent availability. It has inbound caller id feature, which gives detailed information such as caller details and their previous interactions. show more

TalkDesk vs Freshcaller | Freshcaller Alternatives
eVoice - Call Center Software
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Never miss a call, no matter where you are
(28 Ratings)

eVoice pricing: Starts at $6.25.

What is eVoice and how does it work?

eVoice is a telecommunication service that provides toll-free local numbers, text and video calling facilities to its users. This business phone system allows organisations of all kinds to forward and route calls to the desired person or department as per convenience. It comes packed with excellent features catering to smooth business management. Thus allowing subscribers to get access to their voicemails virtually across all devices, besides helping agents stay present for each call and never miss important inquiries. Moreover, the text transcription facility provided by the same minimises disturbances during important work meetings and calls. An auto-assistant comes connected with each number that helps receive all calls professionally, imparting relevant information. Ultimately, with a plethora of advanced features like voicemail, mobile app, phone system settings and inbound call management facilities, eVoice turns out to be a dependable service for businesses of all types. show more

TalkDesk vs eVoice | eVoice Alternatives
Exotel - Call Center Software
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Have reliable voice and SMS communications with customers
(16 Ratings)

Exotel pricing: Starts at $200.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Exotel and how does it work?

Exotel is a Cloud communication solution that offers effective and the best-in-class APIs for voice, messaging and other communication modes. The software helps users to build a secure connection with customers over SMS and voice. This enterprise communication spares one from spending time on creating and maintaining infrastructure or code. Users can set up Exotel’s cloud telephony solution for their business and use this to build a full-fledged customer call center. With all the features including a multi-level IVR, call analytics, call recording and others, the user can easily go ahead without further delay. One can also make use of Exotel’s voice tools like Virtual number, Toll-Free numbers, automated calls, Call Campaigns API, Heartbeat API and more. With Exotel, users can safeguard identity, and also make customer privacy their priority. This reliable cloud communication platform offers users the opportunity to integrate customer calls with tools like ERP, CRM, helpdesk software, and others. The software reduces time by eliminating complex procedures of creating and maintaining one’s own code or infrastructure. show more

TalkDesk vs Exotel | Exotel Alternatives
ChaseData - Call Center Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Call center software for your inbound and outbound business
(161 Ratings)

ChaseData pricing: Starts at $89.0.

What is ChaseData and how does it work?

ChaseData offers powerful and affordable call center solutions for one’s BPO business by its integration with websites, social media, and traditional mass mail. The software offers a fast call back feature to reach out to a customer while his/her interest is strong, thus improving customer satisfaction. ChaseData offers industry-specific solutions to help both B2B as well as B2C marketing. The robust tools of the software keep track of how many contacts are made and the volume of sales generated. Users can control costs as well as the interface to increase the productivity of the business. The software comes inbuilt with compliance management, call logging, recording and routing, live chat and escalation management to modernize the call center business. The software provides a custom-made solution for inbound, outbound, and multichannel businesses through features like predictive and progressive dialer and click-to-call outbound dialing. The application also has an interface with email, live chat, text and social media channels. It even offers integration with the greatest productivity apps to increase sales. ChaseData comes with an onboard analytics feature to manage call queues, track performance and monitor customer satisfaction levels. show more

TalkDesk vs ChaseData | ChaseData Alternatives
Truly - Call Center Software
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Build Sales with Calls
(104 Ratings)

Truly pricing: Starts at $55.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Truly and how does it work?

Truly software is an simple communications product line used to manage CRM data to enrich existing activity data. The software offers Click to Call, Call Notes, Voicemail Drop, and more. Measure the performance of your teams with reporting dashboard. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

TalkDesk vs Truly | Truly Alternatives
Call Center Studio - Call Center Software
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Call Center Studio

Enhance your customer satisfaction with Call Center Studio
(83 Ratings)

Call Center Studio pricing: Call Center Studio Offers Custom plan.

What is Call Center Studio and how does it work?

Call Center Studio is a cloud-based contact center software developed specifically to assist tele-calling agencies improve their customer service. It allows you to set up a cloud contact centre with only a computer connected to the internet and a headset as a need. CallCenterStudio is a cutting-edge cloud-based call centre SaaS platform with enterprise-level functionality at an affordable pricing. With Call Center Studio, you can see real-time KPIs and quality indicators at a glance, and provide assistance in all Google-supported languages to clients all across the world. On a single dashboard, you can reach out to your consumers through several media. The platform offers a pay-as-you-go strategy that enables you to scale up and down your call centre to match business needs. Users get smart features that enable their company to provide world-class customer care on a daily basis. You'll always have your finger on the pulse of how your firm is functioning with the platform’s sophisticated monitoring and reporting capabilities. Additionally, the platform offers support for Salesforce, Google Speech API, Zendesk, Zoho, and many other services. show more

TalkDesk vs Call Center Studio | Call Center Studio Alternatives
ZIWO - Call Center Software
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Interact with your clients in a seamlessly
(110 Ratings)

ZIWO pricing: Starts at $109.0.

What is ZIWO and how does it work?

ZIWO is a comprehensive call centre management software that provides companies with a straightforward solution to communicate with their clients and customers via Phone, WhatsApp and SMS from a single platform. The software comes loaded with an advanced call masking tool that enables users to connect their customers with external partners without revealing anybody’s contact details or other private information as well. Users can also leverage ZWIO to monitor calls from customers and get real-time business related feedback in an efficient manner. Call tracking also helps marketing and sales teams to measure the success rate of individual campaigns and optimise future initiatives accordingly. Moreover, remote agents also get to connect with customers via call routing facilities, besides utilising other standard features like call tracking and recording as well. Ultimately, businesses can also depend on the same to increase ROI and optimise agent wise productivity levels with an automated outbound campaign feature made available to them. show more

TalkDesk vs ZIWO | ZIWO Alternatives
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