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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 23/11/2023 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

Pricing Insights for VPN Software

  • The Average Cost of a basic VPN Software plan is $4 per month.

  • 29% of VPN Software offer a Free Trial Allows users to try out the software for a limited period before making a purchase decision. , while 27% offer a Freemium Model Allows users to access basic features at no cost..


How much does LetsVPN cost?

LetsVPN provides a custom pricing for their software.

Learn more about LetsVPN pricing.

Does LetsVPN offer a free plan?

No, LetsVPN does not offer a free plan.

Learn more about LetsVPN pricing.

Compare LetsVPN Pricing Against Competitors

Product Name Starting Price ($) Billed Unit Free Trial Learn More
LetsVPN LetsVPN - - - LetsVPN Pricing
PureVPN PureVPN 2.91 per month - - PureVPN Pricing
VyprVPN VyprVPN 6.47 per month - + VyprVPN Pricing
Astrill VPN Astrill VPN 10 per month - - Astrill VPN Pricing
Fast VPN Fast VPN 5.49 per month - - Fast VPN Pricing
FastestVPN FastestVPN 1.11 per month - - FastestVPN Pricing
SmartVPN SmartVPN 3 per month - - SmartVPN Pricing
PrivateVPN PrivateVPN 2.5 per month - + PrivateVPN Pricing
ProXPN VPN ProXPN VPN 6.25 per month - + ProXPN VPN Pricing
PrivadoVPN PrivadoVPN 4.99 per month - - PrivadoVPN Pricing

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LetsVPN Alternatives

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LetsVPN Features

VPN Features

  • Features: The Feature Score % is calculated using the weighted average method, where core features hold more weight in the final calculation. Read More


Supports torrenting and other peer-to-peer traffic


Supports more than one network protocol that defines and govern network communication

Multi-language Browsing

Supports browsing web privately in multiple language options

Kill Switch

Helps to avoid transferring data over the unsecured connection by shutting down a user’s Internet connection the moment their VPN service drops

Policy Management

Helps to design, maintain, update and report on compliance rules, regulations and policy status electronically so that it is easily accessible

DNS Leak Protection

Helps to ensure that the DNS server is set to any of the software's private server only and alerts if anything wrong happens

Anonymous Browsing

Allows browsing the websites securely in a private manner by hiding online identity and online activity history

Remote Access

Permits users access the home or office network and files on the go even from remote locations

Pricing FAQ

1: What subscription plans does LetsVPN offer?

  • LetsVPN offers two main plans: Standard Subscription and Platinum Subscription, both providing unlimited streaming and fast connectivity.

2: What features are included in the Standard Subscription plan?

  • The Standard Subscription features auto-connection to the fastest server, unrestricted streaming, and high-speed browsing across various websites.

3: How does the Platinum Subscription differ from the Standard plan?

  • The Platinum Subscription includes all Standard features, with the added ability to switch between auto and global modes. In global mode, the IP automatically changes based on the websites you visit, offering stable, high-speed access to sites like Netflix and Spotify.

4: Can a LetsVPN subscription be used on multiple devices?

  • Yes, a single LetsVPN subscription allows you to connect two devices simultaneously, typically covering the needs of most users (a smartphone and a computer).

5: Does the subscription cost increase with the number of connected devices?

  • No, you can connect up to two devices without incurring any additional charges.

6: How can users manage their accounts when changing devices?

  • To manage devices, users can log into their LetsVPN account on the new device and remove the previous device. If two devices are already in use, one must be removed before adding another.

7: What is the process for merging multiple LetsVPN accounts?

  • To merge accounts, users must email LetsVPN with their account details, and the support team will assist with the process.

8: Are there any guidelines on account sharing with LetsVPN?

  • Sharing a LetsVPN account with different users is against the Terms of Service. It's recommended to keep account information secure and not share it with others to prevent unauthorized access or changes.

9: What kind of customer support is available with LetsVPN?

  • LetsVPN provides 24-hour online customer service with a dedicated team of network engineers ready to assist with any issues or queries.

10: What are the pricing options for LetsVPN on various platforms?

  • LetsVPN offers various plans for platforms like Android, iOS, and macOS, including weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual options, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $69.99.

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