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Dialpad Talk - VoIP Providers

Dialpad Talk

Experience more than a business phone system
(1,138 Ratings)

Dialpad Talk pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dialpad Talk and how does it work?

Dialpad Talk is a flexible and scalable business phone system. However, the available features make it go beyond merely a phone system. For clients can use this particular to connect to groups, send multiple messages at once and have seamless video conferences. The platform has been designed in a manner to provide client organisations with the required flexibility for communications, offering a whole range of channels to choose from. Phone number porting is another of the features that make Dialpad Talk a convenient option for most businesses. In-built support allows porting phone numbers with absolute ease and zero hassles. Further, Dialpad Talk gets completely integrated CCaaS support for businesses having their contact centres and support teams. Simply put, it allows contact centres to make and manage calls from the same platform simultaneously while handling customer-centric calls and queries. Forwarding calls to a maximum of five contacts at a time is again a noteworthy feature found within. show more

Five9 vs Dialpad Talk | Dialpad Talk Alternatives
RingCentral Office - VoIP Providers

RingCentral Office

Get your business-specific communications streamlined in an organised way.
(2,235 Ratings)

RingCentral Office pricing: Starts at $19.99.

What is RingCentral Office and how does it work?

RingCentral Office is a robust communication and collaboration platform that enables seamless communication between in house employees and clients over messages, videos and calls. The platform simplifies users’ workflow by providing them with an easy way to forward team-specific messages, share files and manage tasks on the go. It helps to reduce email clutter by creating dedicated threads and folders for individual teams, projects and topics. Users can even streamline their work by inviting their partners and customers to join in conversations as per need. RingCentral Office also enables employees to make flawless HD quality video and audio calls to individual colleagues, partners or customers. The platform abides by enterprise-grade security without any compromise, to facilitate the proper safety of audio and video calls. RingCentral Office offers 99.999% uptime SLA so that users get to receive maximum calls. Moreover, it even allows real-time integration with appropriate external tools, assuring better decision making. show more

Five9 vs RingCentral Office | RingCentral Office Alternatives
TalkDesk - Call Center Software
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Call support solution with an enhanced ACD feature.
(3,656 Ratings)

TalkDesk pricing: TalkDesk Offers Custom plan.

What is TalkDesk and how does it work?

An enterprise-class customer support platform with modern cloud solution. It has click-to-call feature using which you can call directly from your helpdesk and website. Based on caller data and IVR selection inbound calls are routed to respective agents by automatic call distributor (ACD). This software supports seamless integration with business applications such as Zendesk and SalesForce. Talkdesk assigns an unique tag to every contacts using which you can easily sort and identify required contact details. Moreover, it has call blocking feature that allows you to blacklist phone numbers in order to restrict spam calls. show more

Five9 vs TalkDesk | TalkDesk Alternatives
Twilio Flex - Cloud Communication Platforms

Twilio Flex

A communication centre that fits your business
(441 Ratings)

Twilio Flex pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is Twilio Flex and how does it work?

Twilio Flex is a programable communication platform designed for effective businesses, helping brands connect with their customers over text messages, voice/video call and email. To set up a communication network, the software either uses the Internet of Things, Elastic SIP Trunking, Phone Numbers or Short Codes. It accelerates the communication process by providing the widest breadth of communication mechanism. This way, Twilio Flex also saves 34% of the users’ operational expenses. The platform deploys a 100% cloud contact centre within days at which companies can adapt, inspect and adjust any part of the contact centre. Organisations can also provide relevant and contextual information to their agents for highly personalised interactions. With Twilio Flex, developers can respond to rapidly changing market conditions by making alterations in their applications. It also allows them to get feedback from individual customers and deliver the right outcome. The software helps to generate new business insights that further enhance operational strategies. show more

Five9 vs Twilio Flex | Twilio Flex Alternatives
Avaya Aura - Contact Center Operations Software

Avaya Aura

Increase the effectiveness of conferences and meetings
(162 Ratings)

Avaya Aura pricing: Avaya Aura Offers Custom plan.

What is Avaya Aura and how does it work?

Avaya Aura is a messaging and conferencing platform that allows you to communicate with people globally. Employees and clients benefit from the software by addressing more challenges in less time, leading to better outcomes faster than before. It has made it possible via dynamic collaboration, video conferencing, and additional features like any-device adaptability. Employees and clients benefit from the software. Employees get privileges that allow them to collaborate indefinitely. The software helps teams move quicker, connect more deeply, and resolve issues in the present by removing barriers across the enterprise. With a simple click, the software brings everyone into the same virtual room from any device, wherever in the world. Furthermore, breakthrough boundaries and use the whole collaboration spectrum to generate business goals. Furthermore, by using the Avaya Collaboration Unit to free up space on one's laptop and setting up meetings with strong Avaya devices, one may quickly connect to video systems and obtain greater audio. show more

Five9 vs Avaya Aura | Avaya Aura Alternatives

Products Similar to Five9

8x8 - Contact Center Operations Software


Integrate your teams in public or private chat rooms
(36 Ratings)

8x8 pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is 8x8 and how does it work?

The 8x8 X Series is a cloud-based communication platform that enables businesses of all sizes to communicate via text messaging, audio calls, and video conferencing. Employees can use the team messaging module to build project-specific public and private chat rooms to share files, keep track of conversations, and hold meetings, among other things. Supervisors can use the operator switchboard to record conversations and barge or whisper during sales calls with the 8x8 X Series. To collaborate on projects, team members can use the video conferencing tool's screen sharing and remote desktop control capabilities. Additionally, the voicemail to email feature allows employees to get emails with voicemail transcripts and audio samples. The 8x8 X Series integrates with a variety of third-party applications, including Zendesk, NetSuite, and Dynamics. It also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing staff to oversee operations from anywhere. Pricing is accessible upon request, and customer service is available by phone, email, documentation, and live chat. show more

Five9 vs 8x8 | 8x8 Alternatives
Genesys PureEngage - Contact Center Operations Software

Genesys PureEngage

Manage your customer’s experience in an effective manner
(740 Ratings)

Genesys PureEngage pricing: Genesys PureEngage Offers Custom plan.

What is Genesys PureEngage and how does it work?

Genesys PureEngage is a customer experience management software that offers help to its users with a personalized and self-centric approach across its all channels. This way, it allows the users to create their own brand loyalty. The software offers multi-cloud and omnichannel customer engagement solutions to its users. Users can meet their business needs in an efficient manner with the help of the software. Genesys Pure Engage allows them to integrate all of their systems while leveraging out existing investments at the same time. With Genesys PureEngage, users can even unify all their customer engaging teams, right from marketing to the service and support team. The application combines real-time journeys along with intelligent and world-class routing and digital transformations. It helps users to communicate with their clients in a personalized way, across voice, web, mobile, chats, social media and other messaging channels. Users can gain visibility in all skilled resources within a short span of time by using the predictive matching feature if the software. Finally, the software allows users to artificial intelligence in order to automate the dialogues and hire the top agents with predictive routing in the assisted services. show more

Five9 vs Genesys PureEngage | Genesys PureEngage Alternatives
Zendesk Talk - Call Center Software
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Zendesk Talk

Feature-rich customer support solution.
(39 Ratings)

Zendesk Talk pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zendesk Talk and how does it work?

Zendesk helps you to connect with your customers using it’s cloud-based call center solution. It allows you to choose a toll free number for delivering your service. Using this software, you can receive unlimited inbound calls and also you can support your customers by making outbound calls. In addition it allows you to make concurrent calls to support multiple conversations from same number. It provides browser-based call center solution that allows you to manage all your calls from browser and does not require any phone hardware. Moreover, it allows you to record all calls that can be later used for QA. show more

Five9 vs Zendesk Talk | Zendesk Talk Alternatives
Salesforce - CRM Software
98%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Monitor the entire journey of individual clients within a unified platform
(31,400 Ratings)

Salesforce pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Salesforce and how does it work?

Salesforce is a futuristic Customer Relationship Management Software bringing companies and their customers together. The integrated software helps departments like commerce, marketing, sales and service to get a unified view of each client. Moreover, companies can also leverage on the particular to deliver amazing shopping experiences to individual buyers, automate time-consuming jobs, assure quick resolution to queries raised from the customers front and strategise personalised marketing schemes. The solution serves organisations scattered across industries like retail, automotive, higher education, public sector, media, communication, hospitality and transportation, nonprofit and more. With Salesforce, organisations get the advantage of joining the 150,000+ like-minded companies where they can find a massive community of experts ready to help in their company’s growth, besides offering an estimate of their Return on Investment (ROI). Lastly, AI technology equipped chatbot (Einstein) within the software helps companies reassess past interactions with individual clients and better understand raised queries. show more

Five9 vs Salesforce | Salesforce Alternatives
UJET - Contact Center Operations Software


Solve customer-centric high priority issues with UJET in real-time
(639 Ratings)

UJET pricing: UJET Offers Custom plan.

What is UJET and how does it work?

UJET is a contact centre management software that helps enterprises digitally transform their voice channel and improve the customer experience. It also helps brands facilitate seamless communication between agents and end-users, by sending them messages that include photos, videos, screenshots and texts. Call centres can also integrate their UJET platform with various other external CRM, QM and WFM portals. Thus enabling the agents to offer the right kind of information to individual customers quickly. The platform enables enterprises to offer support in more than 15 international languages, facilitating global business growth. It is compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 3 frameworks as well as FINRA and HIPAA regulations, ensuring complete security of users' data. Muting, escalation and transfer call features offered by UJET is capable of resolving customer related issues efficiently. Call centres can even create new rules or customise the existing ones to route incoming calls as per their needs. show more

Five9 vs UJET | UJET Alternatives
Zultys MXIE - Contact Center Operations Software

Zultys MXIE

Communication made simple with Zultys MXIE
(53 Ratings)

Zultys MXIE pricing: Zultys MXIE Offers Custom plan.

What is Zultys MXIE and how does it work?

Zultys MXIE is a business phone solution that can be used to manage and integrate differential communication functions of an organisation. It lets clients check the active status of their employees in real-time, send emails and control phone calls with a single click. The software further helps users to make high definition video and audio calls, send/reply to fax mails, besides leveraging end-to-end encrypted messaging with IM and audio notes with VoiceMail. Zultys MXIE communications are quintessentially flexible when it comes to the operational part and thus, communications can be handled from anywhere with a secure Internet connection. The tool allows clients to configure and design their communication windows in the desired manner and thus, conforming to basic rules is certainly not among all that Zultys MXIE has to offer. An integrated MXConnect feature allows clients to switch phones and devices within minutes, thus letting them be contacted on that particular device that is in use at the moment. Further, Zultys is fully integrated with Outlook and MX web meets and conferences. show more

Zultys MXIE Alternatives
Genesys PureConnect - Contact Center Operations Software

Genesys PureConnect

Drive-in seamless communications between internal teams and clients with Genesys PureConnect
(777 Ratings)

Genesys PureConnect pricing: Genesys PureConnect Offers Custom plan.

What is Genesys PureConnect and how does it work?

Genesys PureConnect is a unified contact centre and communications system that helps businesses operate with adequate flexibility, reliability and control. Built on a simple architecture, Genesys PureConnect also lets organisations consolidate their call centre and business communication infrastructure simultaneously. Further, this application comes loaded with a plethora of solutions for different industries, starting from retail to healthcare. Thus enabling seamless experiences across different channels. Its inbuild Cloud CX promises advanced security 24/7 across the board. Here users get access to encrypted data at rest. Also, an independent product security team leverage an agile development process to incorporate adequate protection levels quite early in the process. Professional-level services like operational assessment, network readiness assessment and accurate health checks provided by the software turn out to be of great help. Other functionalities include real-time disaster recovery switchover and a 2x increase in network capacity within weeks. show more

Genesys PureConnect Alternatives
DCDial - Contact Center Operations Software


Dial your customers all over the world effortlessly
(11 Ratings)

DCDial pricing: Starts at $79.0.

What is DCDial and how does it work?

DCDial is an advanced calling and messaging software for business organisations to establish seamless connections with the world. The software requires no hardware basics for setting up and can be directly used for connecting to customers without much ado. Business calls work better when potential clients are supplied with the information they require. Thus, integrating these calls with relevant CRM systems, sales & marketing solutions and other essential applications only make them more efficient and productive. DCDial also encourages boosting engagement by connecting agents with live customers, with significantly higher closing rates. It even helps in sending personalised text and voice messages to a large number of customers within minutes. Thus, seamless communication in a very short duration is what the clients can blindly rely on while using DCDial. Further, these communication campaigns and agent metrics can be monitored in real-time to divert the focus on making measurable improvements and thus, increase revenue. The payments are all collected categorically with built-in automated payment capabilities. show more

DCDial Alternatives
Vonage Contact Center - Contact Center Operations Software

Vonage Contact Center

A Contact Center Software for Business
(110 Ratings)

Vonage Contact Center pricing: Vonage Contact Center Offers Custom plan.

What is Vonage Contact Center and how does it work?

Vonage Contact Center software is to boost your sales and service through conversations and experiences. The software offers a two-way video and screen sharing to measure the customer needs on their schedule and preferred platform. Collaborate with teams to connect calls to the best available agent through skills-based routing. It integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and more. Call Centers make use of the software. show more

Vonage Contact Center Alternatives
3CX - Contact Center Operations Software


Get access to an interactive communication channel by 3CX
(626 Ratings)

3CX pricing: Starts at $145.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is 3CX and how does it work?

3CX is a robust business communication software that helps companies to conduct remote business meetings, reply to service customer requests and work with more efficiency. The software is specially built for teams who are working remotely. It enables employees to make seamless video calls with the help of presentation and remote assistance tools. With a live chat facility, users can convert their visitors into leads, increase the frequency of communication with customers and enhance the overall experience, adequately. Moreover, a full-featured PABX system, offered by 3CX includes call queues, web conferencing and a built-in video call generation facility, enabling employees to boost customer services on the go. Employees can even reply to business SMS, website and Facebook messages, chat with co-workers, make or receive calls and start video calls to ensure customer satisfaction in every possible way. The software can also be used to send and receive instant text messages via a designated business phone number so that employees don’t have to use their personal mobile numbers. show more

3CX Alternatives
Dialpad Contact Center - Contact Center Operations Software
(535 Ratings)

Dialpad Contact Center pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dialpad Contact Center and how does it work?

Dialpad Contact Center is an AI-powered call center that enables real-time transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and combat cards to let your customers engage more deeply. It allows you to deploy online contact centres and agents all around the globe in just a matter of minutes. With Dialpad Contact Center, you can stay connected to your contact center no matter where you are or what device you're using. It enables customers to pick interactive voice answers by key or voice in minutes and extract customer feedback in real time. With agent help cards that appear at the right time, you can provide more customized client experiences. It helps you assign appropriate agents to customers, depending on their skill level and availability. With emotional IQ and action items, you can get the quickest, most accurate transcribing in the market. It equips managers with tools like Take-over, Barge-in, and Listen-in controls so they can inspect when necessary. Additionally, managers can get real-time feedback on how they're performing along with analytics and QA scorecards for individuals that let you keep track of agent performance. show more

Five9 vs Dialpad Contact Center | Dialpad Contact Center Alternatives
VCC Live - Contact Center Operations Software

VCC Live

Use one cloud call center software to engage with all the customers
(70 Ratings)

VCC Live pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is VCC Live and how does it work?

VCC Live is a Contact Center Operations Software, helps the team can make and receive phone Calls, SMS, Emails and chat messages. Use the software to easily set up and manage automatic call distribution based on agents’ skills. They can use the current numbers, or they can provide you with numbers from 60 countries. Get an overview of all previous conversations and bring more context to the customer experience. Integrate the CRM via API for a more holistic view. show more

VCC Live Alternatives
LeadsRain - Contact Center Operations Software


Manage your calls effectively with LeadsRain
(0 Ratings)

LeadsRain pricing: Starts at $105.0.

What is LeadsRain and how does it work?

LeadsRain is an online predictive dialer that manages incoming and outgoing calls between available agents and further, optimises inputs to exterminate the loss of prospects. LeadsRain as software has several features, which collectively contribute to making it a popular name among eminent agencies. Blended Campaign connects the prospects with an inbound and outbound call facility. Smart pitch Auto-dial, Timezone wise dialling, Local Presence, Call Hijack, and Voicemail on-Answering are some of its notable modules available. LeadsRain allows working with reduced hardware and helps in scaling up quickly. It runs smoothly on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Brave, Opera and Safari. Further, the dialer makes calls, segregates them based on answering behaviour and thereafter connects the human calls to agents. The calling campaigns are especially easy to curate where the only details required are the contact numbers of various agents in concern. An interactive dashboard allows clients to customise it the way they want, keeping only what’s desirable on the visual feed while hiding the rest. show more

LeadsRain Alternatives
NICE inContact CXone - Contact Center Operations Software
(2,553 Ratings)

NICE inContact CXone pricing: NICE inContact CXone Offers Custom plan.

What is NICE inContact CXone and how does it work?

Nice inContact is cloud-based call place programming that assists organizations with amplifying the nature of leads and limit the expense of client association. The arrangement involves many highlights expected to handle inbound help demands and assists organizations with interfacing with their clients through various channels, for example, inbound/outbound voice calls, email, phone message, visit, virtual entertainment from there, the sky is the limit. NICE CXone works with organizations of all sizes to create extraordinary and trustworthy customer experiences that build deeper brand loyalty and relationships that last. With NICE CXone CXoneTM, the industry’s most complete cloud customer experience platform, we combine best in class Customer Analytics, Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, all on an Open Cloud Foundation, enabling an exceptional agent and customer experience—every time and on every channel With NICE CXone CXoneTM, the industry’s most complete cloud customer experience platform, we combine best in class Customer Analytics, Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, all on an Open Cloud Foundation, enabling an exceptional agent and customer experience—every time and on every channel. See how our customer centric expert services, innovative software, extensive ecosystem of valuable partnerships, and over a decade of global leadership can help you transform every experience and customer relationship for lasting results. Nice inContact offers different call steering highlights, as IVR, CTI and ACD. The framework likewise incorporates labor force improvement capacities, for example, e-picking up, recruiting and labor force the executives. The mixed prescient dialer device offers call mixing, message set down dialing, call concealment and auto dialer for mixed call places. The arrangement flawlessly coordinates with well known CRM applications like Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud. show more

Five9 vs NICE inContact CXone | NICE inContact CXone Alternatives
Aircall - Contact Center Operations Software


Best call center software for you
(847 Ratings)

Aircall pricing: Starts at $30.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Aircall and how does it work?

Aircall Call Centre software is a top-ranking call center software because it seamlessly integrates features with the most popular help desk tools. This tool offers customer relationship management, live chat, and eCommerce software to predict customer requirements on every call, helping businesses enhance their efficiency. Aircall is a useful cloud-based phone calling system and a call center solution to handle modern-day businesses effectively. It is a voice platform that ensures seamless service with productivity and helpdesk tools. Aircall is a great platform that helps businesses to run smoothly by supporting their sales team. It offers efficient and clear communication with the customers through deep insights and real-time analytics. And through its industry-leading call center features, customer relationships are enhanced. It assists businesses in making the phone calling process easy, accessible and transparent for the users. Businesses that use Aircall can receive advanced analytics and track the performance of their team’s and agent’s productivity. Moreover, they can check the team activity promptly on the live feed with an existing help desk and CRM feature that strengthens the understanding process. It is a flexible voice solution for businesses with custom, professional, and essentials pricing strategies. show more

Five9 vs Aircall | Aircall Alternatives
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