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Contact Center Operations Software

Contact Center Operations Software is basically software used to centralize phone-based customers using a digital means. The software is known to facilitate a good one-on-one communication channel between the organization and the customers. The software allows the company to respond to or interact with its customers across various channels at ease. Furthermore, the software is also known to answer inbound calls along with replying to shot messages. Engaging in live chat along with answering emails fall under the ambit of the software as well. Some of the top Contact Center Operation software can be listed as DCDial, UJET, and VCC Live.

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DCDial - Contact Center Operations Software


Dial your customers all over the world effortlessly
(11 Ratings)

DCDial pricing: Starts at $79.00.

What is DCDial and how does it work?

DCDial is an advanced calling and messaging software for business organisations to establish seamless connections with the world. The software requires no hardware basics for setting up and can be directly used for connecting to customers without much ado. Business calls work better when potential clients are supplied with the information they require. Thus, integrating these calls with relevant CRM systems, sales & marketing solutions and other essential applications only make them more efficient and productive. DCDial also encourages boosting engagement by connecting agents with live customers, with significantly higher closing rates. It even helps in sending personalised text and voice messages to a large number of customers within minutes. Thus, seamless communication in a very short duration is what the clients can blindly rely on while using DCDial. Further, these communication campaigns and agent metrics can be monitored in real-time to divert the focus on making measurable improvements and thus, increase revenue. The payments are all collected categorically with built-in automated payment capabilities. show more

Variphy - Contact Center Operations Software


Enhance reporting and analytics experience with Variphy
(3 Ratings)

Variphy pricing: Variphy Offers Custom plan.

What is Variphy and how does it work?

Variphy is a call analytics and reporting software that enriches CDR reports and calls by providing dashboards, widgets, and wallboards that can be fully customised. Administrators, agents, and supervisors may use web-based reports to get real-time facts on whatever screen they require in a single dashboard. Variphy's full potential may also be unlocked through expanded advisory services that assist in achieving one's objectives more quickly. The Variphy Cloud assists in keeping data organised on a single platform, as well as analysing, searching, and reporting data with ease. Variphy's remote phone control feature saves time resolving end-user issues and boosts productivity. Change management and reporting, as well as inventory management, are examples of such functions. Variphy enables users to see, search, analyse, and report on all Cisco Collaboration data from a single access point. It includes robust and highly flexible advanced analytics to offer a standardised solution for all Cisco Collaboration metrics. show more

Voximplant Kit - Contact Center Operations Software

Voximplant Kit

Managing Agent Conversations Made Simple
(5 Ratings)

Voximplant Kit pricing: Voximplant Kit Offers Custom plan.

What is Voximplant Kit and how does it work?

Voximplant Kit software is an Omnichannel cloud contact center used to automate your customer service without code. The software offers tools like skills-based routing for requests from voice and messaging to manage contact center agents in minutes. The AI-powered voice assistants used to deploy and can increase live traffic. Integrate with CRM for customer data in your workflow for informed customer conversations. Call Centers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

UJET - Contact Center Operations Software


Solve customer-centric high priority issues with UJET in real-time
(639 Ratings)

UJET pricing: UJET Offers Custom plan.

What is UJET and how does it work?

UJET is a contact centre management software that helps enterprises digitally transform their voice channel and improve the customer experience. It also helps brands facilitate seamless communication between agents and end-users, by sending them messages that include photos, videos, screenshots and texts. Call centres can also integrate their UJET platform with various other external CRM, QM and WFM portals. Thus enabling the agents to offer the right kind of information to individual customers quickly. The platform enables enterprises to offer support in more than 15 international languages, facilitating global business growth. It is compliant with SOC 2 Type 2, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 3 frameworks as well as FINRA and HIPAA regulations, ensuring complete security of users' data. Muting, escalation and transfer call features offered by UJET is capable of resolving customer related issues efficiently. Call centres can even create new rules or customise the existing ones to route incoming calls as per their needs. show more

Aloware - Contact Center Operations Software


Phone System Software with No Per-Agent Fee
(135 Ratings)

Aloware pricing: Starts at $250.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Aloware and how does it work?

Aloware is a phone system software that supports calls and texts. It is a no-hardware replacement for the user's PBX and has a customizable call manager that connects to their CRM & helpdesk. The tool offers progressive diallers and smart queues and callbacks for minimized customer on-hold time. Two-way business texting and IVR toolset with recording are available. The tool also features a live dashboard updated in real-time with data such as key performance indicators. There are workflows and actions can be set to be triggered on many events. Form capture is another feature facilitating lead intake/outreach automation and the Contact manager functions like a limited functionality CRM. Team management is available with the capability to handle unlimited users and agents. Users can also create view-only reports and have access to advanced routing based on simultaneous and sequential rules. Moreover, an open API creates many integration possibilities. show more

VCC Live - Contact Center Operations Software

VCC Live

Use one cloud call center software to engage with all the customers
(70 Ratings)

VCC Live pricing: Starts at $50.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is VCC Live and how does it work?

VCC Live is a Contact Center Operations Software, helps the team can make and receive phone Calls, SMS, Emails and chat messages. Use the software to easily set up and manage automatic call distribution based on agents’ skills. They can use the current numbers, or they can provide you with numbers from 60 countries. Get an overview of all previous conversations and bring more context to the customer experience. Integrate the CRM via API for a more holistic view. show more

Channels - Contact Center Operations Software


Data-driven phone system
(14 Ratings)

Channels pricing: Starts at $15.00.

What is Channels and how does it work?

Channels is a data-driven phone system that lets you know who exactly is calling, so you're always prepared. Integrate it into your current workflow and connect it with your favorite apps like Shopify, Magento, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and more. Thanks to features like Welcome Message, IVR, Call Recordings, and International Phone number you'll be able to build a fully functioning, reliable, and remote-ready helpline for your customers. With the Chrome Extension, your sales team can make calls from any web page they will be browsing - either a CRM or a marketplace, and you name it. show more

Dialpad Contact Center - Contact Center Operations Software

Dialpad Contact Center

The smart AI-powered call center
(111 Ratings)

Dialpad Contact Center pricing: Starts at $75.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dialpad Contact Center and how does it work?

Dialpad Contact Center is an AI-powered call center that enables real-time transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and combat cards to let your customers engage more deeply. It allows you to deploy online contact centres and agents all around the globe in just a matter of minutes. With Dialpad Contact Center, you can stay connected to your contact center no matter where you are or what device you're using. It enables customers to pick interactive voice answers by key or voice in minutes and extract customer feedback in real time. With agent help cards that appear at the right time, you can provide more customized client experiences. It helps you assign appropriate agents to customers, depending on their skill level and availability. With emotional IQ and action items, you can get the quickest, most accurate transcribing in the market. It equips managers with tools like Take-over, Barge-in, and Listen-in controls so they can inspect when necessary. Additionally, managers can get real-time feedback on how they're performing along with analytics and QA scorecards for individuals that let you keep track of agent performance. show more

3CX - Contact Center Operations Software


Get access to an interactive communication channel by 3CX
(754 Ratings)

3CX pricing: Starts at $145.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is 3CX and how does it work?

3CX is a robust business communication software that helps companies to conduct remote business meetings, reply to service customer requests and work with more efficiency. The software is specially built for teams who are working remotely. It enables employees to make seamless video calls with the help of presentation and remote assistance tools. With a live chat facility, users can convert their visitors into leads, increase the frequency of communication with customers and enhance the overall experience, adequately. Moreover, a full-featured PABX system, offered by 3CX includes call queues, web conferencing and a built-in video call generation facility, enabling employees to boost customer services on the go. Employees can even reply to business SMS, website and Facebook messages, chat with co-workers, make or receive calls and start video calls to ensure customer satisfaction in every possible way. The software can also be used to send and receive instant text messages via a designated business phone number so that employees don’t have to use their personal mobile numbers. show more

JustCall - Contact Center Operations Software


Get your business growing with JustCall
(322 Ratings)

JustCall pricing: Starts at $20.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is JustCall and how does it work?

JustCall is a futuristic cloud phone system for support and sales teams, facilitating seamless communication with clients situated in different parts of the globe. It is a suitable software designed to assist international call centres, SaaS companies, virtual workforces and remote teams. Getting new phone numbers ready with JustCall is quite easy. This way businesses get to connect with their client base located across 70 countries. At present 6000+ businesses depend on this particular software comprising special features like IVR, Live Call Monitoring, Call Recording and Fast Call Routing system. Moreover, integrating JustCall with other CRM tools in use is an easy and convenient task. Diallers can also mask their outgoing calls with personalised numbers. The data centres utilised by JustCall to maintain information provides high security to the recorded data. Also, organizations have the liberty to customise their business hours, thus receiving calls only when solicited. show more

VICIdial - Contact Center Operations Software


Predictive dialer for open source call center software
(44 Ratings)

What is VICIdial and how does it work?

VICIdial is a cloud-based, open-source contact center solution for small to large call centers in a number of businesses. Inbound and outbound calls, call routing, email integration, online chat, and call recording are all important features. In a single web-based interface, VICIdial combines inbound and outgoing phone calls, inbound email, and customer website chat. Users can use features like skills-based routing and queue prioritization to guarantee that calls and emails are routed to the agents who are most suited to handle them. When necessary, agents can alternate between processing outbound and inward calls. Other capabilities include previewing leads before dialing, recording and listening to agent calls, forwarding dropped calls to available agents or a voicemail inbox, anticipated hold periods for inbound callers, remote-agent calling, and multilingual help. VICIdial has over 2,000 functions in total, including automatic call recording that may be stopped or started at any moment, as well as call logging and status. Before web-based data exporting and sharable real-time reporting allows authorized agents, managers, and team leaders to monitor call campaign performance, user levels and permissions can be defined to restrict certain features or campaign accessibility. show more

Ring.io - Contact Center Operations Software


Transaction Telephony Platform
(17 Ratings)

Ring.io pricing: Starts at $69.00.

What is Ring.io and how does it work?

Ring.io helps sales and customer support teams boost productivity and get deep insights into their performance. With our Salesforce integration, reps can dial out in just a click and automatically log important call data in seconds. Ring.io Pay is the fastest way to accept credit card payments over the phone while staying PCI compliant. Make more sales, collections, or donations. show more

Convoso - Contact Center Operations Software


The better dialer for better business
(31 Ratings)

Convoso pricing: Convoso Offers Custom plan.

What is Convoso and how does it work?

Convoso's cloud-based contact center software converts lead faster. Dramatically increase contact and lead conversion rates with Convoso’s end-to-end contact center software. This predictive dialer with superior recycle logic combined with lead management automation and omnichannel capabilities empower outbound contact centers to move more leads through the funnel faster. With the Virtual Agent, the user can turn aged leads into live transfers. Plus, you’ll benefit from a dedicated Convoso team member to help to master the system and fast track the results. show more

Intradiem - Contact Center Operations Software


A Customer Service Software
(54 Ratings)

Intradiem pricing: Intradiem Offers Custom plan.

What is Intradiem and how does it work?

Intradiem software is an AI-Powered Productivity Solution used to integrate with Call Center and Workforce Management Software for workflows. The software offers tools to manage schedule and monitor contact center data in real time. The Average Handle Time (AHT) used to monitor agent state data for better assistance of customers. Collaborate with your team to measure productivity with call handing. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Genesys PureEngage - Contact Center Operations Software

Genesys PureEngage

Manage your customer’s experience in an effective manner
(698 Ratings)

Genesys PureEngage pricing: Genesys PureEngage Offers Custom plan.

What is Genesys PureEngage and how does it work?

Genesys PureEngage is a customer experience management software that offers help to its users with a personalized and self-centric approach across its all channels. This way, it allows the users to create their own brand loyalty. The software offers multi-cloud and omnichannel customer engagement solutions to its users. Users can meet their business needs in an efficient manner with the help of the software. Genesys Pure Engage allows them to integrate all of their systems while leveraging out existing investments at the same time. With Genesys PureEngage, users can even unify all their customer engaging teams, right from marketing to the service and support team. The application combines real-time journeys along with intelligent and world-class routing and digital transformations. It helps users to communicate with their clients in a personalized way, across voice, web, mobile, chats, social media and other messaging channels. Users can gain visibility in all skilled resources within a short span of time by using the predictive matching feature if the software. Finally, the software allows users to artificial intelligence in order to automate the dialogues and hire the top agents with predictive routing in the assisted services. show more

8x8 - Contact Center Operations Software


Integrate your teams in public or private chat rooms
(36 Ratings)

8x8 pricing: Starts at $12.0.

What is 8x8 and how does it work?

The 8x8 X Series is a cloud-based communication platform that enables businesses of all sizes to communicate via text messaging, audio calls, and video conferencing. Employees can use the team messaging module to build project-specific public and private chat rooms to share files, keep track of conversations, and hold meetings, among other things. Supervisors can use the operator switchboard to record conversations and barge or whisper during sales calls with the 8x8 X Series. To collaborate on projects, team members can use the video conferencing tool's screen sharing and remote desktop control capabilities. Additionally, the voicemail to email feature allows employees to get emails with voicemail transcripts and audio samples. The 8x8 X Series integrates with a variety of third-party applications, including Zendesk, NetSuite, and Dynamics. It also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing staff to oversee operations from anywhere. Pricing is accessible upon request, and customer service is available by phone, email, documentation, and live chat. show more

Genesys PureConnect - Contact Center Operations Software

Genesys PureConnect

Drive-in seamless communications between internal teams and clients with Genesys PureConnect
(567 Ratings)

Genesys PureConnect pricing: Genesys PureConnect Offers Custom plan.

What is Genesys PureConnect and how does it work?

Genesys PureConnect is a unified contact centre and communications system that helps businesses operate with adequate flexibility, reliability and control. Built on a simple architecture, Genesys PureConnect also lets organisations consolidate their call centre and business communication infrastructure simultaneously. Further, this application comes loaded with a plethora of solutions for different industries, starting from retail to healthcare. Thus enabling seamless experiences across different channels. Its inbuild Cloud CX promises advanced security 24/7 across the board. Here users get access to encrypted data at rest. Also, an independent product security team leverage an agile development process to incorporate adequate protection levels quite early in the process. Professional-level services like operational assessment, network readiness assessment and accurate health checks provided by the software turn out to be of great help. Other functionalities include real-time disaster recovery switchover and a 2x increase in network capacity within weeks. show more

NICE inContact CXone - Contact Center Operations Software

NICE inContact CXone

One tap communication hub
(2,145 Ratings)

NICE inContact CXone pricing: NICE inContact CXone Offers Custom plan.

What is NICE inContact CXone and how does it work?

Nice inContact is cloud-based call place programming that assists organizations with amplifying the nature of leads and limit the expense of client association. The arrangement involves many highlights expected to handle inbound help demands and assists organizations with interfacing with their clients through various channels, for example, inbound/outbound voice calls, email, phone message, visit, virtual entertainment from there, the sky is the limit. NICE CXone works with organizations of all sizes to create extraordinary and trustworthy customer experiences that build deeper brand loyalty and relationships that last. With NICE CXone CXoneTM, the industry’s most complete cloud customer experience platform, we combine best in class Customer Analytics, Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, all on an Open Cloud Foundation, enabling an exceptional agent and customer experience—every time and on every channel With NICE CXone CXoneTM, the industry’s most complete cloud customer experience platform, we combine best in class Customer Analytics, Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, all on an Open Cloud Foundation, enabling an exceptional agent and customer experience—every time and on every channel. See how our customer centric expert services, innovative software, extensive ecosystem of valuable partnerships, and over a decade of global leadership can help you transform every experience and customer relationship for lasting results. Nice inContact offers different call steering highlights, as IVR, CTI and ACD. The framework likewise incorporates labor force improvement capacities, for example, e-picking up, recruiting and labor force the executives. The mixed prescient dialer device offers call mixing, message set down dialing, call concealment and auto dialer for mixed call places. The arrangement flawlessly coordinates with well known CRM applications like Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud. show more

Five9 - Contact Center Operations Software


Cloud contacting made easier for you
(985 Ratings)

Five9 pricing: Five9 Offers Custom plan.

What is Five9 and how does it work?

Five9 is a smart cloud contracting platform developed specifically for digital businesses to bring about the power of cloud technology to customers. It assists the user in engaging the clients on the channel of their choice, streamlining the operations, automating the workflow, and increasing the agility of the business to enhance customer experience. Five9 is a popular AI-based software that is trusted by billions of customers for increasing interactions annually. It aims at providing end-to-end solutions using omni-channel routing, WFO, analytics, and artificial intelligence in order to deliver exceptional business results and increase agent productivity. It further enables digital interaction, quality management, gamification, recording and analytics, and much more. Users can additionally engage, retain, attract, scale, and motivate the best agents from anywhere in the world for your contact centre. You can also optimize your workforce with the powerful tools offered by Five9 apart from motivating and managing your agents to produce exceptional customer results. The pricing plans of the platform are quotation based and the users have to contact their members directly on their official website to get more details. show more

LiveVox - Contact Center Operations Software


Next Generation Contact & Call Center Software
(4 Ratings)

LiveVox pricing: LiveVox Offers Custom plan.

What is LiveVox and how does it work?

LiveVox is a next-generation contact center platform that powers more than 14 billion interactions a year. We seamlessly integrate omnichannel communications, CRM, and WFO capabilities to deliver an exceptional agent and customer experience while reducing compliance risk.

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List of Contact Center Operations Software

DCDial 4.8
Variphy 4.8
Voximplant Kit 4.8
UJET 4.7
Aloware 4.7
VCC Live 4.7
Channels 4.5
Dialpad Contact Center 4.5
3CX 4.5
JustCall 4.5

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