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Service Desk Software

Service Desk Software delivers omnichannel support to employees within an organization using IT equipment. This software helps to manage internal IT service requirements for both hardware and software. Employees can report incidents, submit their requests using this software, and the IT department can quickly resolve any incidents and remain organized.

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InvGate Service Desk

Get Itsm, Help Desk And Ticketing Solutions In One Place
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InvGate Service Desk pricing: InvGate Service Desk Offers Custom plan.

What is InvGate Service Desk and how does it work?

InvGate Service Desk is an advanced help desk, ITSM and ticketing software that helps companies to deliver exceptional service. The software provides service teams with an advanced ticketing solution that includes ITIL-ready functionalities and workflow automation. With its analytics, InvGate Service Desk provides a clear view of the service desk. Users can customize their dashboards to enable more transparency on the workflows of their service desk and take appropriate action whenever needed. InvGate Service Desk’s ticketing solution makes the work of agents easier. It allows them to focus on what’s important by streamlining work according to priority, urgency and SLA. the software also helps agents avoid bottlenecks by highlighting the actions solvable within a click. InvGate Service Desk makes the work easier with its automation processes. With its visual engine, users can create automated workflows and manage requests they get across the company. The software can be integrated with CMDB through which service teams can get an overview of the hardware and software, along with accurate insights into each incident. show more


Freshservice is an cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution helping 40000 businesses worldwide
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Freshservice pricing: Starts at $19.0.

What is Freshservice and how does it work?

Freshservice is an online IT Service Management solution. The tool puts a refreshing user experience on top of powerful ticketing & asset management capabilities like auto-discovery of new resources, powerful configuration management, enhanced impact analysis, ITIL, Knowledge Management

Micro Focus Service Manager - Service Desk Software

Micro Focus Service Manager

Service desk solution powered with machine learning and analytics
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Micro Focus Service Manager pricing: Micro Focus Service Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is Micro Focus Service Manager and how does it work?

Micro Focus Service Manager as an IT service management software is a scalable and extensible service desk platform that helps companies to resolve customer problems and scale business. The software comes equipped with functionalities like analytics, machine learning and automation capabilities that saves a lot of time and effort for services teams. It also reduces the down-ticket volumes and accelerates issue incident resolution time. Further, an engaging and modern self-service portal within the same improves customer autonomy and satisfaction. Micro Focus Service Manager is easy to deploy and execute, facilitating faster time to value and ROI. It can be deployed, upgraded and configured without any coding knowledge. The software’s machine learning and analytics capabilities enable agents to view, find and analyze trends and patterns in requests, incidents and other records. Micro Focus Service Manager automatically routes service requests, categorizes tickets and finds solutions quickly. It facilitates DevOps integrations to automate the process of the release build and deployment besides simplifying processes from development to production. show more

Vorex - Service Desk Software


Your one place to manage IT services tickets and requests
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Vorex pricing: Vorex Offers Custom plan.

What is Vorex and how does it work?

Vorex is a remote monitoring and management software that allows companies to easily create, resolve and manage their IT service tickets and requests. It reduces the generated number of tickets and finds solutions to IT incidents faster. Vorex can be integrated directly with VSA, which speeds up the resolution of IT services by 40%. The software allows technicians to work efficiently and seamlessly with advanced tools and find information quickly, whenever needed. It helps users to spend more time on solving customers’ problems and less time tracking tickets. Further, Vorex allows companies to manage their IT projects and staff effectively besides accessing reports in real-time about project status. The solution also improves forecasting with its project management capabilities. An interactive dashboard within the same displays real-time information on the status and progress of tickets. Companies can easily create custom reports to gain insights into their operations and make better business decisions. show more

Jira Service Desk - Service Desk Software

Jira Service Desk

Provide excellent service experiences to valuable clients for long term retention
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Jira Service Desk pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Jira Service Desk and how does it work?

Jira Service Desk is an ITSM and IT service desk software, empowering organizations to deliver high-quality service experiences to their clients and employees in real-time. It acts as a high-velocity service request management tool, enabling enterprises to configure a self-service portal, make use of conversational ticketing and deliver exceptional services as well. With features like incident management, request management, asset management, knowledge management and collaboration between IT operations teams and development teams, the software ensures query resolution in real-time. Further, organizations can trust Jira Service Desk to empower their IT operations teams to take better actions and minimize risks by providing more valuable contextual knowledge. The platform features a variety of asset management tools, helping users monitor inventories, track ownerships and take care of lifecycles as well. Moreover, enterprises get to gain more visibility into their IT infrastructures operating various critical services and applications leveraging the configuration management tools featured by the software. show more

Back - Service Desk Software


Managing Internal Operations Made Simple
(2 Ratings)

Back pricing: Back Offers Custom plan.

What is Back and how does it work?

Back software is a platform used to optimize the employee experience with policies, processes, and communication. Collaborate with your team in a unified workspace with prioritize tasks and track requests across teams. Monitor the document workflows and generate reports to track service levels with trends. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

C2 ATOM - Service Desk Software


A compact service desk software to perform flexible operations
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C2 ATOM pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is C2 ATOM and how does it work?

C2 ATOM is an accurate service desk software that provides companies with functionalities like problem management, incident management, ITIL change management, service request and project management. Its ITSM services save time, filter available solutions and publish them on portals for customers to see. The software includes Kanban, Gantt and Calendar views that companies can use as per their needs. They can modify projects’ tasks, change their status and keep the important dates in mind to avoid any trouble. The software also provides useful helpdesk monitoring tools to add and share notes, reference tickets, fast closing and resource assigning facilities to groups. For ticketing, C2 ATOM manages users prioritization as per the impacts, reduces spent time and associates equipment or an asset with the ticket. Moreover, C2 ATOM also promotes communication and collaboration between the stakeholders whether it’s a complex project or a simple request. It improves incident response time through a quick ticket categorization facility to reduce the entry time for the agents. show more

Vivantio - Service Desk Software


A compact software to deliver the best IT support
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Vivantio pricing: Starts at $42.0.

What is Vivantio and how does it work?

Vivantio is an intuitive IT service management software for IT companies’ service teams. It helps companies to manage their core incident, client, change, problem, and asset management needs with the help of multiple tools. Service teams can create customizable tickets of different types according to their business units. They can route multiple tasks to various teams with their roles and permissions features. Also, Vivantio helps to manage business processes across departments, teams and even customers. It allows companies to view snapshots of important operational data from their home area. Admins can also prioritize work through customizable ticket views, history, service details and its load balancer. Vivantio helps to boost productivity, record key performance metrics accurately and offer an enhanced customer experience using its service automation capabilities. Service teams can streamline approvals and tasks for their standard workflows processes. The software comes with customizable self-service portals and CRM features that help to build more effective customer service relationships. show more

IBM Control Desk - Service Desk Software

IBM Control Desk

Manage your business with the best service desk features
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IBM Control Desk pricing: IBM Control Desk Offers Custom plan.

What is IBM Control Desk and how does it work?

IBM Control Desk is an IT service management software for those companies who want to simplify the support of their users and infrastructures. The solution helps with cost reduction and customer satisfaction enhancement functionalities through automated service, self-service management and best practice-based integrated service desk features. IBM Control Desk comes with a Service Catalog and Enterprise App Store through which customers can select services available to them. They can also deploy the approved software with their devices without taking help from the IT staff. Further, with inbuilt automation capabilities, visibility into assets, problem management and integrated knowledge, IBM Control Desk lets IT practitioners avail benefits in their complex processes. IBM Control Desk helps companies to reduce their business risk through automated change procedures and advanced impact analysis. It ensures the integrity of the multi-cloud environment and existing infrastructures. The software offers a complete view of their IT environments that supports business-critical applications seamlessly. show more

EV Service Manager - Service Desk Software

EV Service Manager

An intuitive IT service management portal for your everchanging business needs
(84 Ratings)

EV Service Manager pricing: EV Service Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is EV Service Manager and how does it work?

EV Service Manager is an online IT service management software providing access to a powerful, versatile and easy to manage interface. The platform is compatible with the most complex requirements, besides offering access to a modern way of simplicity, mobility and agility, which enhances productivity by 30% and reduces incurred cost by 50%. Organisations can depend on the particular’s PinkVerified processes to get their IT maturity improved. Also, admins can integrate external portals, third party apps and dashboards within the software to deliver a comprehensive user experience to their IT staff. Included Evie tool offers accurate guidance through smart automation, execution commands, appropriate filters and detailed searches. Further, companies can also depend on the inbuilt graphical designer, robust business tools, 400+ out of the box wizards and tax schedulers to get complex processes streamlined into automated actions. Detailed reports made available by EV Service Manager helps with trend monitoring and easy decision making. Other essential features include asset lifecycle management, SSAE-18 audited processes, out of the box API connectors and a plethora of smart tools helping out with asset, demand, capacity, service catalogue and availability monitoring. show more

Incident IQ - Service Desk Software

Incident IQ

For K-12 asset management and service solution
(91 Ratings)

Incident IQ pricing: Incident IQ Offers Custom plan.

What is Incident IQ and how does it work?

Incident IQ is a service management platform designed for K-12 schools that helps them with asset management, facilities maintenance solutions, help ticketing and more. The platform includes various features that help users easily manage their multiple business processes. iiQ Assets, the platform provides schools with the technology to deploy, collect, manage and audit their assets. iiQ Ticketing comes with enterprise-class tools that are specially built for schools through which they can easily route, submit and work tickets easily. The software also includes simple help submission for students and teachers, detailed analytics for administrators and powerful workflows for the support teams. With Incident IQ, IT teams get information-rich tickets by default, without conducting rigorous searches for them. This helps to automatically populate requests along with the relevant data. Users can integrate asset data into the platform to enable support teams to receive richer help requests. The platform also helps leaders by providing them with insights into the educational technology’s performance. show more

TeamHeadquarters - Service Desk Software


A fully integrated project and help desk management solution with responsive UX
(3 Ratings)

TeamHeadquarters pricing: Starts at $18.0.

What is TeamHeadquarters and how does it work?

TeamHeadquarters is a comprehensive help desk and project management solution for companies to help them with ticketing, file storing, timesheet reporting, scheduling and problem tracking. The software helps the support team with the required benefits of improving customer satisfaction levels in real-time. It also helps the support team with unlimited ticketing, file management, problem management, time tracking and integrated scheduling functionalities. TeamHeadquarters can be leveraged to manage projects of any size. It includes features like Gantt chart, project planning, portfolio reporting, import/export and resource planning for easy project management. The software allows project managers to assign tasks to their employees and get complete visibility of tasks, operational tickets and existing services. Its resource management feature offers clarity into resource load balancing and project task assignments. With an inbuilt My Team feature, users can generate unlimited teams to complete a particular project. They can also modify and view team sheets and schedules, manage ticket load and print timesheet reports. show more

Service Creatio - Service Desk Software

Service Creatio

Manage customer experience by delivering what they want
(9 Ratings)

Service Creatio pricing: Starts at $45.0.

What is Service Creatio and how does it work?

Service Creatio is a comprehensive service management platform that enables companies to accelerate their service delivery processes. The platform enhances customer experience with the best solutions to meet the demand of individual customers. It provides a variety of relevant information that is required to know everything about customers and helps to collaborate with them at every touchpoint present in the service cycle. Service Creatio brings all communication channels in one place for a seamless customer experience. Users can personalize their communication channels and connect with customers through messengers, phone, email or self-service portals. Moreover, Service Creatio’s inbuilt tools help companies in improving the efficiency levels of their contact centre. With its intelligent tools and low-code capabilities, the platform facilitates all contact centre processes. It can also manage complex ITSM processes by applying the best methods of the ITIL framework. Companies get to boost their service efficiency through a process-centric UX and incorporate intelligence to simplify routing and case classification. show more

BMC Helix ITSM - Service Desk Software


Transform ITSM principles into more useful services that your business needs
(573 Ratings)

BMC Helix ITSM pricing: BMC Helix ITSM Offers Custom plan.

What is BMC Helix ITSM and how does it work?

BMC Helix ITSM is an industry-leading service management software that helps businesses with intelligent automation services to transform ITSM principles from Remedy into more agile solutions. It is a powerful and customer-centric system that uses emerging technologies, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The software helps with predictive service management using features like auto-classification, routing of incidents and assignment. BMC Helix ITSM has multi-cloud capabilities to manage broker incidents, for releases and changes across cloud providers. The software also helps to create and resolve problems faster with its context-aware, intelligent and proactive incident matching facilities. It includes all IT services that are required to manage change, service requests, assets, knowledge and identity monitoring. Further, businesses can provide key information to their customers and support people whenever needed using its built-in Knowledge-Centred Service (KCS) functionality. The accessibility and flow of information also become easy with BMC Helix ITSM through its smart reports and interactive dashboard. show more

Ivanti Service Manager - Service Desk Software

Ivanti Service Manager

Improve your IT service delivery
(207 Ratings)

Ivanti Service Manager pricing: Ivanti Service Manager Offers Custom plan.

What is Ivanti Service Manager and how does it work?

Ivanti Service Manager is a flexible and cloud-optimized ITSM solution that helps organizations automate their business workflows besides modernizing service deliveries and beyond. The software makes business more compliant, efficient and secure by eliminating costly manual methods. Enterprises can deploy the platform to get sorted regarding support ticket modules, help desk management facilities and advanced ITIL service management processes. The Help Desk module within the platform, presents a user-friendly incident management system, making IT more effective and users more productive in real. The software turns out to be an ultimate service monitoring solution with options like Release, Availability, Event, Service Level, Project & Portfolio Management along with financial management. Also, a Hyper-Automation platform within Ivanti Service Manager known as Ivanti Neurons, empowers businesses to Self-Secure, Self-Heal, and Self-Service from Cloud to Edge, while dealing with rapid enhancements and complexities. Drag & Drop enabled workflow, Voice automation facility, multi-channel self-service option are some of the other salient features. show more

Mint Service Desk - Service Desk Software

Mint Service Desk

Regulate service desk and asset management facilities within a unified portal
(10 Ratings)

Mint Service Desk pricing: Mint Service Desk Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Mint Service Desk and how does it work?

Mint Service Desk is a service desk and asset management software for IT companies, enabling them to enhance their customer experience and manage the related assets. The platform hosts a variety of functionalities related to incident management, asset management, service requests, knowledge base, custom forms, advanced SLA etc. Moreover, the software also enables user agents to share knowledge with other agents and help out one another. Mint Service Desk provides a wide range of attributes to create unique forms for the service desk, besides enabling users to collect all the information that analysts need. This platform can be integrated with social media accounts, which facilitates companies to reach maximum customers. Brands can also connect with their customers over live chat for better communication. The advanced API of Mint Service Desk helps companies integrate with third-party platforms, make strong relationships with their customers and boost revenue. The operating company of Mint Service Desk have its branches located across Malaysia, Poland, Mexico, Canada and South Africa. show more

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - Service Desk Software

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Flexible software to empower IT help desk
(349 Ratings)

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus pricing: ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Offers Custom plan.

What is ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and how does it work?

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a flexible and scalable help desk software that offers better visibility and central control.The software helps adding value to your IT help desk through effective integration with IT management apps.It smartly automates all your help desk activities and is capable to support extensive reporting. Codeless customization allows creative freedom and ensures better adaptation to suit your unique business requirements. The tool can be deployed on either cloud or on premises. The software is available in 3 variants like Standard, Professional and Enterprise level. Each of the forms come suitably equipped with help desk features. show more

atSpoke - Service Desk Software


The number 1 Identity Platform for you is here
(79 Ratings)

atSpoke pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is atSpoke and how does it work?

atSpoke, now acquired by Okta is an identity platform that enables you to take your customer and employee creativity to the next level with industry-leading identity and access management services. It makes registration and login for your apps as simple as possible, all while protecting and empowering your partners, workers, and contractors. With the Okta Integration Network, you can securely embrace and automate any technology from cloud to ground. It offers secure cloud single sign-on, ideally suited to security, IT, and user purposes. With Okta, you get access controls for servers that are as flexible as your multi-cloud system and all of your devices, groups, and users can be found in one place. With Okta’s powerful user authentication, you can create safe, seamless consumer experiences. It provides secure and intelligent access to satisfy your employees and consumers. You can manage, store, and collect user profile data at scale, and remove the friction from your connections with vendors, partners, and customers. Additionally, with easy-to-implement automation, you can manage provisioning like a pro using Okta. show more

Symantec ServiceDesk - Service Desk Software

Symantec ServiceDesk

An accurate service desk solution to manage your every workflow
(14 Ratings)

Symantec ServiceDesk pricing: Symantec ServiceDesk Offers Custom plan.

What is Symantec ServiceDesk and how does it work?

Symantec ServiceDesk is a futuristic service desk software that helps companies with automated incident response and quick problem solutions. It provides effective remediation for customer incidents, essentially managed changes and systematic problems. The software can be installed and configured quickly with the help of its wizard-driven user interface. It can be easily integrated with IT Management Suite, enabling users to reduce service interruptions, correct systematic issues, accelerate service restorations and reduce downtime. Symantec ServiceDesk delivers solutions that come with the capabilities of AIOps, DevOps and Business Management in one unified portal. Its Broadcom wireline solutions help users overcome technical challenges present at various levels of network infrastructure. In the case of data centre solutions, users get help in maximizing their uptime and server speed. The software protects digital infrastructure and data from various security threats coming at different levels. Companies get access to appropriate solutions regarding connectivity, performance, scalability and manageability issues that are essential for data-intensive applications running on either web or cloud. show more

Vertask - Service Desk Software


Manage business-related documentation and resolve customers problems faster
(1 Ratings)

Vertask pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Vertask and how does it work?

Vertask is an advanced ticket system and task management software that helps companies to monitor their assets, contracts, requests, documentation and knowledge base. The software helps users to stay organized by keeping asset information, training material, user information and other documents within a unified portal. Admins can keep track of their assets and related information present in the service cycle. Companies can manage client information and other information to simplify the problem-solving process. Vertask reminds users of contract renewals, save documents and give access to employees who can see and edit them. Companies can even create their own knowledge repository for documentation, training or knowledge transfer. They can quickly generate tickets and tasks for themselves or clients. Vertask allows customers to create, close and update their requests besides viewing assigned assets. Customers can install agents on their computers that automatically syncs asset information, such as name, serial number and more. Lastly, the software also sends notifications whenever the tickets are assigned and updated. show more

Wolken ServiceDesk - Service Desk Software

Wolken ServiceDesk

From Case-Centric to Customer Centric
(2 Ratings)

Wolken ServiceDesk pricing: Wolken ServiceDesk Offers Custom plan.

What is Wolken ServiceDesk and how does it work?

Deliver a personalized, fast and flexible customer service experience to your customers using Wolken ServiceDesk. Wolken ServiceDesk comes with multiple prebuilt enterprise application integrations. Set predefined rules for your business processes to ensure unerring deliveries. Set predefined rules for your business processes to ensure unerring deliveries. Wolken ServiceDesk facilitates effective operational reporting through intelligent insights and customizable dashboards. They provide one-click customizable to help showcase the required metrics and give your teams visibility into the tickets that require. show more

Deepser - Service Desk Software


Easy to learn and fast to implement service desk and ITAM
(1 Ratings)

Deepser pricing: Deepser Offers Custom plan.

What is Deepser and how does it work?

Deepser is an IT service desk and IT asset management software that provides a certain set of features to companies, improving their business. These features enable companies to make process management flexible and deliver the best services in a dynamic market. The software also improves collaboration and accelerates communication among various teams and between companies and customers. Users can configure Deepser according to their own requirements and manage their business processes easily. It also allows companies to offer the right kind of tools to individual customers, enabling them to find the right solution to their problems. With an exclusive ticketing management feature, Deepser allows support teams to always stay in touch with their customers and help them with the right solutions. Deepser even allows companies to adopt VeriSM or ITIL quickly to manage processes with the best practices. It offers an interactive and modern portal through which users can deliver their best services. The software also provides tools for travelling or posted employees for field service management. show more

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List of Service Desk Software

Micro Focus Service Manager 4.1
Vorex 3.8
Jira Service Desk 4.3
Back 5
C2 ATOM 4.6
Vivantio 4.6
IBM Control Desk 4.8
EV Service Manager 3.9
Incident IQ 4.6
TeamHeadquarters 3.7

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