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SunView ChangeGear logo
Deliver personalized and smart IT services 4 Based on 75 Ratings
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What is SunView ChangeGear and how does it work?

SunView ChangeGear is an IT service management software that helps companies to deliver better customer services. The software comes with an intuitive and simple user interface that is easy to manage and navigate. It can be configured with drag and drop editing tools that can also be easily personalised to meet the needs of individual customers. SunView ChangeGear assists service teams and customers to make better decisions quickly using its AI capability. It provides real-time recommendations to increase staff productivity and efficiency. With a seamless workflow automation ability, the software helps service teams to automate their manual and repetitive tasks and manage end-to-end processes in a better way. The software works with IT staff and finds relevant information that helps in providing quick solutions to customers. SunView ChangeGear is easier to personalize and configure according to the needs of users using the powerful workflow processes equipped within.

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SunView ChangeGear Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • SunView ChangeGear Offers Custom plan.
Jira Service Desk logo
Provide excellent service experiences to valuable clients for long term retention 4.1 Based on 1267 Ratings
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What is Jira Service Desk and how does it work?

Jira Service Desk is an ITSM and IT service desk software, empowering organizations to deliver high-quality service experiences to their clients and employees in real-time. It acts as a high-velocity service request management tool, enabling enterprises to configure a self-service portal, make use of conversational ticketing and deliver exceptional services as well. With features like incident management, request management, asset management, knowledge management and collaboration between IT operations teams and development teams, the software ensures query resolution in real-time. Further, organizations can trust Jira Service Desk to empower their IT operations teams to take better actions and minimize risks by providing more valuable contextual knowledge. The platform features a variety of asset management tools, helping users monitor inventories, track ownerships and take care of lifecycles as well. Moreover, enterprises get to gain more visibility into their IT infrastructures operating various critical services and applications leveraging the configuration management tools featured by the software.

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Jira Service Desk Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $10.00. Offers Free-forever plan.
Micro Focus Service Manager logo
Service desk solution powered with machine learning and analytics 4.2 Based on 9 Ratings
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What is Micro Focus Service Manager and how does it work?

Micro Focus Service Manager as an IT service management software is a scalable and extensible service desk platform that helps companies to resolve customer problems and scale business. The software comes equipped with functionalities like analytics, machine learning and automation capabilities that saves a lot of time and effort for services teams. It also reduces the down-ticket volumes and accelerates issue incident resolution time. Further, an engaging and modern self-service portal within the same improves customer autonomy and satisfaction. Micro Focus Service Manager is easy to deploy and execute, facilitating faster time to value and ROI. It can be deployed, upgraded and configured without any coding knowledge. The software’s machine learning and analytics capabilities enable agents to view, find and analyze trends and patterns in requests, incidents and other records. Micro Focus Service Manager automatically routes service requests, categorizes tickets and finds solutions quickly. It facilitates DevOps integrations to automate the process of the release build and deployment besides simplifying processes from development to production.

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Micro Focus Service Manager Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Micro Focus Service Manager Offers Custom plan.
Vivantio logo
A compact software to deliver the best IT support 4.8 Based on 25 Ratings
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What is Vivantio and how does it work?

Vivantio is an intuitive IT service management software for IT companies’ service teams. It helps companies to manage their core incident, client, change, problem, and asset management needs with the help of multiple tools. Service teams can create customizable tickets of different types according to their business units. They can route multiple tasks to various teams with their roles and permissions features. Also, Vivantio helps to manage business processes across departments, teams and even customers. It allows companies to view snapshots of important operational data from their home area. Admins can also prioritize work through customizable ticket views, history, service details and its load balancer. Vivantio helps to boost productivity, record key performance metrics accurately and offer an enhanced customer experience using its service automation capabilities. Service teams can streamline approvals and tasks for their standard workflows processes. The software comes with customizable self-service portals and CRM features that help to build more effective customer service relationships.

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Vivantio Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $42.00.
Motadata ServiceOps logo
IT Service Desk Software 4.4 Based on 36 Ratings
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What is Motadata ServiceOps and how does it work?

Empower the IT organization with Motadata ServiceOps – the AI-enabled platform designed to help swiftly adapt and excel in an environment that demands agility across all facets of the business. Motadata ServiceOps adheres to ITIL standards, enhancing IT Service Management (ITSM) with advanced AI and ML capabilities. This innovation not only optimizes service delivery but also promotes an efficient self-service culture. When users create requests or report incidents, they receive smart suggestions from a well-curated knowledge base, speeding up resolution and fostering autonomy. Deep integrations within the Service Desk empower the team to seamlessly manage the lifecycle of both Standard Applications and Hardware Assets. The platform features both agent and agentless options for automatic asset discovery, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. With a robust Configuration Item (CI) database, the management of IT and non-IT assets becomes more accurate and less cumbersome. Patch management is made effortless with the ability to automate vulnerability scans and the deployment of patches from a centralized interface, where thorough patch testing and approval protocols guarantee that only stable and secure updates reach to endpoints. In the pursuit of compliance, Motadata ServiceOps provides out-of-the-box system configurations designed to keep in line with industry standards and regulations. Transform the organization's IT service delivery with Motadata ServiceOps – where sophistication meets simplicity.

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Motadata ServiceOps Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Motadata ServiceOps Offers Custom plan.
Back logo
Managing Internal Operations Made Simple 4.7 Based on 3 Ratings
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What is Back and how does it work?

Back software is a platform used to optimize the employee experience with policies, processes, and communication. Collaborate with your team in a unified workspace with prioritize tasks and track requests across teams. Monitor the document workflows and generate reports to track service levels with trends. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

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Back Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Back Offers Custom plan.
Web+Center logo
Web based helpdesk software Write a Review
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What is Web+Center and how does it work?

Web+Center is a suite of open source, web-based help desk applications that run onsite or in the cloud and support all browser-based devices, including PCs, Macs, smart phones and tablets. With access to 100% of the source code, organizations can create the ideal customized solution for their unique business needs for applications such as IT help desk, customer support, asset tracking and facilities management. Community colleges, hospitals, small businesses, non-profits and government organizations love Web+Center’s rich feature set and ease of use. A full version of the suite is free for up to 2 techs and does not time out, nor is it limited by the number of customers or cases. There are a lot of help desk vendors providing similar products today. The Internet Software Sciences help desk offering is unique in that it offers a high return on investment by providing you with a solution that you can grow with while customizing it into a very efficient help desk for minimal cost. We can offer this longer-term offering by providing you with 100% of the source code that is designed to be customized to include your specific business functions.

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Web+Center Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Starts at $400.00.
SolarWinds Service Desk logo
An IT service management (ITSM) solution 4.5 Based on 430 Ratings
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What is SolarWinds Service Desk and how does it work?

SolarWinds Service Desk provides IT teams an easy to use and affordable ITSM solution based on ITIL best practices. SolarWinds Service Desk is a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution for the modern helpdesk. Streamline ticket management and issue resolution with time-saving workflows, ticket routing rules and an AI-powered knowledge base. The platform also enables employee self-service via a service catalog and portal.

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SolarWinds Service Desk Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $19.00.
TOPdesk logo
A must-have software to make your customers happy 4.4 Based on 338 Ratings
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What is TOPdesk and how does it work?

TOPdesk is a service management software that helps businesses to easily connect with customers and meet their expectations. This easy to use solution allows businesses to spend less time on registering tickets and more time on delivering the best possible services. It makes it possible for companies to easily integrate their favourite tools. TOPdesk helps to reduce the workload of IT teams related to handling tickets, solving problems faster and sharing knowledge. Users can automate their processes so they can work together with other departments and improve efficiency. With its omnichannel support, businesses can help their customers through a channel appropriate for the latter. Moreover, detailed metrics offered by the software, helps businesses measure their departments’ performance and improve their services. The facilities department can utilise the software’s easy-to-use interface to perform all of their tasks easily, whether it’s monitoring orders or scheduling important repairs. TOPdesk, with included features and flexibility, is useful for every type of business, such as CAFM, ITSM, ESM and more.

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TOPdesk Pricing

  • Free Trial Available
  • TOPdesk Offers Custom plan.
Vorex logo
Your one place to manage IT services tickets and requests 4 Based on 31 Ratings
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What is Vorex and how does it work?

Vorex is a remote monitoring and management software that allows companies to easily create, resolve and manage their IT service tickets and requests. It reduces the generated number of tickets and finds solutions to IT incidents faster. Vorex can be integrated directly with VSA, which speeds up the resolution of IT services by 40%. The software allows technicians to work efficiently and seamlessly with advanced tools and find information quickly, whenever needed. It helps users to spend more time on solving customers’ problems and less time tracking tickets. Further, Vorex allows companies to manage their IT projects and staff effectively besides accessing reports in real-time about project status. The solution also improves forecasting with its project management capabilities. An interactive dashboard within the same displays real-time information on the status and progress of tickets. Companies can easily create custom reports to gain insights into their operations and make better business decisions.

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Vorex Pricing

  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Vorex Offers Custom plan.

List of Top Service Desk Software

SunView ChangeGear SunView ChangeGear NA 4
Jira Service Desk Jira Service Desk NA 4.1
Micro Focus Service Manager Micro Focus Service Manager NA 4.2
Vivantio Vivantio NA 4.8
Motadata ServiceOps Motadata ServiceOps NA 4.4
Back Back NA 4.7
Web+Center Web+Center NA 0
SolarWinds Service Desk SolarWinds Service Desk NA 4.5
TOPdesk TOPdesk NA 4.4
Vorex Vorex NA 4

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