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Physical Security Software

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Google Nest

Google Nest Connected Home
(14 Ratings)

Build a smarter, more thoughtful connected home. Control your lights, set your temperature, and start the entertainment - all with your voice.

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Alarm.com for Business

Smart Business Security | Alarm.com Commercial Security
(2 Ratings)

Alarm.com smart business security connects your security, lights, locks, video, and more into a single cost-effective solution. Get started today.

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Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance System
(1 Ratings)

Cyber Secure Cloud Video Surveillance System with flexibility in your choice(s) of cameras and locations. Cloud-based video surveillance with Eagle Eye VMS.

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Physical Security Platform - Brivo
(4 Ratings)

Automate the security and management of your building access control systems with our scalable cloud-based physical security platform.

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Verkada - Enterprise Video Security
(1 Ratings)

Verkada's end-to-end video security solution replaces obselete equipment with technology that's smart, secure and easy to manage.

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DeskShare Security Monitor Pro

Security Monitor Pro - Video Surveillance: Video Security Software
(1 Ratings)

Professional video surveillance / security software with support for multiple IP cameras. Detect motion, record video, take photos, sound alarms and send email.

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Blue Iris

Home - Blue Iris Software
(4 Ratings)

Innovative Video Management Software (VMS) to record up to 64 cameras, both IP and analog. Keep an eye on your home, place of business & valuables.

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Genea Access Control...

Access Control | Genea | Previously Sequr Access Control
(5 Ratings)

Sequr, now Genea Access Control, is a cloud-based system that helps customers automate access control and security management. Customers can use their smartphone in addition to keycards for access.

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Evolv Technology

Home - Evolv Technology
(1 Ratings)

Incredibly Fast, Fully Touchless Security Screening. It's 10x faster for 70% less labor cost than metal detectors. No bag checks.

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Silvertrac Software

Silvertrac Software | Security Guard Management Software
(1 Ratings)

Top-rated security guard management software, incident reporting system & guard tour systems. Offering security teams software to manage real-time officer tracking, digital guard tours, maintenance & parking enforcement.

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Let's make nothing happen together
(0 Ratings)

Ontic developed the first Protective Intelligence Platform that enables corporate security leaders to take a proactive, always-on approach to physical safety. Eliminate the risk that arises when intelligence lives in siloed data and tools with limited context. Explore how Ontic's Platform can make your business safer. Proactively and continually assess, collaborate, and act on more threats to keep employees, facilities and assets safe, protecting company value.

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Security & Field Workforce Management Solutions | Trackforce
(3 Ratings)

Trackforce Valiant is a turnkey Physical Security Software solution built for the industry. We offer guard management essentials such as real-time remote guard monitoring and tour tracking.

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Rhombus Systems

Rhombus - Next-Generation Enterprise Security Camera System
(10 Ratings)

Rhombus Systems provides cloud managed security cameras and IoT sensors for the enterprise. The platform leverages AI with computer vision to power features like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and people analytics.

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Cloud-based Access Control | ProdataKey | United States
(1 Ratings)

ProdataKey is defining the future of access control. Easy-to-scale systems provide maximum security, real-time updates, & more; all managed from one simple app.

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The NVR has been reimagined
(1 Ratings)

Spot AI NVR is a physical security software that creates simple camera systems to let businesses make quicker, more informed choices. It enables you to keep in touch and gain access to Video Intelligence, thought leadership on AI, and other topics. With Spot AI NVR, you get hardware that has been turbocharged and can be used with a variety of cameras. In one appliance, you get the best of both worlds: local storage and cloud storage. With choices of 30, 60, and 90 days, you can store locally and there are no restrictions on how long you can save essential video footage to the cloud. With cutting-edge AI silicon, you can get powerful analytics. Using HDMI, you can stream video walls to your large displays all the time with Spot AI NVR. With Spot AI’s edge-native technology, you can store, ingest, protect, and index video locally. The platform offers an online dashboard designed specifically for your processes that allows you to view locally saved video. Additionally, Spot AI Enterprise NVR offers storage redundancy in the event of a hardware failure. show more

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Sentry Smart Alerts

Reduce false alerts | Artificial Intelligence for Blue Iris software | Sentry AI
(1 Ratings)

Sentry AI partners with Blue Iris software to outfit your security cameras with AI technology in minutes. Suppress up to 90 percent of false alerts.

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Security Risk Manager

Pricing | Security Risk
(0 Ratings)

SRM Platform is a multi-featured solution to help security companies transform their operations. SRM- platform works on cloud in low-bandwidth environments.

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Zendelity | | Command Center - Patrol
(0 Ratings)

Command Center Patrol is a mobile solution designed to automate the distribution and monitor the completion of the physical operating tasks and responsibilities.

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List of Physical Security Software

Google Nest 4.5
Alarm.com for Business 3.8
Eagle Eye Networks 5
Brivo 4.8
Verkada 4
DeskShare Security Monitor Pro 4.5
Blue Iris 4.9
Genea Access Control (previously Sequr) 4.2
Solink NA
Evolv Technology 3.5