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Updated on: June 17, 2021

Performance Management System

Performance management system is a solution to measure and evaluate the performance of employees. It helps businesses to align objectives and goals of their employees with the organizational goals and set priorities in order. It makes it easier for managers to track performance of the employees throughout the year, conduct performance reviews and manage a 360 degree feedback, thereby automating the entire evaluation process of the organization. Typically used by the HR departments which need a tool with measurable results in order to manage, track and review the employees. An effective Performance management system provides you with an opportunity to build positive work culture, while attracting and retaining top talent.

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Online Performance Reviews
(31 Ratings)

Performance management is not done in a vacuum. PerformanceHub can join everything up from the organisation’s long term vision, all the way down to individual objectives. PerformanceHub’s easy to use and intuitive interface guides employees through every step, reminding them when something... read more

20 Dollar Eval

Most-effective performance review system
(1 Ratings)

20 Dollar Eval pricing: Starts at $20.0.

20 Dollar Eval is, hands down, the best performance review system available for small and mid-sized companies as well as teams within large organizations. With its user-friendly interface, 20 Dollar Eval provides easy-to-follow prompts and automated features, requiring no technical expertise to... read more


A well-oiled machine
(1 Ratings)

Cambeo pricing: Starts at $2.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Cambeo's task and document management tool provides the flexibility to assign dynamic tasks and deadlines to teams or employees, as well as create store checklists. A key benefit is the ability to find out which stores an teams consistently complete checklists and track trends over time.


A unique solution to HR with Talent Management Software
(1 Ratings)

TalentGuard pricing: TalentGuard Offers Custom plan.

TalentGuard is a Cloud-based HR software used to engage and retain employees. The software offers a suite of products like Career Pathing, Competency Management, Compensation Planning, Development Planning, Learning Management, Performance Management, Certification Tracking, Succession Planning,... read more


A Performance Management Tool
(119 Ratings)

Mirro pricing: Mirro Offers Custom plan.

Mirro software is an All-in-one performance management software to create better team experience. Create a profile to manage onboarding process to measure the progress of your team. Collect feedback to measure the Objectives and Key Results with company practices. HR Managers, Small and Medium... read more


Perform Better Together
(19 Ratings)

GoalSpan pricing: GoalSpan Offers Custom plan.

GoalSpan is creating tools for improving feedback, setting and managing goals, and assessing performance. We help you continuously develop and align your workforce around a common vision, mission, and core values. Easily manage goals or OKR's and track or approve changes. Add posts to goals or... read more


A gamification-based talent management platform
(76 Ratings)

Engagedly pricing: Engagedly Offers Custom plan.

Engagedly is a gamification-driven software that helps indexing and managing employee performance.With this tool, you can get access to necessary functionalities like Ongoing Check-Ins, Performance Reviews, Employee goal setting feature, Real-Time Feedback, 360-degree Feedback, etc.The social... read more

Clear Review

Improve productivity, Engage employees
(34 Ratings)

Clear Review pricing: Clear Review Offers Custom plan.

Clear Review is an award-winning, Continuous Performance Management System, They have helped over 200 organisations make the shift away from annual appraisals with our expertise and new breed of simple performance management software centred around year-round meaningful conversations, agile goals... read more


360 Feedback Software
(4 Ratings)

TruScore pricing: TruScore Offers Custom plan.

Keeping up with the latest 360 technology will no longer monopolize your time, money, and focus. they have got better things to do. We offer only the ones that are truly relevant, so users can master our interface in days, not months.


Be Your Best Manager
(46 Ratings)

WideAngle pricing: WideAngle Offers Custom plan.

WideAngle is the leading Agile Performance Management Platform powered by 1:1 meetings. At WideAngle, we believe the better the relationship between the manager and direct report, the better the performance.

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