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Updated on: September 21, 2020

Performance Management System

Performance management system is a solution to measure and evaluate the performance of employees. It helps businesses to align objectives and goals of their employees with the organizational goals and set priorities in order. It makes it easier for managers to track performance of the employees throughout the year, conduct performance reviews and manage a 360 degree feedback, thereby automating the entire evaluation process of the organization. Typically used by the HR departments which need a tool with measurable results in order to manage, track and review the employees. An effective Performance management system provides you with an opportunity to build positive work culture, while attracting and retaining top talent.

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Increase performance and productivity

Backfeed+ is based on the latest neuroscience insights into how the brain reacts to feedback. Research shows that while both giving and receiving feedback is stressful, feedback proactively requested is the most appreciated and applied. With BackFeed+, actionable feedback is guaranteed. You can... read more


A unique solution to HR with Talent Management Software
(1 Ratings)

TalentGuard is a Cloud-based HR software used to engage and retain employees. The software offers a suite of products like Career Pathing, Competency Management, Compensation Planning, Development Planning, Learning Management, Performance Management, Certification Tracking, Succession Planning,... read more


Continuous Feedback-based Employee Performance & Engagement Software
(49 Ratings)

Synergita is an analytic tool that digitizes employee performance management and engagement. It can track, measure, and manage employee goals while keeping relevant information of every employee along with the supporting documents at a centralized location. Managers can access the reporting... read more


Enterprise OKR and performance management solution
(126 Ratings)

Betterworks is the market-leading end-to-end OKR and performance management solution. Align teams and individual goals to the organization's top priorities. Facilitate continuous coaching, skill development, and goal progress. Activate instant surveys and gather continuous feedback at any stage of... read more


A Performance Management System for Business
(2,306 Ratings)

15Five software is a platform used to measure the employee's performance to automate workflows. Measure the levels of collaboration and productivity of your teams. Align individual goals with 1-on-1 meetings to boost levels of motivation. It integrates with Jira, Slack, BambooHR, Namely, and more.... read more


A Management platform for People
(2,200 Ratings)

Lattice is a cloud-based Performance management system to improve employee engagement in organizations. The software offers functions such as 360-degree performance reviews, OKRs, feedback, and employee engagement surveys to manage the operations. Collaborate on 1:1s work to elevate performance,... read more

Small Improvements

Help Your Employees Grow and Succeed
(62 Ratings)

Small Improvements is a flexible performance management toolkit for small and mid-sized companies. The place where employees document goals and track their progress over time, relying on immediate feedback as they work. Engagement happens all the time. Gather real-time employee feedback through... read more


Empower employees to accelerate their performance
(54 Ratings)

Impraise is a powerful performance management software that enables enterprises to help its employees accelerate their productivity. It assists managers and the entire workforce of an organization to improve performance by staying steady on destined goals, evaluate progress regularly, and take... read more


A Drive Business with Employee performance

Dockabl is an Employee experience platform to optimize the performance of your team and organization. Measure goals with continuous feedback. Collaborate with your team to automate the workflow. Gain insights to make decisions about your business and talent in reports and rewards. Small, Medium and... read more


Performance evaluation software

Pusula360 is a cloud-based new generation performance management. Competence and goal-based 360-degree evaluation free ready forms, instant reporting and much more. It helps to manage the performance evaluation processes online and increase productivity.

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