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Updated on: September 26, 2022

Benefits Administration Software

Benefits administration software helps companies identify the most valuable employee benefits and cost governing. It provides a central location for managing employee benefits and keeping track of compliance-related paperwork. These systems often offer a variety of features, including online portals for employees, self-service options, and the ability to view and adjust benefits packages. Additionally, Benefits administration solutions can help organizations keep track of compliance-related paperwork and ensure they follow all relevant federal and local regulations, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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PlanSource - Benefits Administration Software


The Center of the PlanSource Universe
(1,202 Ratings)

What is PlanSource and how does it work?

PlanSource is a technology company driven to create a better benefits experience for employers and their employees. And given the complexities of the health care system, it is important to approach benefits with a laser-like focus. That is where they can provide the greatest value in an increasingly complex market. Insurance products are complex and can be confusing, and the enrollment process has historically been a complicated affair. They guide employees through the process so that they can shop for benefits the same way they shop for other products online. show more

Maxwell Health - Benefits Administration Software

Maxwell Health

HR and benefits administration platform that works for you
(61 Ratings)

Maxwell Health pricing: Maxwell Health Offers Custom plan.

What is Maxwell Health and how does it work?

Maxwell Health simplifies benefits and HR for small-to-mid-sized employers. The platform includes a marketplace that makes buying benefits intuitive for employees, tools that streamline HR processes including benefits administration and payroll, and a mobile app that makes using benefits easy. Onboard new employees completely online and keep a system of record in one centralized employee database. Stay connected and in sync across your benefits ecosystem thanks to partnerships with insurance carriers, payroll vendors, HR information systems, and third-party administrators. show more

PeopleKeep - Benefits Administration Software


Hassle-Free Health Benefits
(58 Ratings)

PeopleKeep pricing: Starts at $6.0.

What is PeopleKeep and how does it work?

PeopleKeep helps organizations offer hassle-free health benefits their employees love. They automate all the most time-consuming tasks like preparing and updating legal documentation and reviewing reimbursements while providing award-winning customer support to employees so you can focus on running your business. PeopleKeep gathers the reimbursement requests from employees, processes and reviews the documentation, and provides you with a weekly email report informing you about any reimbursements you need to approve. show more

Benefitfocus - Benefits Administration Software


A Single Solution for Benefits Management
(6 Ratings)

Benefitfocus pricing: Benefitfocus Offers Custom plan.

What is Benefitfocus and how does it work?

Benefitfocus is a cloud benefit administration software. Seamless and secure data exchange is foundational to the benefits ecosystem and critical to the delivery of a trusted consumer experience. Purpose-built solutions require intuitive interfaces and workflow-driven experiences and the ability to easily adapt to the next great idea. By leveraging a rich portfolio of integration technologies, Benefitsaige automates data exchange across the ecosystem in near real-time with greater ease and accuracy than ever before. show more

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