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Updated on: December 9, 2019
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bpm’online CRM

Low-code, process automation and CRM platform
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Creatio is a leading low-code, process automation and CRM company. Today, that company serves thousands of customers worldwide. Creatio’s agile CRM platform enables midsize and large enterprises to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations. Creatio embraces the “Everyone a Developer” concept for a seamless Business-IT alignment. Creatio has been highly recognized by key industry analysts, receiving multiple awards. That company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts.

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bpm’online CRM Technical details

Support 24/7 (Live rep) Business Hours Online Customer Type Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API Location / Phone Number Boston, Massachusetts / +1 617 765 7997
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Installed - Windows Installed - Mac Category CRM Software

bpm’online CRM Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Quotation Based
How much does bpm’online CRM cost ?
bpm’online CRM provides a custom pricing for their software.


  • 360° customer view
  • Segmentation
  • Website behavior tracking
  • Lead management
  • Trigger campaigns
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Event management
  • Business process management
  • Productivity tools
  • System designer
  • Collaboration tools
  • Opportunity management
  • Orders and invoices
  • Field sales management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Contract management
  • Product management
  • Document flow automation
  • Project management
  • Mobile sales
  • Knowledge management

Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 27/03/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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bpm’online CRM Reviews

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Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 31 July 2019)
"Multifunctional platform for quality service"

What do you like best?

Of all system’s capabilities, data accessibility is what we admire the most. No matter which communication channel the data has been collected from – it is all seen in one place, easy to find and accessible to all employees. With bpm’online mobile app, service support managers are not dependent on their PCs, being able to manage data even while being out of office during service visits.

What do you dislike?

At the early implementation stage, we really lacked some learning materials that would otherwise help us guide our employees through the system, making them learn faster how to use it.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Multichannel communications, client data consolidation, configurable access control, case management and service process monitoring tools – a list of aspects we benefit from by using bpm’online is by far not limited to these features only. Thanks to bpm’online service solutions, our service engineers have shortened case processing time and improved the quality of customer service in general.

Additionally, bpm’online helps us not only manage current service processes, but also plan future ones. A special business process has been set up to automatically calculate the date of next service visit and have a particular employee assigned to it – all done based on the data provided in the system.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 30 July 2019)
"user friendly crm / user and partner review"

What do you like best?

BPM'online is a user friendly system with nice, modern and logic interface. Thanks to its business process platform it can be customized and adjusted based on our needs and goals for our customers. It customization allowed us to achieve a better management of our internal processes as well as of our sales and marketing teams management.

What do you dislike?

We had minor issues an the beginning of the implementation, but the support team solved them straightaway. Also, there are so many setting and possibilities in the system that I frankly don't know if we will get to know them all.

We know bpm'online is always improving, but we hope the marketing management gets new features.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

- tracking and sending emails and seeing the interactions with our clients and prospects;

- sales processes modified to fit our needs based on the kind of opportunities and more efficiently;

- organizing documents flow;

- getting custom analytics.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 19 July 2019)
"Solutions CRM"

What do you like best?

IT's a good tools for manager our personal commercial. We use it for to have tracing about the sell od team.

What do you dislike?

I have had problems with the databases because when joining accounts or similar contacts I have not been able to delete the history and I remain with history in two accounts

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?


Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 16 July 2019)
"Greatly customized system for sales"

What do you like best?

With the help of bpm'online, we unified client’s database, automated core business processes, and took control over the KPI analysis of the employee performance. Some of our favorite functions of the bpm'online are the following:

-Dashboards section where the head of sale department can trace all ongoing activities and interacts with the managers in real-time. The activities of all managers can also be controlled based on their daily, weekly and monthly performance, thereby their efficiency is automatically calculated.

-System’s ability to assists sales managers by showing next process stages and enabling them to keep track of the customer journey stages. Leads are being automatically handed off to sales. Successful sales convert into projects, which are customized in accordance to our work cycle.

-Time management tools. The tasks assigned to employees are displayed in the calendar, which helps both individuals and teams to better arrange daily, weekly, and monthly work schedules.

What do you dislike?

Some of the managers struggled with getting used to a new system - because of the shift to a new software the entire process of work was changed. However, in the course of time, all employees adapted to it.

We often reach out to technical support department for certain inquiries. Bpm’online support team helps us to keep the system customized, that’s why we really appreciate the help we are given.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Over the years of operating in elevators equipment services, our company accumulated a great number of clients which was challenging to keep track of. We realized that unless we use an efficient tool to manage our data, we would be missing out potential deals. We needed a smart CRM system which could aggregate our client’s data and communication history, track customer needs, monitor employee performance, and record the history of orders, deals, and services provided. That’s when bpm'online stepped in, solving all issues at once.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 16 July 2019)
"Data-driven CRM "

What do you like best?

bpm'online makes it easy to manage customer data, and to create data-driven marketing campaigns. bpm'online really allows you to make the most of your customer data.

What do you dislike?

I don't see any downsides of bpm'online.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The KPI tracking feature is really useful, and the dashboards provide a great overview of marketing campaigns and overall customer journey. The integration with task management makes it easy to work effectively.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 05 July 2019)
"Good Solution for Efficient Customer Service"

What do you like best?

Our company was looking for a flexible platform to boost the quality and automation of customer service, and bpm'online service appeared to be just the right one.

The platform helped us to keep pace with the company’s dynamic growth without sacrificing the quality of our service. Quick implementation of the basic functional package and additional services also proved the product as a successful manager of change for the company.

Primarily, we set-up case management tool to deal with the upcoming requests and added some additional features, such as “waiting for response” stage and ratings section. We were pleased with the flexibility and customization options of the platform that helped us tailor best solutions to automate our processes.

In order to control case processing time and ensure fast reaction of the employees, the system was set-up to automatically send notification to the team leader if the case has not been addressed within 20 minutes.

What do you dislike?

We required additional support with setting up the integration of Microsoft Azure AD and bpm'online as well as with the functioning of some landing forms. However, bpm'online customer center did a good job responding to the issue instantly.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Since our company incorporates a number of market fields (retail, manufacturing, consulting, medicine etc.), the complexity of data and processes needed to be efficiently managed in one single system, which was one of the most crucial factors of choosing bpm'online service. With the help of bpm'online service, we managed to integrate a range of tasks needed for quality service on the one single platform.

Our clients are now able to track cases in the real-time, the requests are automatically processed, and all the case management stages can be easily monitored by the team.

Previously, we had a difficulty in setting up the system of reporting and controlling the quality of service. Analytical and customer feedback tools have now enabled us to track the results and keep enhancing the quality and efficiency of processes.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 29 April 2019)
""bpm'online Reviews""

What do you like best?

Bpmonline is exceedingly configurable arrangement that has expanded the effectiveness and profitability for clients. It was incredible to tweak the worked in procedures to our particular business needs. It helped us to develop and adjust to showcase changes in the Financial business with phenomenal spryness.

What do you dislike?

We are yet to gone over anything we detest with the framework - luckily the easy to understand capacity to arrange the framework enables us to quickly discover better approaches for settling deterrents when they arrive.

Recommendations to others considering the product

I trust it is an item which would enable any organizations to develop with it. Regardless of whether you are a little or huge organization, and whether you are inside a particular industry with extraordinary prerequisite, bpm'online is flexible to the point that it will cook for everybody necessities.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are presently ready to convey trigger messages and robotize our email showcasing forms. We would now be able to run reports and see live dashboards and updates inside our pipe to have a superior thought of our present generally picture. Our lead/opportunity stream is smoother and more proficient than previously. The inside specialized instruments make it simpler for inner workers to impart, pursue, and track exercises as call backs, updates, and so on. With the usage of bpm'online, we decreased innovation costs and wiped out costs related with startling programming updates and work force.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 26 April 2019)
"CRM that has won our trust"

What do you like best?

Before we found bpm’online, we were using manual Excel data entry. Even though initially Excel worksheets satisfied our business needs, with time we have realized that they lack some features that are critical for our industry. The data was scattered, which did not allow us to perform quality sales data analysis. In addition, it was hard for us to analyze employee engagement. After a few weeks of search, we decided to implement bpm’online - CRM that promised to automate sales process workflow. And the best thing about this system is that it fulfilled its promises.

What do you dislike?

We are looking forward to more first-class sales features from bpm’online.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Bpm’online CRM allowed us to take our customer service to a completely new level. Thanks to this CRM, activity planning has been simplified – now, our managers can easily record all their agreements with clients in a single system. What’s more, bpm’online enables us to save a lot of time so that we can work on increasing the client portfolio. We plan to use it further.

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 23 April 2019)
"CRM that actually works "

What do you like best?

Bpm’online helps us to organize all the important data in a centralized database so that we can keep track of all the information. Bpm’online stores important details of our customers thus reducing the time of our employees. We don’t have to manually enter the data – that’s what I like best about bpm’online!

What do you dislike?

As of now, everything works fine. It would be great if bpm’online adds even more new features for sales management

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Bpm’online is good at solving many different issues. For example:

• It helps us manage our sales processes more efficiently

• Stores all the vital data in a single environment

• With its help we can get custom analytics when it’s needed

• Organizes document flow between all employees;

Bpm’online allowed us to quickly update the information and receive reports on the work of both tender and sales departments. We are completely satisfied with the system!

Source : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 12 April 2019)
"Good CRM for printing industry"

What do you like best?

In the beginning, we were using another system. Even though initially that software satisfied our needs, with time we have noticed that it lacks some critical features that are necessary for our business sector. That is why we decided to switch to another CRM with advanced sales and marketing capabilities.

What we were looking for is a system that will automate notifications of order statuses and provide analytics that would allow us to effectively respond to customer behavior. We decided to implement bpm’online since it promised to streamline our order processing and thereby increase sales. Our final decision was to implement bpm’online sales commerce and bpm’online marketing products.

What do you dislike?

As for now, everything works fine, but as they say, there is always room for improvement. We look forward to new sales and marketing features from bpm’online.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Bpm’online allows us to attract new customers and maintain the interest of the existing ones – that is important for our company. Behavior tracking tool allows us to track visitor behavior on our website as well as identify lead generation channels and sources. All information is collected in the lead profiles and is displayed in dashboard analytics. Now, we can easily track lead sources, evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation channels used in our marketing campaigns, and focus our efforts on the best performing channels.

Overall, bpm’online implementation allowed us to increase sales by 20%! That is a huge difference comparing to what we’ve had before. The software enabled us to improve the quality of customer service and increase customer loyalty. Now, we regularly use the analytics that allows us to segment customers according to their behavior and target communications.

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Business rules engine
Business process modeling
Workflow management
Business rules engine
Business rules engine
Business process modeling
Workflow management

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