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Meeting Room Booking Systems

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Manage your spaces better
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Skedda is the world's leading space-scheduling platform. It leverages automation, and extensive customizability, to remove the logistical headache of managing all manner of 'spaces' at your organization. It is ideally suited for rooms, desks, laboratories, sports facilities, community facilities, and more. Skedda allows organizations to stop wasting valuable time by automating complex booking rules, policies, and administration. It prevents double bookings and collects and centralizes all relevant booking information for your spaces into a single platform you can view at a glance. With Skedda, you can take bookings day in, day out, without any manual intervention on your part. Once your system is set up, your users can make bookings according to your rules and configured policies. You can start accepting online payments via our partner, Stripe, and integrate easily into applications like Microsoft Outlook, Xero, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Zoho, Slack, Mailchimp, and 1000s more. Skedda's interactive floor plans provide you and your users with a crisp, clear view of your spaces and their positioning in your venue. show more

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Condeco Meeting Room Booking

Bring people together with ease
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Securing the meeting space need, at the time need it, has never been easier. User can find a suitable space and time, check all attendees are available and make a booking in moments. Whether through Outlook, on user mobile, or via the Condeco portal on the web.

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Simplicity at heart
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Joan is the number one solution for meeting room booking, desk booking, and workplace management. It helps you safely reopen your offices and set up a frictionless workspace.

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The AskCody App is bringing simplicity to workday and give what need the most when it comes to scheduling meetings and manage room bookings on the go. The AskCody App is a true timesaver in workday, that allows to stay ahead. No need to search the office for what’s available; a complete overview of free rooms or workstations is one click away.

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Online Booking Engine for meetings & events - MeetingPackage
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Sell your meeting rooms & services online with real-time availability and dynamic pricing. Receive instant bookings or RFPs directly through your own website with our Booking Engine.

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Meeting Room Booking and Hoteling Software: AgilQuest
(11 Ratings)

The Forum is a cloud-based, SaaS platform that supports employee flexibility. It makes it easy to find the best place to work, share available assets and optimize the workplace.

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Pronestor Room

Meeting Room Booking System | Easy booking with Pronestor »
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Pronestor™ Meeting Room Booking System - Simplify Booking of Meeting Rooms ?Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 integration ?On-premises or Cloud ?Support Mobile Devices ?Centrally Managed

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Workspace Management Solutions | Facilities Scheduling | Smartway2
(4 Ratings)

Smartway2 is a flexible, easy-to-use workspace management platform. Works seamlessly with Outlook & Office 365. Powerful predictive analytics boost ROI by reducing resource waste.

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Venue Management Software that Powers up your Business
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Rendezvous by NFS – the easy-to-use, affordable venue management software system that’s all you need to drive up efficiency and help staff make more sales

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Manage Room Booking in Minutes
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MIDAS is a platform used to manage room booking system for organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world. Manage schedules, reminders in the calendar to clients. Accept booking requests through your websites and can check current room availability for your approval of rooms. The software supports on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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Upload the map, create desks, done
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Nibol makes it simple and fast to manage office space. Just create an account and upload the map of office and you are ready to go. With software, can create bookable desks, conference rooms, and parking spots to make sure that everyone has a spot when they come to the office. This helps to streamline the process and make everyone's life a little easier. Not to mention, it helps to create a more serene and stress-free work environment which allows everyone to focus on their job. With Nibol, have the flexibility to cancel anytime and can be up and running in just a few hours. show more

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Meetio - Make your workplace smarter
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Make your workplace as smart as the people in it. Smart, simple & reliable solutions for the modern workplace.

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UMA Vision

Workplace Booking Solution
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A Workplace SaaS platform built in response to the need for the office to digitally transform and improve user experiences, collaboration, reduce real estate costs and environmental impact and drive operational efficiency using technology and enhanced data-driven business intelligence.

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Get a Room

Get a Room: Conference Room Booking Software | Meeting Room Manager
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Easy-to-use conference room booking software used to manage room reservations within your company.

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integrated workspace management
(20 Ratings)

The idea of flexible working is becoming increasingly popular and businesses are looking for solutions to help them optimize their workspaces and employees' productivity. Cloudbooking's workspace management software provides the perfect solution for companies of all sizes. This cloud-based workplace reservation system helps to increase estate efficiency and supports employee well-being. They have helped hundreds of global brands, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational companies, to improve their workplace environment and operations. With Cloudbooking, businesses can empower their people to work from anywhere, transform their offices to suit the new ways of working, and watch their business grow and thrive. This long-standing relationships with customers are the proof of our success. Learn more about how can help business and join us today. show more

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Resource Scheduling Software - uReserve Online Resource Scheduler
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uReserve is an online resource scheduling system that allows members in your organization to reserve any type of resource such as conference rooms, computer systems, electronic equipment, company cars, and more!

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Bookado | Easy room and desk bookings
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Bookado is a SaaS booking system that allows users to book and check the availability of office resources. It doesn't require the purchase of any hardware as it uses AR markers instead of touch screens. Pay-as-you-go pricing model is convenient, cost-effective, and reliable.

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Book and manage conference rooms for meetings with ease
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Roombelt is a web-based platform that enables its users to avoid conference room theft and hence improve room usage. The software allows users to book a room for an ad-hoc meeting and also extend the meeting with a single click if needed. Users can easily see an overview of the meetings on a clear calendar view through the software. One can upload a custom background for their displays and also each device can have its background. Roombelt software enables users to cancel recurring meetings automatically if nobody checks-in in intervals of two or three times a row. The software enables users to inspect and optimize meeting room usage in the organization. It integrates with the calendar system used by many already such as Google Suite and Office365. Users can add devices in software using an internet browser on the device and choose the option of Register Device and then use the generated connection code in the administration panel of the software. show more

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Meet the future of workspace
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Flanco offers office space flow and property management products designed for a modern workplace. As the lightweight champion of hot desk and meeting room booking, Flanco's solution allows for easy scheduling and management of workspace resources. With Flanco, businesses can optimize their use of office space and streamline workflows to increase productivity. The platform offers a variety of features, including hot desk and meeting room booking, desk and space management, and resource utilization reporting. By using Flanco, businesses can ensure that their office space is being used effectively and efficiently. The platform's modern and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate and access the features they need. Flanco is the perfect solution for any company looking to improve their workspace management and optimize their office space utilization. show more

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Elevate hybrid office into a smart workplace
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From a simple desk booking to a full hybrid office management create a workplace without limits. Empower employees to manage their workday and let them book their favorite desk, organize meetings, schedule remote work, or even reserve a parking spot. Enhance the coordination of people, space, and time to help teams work even smarter.

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List of Meeting Room Booking Systems

Skedda 4.4
Condeco Meeting Room Booking 4.2
Joan 4.4
AskCody 4.5
MeetingPackage 4.5
AgilQuest 4
Pronestor Room 3.5
Smartway2 4.3
Rendezvous 5

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