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Odoo Recruitment logo

Odoo Recruitment

Odoo | Open Source Recruitment Application 4.8 Based on 4 Ratings

Streamline your recruitment process - Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles.

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FlexiServer logo


Monitor Staff Productivity & Attendance with FlexiServer Write a Review

FlexiServer records log on and shut down times as worked hours. It automatically detects lunch and other long breaks by monitoring computer idle state.

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WaspTime logo


Time Clock Software - Time & Attendance Systems - Employee Time Clocks 4 Based on 1 Ratings

Wasp Barcode offers a wide range of time and attendance systems, including biometric, RFID, barcode, and HID time clocks. Compare our time clock solutions.

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TimeTac logo


Smart Employee Time Tracking Software 5 Based on 1 Ratings

TimeTac as a complete time tracking system to track working hours instantly. The software offers tools to view employee attendance, calculate working hours, leave days, and more. Employees can flexibly record their working hours on their smartphone or tablet while on the field or a business trip. Export Reports in PDF, Excel, or CSV files format.

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Reflexis Time and Attendance™ logo

Reflexis Time and Attendance™

Time and Attendance Software | Integrated Time and Attendance Systems 4 Based on 3 Ratings

Reflexis Time and Attendance provides retailers with the ability to easily track labor, accurately control labor costs, and reduce business risk. By providing real-time visibility into labor operations, retailers can proactively respond to impending labor law violations and protect themselves from the risk of lawsuits and other penalties.

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Agendrix logo


Online Time and Attendance Software For Employees 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Manage your employees' time and attendance more easily. No expensive equipment required. Choose which devices your employees can use to clock in and out.

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ePro Scheduler Plus logo

ePro Scheduler Plus

ePro Scheduler Plus | eCore Software 5 Based on 1 Ratings

ePro Scheduler Plus by eCore Software is perfect for first responder agencies looking to save time and money! Learn more about the ePro Scheduler here.

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Dyflexis Time & Attendance logo

Dyflexis Time & Attendance

Time and attendance tracking - Dyflexis 4.3 Based on 2 Ratings

Dyflexis Time & Attendance is an online employee planning system with attendance tracking software & hardware. Enjoy the convenience of online scheduling and time tracking.

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HRdirect Attendance Calendar logo

HRdirect Attendance Calendar

Employee Attendance Software Enterprise 3.5 Based on 2 Ratings

Employee Attendance Software Enterprise, solution to calculate time off combining employee attendance tracking and recordkeeping for multiple users.

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Attendance Tracking for Restaurants logo

Attendance Tracking for Restaurants

Time Tracking Software | Push 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Push Time Tracking offers a flexible solution to help you manage your employee's clock-ins, break behaviours, and hours.

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Spintly SAAMs logo

Spintly SAAMs

Manage your access and attendance with Spintly Write a Review

Spintly SAAMs is a Smart Access and Attendance Management System that allows you to manage your access and attendance. It enables you to give control access to your users from anywhere using a cloud-based software and mobile app. With Spintly SAAMs, you get a completely cloud-based and wireless access control technology that simplifies physical security. With smartphone-based access, Spintly makes it simpler for many individuals to travel to residential complexes, workplaces, institutes, hospitals, and other locations. It assists you in selecting the appropriate access control solution for your company, from basic smart card technology to sophisticated solutions like smartcell-based access by Spintly. Spintly's advanced software makes it easier to manage your users' access and accepts a variety of user credentials. It allows every user to have card-based, biometric, and/or mobile access. To fulfill your security requirements, you can create specific User groups and door schedules. You can also connect Spintly to onsite fire alarm systems to open doors in the event of a fire. Spintly VMS allows you to monitor and track your daily visits in a contemporary method.

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Truein logo


Face Recognition based Time and Attendance Write a Review

Truein is an innovative workforce optimization platform that can revolutionize the way companies manage their workforce. It helps companies to identify and plug revenue leakages, avoid irregularities such as buddy punching, wrong clock-ins, overtime calculation errors, and reconciliation issues. Truein provides automated shift scheduling, weekly off rotations, job mapping, and analytics to take informed business decisions. It also helps to reduce late comings and unplanned absenteeism by deploying 70+ customizable policies designed to boost workforce productivity. Truein can help companies to optimize their workforce utilization and ensure that the workforce is performing efficiently.

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TimeStation logo


TimeStation - Attendance and Time Tracking 4.6 Based on 9 Ratings

Turn any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a cloud-based time & attendance system!

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EasyClocking logo


Time and Attendance Software – EasyClocking 3.9 Based on 13 Ratings

browser based time & attendance software gives instant real time insight to effectively manage company's time attendance data.

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PurelyHR logo


Powerful Modular Software for Everyday HR Write a Review

PurelyHR has developed Time-Off, a comprehensive leave management software solution, to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. The goal is to provide these businesses with the tools and resources to simplify their HR processes and streamline their workflow. Time-Off is the most robust leave management software available and is just one of the many components of the PurelyHR suite. In addition to Time-Off, the suite offers time-tracking, employee data management, infraction tracking, and performance management. All of these features will help businesses save time, increase transparency, and improve efficiency. With PurelyHR, HR departments of all sizes can benefit from the solutions and insights available to them, regardless of their size.

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ubiAttendance logo


Monitor employee attendance in an accurate and efficient way 5 Based on 1 Ratings

ubiAttendance is a comprehensive employee attendance management app, famous across 60+ countries all around the globe. It hosts a variety of features enabling accurate attendance management besides eliminating fraudulent activities. The application is appropriate for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, security, construction, real estate, travel and logistics etc. An inbuilt shift planner within ubiAttendance helps admins streamline roaster management and complex shift requirements. They can even reschedule shifts or split them accordingly. For remote teams working across multiple sites, the field visit tracking feature is of great help. The module comprises functionalities like live tracking, employee GPS tracker and sales report. Companies can also utilise the geofence feature of ubiAttendance to monitor the whereabouts of their employees and get notified when anyone crosses the limitations. Other notable functionalities include hourly pay, accurate time-off management, real-time offline attendance, leave scheduling, group attendance monitoring, face recognition and more.

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AG Attendance logo

AG Attendance

HR Software Singapore | HRMS | HRMS Singapore | SmartHRMS - AG Net 5 Based on 1 Ratings

AGHRMS is a Leading Singapore HRMS company specializing in Cloud HR Software Management & Payroll outsourcing for SMEs in Singapore. Over 40,000 active users in 12 countries, 850+ Customers, 5 Pay Engines, 7 languages.

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Fluida logo


Attendance and absence management Write a Review

Fluida is the mobile by design HR platform created to simplify the worker-company relationship by offering the best employee experience. A simple and innovative tool for the management of staff and independent contractors.

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LinesPay logo


Attendance Management System | Employee Time & Attendance Software Bangladesh | LinesPay Write a Review

HRM solution unites all employee records in one central place. Web-based all-in-one HRM solution which runs independently on any platform. Has a user-friendly interface with an easy to deploy architecture. Real-time transaction viewer shows data from a single database.

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actiPLANS logo


Efficient Leave Management & Team Coordination Made Simple Write a Review

actiPLANS serves as the ultimate platform to streamline leave management and enhance team coordination with impeccable efficiency. It provides employees the convenience to create and approve leave requests effortlessly, ensuring that Personal Time Off (PTO) procedures are automated and transparent. Managers gain a comprehensive overview of team presence, enabling informed decisions for resource allocation, regardless of geographical boundaries. Shifting from manual scheduling to a few simple clicks, actiPLANS empowers leaders to assign shifts with precision, taking into account individual skills and availability. The system's visually intuitive timelines offer a clear view of project activities, facilitating the balanced distribution of tasks among full-time and part-time staff members. Project timelines and deadlines integrate seamlessly, bringing focus to what matters—a well-managed workflow and adherence to critical timelines. Overtime tracking becomes a task of minimal concern, managed with the same ease as remote and distributed team coordination. Furthermore, the organization of corporate events, from training sessions to festive gatherings, is simplified, enabling the quick selection of optimal dates that accommodate all parties involved. With actiPLANS, every step—be it attendance monitoring, event planning, or shift scheduling—is executed with precision, ensuring that the teams remain informed, engaged, and primed for peak performance.

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