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Updated on: May 17, 2022

File Sync Software

File Sync Software is used to migrate and synchronize the documents, files, and folders from local storage to cloud storage. The file sync software helps to compare and sync the files and folders to restrain the loss. This software can sync files among multiple cloud storage, web services and also can work as backup software.

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Cloud File Transfer and Migration Management Tool
(9 Ratings)

CloudFuze pricing: Starts at $8.33. Offers Custom plan.

Cloudfuze is a cloud management tool that helps users to access, share, migrate, and govern files that are located on the cloud. Users can more than 40 cloud services and integrate multiple files on multiple consumer and business cloud platforms from any device. This includes all the leading cloud... read more

GoAnywhere MFT

File Transferring Made Simple
(171 Ratings)

GoAnywhere MFT pricing: GoAnywhere MFT Offers Custom plan.

GoAnywhere MFT is a platform used to managed file transfer and can streamline the exchange of data between systems. The software offers a centralized control used to manage multiple tasks like job scheduling, file collaboration, secure email, and compliance auditing and reporting. It offers a... read more

(763 Ratings)

Resilio Sync Business pricing: Starts at $3.0.

Resilio Sync is a simple and quick file sharing programme that enables you to exchange files of any type and size. It transfers data at the speed of your network, which is multiple times quicker than any cloud option with no restrictions on how much data can be transmitted or how quickly it can be... read more


Ultra-Fast Large File Transfer is Here
(16 Ratings)

MASV pricing: Starts at $0.25. Offers Custom plan.

MASV is the fastest and most reliable way for videographers and creators to transfer time critical files to clients. MASV is exactly the same as other large file transfer services but without file size limits, software, port-forwarding issues, expensive annual contracts, storage limits, slow file... read more


Send and Share Files in Minutes
(43 Ratings)

FileWhopper pricing: FileWhopper Offers Custom plan.

FileWhopper software is a platform used to send your files super-fast and with no data loss. Select a file that you want to send and get a price quote based on file size. Get a quick tool with upload your big file or folder fast. Copy your link to get a personal link to the file you uploaded and... read more


Syncing and sharing files never looked so easy
(23 Ratings)

Seafile pricing: Starts at $100.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Seafile is a smart file sync and share solution that has high-reliability, high-performance, and high-productivity and combines spreadsheet and database functionality. It lets you sync, share, and collaborate with people and devices from all around the world. With Seafile's built-in Wiki... read more

Allway Sync

Reliable data back-up
(10 Ratings)

Allway Sync pricing: Allway Sync Offers Free-forever plan.

Allway Sync uses innovative synchronization algorithms to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives, remote FTP/SFTP and WebDAV servers, various online data storages and more. Data compression and encryption are supported. It combines bulletproof reliability with extremely... read more


Data replication and file synchronization
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EDpCloud pricing: EDpCloud Offers Custom plan.

EnduraData's solutions and services enable businesses and governments to sync, protect, share, move and migrate data between business processes, systems, environments and locations. Sync and deliver perishable and nonperishable data in real time to many locations and systems. Aggregate and ingest... read more

Vault Rooms

Industry Trusted, Professionally Proven
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Vault Rooms pricing: Starts at $9.99.

Bonus feature set on Vault Rooms that allows you to simplify and automate your document collection and/or task workflows. Easily collect, organize, share and track your business-critical documents. A data room platform that is infinitely more secure than generic file storage solutions. Transparent... read more


Cloud SaaS: Ultra-secure file transfer and Data Rooms
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idgard pricing: idgard Offers Custom plan.

This web service secures digital communication and collaboration with partners and customers at the highest level, and simplifies them as well. With the help of idgard, data rooms for projects can be set up in no time. They turn file sharing into an efficient and highly secure process. Users on the... read more

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