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Updated on: September 19, 2020

Note Taking Software

Note-taking software, as the name clearly suggests, helps you in quickly taking notes on your computer. Think of them as a digital equivalent of writing in a physical notebook, as the note-taking software lets you jot down your thoughts, things to do, plans and more in a text-based document. Along with the ability to create notes, these collaborative note-taking tools also give you the ability to share notes with others. Most note-taking software also offers mobile apps and sync your notes across devices. Depending upon the tool you opt for, note-taking management software are as simple as you would want to as powerful as they could be with features like the ability to embed rich content, create folders and more. 

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Managing Meeting Notes Made Simple
(2 Ratings)

Hugo software is a platform used to centralize searchable meeting notes with your favorite tools. Collaborate with your team, take notes and make tasks into emails and chat. It integrates with Trello, Slack, Asana, Jira, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


A Tool To Improve Note Taking Method
(10 Ratings)

Amanote software is a Note Taking tool designed for students’ needs to increase their productivity and efficiency during lectures and study session. Highlight and track the time passed on each slide and can generate statistics. Visualise your notes in a single view, sorted by different options... read more


Organize Ideas and Projects into Visual Boards
(52 Ratings)

Milanote is a tool to collect all ideas, projects, and notes in one place. It is a tool to collect, organize, and generate ideas and brainstorm. The tool has a simple text editing and task management feature, which lets users add their thoughts on the boards. It allows users to upload all types of... read more

Zoho Notebook

Create personalized notes on Zoho Notebook
(70 Ratings)

Zoho Notebook is an efficient note-taking app that can be used across devices. With this tool, one can uniquely create different types of notes. Each note card type has been designed to match the type of note one is taking down. There is a pool of options to choose from, like text, checklist,... read more


Notes Taking Made Simple
(20 Ratings)

Simplenote software is a platform used to manage notes synced on all your devices in real time. Add tags to find notes and can share a to-do list, post some instructions, or publish your notes online. Backup Notes and can preview, and publish your notes in Markdown format. It supports Mobile iOS,... read more


Take Call Notes in Minutes
(1 Ratings)

Tetra software is a playtform used to dials into your calls and takes notes to manage the conversations. Accept and merge Tetra's call and the software transcribes the notes. Search any phrase or concept in conversation and can share with your team in sync by sending a link to your notes. Export... read more


Get customised handwritten cards with ease

Handwrite provides its users with authentic handwritten cards for their business. The notes are written with a pen by a robot in the same manner a human writes. The software uses proprietary algorithm to ensure that no two notes are the same. A roller ballpen is used for writing the notes to ensure... read more


A Simple Notes App

NeumNotes is a Notes App used to manage notes. Start typing notes and all your data is stored in your browser's Local Storage. The software offers Dark mode and Light mode to create amazing notes. Individuals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Automate Work with Notes

‍Triqla software is a note-taking tool for teams. Collaborate with your team for decision such as meeting notes, designs, and instructions. Share your meeting notes to stay updated. Highlight articles and changes on the same page when the plan changes. Small and Medium companies make use of the... read more


A Note taking Tool

Notud software is a cloud note taking with own custom templates. Handwrite online or draw straight on to your tablet or iPad and the changes are saved instantly. It integrates with Xero and all the notes are saved automatically to a client file, or create a Private Note. Collaborate with your team... read more

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