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Bots are great for productivity. They automate or perform the tasks for users, saving their time and effort. When these bots are connected to a software platform, they can boost the utility of the existing apps. Productivity bots are usually deployed as an add on to another solution, adding more features, automation and organization on top of the software’s fundamental features. These bots offer different services depending upon their functionalty, such as communication bots, personal assistant bots, data developer bots, team productivity bots and many more.

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Botimum - Productivity Bots Software


Number 1 bot for task automation
(1 Ratings)

Botimum pricing: Botimum Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Botimum and how does it work?

Introducing Botimum: the ultimate partner for speeding up their day-to-day operations. Botimum operates natively in Slack, making it easy and fast to set up they can be up and running within a minute. That means no more switching between applications or searching through endless emails everything can now take place from one convenient workspace! Botimum helps make common recurring tasks significantly easier keeping their team’s productivity high. Create daily stand-up tasks such as check-ins/check-outs and polls without any additional coding or developer skills required. Botimum gives they full control of the items on an agenda so that even regular events are tailored to meet specific demands. This automation helps keep reporting accurate and organized, saving everyone precious time throughout their day. Simply put, Bidtum is the ideal solution for streamlining daily standups putting them back in control of their time! So why wait? Get started with Botimum today and see how much faster and simpler work can be! show more

DailyBot - Productivity Bots Software


Popular automation tool for teams to improve their productivity
(4 Ratings)

DailyBot pricing: Starts at $1.60. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is DailyBot and how does it work?

DailyBot is an automating tool that helps individuals to facilitate automation for mundane tasks in order to focus on the cardinal aspects of a project. It enables users to run efficient stand-up meetings. They can get daily updates from team members irrespective of their time zone or geographical location. This allows them to have an overview of what every team member is up to, their performance, and queries. The software helps in the identification of bottlenecks and connects with each team member in chats follow-ups and also shares reports with them. It also provides the option to collect period feedback from all the members and visualizes the same in a simple and productive dashboard. The chatbot also helps users to build healthier work habits by reminding them of the pending tasks, offering performance scores for the completed projects, etc. DailyBot supports easy integration to all major team software. Team members can use this tool seamlessly with MS Teams, G Hangouts, or Slack and improve their efficiency. show more

Roby - Productivity Bots Software


Be prepared for positive workplace changes
(2 Ratings)

Roby pricing: Starts at $8.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Roby and how does it work?

Roby is a workplace management platform that enables you to manage, connect, and secure your office with workplace management solutions designed for today's working environment. It introduces a new approach to handle requests that otherwise need human assistance. With Roby, you can automate staff requests and eliminate interactions in high-traffic locations like meeting rooms, the front desk, light switches, and thermostats. The platform offers a solution for you, whether you're looking to improve staff productivity, space use, or building efficiency. It interacts with your building's current systems to handle incoming requests like hot/cold calls and lighting adjustments automatically, saving time and money. It also allows facilities teams to make educated decisions based on use and staff interaction data. Roby entirely automates the registration and check-in procedure for a completely contactless front-desk experience. It also learns from previous Q & A’s and auto-replies to common queries. The facilities crew can use past data to better analyze visitor flow. Additionally, users do not need to download any new software to use Roby as it offers easy integration with the existing systems. show more

BirthdayBot - Productivity Bots Software


Celebrate birthdays of your co-workers on Slack
(2 Ratings)

BirthdayBot pricing: Starts at $0.75.

What is BirthdayBot and how does it work?

Birthday Bot is a team birthday management platform that enables you to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries in your workplace. It keeps track of your team's birthdays and anniversaries automatically so you can always wish them on time. With BirthdayBot, you can send an email reminder before each of your friends' birthdays. Nothing obnoxious, just a friendly reminder via DMs to offer your greetings and even plan a gift for your coworker. When it's someone's special day, BirthdayBot will send a congratulatory message to the channel, making it simple for the rest of the team to participate in the party and make everybody feel superior. BirthdayBot brings your coworkers together to commemorate important occasions. You can make your staff more engaged and personal relationships stronger. BirthdayBot will assist you in swiftly composing pleasant greetings utilizing GIF templates and sending them to your coworkers. BirthdayBot offers a large number of greetings that can be found in the team chat. Additionally, you can also get creative and create custom packs to make BirthdayBot even more enjoyable. show more

Clockwise - Productivity Bots Software


Optimize calendars and focus on the work at hand
(33 Ratings)

Clockwise pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Clockwise and how does it work?

Clockwise is a calendar assistant that assists users to optimize calendars and free up blocks. This helps one to devote time to what matters most like any strategic planning, research project or any other stuff. It helps in increasing focus time of users by 11 times. It largely takes care of the busywork such as resolving meeting conflicts, handling different time zones, etc. Besides this, it also lets users create uninterrupted blocks of time to efficiently manage all tasks. Users can chalk out their day and plan accordingly and also coordinate between multiple schedules through the software seamlessly. Clockwise works in 4 easy steps, firstly, it connects to the user’s calendar; secondly, it allows users to choose their flexible meetings; thirdly, Clockwise moves those meetings to the least disruptive time and lastly, it lets one to focus primarily on time and arrangement of the most important projects. The software seamlessly integrates with tools such as slack and web application, Google Calendar Chrome Extension, etc. that are the most-used ones at the workplace. show more

Donut - Productivity Bots Software


Connect teams serendipitously
(10 Ratings)

Donut pricing: Starts at $49.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Donut and how does it work?

Donut is a quick and easy team management platform to connect your coworkers on Slack. It enables you to form serendipitous connections for DEI talks, peer learning, virtual coffee, and other activities. It streamlines the process of socialization within your organization or team. Your team members will virtually know one another despite being from a different department or at a different location using Donut. Donut handles fortuitous social encounters within your team to help increase trust and foster team spirit. The channels integrate options like lottery or InVision to create Camaraderie across Departments or Distances. With the help of this slack addition, your team will be able to participate in Donut intros by simply joining the channel you created. Donut matches two co-workers, inviting channel users to direct messages to each other to meet up for a coffee or maybe a donut. Work has become increasingly reliant on virtual connections. There is a lack of sociability and team spirit as a result of this. This is where Donut comes in, assisting your team in socializing and connecting online over Slack. show more

HeyTaco! - Productivity Bots Software


Create fun and engaging teams with HeyTaco
(37 Ratings)

HeyTaco! pricing: Starts at $3.00.

What is HeyTaco! and how does it work?

HeyTaco is an interactive and engaging peer recognition platform enabling users to build strong and happy remote teams through positive communication. The services delivered by this platform are relied upon by over 5000 small businesses for fun team-building processes. HeyTaco offers a wide range of captivating functionalities complete with gamification mechanisms and leaderboards. With this platform, positive communication is fostered and teams are encouraged to engage with members through positive feedback and interactions that build strong relationships. Also, users can get access to an intuitive leaderboard for some friendly competition, which helps boost productivity levels significantly. In-built gamification processes enable team members to send virtual gifts to one another and express appreciation and care. Each new achievement unlocks several gifts that users can share with their teammates. Beyond this, team members are rewarded for their excellent performance through celebrations with fun activities conducted remotely and strengthen bonds within. show more

Trivia - Productivity Bots Software


From colleagues to friends
(37 Ratings)

Trivia pricing: Starts at $29.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Trivia and how does it work?

This software is used to manage teams in real-time. Enables you to build camaraderie, collaboration, and connections among your teammates all in one place. Using trivia you can practice real-time virtual team-building exercises. All you need is to get your team on Trivia - a fun, memorable, and engaging way to build a happy unit. It has 50,000+ MCQ-type trivia questions across 30+ categories for you to get started instantly. The fun and social games are a suite of games purposely built for fostering a happy, healthy, and strong team. The famous board Pictionary is also recreated on this platform which your team can play and rejoice virtually. Built for fun, trivia takes security seriously which includes encryption, network security, administrative access control, server hardening, and more. Trivia provides solutions for New Employment Onboarding, Employee Engagement, Remote Teams, and Virtual Happy Hour. The ‘water cooler’ feature lets you connect to your peers for a casual talk about hobbies, passions, and interests and help your fresh hires adapt and settle in faster. show more

Geekbot - Productivity Bots Software


The smartest slackbot assistant
(92 Ratings)

Geekbot pricing: Starts at $2.50. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Geekbot and how does it work?

Geekbot is a productivity tool that uses pre-filled templates in Slack and Microsoft Teams to assist businesses automate surveys, standups, meetings, sprint reviews, and other procedures. Team leaders can use Gantt charts to visualize the connections between tasks, projects, and everyday operations. Businesses can also take snapshots of sales progress in order to track important performance indicators (KPIs). Geekbot is a collection of bots that engage with team members by asking questions in order to learn about the emotion of natural language responses. Survey responses can be broadcast across private or public channels, and reports can be extracted and shared with stakeholders as needed. Supervisors can use Geekbot to track team engagement and conduct monthly check-ins with employees. Support is provided via live chat, FAQs, and a knowledge base, and the product is accessible for free or on a monthly subscription basis. Users can tailor the questions for each standup to fit the department or team, as well as set a specific tone. Geekbot understands basic chat instructions like 'login,"report,' and 'off,' and primary users can determine who has editing access and who is restricted to reporting. show more

Standup Bot - Productivity Bots Software

Standup Bot

Arrange and manage your scrum meetings efficiently with Standup Bot
(1 Ratings)

Standup Bot pricing: Starts at $9.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Standup Bot and how does it work?

Standup Bot is the best Slack bot for daily scrum meetings. It helps teams stay accountable and synchronised without consuming extra time. Standup Bot eliminates the utility of lengthy emails, scattered meeting notes and documents along with multiple callbacks for it automates and simplifies to execute tasks and get things done seamlessly. Team members registered on Standup Bot are supplied with their daily accomplishments, daily working targets and if there are obstacles to be aware of. The Bot collects these vital pieces of information from the working team, organises it and stores it in an accessible place. It helps in keeping the team members accountable, enables them to track goals and helps in removing roadblocks synchronising the team. Operating Standup Bot requires no developer or server and can be executed from any virtual platform as is found to be feasible. The organised standup meetings decrease stress and help increase the success rates of the projects. Advanced in-built features are the most sought-after ones and can be directly used by organisations without going through complicated modifications or setups. show more

TimeBot - Productivity Bots Software


Manage employee leaves with TimeBot
(6 Ratings)

TimeBot pricing: Starts at $1.00.

What is TimeBot and how does it work?

TimeBot for Slack manages time-off requests, vacations & sick leaves, as well as holidays. TimeBot keeps a database of vacations and time-off requests, notifying the team when teammates are absent due to illness. Approving time off has never been easier - with a single click and no context switching from Slack. TimeBot also provides useful hints. Requesting time off is as simple as clicking "Add New OOO" and responding to a few questions. TimeBot does provide employees with instant confirmation once their request has been granted. Moreover, managing a team has become easy with TimeBot. The managers will just have to add employees to the team and they will receive reminders of employees’ upcoming leaves. TimeBot will send leave off requests to all managers through direct message, and managers will be able to approve or reject the request with a simple click directly from Slack. Administrators can easily track and manage time-off requests using TimeBot. Also, Managers can quickly build teams and add personnel and obtain summary reports. show more

Polly - Productivity Bots Software


Conduct surveys efficiently
(31 Ratings)

Polly pricing: Starts at $3.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Polly and how does it work?

Polly is a survey management software that is created for Slack and Microsoft Teams. Polly helps the users to get timely feedback from the right people at the right time. It provides a frictionless authoring and survey taking experience to the user irrespective of whether they are on Slack or on Microsoft teams. The software’s broad applicability and the easy user interface allow users to automate their workflows by recurring meeting feedback, employee pulse surveys etc. Users can even create custom processes around the workflows with no code, this way they get more time to focus on other significant matters. Polly allows teams of all sizes to measure and act on feedback. The team members can use Polly to make more informed decisions and increase transparency across their organisation. Polly cares about the user’s security and privacy, for which they provide security with privacy shield and GDPR Compliance, SSO and data encryption. show more

Workast - Productivity Bots Software


Experience the best-ever project management service
(22 Ratings)

Workast pricing: Starts at $4.95. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Workast and how does it work?

Workast is the most innovative tool available for project management meant for slack teams. Acting as a boon for streamlining teamwork, Workast makes it easier to delegate tasks, manage ongoing and forthcoming projects, run meetings, and get access to an overview of the team’s collective work. Workast has a seemingly simple interface that takes not more than minutes to be onboarded on the client’s system. Teamwork runs mostly on instructions meant for a section or the whole of the concerned team and this brings to the importance of the need for a collective notification system. Workast in Slack takes care of this and notifies team members as well as the authorities about the updates. All this is done outside email which ensures no flooding of inboxes. Workast is platform friendly and thus, clients can look after their teams with pronounced flexibility. Every task registered and assigned on Workast progresses with an insightful analytic report. The reports can be made and modified with over fifty different combinations available in Workast’s library. show more

Simple Poll - Productivity Bots Software

Simple Poll

Create and manage polls effortlessly
(69 Ratings)

Simple Poll pricing: Starts at $40.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Simple Poll and how does it work?

Simple Poll is a poll creating software that allows users to create polls where their colleagues can cast their votes. The poll helps users to get quick answers to questions. It saves a lot of time and human labour. There are zero chances of human error as the software automatically keeps track of the answers. The users do not have to make a manual analysis. With the software, users can create polls just by copy and pasting the poll command. They can even create anonymous polls, by hiding the names of the voters for a particular answer. This way people can freely express themselves. The software allows users to limit the number of times a person can vote. They only have to use ‘limit’ as a keyword. This restricts voters from giving dual and confusing answers and makes the poll result more reliable and efficient. Users can also add colours and designs to the poll as per their wish. show more

Zirtual - Productivity Bots Software


Virtual Assistants You Can't Go Without
(5 Ratings)

Zirtual pricing: Starts at $449.00.

What is Zirtual and how does it work?

Zirtual has the best virtual assistants in the business. With a Zirtual Assistant on your side, you’ve got more time in your day to do what really moves the needle. Talk to more clients. Even with the most optimized processes, you and your team will get nowhere without the right hands to help out. Even for the stuff, you think you’re too close to let go of, you can get help. Hire a personal assistant to help you execute the repetitive work that holds you back from making the biggest impact possible in your role or business. show more

Standup Alice - Productivity Bots Software

Standup Alice

The ideal bot for your daily stand-up is here
(11 Ratings)

Standup Alice pricing: Starts at $0.83.

What is Standup Alice and how does it work?

Standup Alice is a slackbot that helps you keep track of your multi-daily team's standup. The bot comes with three integrations namely Cisco Webex, Microsoft teams, and Slack. It enables you to send a team standup summary to various channels, including emails, at a specified time. With Standup Alice, team members are automatically reminded to submit their standups. You can send a team standup summary to various channels, including emails, at a specified time. It supports various teams within your company, such as marketing and development teams. You can customize interview questions to fit your team's needs. And to make the standup summary more understandable, you can also thread the discussions. The platform facilitates team standup across several time zones, as well as sync and async teams. It further enables you to organise simple, digital, async daily standup meetings to help your team be more productive. With this platform, all the reminders are delivered to you and Alice's private chat to maintain privacy. Additionally, Standup Alice offers many ways to submit a standup. show more

Jirio - Productivity Bots Software


Automate tasks by connecting tools
(4 Ratings)

Jirio pricing: Starts at $4.97. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Jirio and how does it work?

Jirio is a JIRA Slack Integration tool that allows you to create, transition, and search JIRA issues from your Slack channel. This key is used to create an issue in the JIRA project. When you click on a Projects menu in JIRA, you'll see a key. In brackets, you'll find your project key. Moving an issue to a closed, in progress, done, or any other status is known as transitioning it. You can change practically any property that was used in the /jirio create command to cause this issue. Jira has a lot of features like workflows and project management. Integrate one of these apps with Jira if your team uses it to stay up to date without ever leaving Slack. The Jira bot will give you a direct message to confirm that you've connected the app successfully. Simply add Jira bot to one of your channels or use the slash command /jira connect [your Jira URL] to get started. show more

Teamline - Productivity Bots Software


The simple project management tool for Slack
(4 Ratings)

Teamline pricing: Starts at $49.00.

What is Teamline and how does it work?

Teamline eliminates the need for clunky, time-consuming project management software. Teamline keeps track of important tasks and decisions, right where they happen in chat. Build templated tasks and checklists that you can reuse at the click of a button. Even automate the timing. Search your whole team's tasks to get a snapshot of your tasks due today, forgotten tasks, tasks due on Monday, and more. Get a daily reminder of what you and your team are working on. Create a checklist in any task for you and your team to work through. show more

Eventumbot - Productivity Bots Software


Intelligent Event App powered by AI and chatbot technology
(0 Ratings)

Eventumbot pricing: Eventumbot Offers Custom plan.

What is Eventumbot and how does it work?

Eventumbot is an event communication platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology that helps event organizers to save resources on event management, provide better service to event attendees and help them to communicate more easily. Event and location-based reviews, and customer journey based on communication and notifications. show more

Second Intelligence - Productivity Bots Software

Second Intelligence

Boosts productivity among working professionals, students and researchers
(0 Ratings)

Second Intelligence pricing: Second Intelligence Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Second Intelligence and how does it work?

Second Intelligence is Q/A virtual assistant powered by ML (Machine Learning). It is built to turbocharge a company’s productivity in understanding key concepts within lengthy content. Furthermore, with Second Intelligence, companies can empower working professionals to quickly understand and grasp key concepts in industry reports and knowledge base. This virtual assistant also helps academics and researchers to work through journals and papers alike. Second Intelligence allows users to upload documents or websites of their interests such as industry reports, lecture notes, academic journals, textbooks, as well as relevant website URLs. It further offers intuitive AI support in the form of chatting, to answer any questions. Thus helping users to mark answers as incorrect or delete irrelevant questions. Also, Second Intelligence will extract, summarise and point people towards only the relevant contexts, sorted by importance, eliminating time wastage or missing out on anything essential. With this virtual assistant, one can add specific keywords and phrases. show more

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List of Productivity Bots Software

Botimum 5
DailyBot 5
Roby 5
BirthdayBot 5
Clockwise 4.8
Donut 4.8
HeyTaco! 4.8
Trivia 4.7
Geekbot 4.6
Standup Bot 4.5

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