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Updated on: May 24, 2022

Productivity Bots Software

Bots are great for productivity. They automate or perform the tasks for users, saving their time and effort. When these bots are connected to a software platform, they can boost the utility of the existing apps. Productivity bots are usually deployed as an add on to another solution, adding more features, automation and organization on top of the software’s fundamental features. These bots offer different services depending upon their functionalty, such as communication bots, personal assistant bots, data developer bots, team productivity bots and many more.

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Popular automation tool for teams to improve their productivity
(4 Ratings)

DailyBot pricing: Starts at $1.6. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

DailyBot is an automating tool that helps individuals to facilitate automation for mundane tasks in order to focus on the cardinal aspects of a project. It enables users to run efficient stand-up meetings. They can get daily updates from team members irrespective of their time zone or geographical... read more


Celebrate birthdays of your co-workers on Slack
(2 Ratings)

BirthdayBot pricing: Starts at $0.75.

Birthday Bot is a team birthday management platform that enables you to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries in your workplace. It keeps track of your team's birthdays and anniversaries automatically so you can always wish them on time. With BirthdayBot, you can send an email reminder before... read more


Be prepared for positive workplace changes
(2 Ratings)

Roby pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Roby is a workplace management platform that enables you to manage, connect, and secure your office with workplace management solutions designed for today's working environment. It introduces a new approach to handle requests that otherwise need human assistance. With Roby, you can automate staff... read more


Connect teams serendipitously
(10 Ratings)

Donut pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

Donut is a quick and easy team management platform to connect your coworkers on Slack. It enables you to form serendipitous connections for DEI talks, peer learning, virtual coffee, and other activities. It streamlines the process of socialization within your organization or team. Your team members... read more


Create fun and engaging teams with HeyTaco
(37 Ratings)

HeyTaco! pricing: Starts at $3.0.

HeyTaco is an interactive and engaging peer recognition platform enabling users to build strong and happy remote teams through positive communication. The services delivered by this platform are relied upon by over 5000 small businesses for fun team-building processes. HeyTaco offers a wide range... read more


Manage employee leaves with TimeBot
(8 Ratings)

TimeBot pricing: Starts at $1.0.

TimeBot for Slack manages time-off requests, vacations & sick leaves, as well as holidays. TimeBot keeps a database of vacations and time-off requests, notifying the team when teammates are absent due to illness. Approving time off has never been easier - with a single click and no context... read more


A Better Workspace for Teams
(37 Ratings)

Trivia pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Trivia by Springworks software is a platform used to manage team in real-time. Deploy engaging quizzes now on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Create personalized questions, answers and categories of your choice for MCQ quiz format and Word Puzzles. Generate summarized results at the end of every Trivia... read more


Optimize calendars and focus on the work at hand
(37 Ratings)

Clockwise pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Clockwise is a calendar assistant that assists users to optimize calendars and free up blocks. This helps one to devote time to what matters most like any strategic planning, research project or any other stuff. It helps in increasing focus time of users by 11 times. It largely takes care of the... read more


The smartest slackbot assistant
(197 Ratings)

Geekbot pricing: Starts at $2.5. Offers Free-forever plan.

Geekbot is a productivity tool that uses pre-filled templates in Slack and Microsoft Teams to assist businesses automate surveys, standups, meetings, sprint reviews, and other procedures. Team leaders can use Gantt charts to visualize the connections between tasks, projects, and everyday... read more

Standup Bot

Arrange and manage your scrum meetings efficiently with Standup Bot
(1 Ratings)

Standup Bot pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Custom plan.

Standup Bot is the best Slack bot for daily scrum meetings. It helps teams stay accountable and synchronised without consuming extra time. Standup Bot eliminates the utility of lengthy emails, scattered meeting notes and documents along with multiple callbacks for it automates and simplifies to... read more

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