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Accounting Software

An Accounting Software is designed to provide an online platform to manage all the accounting activities of a business. This software helps an organization by integrating various data from different departments and allowing accountants to work in collaboration. The main services provided by these software include accounts handling, general ledger, bank reconciliation, billing & invoicing, and tax management. This software is very beneficial for any organization as it helps them save crucial time and money.

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An easy invoicing, accounting and expense tracking solution. Join 24 million people who've already used FreshBooks.
(1,488 Ratings)

Freshbooks pricing: Starts at $13.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Freshbooks and how does it work?

FreshBooks automates daily accounting activities namely invoice creation, payment acceptance, expenses tracking, billable time tracking and financial reporting. Try it free for 30 days, no credit card required.

Quickbooks - Accounting Software
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Easy and user-friendly software to manage accounts
(2,299 Ratings)

Quickbooks pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is Quickbooks and how does it work?

An accounting software package developed to offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions to small sized businesses. Quickbooks provides a very user-friendly interface. Regular tasks like creating invoices and getting cash flow reports can be performed in a matter of seconds with a few clicks. The real-time reports and dashboards help you to take control of your cash flow and see where the money is going. Quickbooks offers almost all the accounting services a business needs, ranging from handling the accounts receivable or payable to Fixed Asset Management. show more

Xero - Accounting Software
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Efficient tool for small-scale businesses
(4,512 Ratings)

Xero pricing: Starts at $11.0.

What is Xero and how does it work?

Xero is an award-winning online accounting software for small scale businesses. Xero offers a variety of features to make your business function smoothly and efficiently. The software handles all the accounting transactions effectively. It permits unlimited users to get online at a time and work in collaboration over data which is accessible through a single ledger. Xero also provides Bank Reconciliation services by importing the various transactions from your bank accounts and matching them with your cash-book. Business finances and cash-flow statements are updated on a real-time basis, helping you to keep a track of all your expenses and transactions. show more

Wave - Accounting Software
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Most affordable accounting software
(455 Ratings)

Wave pricing: Wave Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Wave and how does it work?

An accounting software meant to provide various accounting services to small scale businesses with professional expertise and quality. Wave provides services like Invoicing, Accounting and Receipt scanning without charging a penny to its clients, whereas, features like Payments, Payroll and all the other features that a company might be looking for in an online accounting software are provided at very affordable price. If used efficiently, it can help a company save a lot of money on its accounting activities. This is a very good option for any small business looking for an online solution to handle accounts. show more

Zoho Books - Accounting Software
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Zoho Books

Ensures professionalism in your accounting books
(150 Ratings)

Zoho Books pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zoho Books and how does it work?

Zoho Books is a simple and affordable accounting software that specializes in keeping a detailed track of the cash flow of your business and helping you track your expenses and income. The software also provides you with multi-currency features that is helpful for an organization making transactions in multiple currencies across the globe. Zoho Books also offers professional invoice services along with a tax filing portal that allows you to directly file your returns. The software also provides other accounting services like Bank Reconciliation, and handling your general and accounts, letting you concentrate more on the core activities. show more

FreeAgent - Accounting Software
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Your Virtual Assistant is now live!
(86 Ratings)

What is FreeAgent and how does it work?

FreeAgent is a powerful accounting software; moreover, it is the in-demand package for all small businesses as well as big ones. With FreeAgent, the business owner feels natural with receipts, payments, tasks, and deals. It helps you make efficient cooperative decisions with adequate insights and accounting reports. Trusting FreeAgent, you can link your bank details to the main account and send invoices and payment reminders routinely and clear your bills faster. You can also record expenses and mileage and the Admin To-Do List groups all necessary work and duties together. In addition to it, it also keeps a check on your cash incomings and outgoings. It not only saves time and helps you work effectively; it also shoots your business’ growth. It also has a feature of self-assessment of taxes and VAT filing. From corporate taxes to year-end filings, you can be assured about all your data works and proceedings. Their plans start at 14.50 Euros a month to 145 Euros. As the cherry on top, they also offer a free plan for their new customers to try their exclusive features. show more

MYOB - Accounting Software
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Business Software & Solutions
(99 Ratings)

MYOB pricing: Starts at $13.5.

What is MYOB and how does it work?

MYOB is designed locally, for local businesses, working with the ATO so you’re always up-to-date. The software tracks when clients receive and open your invoices. Manage bills and expenses, then pay staff in just a few clicks. Stay up-to-date with tax as you go: no more scrambling. You can work with your accountant or bookkeeper in the software, wherever you are. Automatically update your tax tables, calculate your GST, PAYG and run reports for your BAS. Clients can use a credit card to pay directly from your invoices no fuss. Even managing customers and suppliers is a piece of cake. show more

Qonto - Accounting Software
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Financial management made easy with Qonto
(5,503 Ratings)

What is Qonto and how does it work?

Qonto is an easy business banking solution for entrepreneurs and startups. This all-in-one online business accounting platform helps SMEs and freelancers create business accounts as per convenience. Thus getting access to simplified accounting flow and transparent solutions. The services and features delivered by this platform are trusted widely by over 2,00,000 businesses located in different parts of the globe. Organizations are provided with a secure platform that safeguards the funds through FGDR (a French financial crises operator) services. Also, access to MasterCard business cards, with SEBA and SWIFT transfers enabled, is available with a subscription to Qonto. Furthermore, users can enjoy facilities like automated bookkeeping and team expense management besides streamlining and optimizing their work effectively. Also, integration with top third-party applications like Slack, Accountable, AXA, Pennylane, Zettle, etc makes user-wise task management a lot simpler to handle. Beyond this, users can also depend on the same to create multiple accounts with dedicated IBANs for organized management of expense items, activities, and team budgeting. show more

Sage Accounting (Sage One) - Accounting Software
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Sage Accounting (Sage One)

An affordable and secure accounting software
(15,292 Ratings)

Sage Accounting (Sage One) pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is Sage Accounting (Sage One) and how does it work?

Sage Accounting software aims at providing information, insight and tools to small and medium businesses around the world which would help them grow their businesses. With its secure cloud and mobile accessibility features, this software brings in more flexibility at affordable prices offering the right value for your business. It gives online support and a live representative is present round the clock to solve any query that may arise. This multi-purpose software assists the business in different sections of accounting from cash sales to bank reconciliation to payroll. The software also ensures safe and secure handling of your accounts. show more

Accounting Seed - Accounting Software
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Accounting Seed

Increased data visibility eliminates uncertainty and inaccuracies
(127 Ratings)

Accounting Seed pricing: Accounting Seed Offers Custom plan.

What is Accounting Seed and how does it work?

Accounting Seed, a native accounting and ERP solution on Salesforce with inventory management, project management, fund accounting, and more, will revolutionize the way you handle accounting. Accounting Seed is a cross-industry solution that excels in nonprofit, manufacturing, professional services, higher education, high tech, insurance, retail, construction, and financial services. Accounting and ERP are combined in this fully native software for a single source of truth. Accounting Seed works with small, midsize, and large businesses all across the world, with a focus on the United States and the United Kingdom. General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, PSA, fund accounting, inventory management, and project accounting are all covered by this comprehensive solution. Our accounting software includes inventory and order management, as well as manufacturing and multi-currency and multi-entity features. show more

Kashflow - Accounting Software
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Top rated online accounting software
(124 Ratings)

What is Kashflow and how does it work?

Kashflow is a web-based UK business accounting platform that can handle VAT and is Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant within the UK. It also features a payroll option and, all in all, is a useful set of tools. It was first released in 2005 and has since gained a reputation as one of the better options for getting access to accounting from anywhere with an internet connection.The completely functional invoicing system begins with expert basic templates that you can fill out and customize. They can be done on the fly or automatically, and you can also send out reminders to late payers. The entire price approach can be handled with Kash flow, which allows clients to pay online using a credit card, a bank transfer, a mobile phone, or even over the phone.KashFlow is "cloud hosted," which means you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. That's really useful for any size firm, from small to huge, especially if you have employees spread out across the country.There's also no need to wait till you return to your office to offer a quote if you're visiting a prospect. Our accounting software is mobile-friendly, allowing you to write quotes on the move and email them directly. show more

Pilot - Accounting Software
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Best bookkeeping, tax and CFO service providers for growing businesses
(37 Ratings)

Pilot pricing: Starts at $599.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Pilot and how does it work?

Pilot is a bookkeeping and tax management software that can be used to streamline the professional needs of startups and small businesses. The software is specially designed for bookkeeping, tax preparation and CFO services. Pilot offers a team of finance experts that manages businesses efficiently, reduces the extra burden, saves time and enhances productivity. Pilot delivers accurate records every month. It generates industry-specific reports with monthly statements that feature custom statements on inventory management for eCommerce and burn reports for startups. Companies get their own personal support executives to help them with their day to day accounts operations. The software also manages records of tax payments for businesses, prepares and files federal, state and local income taxes on their behalf. Pilot also help companies to get R&D credit that could save them thousands of dollars in a year. Lastly, the software assesses the expenses to maximise credit besides preparing documentation to back up the claim with the IRS. show more

AlignBooks - Accounting Software
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Get advanced accounting with the simplest billing software
(7 Ratings)

AlignBooks pricing: AlignBooks Offers Free-forever plan.

What is AlignBooks and how does it work?

AlignBooks is a cloud-based online business accounting software enabled with GST. The software offers an extensive range of account management options and online business finance. It provides complete sale management by helping the user to manage the incentives and track the sales linked to every salesperson. The user can have full control over their businesses from anywhere because the software saves all the critical business data in real-time with regular updates and uninterrupted live systems. The software enables the user to connect sales, orders and accounting along with providing notifications for SMS alerts and emails. The integration abilities of the software allow the users to align the branches of their business. The users of the software will also get the modules for book-keeping, billing, purchasing, sales and invoicing, asset tracking, payroll integration, inventory, CRM and production. These modules help the user to schedule, plan and implement the various essential functions of the business. show more

Bench - Accounting Software
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Bookkeeping has been made seamless
(735 Ratings)

Bench pricing: Starts at $249.0.

What is Bench and how does it work?

Trusted by the world’s best companies, Bench is made available as an all-in-one financial toolkit/bookkeeping service provider. It assigns real humans as bookkeepers, helping out the small businesses and their team of experts to import bank statements and prepare financial statements every month. The software further helps users to get a direct line to their internal team on desktop or mobile. Also, organisations can depend on Bench’s premium services to get expert tax prep, filing and year-round tax advisory support. Furthermore, monthly financial statements and expense overviews offered by the platform helps companies to stay in control of their money. The at-a-glance visual reports are very much helpful to get a clear overview of the bigger picture comprising actionable insights ensuring adequate business growth. Also, it ensures adequate security, processing integrity, availability, privacy and confidentiality of business data as a SOC 2 compliant portal. show more

HostBooks - Accounting Software
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Let HostBooks take care of your accounting related needs
(6 Ratings)

HostBooks pricing: HostBooks Offers Custom plan.

What is HostBooks and how does it work?

HostBooks serves as an all-in-one accounting and GST solution for small businesses and professionals. It offers reliable services related to GST, e-invoice, e-way bill, income tax, TDS, HB Neo and CRM. e-Invoices generated with HostBooks facilitate automated supplier exchange and validation along with hassle-free integrations. The invoice data can be further reconciled with GSTR-1 and EWB over single-click commands. Further, business templates can be customised according to the needs of the organisation. Integrated NeoBank facility makes it easier for users to execute control over accounting and banking related tasks, sync existing accounts and reconcile receipts as well. Further, the waybills generated over this platform are flexible enough to be shared on any social application for communication to be sent to the transporter, consignee or the consignor. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality provided by the same can be used to streamline digital campaigns, robust reporting, lead generation and management. An integrated financial assistant NoVa present within is also of great help. show more

Akaunting - Accounting Software
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Comprehensive accounting software to manage your finances in an accurate and seamless manner
(9 Ratings)

Akaunting pricing: Akaunting Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Akaunting and how does it work?

Akaunting, as an advanced online accounting software, assists businesses in various processes starting from invoicing to money flow monitoring. The software allows users to track their financials online as per convenience. They get to run businesses from anywhere and access information about their cash position in real-time. Akaunting also promises accurate data privacy, eliminating unauthorised third parties. Users can even categorise their income and expenses easily and monitor the flow at a glance. A dedicated client portal within the particular helps users share invoices and transactions with their clients besides accepting bulk payments. Accountants in charge can maintain the authenticity levels of generated bills/invoices by storing them within Akaunting. They can even enable, delete or disable records in batch mode. Admins get to utilise the software in 49 different languages. They can also enable permissions and simplify management tasks. show more

Workday Financial Management - Accounting Software
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Workday Financial Management

To keep your organization’s finances risk-free
(147 Ratings)

Workday Financial Management pricing: Workday Financial Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Workday Financial Management and how does it work?

Workday Financial Management helps organizations to reduce financial risk in this ever-changing market. The software helps users to focus more on action and analysis and less on transaction processing with its deeper insight into finance management. It assures users the flexibility to adapt to new processes and track changes quickly. The software’s machine learning capability detects anomalies and offers recommendations to make more useful finance business processes. Workday Financial Management automatically transforms data related to business events into accounting, thereby simplifying the accounting processes. Users get maximum control over their companies’ finances by getting details about every transaction. It also helps them to manage risk and monitor compliance. With Workday Financial Management, finance teams can streamline their processes from contract to cash and record to report. The software also assists to create business strategies by continuous planning, analyzing and forecasting market trends, that provide them positive outcomes in the future. show more

KhataBook - Accounting Software
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Manage multiple business transactions from one place
(2 Ratings)

KhataBook pricing: KhataBook Offers Free-forever plan.

What is KhataBook and how does it work?

KhataBook is an intuitive digital ledger app that helps micro, small and medium merchants to track and record their business transactions safely. It also allows users to send and receive online payments through UPI and QR code. Moreover, the app generated reports can be downloaded and shared by the users, with every transaction to maintain a proper schedule of debits and credits easily. It conducts automatic data backups, facilitating accurate protection against phone theft or loss. Khatabook automatically syncs all of the data, saving hours of users’ time. With the KhataBook QR, users can receive payments from any other app. They can send automatic payment reminders along with the payment links to customers and receive timely payments. The app provides 24x7 support available in 12 languages for any generated queries. More than 4 crore+ businesses have been registered for this app in 4000+ cities across India. show more

Merrchant - Accounting Software
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Single Software to Power Your Entire Business
(4 Ratings)

Merrchant pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Merrchant and how does it work?

Merrchant hosts business applications ranging from CRM, POS to Payroll and everything in between. It bundles all the apps customized as per each business’ needs into an affordable pricing plan, saving them money as well as additional bloatware. Merrchant’s suite of applications run on all devices including PCs, Mac, and even smartphones. This is combined with real-time updates for all apps which helps businesses stay up to date on all current data irrespective of the device each one is using. With Merrchant, a business can manage all of its core functions under one roof, making it simpler for the manager, as well as the function heads. Its different plans allow for maximum scalability, covering the needs of fast growing teams and startups. Data stored in every Merrchant application is encrypted using industry-standard TLS ensuring fair usage of personal and financial information. show more

Clear Books - Accounting Software
88%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Clear Books

Track your business finance easily
(246 Ratings)

What is Clear Books and how does it work?

Clear Books is an advanced online accounting software that helps Uk based small businesses control and manage their essential finances with more visibility. Used by freelancers, contractors, sole traders and small businesses alike, the software helps with invoicing, purchase tracking and financial reporting in no time. It can create and forward professionally customized invoices to customers directly. Also, Clear Books adds more clarity by providing a complete record of ready-to-review business purchases and employee wise expenses. Allocation of bank transactions to invoices and bills enables the organizations to keep track of the unpaid bills. Also, features like searching, sorting, listing and collating invoices offered by the same turns out to be of great help while looking out for customers and suppliers. Automatic reports and Digital VAT return facilities offered by Clear Books helps companies make informed decisions and proceed with submissions to the HMRC as per convenience. Finally, admins can take control of the vital business-specific information stored within the software by streamlining role-based access rights. show more

Gekko - Accounting Software
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Intuitive, Easy, and Online Accounting Tool
(22 Ratings)

Gekko pricing: Gekko Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Gekko and how does it work?

Gekko seeks to simplify the accounting tasks for accountants, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Users can scan their receipts by clicking a picture and keep track of their expenses using the Gekko Costs app. They can also send invoices & quotations, create professional invoices with the invoice editor and add expenses and worked hours. Users will automatically get notified when payments are overdue and they can also track their hours via the Gekko Hours tool on both mobile and web accounts. This can either be done by registering their hours and activities manually or starting a timer to have a real-time overview of their current and previous tasks and the time put in. It also lets users log both their trips and routes via Gekko Trips along with GPS and manual input. Users can also connect the app with their bank accounts to import transactions and other accounting information. show more

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Pricing Insights for Accounting Software

List of Accounting Software

Quickbooks 98 4.3
Xero 98 4.2
Wave 96 3.5
Zoho Books 94 4.6
FreeAgent 94 4.4
MYOB 93 4.4
Qonto 92 4.5
Sage Accounting (Sage One) 92 4.4
Accounting Seed 91 4.5
Kashflow 91 2.6

Buyer's Guide on Accounting Software

What is Accounting Software?

Accounting software is a well-developed computer program that helps bookkeepers and accountants in recording and keeping a track of the company or the firm’s financial transactions. Usually, the working of the accounting software depends on the type of product that you will use. Most important firms choose to use a customized solution that allows the integration of a large amount of data and records. Smaller firms, however, choose to work with account software that is available to them from the internet.

Why use Accounting Software?


If you would like your business to work efficiently, you will have to take up the most efficient accounting software out there, based on the job you are required to do. Most accounting software allows you to complete your bookkeeping in a few clicks. All that you will require is an internet connection. It will also store all your information in one place, so you will not have to refer through previous transactions. There will be no waste of time digging through spreadsheets and unnecessary paperwork.


Automatic accounting can really make your life a lot easier. Auto-accounting software can add, add statements, generate invoices, etc. This can save you a lot of time and provide you with an accurate calculation, as compared to accounting done by hand. With accounting software like this, the platform for errors is minimal and you can get your job done faster.

Tax filing made easy:

Accounting can be tough at times, especially when you find yourself surrounded by disorganized receipts. This can get you into all sorts of trouble like fines and penalties and in worse scenarios, even legal action. Accounting software can help you avoid these mishaps. It helps in keeping your business transactions in an organized manner. Your receipts can be stored in one place and will be easily accessible. What’s more, when it comes to returns, your tax preparer can gain easier access to your books. Thus, you will be spending less time and fewer risks in your work.

Audit protection:

The job of auditors is to check your books for the correct information that you record. If you slip, they may reprimand you and you will have to deal with heavy casualties. This can be avoided easily through Accounting Software. There will barely be any errors that can get you into trouble. This software helps in preventing IRS red flags, thus avoiding auditors on the go.

Pre-planning made easy:

Accounting software helps you in planning ahead by tracking your financial history. You can track your previous income and compare it with your present income and savings, therefore setting up financial and business milestones for yourself to overcome.

Top Features of Accounting Software

Accounting software comes with features that will help you in keeping track of your records with ease. Listed below are the top features that you must look to when picking your accounting software.

Core Accounting:

Accounting Software must contain the basic functions- general ledger, account payable and receivable, fixed assets, and bank reconciliation.

Invoice and Billing generator:

Good accounting software must not be the one that just prepares invoices, but also does a complete round of tasks that will help you get through the accounts and finance.

Budget preparation and result forecast:

A common feature offered by Account Software is the ability to calculate and interpret finance performance for the current year all the while managing and estimating the budget for the upcoming year, using the data of the previous years. This is very helpful for the company to pre-plan its finances.

Managing salaries and payments:

Employee payrolls are important and Accounting Software will help you through it by preparing the cheques for their payments. It will also help you through the legal and tax commitments without silly errors.

Top Use Cases for Accounting Software

Industry-level use cases

Retail Industry:

If you choose to work in the retail industry, you will have to prepare yourself for frequent auditors and data updates on a daily basis. You are going to have to check and re-check your work every time you leave your workplace. Keeping the revenue and expenses to the tee is very important to the retailer, so to overcome the stress that comes with this job you may choose to rely on accounting software. These will keep track of your receipts and expenses.

Hospitality Industry:

It is no news that the hospitality industry has to keep track of its accountants and books. Submissions of financial reports to the managers and sudden auditors are the usual thing. The industry work on thousands and thousands of transactions each and every day. It is in cases like these where accounting software is a must to keep track of billings, payrolls, revenue, and daily expenses.

Educational Industries:

Colleges, Universities, and Schools have a large amount of staff and hence keeping a track of the payroll can be rather tedious. It is in this case that Accounting Software comes in handy. It keeps track of the salaries and wages, and also maintains the funding and the revenue of the institutions.

Functional level use cases

Accounting software helps in the billing and invoicing of various business sectors, as it is less tedious and accurate. Moreover, it does it within a short amount of time hence helping the business company with more time to gain more profits. It helps out in banking work, and in keeping track of expenses. Accounting Software also offers other methods of payment like credit card payments, online bank transfers, and Net banking. It helps the retailers in maintaining the billing and revenue of the store and keeping track of the staff payrolls.

Buying Considerations


Accounting Software allows a one-month trial period to test out the software before you make the purchase. Take advantage of this to get to know your software better.

Check out the features:

Check out the features before you make the purchase. Make sure that the software provides you with the features they have guaranteed in the advertisements.

Attains to your work:

Make sure that the features you opt for are the ones that will make your work easier in the workspace. The features you set out for, must be the ones that come in handy while accounting.

Making the final decision- Choosing the right Accounting Software

Always keep the required features in mind while taking up the test period. It is at this time you will get to decide if this is the right accounting software for you. Accounting software is very useful when it comes to the world of billing and bookkeeping, but life becomes so much easier when you’re working with the right software.

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