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Socialbakers is an AI-Powered Social Media and Digital Marketing solution to manage all marketing tasks in one place. The platform allows users to boost content engagement across all channels. It makes content strategy decisions easy by mapping marketing personas and allowing users to drive their strategy based on AI recommendations. It enables users to create engaging content by understanding audience preferences and interests. When using the platform users know exactly where to spend their money. The AI tags all content to give users instant insights and focus on content quality. It comes with the world’s largest content library where users can search and find ideas and save them into collections easily. Right from stories to videos, users gain a clear view of organic performance. The platform gives complete clarity of all paid social media performance, results, and spending trends are accessible in one dashboard. Tracking and reporting can be easily done for effective influencer marketing.

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Platforms Supported

  • Browser Based (Cloud)

Organization Types Supported

  • All (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Freelancers

API Support

  • Available

Modes of Support

  • 24/7 (Live rep), Business Hours, Online

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Socialbakers Features

Social Media Management Features

Social Media Monitoring

Helps to track, monitor, and manage multiple social media channels to find the responses by your followers about a specific brand/company/person online

Posts Scheduling

Schedules your posts beforehand to post contents timely even in your absence

Multi-User Collaboration

Allows multiple users to work on one project to ensure effective team work

Multi-Account Management

Facilitates the usage of multiple social media account for a wider reach

Customer Engagement

Enables the brand to maintain contact with their potential customers

Brand Tracking

Helps to know the position of your brand on the social media network

Auto Publishing

Publishes scheduled posts as and when they become relevant

Analytics (Social Media)

Helps you analyse performance based on reaction to posts

Content Management

Helps you to create and customize your contents to make user and SEO friendly

Socialbakers Pricing

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Pricing Options

Premium Plans ( Quotation Based )

Pricing Plans

Screenshots of Vendor Pricing Page

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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 01/12/2021 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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Socialbakers Reviews

User Rating

4.2/5 (Based on 184 Ratings)

Ratings Distribution

  • Excellent

  • Very Good

  • Average

  • Poor

  • Terrible


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Socialbakers FAQs

What is Socialbakers used for?

Socialbakers is Social Media Management Software. Socialbakers offers the following functionalities:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Posts Scheduling
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Brand Tracking
  • Auto Publishing
  • Analytics (Social Media)
  • Content Management

Learn more about Socialbakers features.

What are the top alternatives for Socialbakers?

Does Socialbakers provide API?

Yes, Socialbakers provides API.

Socialbakers Contact

Vendor Details

Prague, Czech republic

Contact Details

+420 222 747 400


Social Media Handles

Not available

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