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Laserfiche Smart Data Management Tool

Laserfiche Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Laserfiche Alternatives

Microsoft SharePoint - Collaboration Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Ensure efficient communication between teams
(11,251 Ratings)

Microsoft SharePoint pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is Microsoft SharePoint and how does it work?

Microsoft SharePoint enables efficient collaboration between teams, helping companies to share and manage content besides applications and knowledge, facilitating efficient business outcomes. The software promotes collaboration between teams by allowing individual members to share files, news, data and resources alike. They can even customise their site to streamline the workflow of the entire team. Microsoft SharePoint helps users to build an intranet network of their own that can be used to enable cohesion between members and send information to every employee quickly. It also drives organisational efficiency by enabling users to share common resources and applications over home websites as well as on external portals. Further, with Microsoft SharePoint, team members can easily find the required information simply by searching through keywords. This information can be used later to make decisions and guide actions accordingly. Furthermore, companies can even accelerate their productivity levels by transforming processes, irrespective of the fact that whether these are simple tasks like approvals and notifications or complex ones like an operational workflow. show more

Laserfiche vs Microsoft SharePoint | Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives
DocuWare - Document Management Software
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Document Management Software For All Types Of Organizations
(233 Ratings)

DocuWare pricing: DocuWare Offers Custom plan.

What is DocuWare and how does it work?

DocuWare allows users to secure and digitize their information to flow effortlessly between their decision-makers at any time, from anywhere, and from any device. The tool negates wasted time and uncertainty from users' processes, making them free to focus on the work that drives productivity and profit. DocuWare is perfect for distributed and remote teams that need to operate at full productivity. It also has an invoice processing feature which lets users break free from data entry and paper-based systems; it automatically processes all incoming invoices with its cloud solution. DocuWare Process Planner is an easy-to-use tool to map the processes commonly used in businesses. It lets them draw fast, collaborate in real-time, and export easily. DocuWare lets users centralize, organize, and secure their employee records and improve processes from recruiting to annual reviews to talent management. It also centralizes and organizes brochures, presentations, white papers, battle cards, and templates. show more

Laserfiche vs DocuWare | DocuWare Alternatives
OnBase - New SaaS Software


Build better business relationships with secured documents
(356 Ratings)

OnBase pricing: OnBase Offers Custom plan.

What is OnBase and how does it work?

OnBase is an enterprise information management platform that enables businesses to monitor their content, cases and processes in a seamless manner. The platform centralises the important business content on one secured location and then delivers relevant information to users, whenever needed. In this way, it forwards excellent customer service, increases productivity and reduces risk across the enterprise. OnBase even helps to reduce development time, cost and departmental silos by quickly creating content-enabled solutions with its low-code configurations. The platform automates various business processes and manages important content in real-time. OnBase works with other applications in order to deliver information within familiar interfaces. In addition, it also helps employees to make better decisions by providing them with all the information they need. OnBase is a GDPR compliant software that protects users data in an adequate manner and meets its corporate obligations as well. At last, all these functions result in better customer service and growth in revenue. show more

Laserfiche vs OnBase | OnBase Alternatives
OpenText ECM - Content Management Software
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OpenText ECM

CMS for all Business Enterprises
(25 Ratings)

OpenText ECM pricing: OpenText ECM Offers Custom plan.

What is OpenText ECM and how does it work?

OpenText CMS provides content management solutions to business enterprises with a broad range of products that enables your people to gain secure access to information from any device or location. Its Document Management feature is a powerful, fully integrated system that provides the essentials for managing business-critical documents. It lets the user retrieve information faster and easier, all the while maintaining a high quality standard. The OpenText Content Suite Platform allows the enterprise to integrate content into business processes and maximize the value of content while minimizing the risks and costs associated to the content. show more

Laserfiche vs OpenText ECM | OpenText ECM Alternatives
Alfresco Process Services - Business Process Management Software

Alfresco Process Services

All your business process management in one place
(0 Ratings)

Alfresco Process Services pricing: Alfresco Process Services Offers Custom plan.

What is Alfresco Process Services and how does it work?

Alfresco Process Services is a business process management (BPM) solution for professionals and developers. At its core is an open-source, high-performance Activiti-based business process engine with the flexibility and scalability to handle a variety of mission-critical processes. Alfresco Process Services provides a powerful toolkit for end users and integrates with a wide range of enterprise systems including Alfresco Content Services, Box and Google Drive.This product is ideal for small businesses and those who are just starting out with content services and case management software. Works well on Unix-like and Windows operating systems. It also has fairly robust permissions and control over who can access the file through a role-sharing system, so only those who actually need to view the document can access it and maintain confidentiality. Of confidential information. The customer service representatives were very friendly and made us feel supported by our decisions. show more

Laserfiche vs Alfresco Process Services | Alfresco Process Services Alternatives

Products Similar to Laserfiche

M-Files - Document Management Software
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An Intelligent Information Management Platform For Businesses
(286 Ratings)

M-Files pricing: M-Files Offers Custom plan.

What is M-Files and how does it work?

M-Files is a platform that offers a variety of features that help businesses take care of their content and documents so that employees can concentrate on more value-adding tasks. It improves efficiency by changing the way paper documents are stored by transforming them into searchable PDF documents. It helps organize content with metadata where information is put in context, so that information can be searched and found easily using different criteria. The platform allows users to search for information in any system or repository without any problem. Information can be found, accessed, and managed in one view. Users can access content anytime, anywhere with any device even in offline mode. It enables users to easily share the documents with anyone and also add workflows to automate business processes. M-Files allows users to configure the platform and use templates to support general use cases and also comply with laws and regulations. show more

Laserfiche vs M-Files | M-Files Alternatives
Community Box - Website Builder Software
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Community Box

Elegant Directories That Increase Community Reach
(0 Ratings)

Community Box pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Community Box and how does it work?

Community Box enables users to create beautiful directories by giving them the power to add their own entries via the website or through a dedicated community box page. With this functionality, members no longer need to manually upload new entries. The tool is completely mobile friendly, making it easy to add profiles on the move. The developers have also optimised the tool for Squarespace for easier integration. Additional features include the ability to put the community on the map by showcasing the location of the members. Professional and beautifully designed listings look great on any device. It is also super easy to create branded directories within minutes with the ability to add new features to websites without any coding knowledge. show more

Laserfiche vs Community Box | Community Box Alternatives
iManage Work - New SaaS Software

iManage Work

Information management made easy
(249 Ratings)

iManage Work pricing: iManage Work Offers Custom plan.

What is iManage Work and how does it work?

iManage Work is a futuristic document and email management application that helps businesses to find the right information from their in-house documents and use it to make better business decisions. The application drives productivity and eliminates bottlenecks by empowering knowledge workers to perform their work in the best possible way. Businesses can capture, share and organise individual knowledge so that everyone in the team can utilise it for better outcomes. iManage Work also helps teams to create and share content securely from anywhere and from any device as per their choice. In addition, the platform also includes a host of powerful and personalised search tools that enable teams to quickly find the information that they need and then act on it accordingly. Moreover, advanced collaboration tools present within the platform allows team members to work together and achieve their common goals in real-time. iManage Work can be integrated with Microsoft Office that makes the entire workforce more productive across Teams and Outlook. Ultimately, it creates a single source of truth for communications and documents across the entire organisation. show more

Laserfiche vs iManage Work | iManage Work Alternatives
ShareFile - Document Management Software
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Multi-featured file management and sharing system
(1,491 Ratings)

ShareFile pricing: Starts at $50.0.

What is ShareFile and how does it work?

ShareFile is a multi-featured & multi-channel cloud-based document management and file sharing software. This web-enabled system can be run on Android, iOS, Mac etc. You can streamline your workflow and enjoy more data security. It includes features like collaboration tools, compliance tracking, document archiving, document assembly, document indexing, document retention and version control. Users can put digital signature on their documents as it supports e-signature. File encryption and synchronization are possible. ShareFile document management software helps simplifying and accelerating your document/file transfer process. You can enjoy unrestricted file storage in the cloud. show more

Laserfiche vs ShareFile | ShareFile Alternatives
ONLYOFFICE - Document Management Software
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OnlyOffice, a game changer for document management.
(47 Ratings)

ONLYOFFICE pricing: Starts at $75.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ONLYOFFICE and how does it work?

OnlyOffice is a game changer solution for document management that is ideal for all types of enterprises, ranging from small to medium to large. OnlyOffice provides an entire productivity suite with document management, emailing, CRM integration, calendar management, and corporate networks. OnlyOffice aims at eliminating the need to switch back and forth multiple times between multiple applications to undertake various tasks. With OnlyOffice, users get a complete productivity platform to run and manage their complete business, including management of documents, sharing files among groups, sending mails, and talks. It is a viable substitute to big cloud corporations like Microsoft and Google. Developed by Ascensio System SIA, it is a free software office suite. It offers smart features like file management, online document editors, corporate communication, platform for document, emailing, and project management tools. OnlyOffice assists the users in project management, CRM, document management, calendar, emailing, and corporate networking. The best thing about OnlyOffice is you can freely use it as an Open Source software, both on intranet based servers and on the internet. And whenever any user faces any difficulties in using OnlyOffice installation or while using, 24*7 support is available. show more

Laserfiche vs ONLYOFFICE | ONLYOFFICE Alternatives
LogicalDOC - Document Management Software
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Document Management Application
(14 Ratings)

LogicalDOC pricing: LogicalDOC Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is LogicalDOC and how does it work?

LogicalDoc is a Document Management Application that helps organizations organize and store all critical documents effectively at one place. Its smart tagging feature helps reduce data retrieval time to almost zero. The use of online forms and electronic signature tools helps to eliminate the use of paper. Users can decide a record retention schedule as per the compliance requirement to reduce the risk of any non-compliance for statutory records. The platform allows the users to access all relevant records remotely; be it smartphones, mobiles or tablets. LogicalDoc also enables multiple users to collaborate on a single document as per the requirement. LogicalDoc works effectively on all types of OS like Windows, Linux, or macOS. It also supports cloud storage, enabling organizations to store and access all records over the cloud. Its workflow engine is fully customizable, allowing businesses to set timers for each activity to be performed. LogicalDoc’s inbuilt flexible software platform is designed to suit the most complex business needs. show more

Laserfiche vs LogicalDOC | LogicalDOC Alternatives
LibreOffice - Document Management Software
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Document management platform office suite
(335 Ratings)

LibreOffice pricing: LibreOffice Offers Free-forever plan.

What is LibreOffice and how does it work?

LibreOffice is a cloud-based document management platform that lets users create, edit, and save XLS spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. It enables users to access programmes through a web browser without installing them locally and is created for businesses of all sizes. The online LibreOffice tool aids in the creation and editing of files in any format. Businesses may manage files and folders by bookmarking them and organising them by size, type, name, and when they were last edited. Additionally, LibreOffice helps with management tasks including creating files and folders, renaming them, extracting data, uploading it, copying it, transferring it, editing it, searching it, and more. It allows you to examine stored image previews and shows information about the file, like its size, name, location, and date. OpenOffice.org, sometimes known as OpenOffice, was replaced by LibreOffice, which itself was based on StarOffice. The software has been under development for many years and millions of people have used it in various forms. With updates every six months and hundreds of contributors, LibreOffice has surpassed OpenOffice.org as the codebase's most active continuation in the modern era. Additionally, LibreOffice gives authority back to content creators by utilising libraries from the Document Liberation Project. show more

Laserfiche vs LibreOffice | LibreOffice Alternatives
Docsvault - Document Management Software
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Manage important documents in an organized way
(18 Ratings)

Docsvault pricing: Docsvault Offers Custom plan.

What is Docsvault and how does it work?

Docsvault is an efficient document management software that can be used by enterprises to monitor, collaborate and share multiple business-related documents. The software helps its users to capture data from different sources and manage it in a centralized location, facilitating enhanced security purposes. The automated electronic workflow feature within Docsvault ensures, assigned works to get completed within the stipulated time frame by the right person. The document version control feature within the particular solution facilitates order within an unorganized place. Docsvault’s collaboration capabilities allow smooth exchange of data across different departments of the organization. The software also offers a wide variety of useful features like Responsive eForms, Microsoft Integration, PDF Editing, Correction & Redaction etc. Organisations also get access to a wide variety of customizable reports, admins can control the visibility levels of individual reports and customize their layout size, add colours and configure orientations. The digital signature module offered by Docsvault is in compliance with global e-signature legislation like 21CFR, HIPAA, SOX, JITC and more. show more

Laserfiche vs Docsvault | Docsvault Alternatives
AODocs - Document Management Software
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A Cloud Content Services Platform
(8 Ratings)

AODocs pricing: AODocs Offers Custom plan.

What is AODocs and how does it work?

AODocs is a cloud-based content services platform that is designed to modernize the way businesses manage their content. Business units can control how their content is stored, accessed, modified or disposed of. Centralized ownership of content helps users to manage who can access which records and how. AOdocs can be easily integrated with an organization’s ERP, CRM or PLM tools allowing the businesses to operate more effectively. It is designed to suit applications across industries like life sciences, where IP registration, compliance, and R&D can be managed. For financial services, Loan processing, claims management, and FINRA compliance can be managed. For the HR industry, the hiring process, employee onboarding, and OHSAS compliance can be managed. For government agencies, digitization and records management can be managed. AOdocs allows users to eliminate legacy tools and systems like lotus notes, share point, open text, etc. and help generate savings on administration and infrastructure cost at a significant manner. show more

Laserfiche vs AODocs | AODocs Alternatives
Document Locator - Document Management Software
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Document Locator

For your business-related documents and everchanging managerial needs
(8 Ratings)

Document Locator pricing: Document Locator Offers Custom plan.

What is Document Locator and how does it work?

Document Locator is an intuitive document management software, eliminating errors and replacing manual processes with automation, seamlessly. The software can be integrated right into Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows Explorer, which makes documents management related tasks really easy for individual users to accomplish as per need. Documents and their previous versions are stored in a safe and secure way also appended with adequate dates and usernames. With the help of an instant full-text and metadata document searching facility, companies can quickly search and retrieve the required documents. Further, Document Locator allows users to create all types of electronic forms, through which they can conveniently capture information directly from clients and customers. Various document approval procedures integrated within the software make it easy for users to know which files are final and approved. A complete approval history is made available with the in-detail person name who has initiated the approval. show more

Laserfiche vs Document Locator | Document Locator Alternatives
Dokmee Document Management - Document Management Software
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Dokmee Document Management

With Dokmee Document Management, manage your data effortlessly
(1 Ratings)

Dokmee Document Management pricing: Dokmee Document Management Offers Custom plan.

What is Dokmee Document Management and how does it work?

Dokmee is an enterprise management software that provides a wide range of products including document management software. Trusted by companies from all around the map, Dokmee is an easy-to-use as well as secure document management system. It is designed for different purposes which also includes document capture and storage. With Dokmee Document Management individuals can search across data, retrieve data and share files. Further, this document management system can adapt to any business model by maximising its accessibility rate. The user-friendly interface of Dokmee helps to maintain the overall functionality of the business organisations, irrespective of their sizes. Moreover, the document management software of Dokmee creates an audit log to track the file activity for easy report generation. This software features an easy-to-use Windows-like folder structure to sort files into a countless number of levels, automatically. Dokmee with its in-built viewing capabilities share files across the entire organisation. Additionally, this document management software provides a wide number of rules based on the workflow of the particular organisation. Dokmee can also be used to manage and customise business processes & document flows for multi-user approval needs. show more

Laserfiche vs Dokmee Document Management | Dokmee Document Management Alternatives
FileHold - Document Management Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Document management made easier for you
(21 Ratings)

FileHold pricing: FileHold Offers Custom plan.

What is FileHold and how does it work?

FileHold is a smart doc management software solution that can handle tens of thousands or millions of documents with ease. FileHold's smart scanning system can convert boxes and cabinets of paper into electronic data that can be searched in seconds. Document storage, scanning, search, capture, versioning, indexing and document workflow approval and review are all included in its feature set. FileHold can be deployed on your server or in the cloud for maximum protection. Organizations can use FileHold document management software to raise compliance, enhance security, minimize paper use, and simplify processes while saving time and money. With FileHold document management software, you can transform paper and electronic data into a version-controlled, safe, searchable, and well-organized electronic library. By enabling employees to collaborate and approve papers electronically, FileHold improves process efficiency. The visual design tool in FileHold Process software allows users to construct pre-defined workflow templates that include approval tasks and document review. Additionally, the platform can store almost any sort of content and integrates well with the Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office suite products. show more

Laserfiche vs FileHold | FileHold Alternatives
DocuPhase - Document Management Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Professional-level document management software
(18 Ratings)

DocuPhase pricing: DocuPhase Offers Custom plan.

What is DocuPhase and how does it work?

DocuPhase is a reliable and multi-featured document management software that allows appropriate workflow automation. The software can support document management needs of any business, regardless of its size and type. It is available in both cloud-based as well as on-premise deployment options. Self-service analytics helps generating custom reports. You can electronically sign your documents. The system comes with Optical Character Recognition that helps making the document text more search-friendly, supports PDF conversion as well as compression. DocuPhase comes enhanced with a wide range of not just document management features, but also multiple enterprise content management features. show more

Laserfiche vs DocuPhase | DocuPhase Alternatives
Onehub - Document Management Software
90%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


A Simple platform to Share Files
(94 Ratings)

Onehub pricing: Starts at $12.5.

What is Onehub and how does it work?

Onehub is a Cloud Storage solution to close deals and delight your clients. Maintain your existing folder and file structures with secure online document sharing and collaboration. Organize and share files online. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

Laserfiche vs Onehub | Onehub Alternatives
Zoho Docs - Document Management Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Zoho Docs

Online data storage and management software
(193 Ratings)

Zoho Docs pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Zoho Docs and how does it work?

Zoho Docs is a document management and file storage tool that is available both in web-based form as well as in SaaS version. The software can be accessed and run on multiple devices at anytime, round the clock. This document management software contains certain useful collaboration and file sharing features as well. You can store all your business and personal files like documents, images, spreadsheets, presentations, favorite movies, music etc in a centralized location. The tool simplifies the file sharing process. Zoho Docs allows you to create backup of all your stored files and transfer them from multiple file storage system. It works both online and offline, so no downtime issue. show more

Laserfiche vs Zoho Docs | Zoho Docs Alternatives
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