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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 29/11/2023 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

Pricing Insights for Video Conferencing Software

  • The Average Cost of a basic Video Conferencing Software plan is $9 per month.

  • Zoom pricing starts at $12.49/month, which is 39% higher than similar services.

  • 22% of Video Conferencing Software offer a Free Trial Allows users to try out the software for a limited period before making a purchase decision. , while 43% offer a Freemium Model Allows users to access basic features at no cost..

Zoom FAQs

How much does Zoom cost?

The pricing for Zoom starts at $12.49 per user per month. Zoom has 3 different plans:

  • Pro at $12.49 per user per month.
  • Business at $16.65 per user per month.
  • Business Plus at $20.83 per month.
    • Zoom offers a Free Plan with limited features. They also offer an Enterprise Plan for their product.

      Learn more about Zoom pricing.

Does Zoom offer a free plan?

Yes, Zoom offers a free plan.

Learn more about Zoom pricing.

Compare Zoom Pricing Against Competitors

Product Name Starting Price ($) Billed Unit Free Trial Learn More
Zoom Zoom 12.49 per month per user Zoom Pricing
Cisco Webex Meetings Cisco Webex Meetings 12 per month per user - Cisco Webex Meetings Pricing
8x8 Video Conferencing (8x8 Meet) 8x8 Video Conferencing (8x8 Meet) 24 per month per user - 8x8 Video Conferencing (8x8 Meet) Pricing
VideoMeet VideoMeet - - - - VideoMeet Pricing
Zip Conferencing Zip Conferencing 12 per month - - Zip Conferencing Pricing
Cisco Webex Teams Cisco Webex Teams 22.5 per month - - Cisco Webex Teams Pricing
Google Meet Google Meet 6 per month per user + Google Meet Pricing
BlueJeans Virtual Meetings BlueJeans Virtual Meetings 9.99 per month - + BlueJeans Virtual Meetings Pricing
Video Window Video Window - - - - Video Window Pricing
Jitsi Meet Jitsi Meet - - - - Jitsi Meet Pricing

Free Software Alternatives to Zoom

Zoom Alternatives

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Zoom Features

Video Conferencing Features

  • Features: The Feature Score % is calculated using the weighted average method, where core features hold more weight in the final calculation. Read More

Auto Framing

Dynamically switches to an optimized view to include all attendees in frame

Automated Transcripts

Automatically transcribes voice to text with near perfection in realtime

Guest users

Users are allowed to join a conference without requiring to sign-in or download the application

Notification Blocker

Prevents to show default notifications from other apps during screen sharing

Participant Permissions

Facility to assign roles as moderators, presenters, or participants to each individual or a group

Hand Raising

Facility to notify the host when the conference participant wants to speak

Meeting Scheduler

Allows to schedule meetings intuitively and integrated into a calendar, email services, and other productivity apps

Audio Conferencing

Allows users to communicate using audio channels entirely

Switch Presenter

Allows presenter to handover presenter access to another user in a meeting

Live Preview

Presents a live preview of what viewers see in real-time

Virtual Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard to teach, explain, sketch and for online presentation

HD Video Streaming

Support to broadcast or live stream high-quality HD resolution videos

Annotation and Markup Tools

Aides to highlight and comment with freehand drawing tools

File Sharing

A simple way to share files instantaneously with the team

Session Recording

Enables one to record remote access, support sessions, and meetings

Remote Control

Allows a user to perform tasks on a remotely located computer with equal ease as is experienced while using one's own system

Screen Sharing

Enables remote participants to see your desktop that allows better collaboration

Polls (Voting)

Helps to discover critical data by asking the participants questions concerning the webinar

Live Chat

Allows you to instantly communicate with your customers and/or exchange chat messages online

Zoom Integrations

Zoom Pricing FAQs

1: What features are included in the Zoom One Basic plan, and is it free?

  • The Basic plan is free and includes meetings for up to 100 participants with a 40-minute limit, automated captions, 3 editable whiteboards, team chat, mail and calendar client, Clips Basic, and Notes.

2: How does the Zoom One Pro plan differ from the Basic plan, and what is its pricing?

  • Priced at $14.99/month/user, the Pro plan extends meetings up to 30 hours, includes 5GB cloud storage, additional features like AI Companion, and offers premium apps free for 1 year.

3: What additional benefits does the Zoom One Business plan offer over the Pro plan, and what is its cost?

  • The Business plan, at $19.99/month/user, supports meetings with up to 300 participants with 5GB cloud storage and adds features like single sign-on, managed domains, and company branding.

4: Can you describe the features and pricing of the Zoom One Business Plus plan?

  • The Business Plus plan costs $25.00/month/user and includes all Business plan features, with increased cloud storage to 10GB and additional phone features like unlimited regional calling.

5: What does the Zoom One Enterprise plan offer, and how is it priced?

  • The Enterprise plan has custom pricing. It supports meetings of up to 1000 attendees, offers unlimited cloud storage, and includes advanced features like a full-featured PBX phone, webinars, workspace reservation, and customer-managed keys for encryption.

6: Are there any differences in cloud storage and meeting duration across the Zoom One plans?

  • Yes, meeting durations and cloud storage vary: Basic has a 40-minute limit with no cloud storage; Pro offers 5GB; Business provides 5GB; Business Plus gives 10GB; Enterprise offers unlimited storage.

7: Do all Zoom One plans include team chat and AI companion features?

  • Team chat is included in all plans, but the AI Companion feature is available starting from the Pro plan and upwards.

8: What meeting attendee capacity is offered in each Zoom One plan?

  • Basic and Pro plans support up to 100 participants, Business and Business Plus up to 300, and Enterprise up to 1000 attendees.

9: How does Zoom One accommodate large enterprises with its customized plans?

  • For large enterprises, Zoom One offers customized solutions with the Enterprise plan, which includes tailored features like unlimited cloud storage, advanced webinar tools, and enterprise-grade phone systems.

10: Are there any specific features in Zoom One plans targeted towards webinars and event hosting?

  • Yes, the Enterprise plan includes unique features for webinars and event hosting, such as Rooms & Webinars and Workspace Reservation, catering to large-scale event management.

11: How do the cloud storage options vary across Zoom One's different plans?

  • Pro offers 5GB of cloud storage, Business provides 5GB, Business Plus increases to 10GB, and Enterprise offers unlimited cloud storage.

12: What specific functionalities does the AI Companion add to Zoom One Pro and higher plans?

  • The AI Companion automates tasks across the Zoom platform, offering meeting summaries, assistance with drafting messages, and more, enhancing productivity and meeting management.

13: Can you detail the Zoom Phone features available in the Business Plus and Enterprise plans?

  • Business Plus includes unlimited regional calling and domestic SMS & MMS, while Enterprise adds a full-featured PBX, metered outbound calls, and more advanced phone system features.

14: What add-on options are available for Zoom One plans, and how do they enhance user experience?

  • Add-ons include increased participant capacity, additional cloud storage, translated captions, and the Zoom Phone Power Pack. These enhance scalability, storage, communication accessibility, and call management.

15: How does Zoom One address advanced security and compliance needs in its Enterprise Plan?

  • The Enterprise plan includes features like SSO, managed domains, company branding, and customer-managed keys for encryption, addressing high-level security and compliance requirements.

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