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Updated on: December 1, 2020

Digital Adoption Platform Software

Digital Adoption Platform Software is a guidance layer integrated on top of any existing website or software. It can be applied to any system, whether it’s a CRM tool, health or fitness machine, digital printing press, the DAP layer can be integrated. It simplifies onboarding for new users and improves user experience by guiding users to task completion and adoption of new features. DAP software can also be used to train new employees on in-house software applications. Some digital adoption platforms are specifically customized for respective popular applications, whereas many others are customized to be integrated with any required application. By Using AI, analytics and automation, DAP software is able to provide easy onboarding, better training and improved support to users through the contextual content displayed at the time of requirement.

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SAP digital adoption solution
(3 Ratings)

OnScreen helps address common issues that hold back organizations in SAP and ERP implementation as part of ongoing digital transformation efforts. Increase user adoption rates and overall productivity throughout your organization. OnScreen is so simple to use, process experts and trainers can... read more


A Simple Training Tool for your team
(22 Ratings)

Spekit software is a real-time learning platform teams for optimizing team collaboration. Receive real-time notifications on updates and tracking to ensure changes are adopted. Assign experts to maintain documentation updates and accuracy. Export content to PDFs, spreadsheets or CSVs. It integrates... read more


Create Simple and Interactive Walkthroughs
(24 Ratings)

Userlane is a digital adoption platform that helps people understand software easily with the help of interactive walkthroughs. As an employee onboarding and training platform, Userlane maximizes digital adoption by offering employees continuous performance support as they navigate their way... read more


A Simple Platform for Product Growth
(122 Ratings)

Appcues software is a user experience tool used to deliver exceptional user experiences to your organization. Engage users, collect contextual feedback and deliver targeted in-product campaigns. Build new features and gain actionable insights with the product. It integrates with Amplitude, Google... read more


Accelerate Digital Adoption
(191 Ratings)

Whatfix is a game-changing Digital Adoption Platform that helps users achieve optimal performance by providing them quick and easy access to contextual information, needed at the time a task is being performed. With Whatfix, enterprises enable their users to quickly adopt any software application... read more


Keep Pace With Technology By Having True Digital Adoption
(140 Ratings)

WalkMe is a tool that allows users to embrace technology and achieve True Digital Adoption. The tool consists of a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), making it effortless for any user to use any website or software. The users get proactive, guidance, solution analyses, and automation processes to... read more


Boost Product Engagement
(66 Ratings)

Chameleon is a digital adoption platform for building and publishing customizable product tours and surveys to aid with client website onboarding. Get satisfaction and effort scores for specific features immediately after usage. Show contextual and targeted NPS surveys to understand loyalty by user... read more

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