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Digital Adoption Platform Software

Digital Adoption Platform Software is a guidance layer integrated on top of any existing website or software. It can be applied to any system, whether it’s a CRM tool, health or fitness machine, digital printing press, the DAP layer can be integrated. It simplifies onboarding for new users and improves user experience by guiding users to task completion and adoption of new features. DAP software can also be used to train new employees on in-house software applications. Some digital adoption platforms are specifically customized for respective popular applications, whereas many others are customized to be integrated with any required application. By Using AI, analytics and automation, DAP software is able to provide easy onboarding, better training and improved support to users through the contextual content displayed at the time of requirement.

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Apxor - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Design digital nudges, benefitting your brand
(2 Ratings)

Apxor pricing: Starts at $300.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Apxor and how does it work?

Apxor is the first one-of-its-kind digital nudging platform that can be implemented within Apps. This platform is an ideal one for forming strong user bonds that ultimately ensure several benefits. Nudges play an important role in determining customer behaviour as they largely influence them. A nudge that is deployed perfectly is bound to be subtle and intrusive, besides being contextualised to an extent of personalisation. The tooltips provided by Apxor feature ample bits of information for the guests to know about the facilities of the client brand in concern. These, thus, help in diverting the visitors towards the facilities that are most likely to strike a chord with them turning them into prospects. Apxor is one of the finest methods to come out from the shackles of developmental and technological dependency as it facilitates freedom, with a large array of templates for the nudges. These can thus be designed and sent to the target prospects almost in real-time without further hassle. show more

JumpSeat - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Learn Simply. Work Confidently.
(2 Ratings)

JumpSeat pricing: JumpSeat Offers Custom plan.

What is JumpSeat and how does it work?

JumpSeat reduces onboarding times, improves training, and eases support by delivering on-screen guidance over existing enterprise applications. No code integration is required, and no developers are needed to create interactive guides.

HintEd - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Building Bridges Between Humans and Software
(2 Ratings)

HintEd pricing: HintEd Offers Custom plan.

What is HintEd and how does it work?

HintEd is the platform that adds special training and support layer above web or Windows applications and enables enterprises to engage their employees by delivering instant training and onboarding on how to use enterprise software.

EdCast MyGuide - Digital Adoption Platform Software

EdCast MyGuide

Your personal guide for simplifying digital technology
(17 Ratings)

EdCast MyGuide pricing: EdCast MyGuide Offers Custom plan.

What is EdCast MyGuide and how does it work?

EdCast MyGuide is a digital adoption software platform, developed to enhance user productivity by simplifying digital software adoption. The platform provides a single talent experience platform that facilitates end-to-end employee experiences in career mobility, skilling, and learning, along with simplification of software adoption. With EdCast, you can automate repetitive operations to improve productivity and simplify the user experience. You can investigate user trip data in depth and remove process issues. By utilizing MyGuide to provide individualized user onboarding and in-app training, you can equip your users to be product experts from the start. You can allow your users to study at their own speed with self-service enabled digital learning modules. MyGuide is a scalable, secure and certified platform that meets the security demands of commercial clients and transforms your training function by allowing people to study digitally from any device, at any time and from any location. You can easily assess your users' competency across guides to identify process issues. Additionally, you can allow your users to learn in-app with the ShowMe feature, which supports videos and PowerPoint presentations. show more

HelpHero - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Help customers to adopt to your newly launched product features quickly
(31 Ratings)

HelpHero pricing: Starts at $45.83.

What is HelpHero and how does it work?

HelpHero is a comprehensive software that provides companies with an easy way to create interactive and easy to follow product tours. Thus helping customers to get started and learn new features within seconds. The software enables users to instantly create, edit and preview product tours without any coding skills. They can even customise every aspect of the tours by changing the colour, text and layout. Users can send instant gratification and feedback to customers on their onboarding progress and encourage the latter to buy products. HelpHero even offers companies with useful analytics that helps them to understand how viewers are interacting with individual tours and what needs to be done to further enhance the overall experiences. The software includes a HelpHero Editor that allows users to easily customise their Funnel criteria to create and edit tours as per language, browser, device and more. It also enables users to create different pathways to complete a product tour. show more

YesElf - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Educate and train new staff to make them professionals
(12 Ratings)

YesElf pricing: YesElf Offers Custom plan.

What is YesElf and how does it work?

YesElf is a digital adoption platform that enables you to use AI and machine learning to convert new recruits into pros. It helps you show your new workers how to use your business software more quickly, so that they can be more productive and you can save money on training. With YesElf, you can join the club of firms with more productive employees and quicker learners in internal operations as a result of proper induction. You can upgrade your employees' qualifications in a more cost-effective manner in the long run. You can determine whatever elements of your product are troublesome, then review analytical data to see whether user onboarding has benefited your employees. YesElf keeps your app responsive by dynamically adjusting the location of the guide or context assistance based on the device and screen resolution. You can keep track of a domain expert's activities in the app and evaluate them. Additionally, the platform monitors user behavior and, if it determines that any users need assistance, it provides them with a roadmap to their desired outcome. show more

OnScreen - Digital Adoption Platform Software


SAP digital adoption solution
(10 Ratings)

OnScreen pricing: OnScreen Offers Custom plan.

What is OnScreen and how does it work?

OnScreen helps address common issues that hold back organizations in SAP and ERP implementation as part of ongoing digital transformation efforts. Increase user adoption rates and overall productivity throughout your organization. OnScreen is so simple to use, process experts and trainers can create step by step walkthroughs in minutes. OnScreen is SaaS-based and requires no SAP installation or transport. Quickly add explanatory text and links designed to help the user complete their task. Assign to users and groups that will benefit from the step by step guidance in SAP. show more

Enboarder - Digital Adoption Platform Software


The smart people activation platform
(114 Ratings)

Enboarder pricing: Enboarder Offers Custom plan.

What is Enboarder and how does it work?

Enboarder is an advanced user onboarding software that is driven by the user's experience and helps you make your new workers feel welcome, whether they're in-house or remote, by nailing your virtual onboarding. It digitizes your onboarding process to increase engagement and enthusiasm, as well as to foster personal connections. With Enboarder, you can create a virtual area for your new hires and their teams to bond. You can exchange intro videos, pair them up with pals, set up coffee catch-up conversations, and more. You can collect feedback and act on it instantly and automatically. The platform increases employee engagement, productivity, and retention to offer you the best in-class user experience. The platform offers a gorgeous user interface, along with unrivaled personalization and customisation to set a new standard for employee experiences. It facilitates managerial nudges that are wise and timely. It eliminates the need of logins, downloads, or missed app alerts by providing a mobile-first approach. Additionally, the platform helps the HR team to follow the metrics offered by its Advanced Reporting center to enhance the sales funnel. show more

Apty.io - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Improves the overall function of your software
(98 Ratings)

Apty.io pricing: Apty.io Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Apty.io and how does it work?

Apty.io is a digital platform that promotes software utilisation and helps users by increasing the overall productivity of the software. It optimises the working structure of the teams. The main job of this platform is to make it easier for the user to use their web applications easier. It provides actionable insights and suggestions on how to improve your efficiency so that you can cut down on the costs on training and other support systems of your software. It works with a web-based application to enable you to track usage of the app to check what exactly are you struggling with. It also successfully provides you with on-screen help at the exact moment when you have a doubt. Apty.io consists of an AI engine that analyses the user data and helps the users to automate their tasks so that they can use it effectively, by saving both time and money. This platform has four basic products: Lens, Insights, Assist and Automation. The advanced tracking tools will immediately enable tracking details and present the data on how the employees are interacting with the program. It erases the bar between just logging into the software and actually completing the work. show more

LOU - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Design Product Experiences in Minutes
(99 Ratings)

LOU pricing: Starts at $99.00. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is LOU and how does it work?

LOU software is a platform used to launch product announcements. The software offers tools to define brand's with default colors, fonts, text sizes, and other style. Drive adoption of new features and keep users up-to-date with the latest offers. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Userlane - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Create Simple and Interactive Walkthroughs
(35 Ratings)

Userlane pricing: Userlane Offers Custom plan.

What is Userlane and how does it work?

Userlane is a digital adoption platform that helps people understand software easily with the help of interactive walkthroughs. As an employee onboarding and training platform, Userlane maximizes digital adoption by offering employees continuous performance support as they navigate their way through processes in the applications they're using. Userlane enables employees to navigate digital processes independently with little external help. Userlane is also useful for customer onboarding apps as users are bound to lose out on key features while exploring an app. By creating interactive walkthroughs, marketers and developers can increase their app’s user engagement, activation, and product adoption. The same goes for employee on-boarding. By effectively using the platform, businesses can cut down on their training costs by up to 90%. Userlane is simply a guidance layer that goes on top of any browser-based software application and no coding is required. It is also built to scale, as users and employees often scale non-linearly. Userlane is, therefore, an ideal solution for enterprise companies. show more

Spekit - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Enhance team level efficiency with Spekit
(78 Ratings)

Spekit pricing: Starts at $10.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Spekit and how does it work?

Spekit is a digital adoption and enablement platform for in-app training. Thus, it is needless to mention that the platform stands out from the rest in business-related training and communicating skills. Spekit allows linking content across different tools, launch training for specific apps, integration powered by Slack and Microsoft Outlook and free search with the Lightning Component. An intuitive in-platform editor helps in the creation of bite-sized content boxes, all applicable for customisation according to the needs of the client. Slack especially assists in creating minor training assessments via questions backed by simple answers to them. Further, Spekit enables easy onboarding along with regular notifications for the trainees about their programme. It also enables seamless engagement tracking via surveys and feedback analyses. An informative database helps record the overall progress and the effects related to training, facilitating an intuitive performance. An in-platform organiser sorts content based on either tools or teams and helps maintain necessary deadlines and to-do lists on the go. show more

Ziplyne - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Give your customers an experience worth remembering
(15 Ratings)

Ziplyne pricing: Ziplyne Offers Custom plan.

What is Ziplyne and how does it work?

Ziplyne is the perfect solution for streamlining training and technology-related ROI issues for large scale enterprises. It automates digital business procedures with a built-in layer of technology. The procedure is divided into three main phases namely create, play and analyse. The create feature allows clients to generate an interactive and immersive experience using step-wise guides for the end-users and employees. However, all these do not require adept knowledge of coding. As they navigate through the application, users get to expose themselves to a virtual and personalised experience. This is what constitutes the play feature of Ziplyne. While these processes are in progress, the solution allows client authorities to analyse their employees as well as the users for additional needs. Moreover, a rich text editor present within comprises videos, links and pictures enabling a contextual user experience. Other exclusive facilities include cloning of Zips, generating ZipFlows, Pulses and Tooltips. show more

iorad - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Create simple and interesting tutorials quickly
(48 Ratings)

iorad pricing: Starts at $100.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is iorad and how does it work?

iorad is a tutorial building tool that helps organisations and professionals to create highly efficient tutorials and share them with their learners quickly. It offers users a Knowledge Loop where they can capture and share knowledge rapidly. The iorad speeds up the process of tutorial creation by 5 times and the process of learning by 2 times. The tool can capture screens so that it can record steps users are performing for a task, which can be converted into tutorials. Users can even customise these tutorials in their own way. The masking feature is available for tutorial creators to hide their personal information that they don’t want to put in the videos. They can even choose from 24 different languages from 47 different voices to add instant voiceovers. In addition, iorad can be integrated with plenty of popular platforms, such as YouTube, Zendesk, Google Drive, 360learning, Bigtincan, Canvas LMS, Google Analytics, Hubspot and more. show more

Userpilot - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Explore product growth opportunities at every stage of your user journey
(189 Ratings)

Userpilot pricing: Starts at $249.00.

What is Userpilot and how does it work?

Userpilot is a product growth monitoring platform that helps businesses to deliver personalised in-app experiences and improve customers’ journeys at every stage. The platform helps to analyse the behaviour of individual customers and create effective onboarding experiences based upon the acquired data. Analysing customers’ behaviour also enables businesses to enhance their product adoption cycle, helping them with the most efficient user cases. It also enables businesses to develop product retention habits within customers by adding more value to the product buying journey. With Userpilot, businesses can keep their customers updated about the latest changes in the product and encourage them to buy it. It also encourages customers to discover the new features of the product on their own. Userpilot allows businesses to set goals for their product growth, track customer engagement rate, besides measuring success rate through goal completion analysis. Marketers can also run micro surveys to get actionable feedback and qualitative insights easily. show more

Whatfix - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Smart digital adoption platform
(264 Ratings)

Whatfix pricing: Whatfix Offers Custom plan.

What is Whatfix and how does it work?

Whatfix is a software as a service (SaaS) based digital adoption platform, ideally suited to all types of enterprises ranging from small to medium to big. With Whatfix, you can unleash the real value of your corporate apps. It aids in the creation of interactive walkthroughs and ensures performance support for web applications. Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that gives web apps and software products in-app assistance and performance help. This will easily help you ride the digital adoption curve. By utilizing Whatfix to offer tailored experiences, you can adjust to your users' onboarding needs. Whatfix's real-time, in-app support, personalized to particular roles, will delight your users. You can engage users by providing them with the most valuable and timely information in-app, and delight them with tailored support using this application. You can surf the digital adoption curve easily with this software, and you must include it in your arsenal to take your business to the next level. Furthermore, it offers a free trial version for testing its features apart from a wide assortment of premium plan options to fit every type of need. show more

Appcues - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Adopt products easily with Appcues
(171 Ratings)

Appcues pricing: Starts at $249.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Appcues and how does it work?

Appcues is a digital adoption software that enables your team to track and increase product uptake without the help of a developer. It provides you smart tools to create beautiful, customised experiences that feel like they belong in your product with a no-code builder. Appcues offers a sophisticated targeting engine that provides the appropriate experience to the appropriate user at the right time. You can set up flows in your product based on particular actions taken by users and send a quick message or conduct a poll for all of your clients with Appcues. For personalizing or integrating in-app experiences with different channels, you can use insights from other tools in your technology stack. With Appcues’s preconfigured event visualisations and dashboards, you can track product uptake and the effect of your experiences. The platform eliminates the need of assistance of a programmer or analyst to keep track of and handle events. Users can create reports to keep track of their critical KPIs, and then store them to a dashboard for reporting and analysis at a glance. show more

Inline Manual - Digital Adoption Platform Software

Inline Manual

Enhance user acceptance and improve the user experience
(45 Ratings)

Inline Manual pricing: Starts at $158.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Inline Manual and how does it work?

Inline Manual is a digital adoption platform that enables you to create interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, polls, and flexible tutorials to guide the users to success. It helps you increase adoption and conversion rates while lowering churn by guiding consumers through your offering. With Inline Manual, you can make your software more likeable and grow your company quicker instantly. You can automate your workers' training, increase their productivity, and obtain a quicker return on your software investment. You can reduce the amount of work your own help desk has to do and guide users through your app to help them achieve their objectives quicker. You can notify your users wherever in the app about training, downtimes, or product upgrades and improve conversion rates by running promotions directly in the app. You can find out how you're performing and what your application's bottlenecks are by directly asking your users and create click shortcuts and automate repetitive operations so your users aren't annoyed. Additionally, you can create several content branches and let visitors choose which route to take. show more

Simpo - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Softwares simplified.
(34 Ratings)

Simpo pricing: Starts at $250.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Simpo and how does it work?

simPRO is a robust job management software solution designed by and for trade contractors. If you're having trouble quoting multi-stage projects, managing inventory, communicating with technicians, or any other aspect of your workflow, simPRO provides a streamlined platform to help you solve your problems while increasing productivity and revenues. For workflow management, more than 120,000 field service personnel in the commercial and residential sectors rely on simPRO. For enhanced office-to field connectivity, simPRO blends cloud-based software for the office with mobile apps for technicians. Due to conveniently available customer assistance, online help guides, in-depth implementation and training, and frequent software updates that are suited to customers' needs, simPRO is a top-rated solution in the field service business. SimPRO also integrates with QuickBooks and Xero to simplify bookkeeping and job management. Simpo makes change management simple by offering information such as change announcements, in-app help, walkthroughs, and surveys directly within the app. Everything is really straightforward, so you don't need to be a computer whiz to utilize it. show more

Toonimo - Digital Adoption Platform Software


Top Audio-Visual Guidance to your Website
(28 Ratings)

Toonimo pricing: Toonimo Offers Custom plan.

What is Toonimo and how does it work?

With entertaining digital walkthroughs, Toonimo humanizes the web user experience. The SaaS platform allows businesses to add a human voice overlay and personalized graphical coach marks to their websites, which engages visitors, highlights relevant deals, and directs them through online funnels. Toonimo provides a robust analytics dashboard for tracking user engagement and conversions. Toonimo personalizes the web user experience, fosters self-service, raises conversion rates, and improves user engagement thanks to an intelligent decision engine. Toonimo enables businesses to increase sales, lower customer care expenses, and individually guide consumers through difficult online sales processes, such as onboarding a user (for example, a first-time visitor to a new platform) or filling out a form. With a digital concierge-like walkthrough experience, Toonimo streamlines the user experience. Visitors feel as if someone is sitting next to them, personally guiding them through filling out a form or using a product or platform. Toonimo accomplishes this by incorporating a large amount of human voice and graphic commentary. Our patent-pending technology scans the page in real time and generates natural language sentences based on what it finds. show more

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List of Digital Adoption Platform Software

Apxor 5
JumpSeat 5
HintEd 5
EdCast MyGuide 4.9
HelpHero 4.9
YesElf 4.9
OnScreen 4.9
Enboarder 4.9
Apty.io 4.8
LOU 4.8

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