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News of the week

Whatfix raises $32 million to drive digital adoption of enterprise apps

Whatfix is aimed at helping companies guide new users around their products by providing useful cues at the contextual places, instead of overwhelming the new user with hefty documentation about how to use the product. Whatfix is among the few players in a category dubbed Digital Adoption Platform, and with its Series C funding, it’ll expand to other markets like Europe and Australia.

InVideo raises $2.5M and launches an automated assistant to make your videos better

With videos becoming the best way to consume content, it’s important that the video-making process becomes easier. That’s where InVideo comes in, which promises to make the creation process as easy as dragging and dropping. The tool provides templates and one can create text-based videos that are readily optimized for social networks. The company already boasts 100,000 customers including the likes of Sony Music and CNBC.

Huntress raises $18 million to detect and remediate cyberthreats

Cybersecurity has become an important aspect in 2020, and hence we’re seeing a wave of companies who help in fighting off cyberthreats. Huntress – started in 2015 – is already serving 1,000 companies and has raised Series A to improve its engineering and development as well as expand to new markets.

Must reads

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Listen to

David Skok on the 9 stage model to get a B2B company to get repeatable, scalable & profitable growth

David Skok is a four-time founder and now is a successful VC at Matrix Partners. He offers a simple nine-stage template for B2B businesses to reach repeatable, scalable and profitable growth. He also shares why following this model is important for companies and if they jump a step or two, how it’ll affect them.

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Notion’s roadmap for building a winning brand  

In a short span of time, Notion has emerged as a popular productivity tool that can offer the functionality of popular services like Evernote, Trello, Asana and more. In this podcast, Notion’s Head of Marketing, Camille Ricketts shares their marketing strategy, how she’s leveraging content and more.

The importance of revenue operations with Krish Subramanian, Chargebee

Chargebee is among the most popular subscription billing software, but in this podcast, founder and CEO Krish Subramaniam shares how Chargebee is helping with revenue operations.


SaaS Customer Lifetime Value Calculation (3 strategies to increase your LTV) 

For a SaaS company, how much money can it make over the lifetime of the customer – LTV – is among the most important parameters. This video explains what is it, how a business can increase it by following three strategies.

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