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Customer Success Software

Customer success software helps vendors make sure their customers achieve the desired outcomes while using a their product or service. It provides a 360 degree view of all the data related to your customers combined from third party software applications like email, CRM services, live chat, customer support ticket, and more. It facilitates to optimize customer life cycle, sort customers that need attention, track customer health consistently and prioritize area of response, thereby increasing customer retention rates. Customer success software is primarily used by customer success managers, account managers and sales team to build an established customer base, reduce customer churn and increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Quality Driven Software - Customer Success Software

Quality Driven Software

Client Satisfaction Software
(6 Ratings)

Quality Driven Software pricing: Starts at $29.00.

What is Quality Driven Software and how does it work?

Quality Driven Software is a client satisfaction and survey solution that helps companies avoid getting negative online reviews by helping identify issues before they become complaints. The software allows you to create and send out surveys internally to employees, or externally to customers. This helps you track how well employees are performing, how productive they are, as well as their satisfaction with working at your company, and any suggestions for improvement. Quality Driven Software comes with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. You can see an at-a-glance view of how well your company is performing on the solution’s dashboard, as well as receive instant notifications when youreceive negative survey feedback. Reports can be filtered by score, client, employee, and date. Quality Driven Software flags at risk customer accounts and puts them on a “Client Watch” list, while the “Service Area” feature allows you to customize the data you receive on each report according to industry requirements. show more

Custify - Customer Success Software


Customer Success Software for SaaS
(175 Ratings)

Custify pricing: Starts at $999.00.

What is Custify and how does it work?

Custify's Customer Success Platform is designed for B2B SaaS businesses and enables them to reduce their churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value. This most successful accounts are likely to expand. Reach out to them to upsell and grow business. Never wonder who to talk to or when. Automatically created tasks give an actionable way forward every day. Automate low-touch customer success workflows so can focus on white-glove tasks. Treat them as individuals by segmenting customer base into groups based on account details or usage. show more

Ubeya - Customer Success Software


Manage your team with utmost care and efficiency
(30 Ratings)

Ubeya pricing: Starts at $3.0.

What is Ubeya and how does it work?

Ubeya is an extremely flexible workforce management platform. Also, Ubeya acts as an all-in-one software regardless of whether tracking workforce productivity and operations is the goal or whether it is strengthening ties between a dispersed workforce. It provides solutions for business essentials of accounting, legal proceedings, HR and administrative operations alike. With Ubeya’s optimisation at work, clients can assign workforce distribution based on key performance indicators. It also helps in predicting labour needs accurately to match the business demands. Further, the software also assists in scheduling changes thereby avoiding overstaffing or understaffing. Now, since it is essentially a workforce management system, managing leaves and marking absenteeism is effortlessly executed by Ubeya. It captures accurate time and data that confirms an employee’s identity and location. Further, it forwards essential notifications for addressing urgent issues like no-shows, overtime and more. Ubeya helps in synchronising payroll with timesheets across all departments and locations, creating a streamlined approval process for requests and reimbursements, besides ensuring that employees are paid correctly for their time with exact shift-time records. show more

UserGuiding - Customer Success Software


The Easiest Way to Create Product Tours
(84 Ratings)

UserGuiding pricing: Starts at $990.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is UserGuiding and how does it work?

UserGuiding is a tool that lets website owners create interactive product tours without coding within minutes. It’s a user-friendly tool that is largely meant for three prominent use cases, namely onboarding new users, promoting newly launched features, and onboarding new employees to internal tools. All of these help in increasing product adoption and decreasing the time taken to adapt to a new product or feature. In-depth analytics features are built right into the tool to track the performance of the guides/tours. Segmenting users and showing different variations to each user-base can be done using the tool as well. Before publishing the final version of the product tour, UserGuiding lets creators preview the said version. This not only helps in ensuring a great experience for end-users but also facilitates proper testing of the tour before it goes live. In case the users close the tour, there is an assistant at one’s disposal which triggers the tour from start again, making it quickly accessible. show more

Planhat - Customer Success Software


A one-stop solution for all customer-related information
(219 Ratings)

Planhat pricing: Starts at $1150.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Planhat and how does it work?

Planhat is an advanced consumer success platform that helps with data monitoring, project management, and customer experience improvement within an individual business. Hundreds of modern technology firms across the world rely on Planhat in order to optimise customer success and lifetime value. The software is capable of centralising all customer-related data and creating customisable dashboards to see what adds value and what doesn't. Besides improving the customer lifecycle using playbooks, triggers, alerts, and automation. Also, Planhat can be integrated with pre-existing business tools and derive a unified view of customer-related data in real-time. Zapier, Zendesk, Mailchimp, Pipedrive and Stitch are among the notable ones. For those who are into a subscription business, advanced revenue management functionality within Planhat helps the admin get rid of pivot charts and heavy spreadsheets. On the contrary, they can get a quick overview of new bookings, approaching renewals and development over time. show more

upmetrics - Customer Success Software


Offers great financial modelling
(21 Ratings)

upmetrics pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is upmetrics and how does it work?

upmetrics is a great software to plan your business.It features business plan editor,which refines your business plan to make it a lot more impressive.Moreover,the finance modeling assures about the profit that you will be making from the business.The pinboard appropriately organizes the business inspiration materials.In addition, upmetrics allows you to create multiple projects completely free of cost.The collaborative platform makes sure that all members will get involved in the project.The permission control system allows you to allocate specific areas to different members. show more

Ubiquity - Customer Success Software


Mobile Loyalty Platform for Retail, Sports clubs, Insurance
(14 Ratings)

Ubiquity pricing: Ubiquity Offers Custom plan.

What is Ubiquity and how does it work?

Mobile Loyalty Platform Connect with your customers when it matters to boost lifetime customer value and profits with our mobile loyalty platform.

Gleantap - Customer Success Software


Fitness Marketing and Customer Experience Platform
(7 Ratings)

Gleantap pricing: Starts at $99.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Gleantap and how does it work?

Gleantap is a platform for fitness franchise clubs and studios that predicts each member's behavior and engages them through automated messaging and human outreach. Grow your business with the all-new task management software including member marketing, conversations automation, sales pipeline, smart fitness CRM, and digital customer retention for gyms. show more

Catalyst - Customer Success Software


Powerful customer success solution
(130 Ratings)

Catalyst pricing: Catalyst Offers Custom plan.

What is Catalyst and how does it work?

Catalyst is an advanced customer success platform that combines modern technology with beautiful designs to enhance business growth. Sales teams can utilise the same to manage their accounts and opportunities in a seamless manner, enhancing their customer success rate overall. Executive teams can also use Catalyst to access reports on customer growth, renewals and health profiles from a single place. Moreover, the software also helps companies build multiple health profiles and streamline the entire customer journey, from onboarding to renewal. Catalyst integrates users’ entire tech stack, enabling them to find customer data in Salesforce account lists or spreadsheets. It smoothes out the day-to-day workflow of companies, such as logging calls & meetings besides updating Salesforce fields, for better customer management. Catalyst can be easily integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Segment, and more. Users can also depend on the particular to map and name data fields or set up dashboards and segments specially built for customer success teams. show more

Clear Analytics - Customer Success Software

Clear Analytics

Monitor your business productivity with this powerful BI Analytics tool
(12 Ratings)

Clear Analytics pricing: Starts at $89.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Clear Analytics and how does it work?

Clear Analytics is an excel based self-service analytics software that aims to turn every individual into an efficient analyst. It provides fast and easy service to the users and they do not have to undergo any prior training to operate the software. By using Clear Analytics, users are able to share and collaborate securely with all their clients. Users can create custom dashboards and queries within minutes. They simply need to drag-and-drop and collaborate right inside excel. Clear Analytics, with its Power BI feature, allows users to monitor data utilization behavior and infrastructure security, allowing them to focus on improving their data quality and delivery rate. With this software, users can easily share all relevant data between various departments. This way, it ensures an increase in the productivity of its user’s business, while also freeing up resources for security and governance. Further, the software gives total control to the user and ensures that all changes are version-controlled and fully auditable at the same time. It even centrally stores all the reports and queries and shares them through a sophisticated entitlement layer. show more

ChurnZero - Customer Success Software


Software that helps SaaS companies combat customer churn
(639 Ratings)

ChurnZero pricing: ChurnZero Offers Custom plan.

What is ChurnZero and how does it work?

ChurnZero is an intuitive customer success software that helps subscription businesses to understand their customer's product usage besides assessing their health. It provides businesses with the adequate means to personalize their customer experience by achieving timely and relevant touchpoints. It can also be used to save more time by managing in-house accounts, calendar, notes and to-dos from a single page. ChurnZero showcases a clear picture of their customers’ health and renewal likelihood with help of data-packed ChurnScore. It can be used to target customers based on firmographics, product usage, lifecycle and behavioural data. Moreover, businesses get real-time updates about everything starting from usage drops to milestones celebrations, so they can continue better relationships with their customers. The software also helps users to control the customer life cycle by providing the desired experience to build long-term loyalty. Users can help their customers with guided product tours and training to enhance their experience. It provides active integration with external platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, ZohoCRM, Pipedrive and more. show more

SmartKarrot - Customer Success Software


Unlock Customer Success Potential with SmartKarrot
(19 Ratings)

SmartKarrot pricing: SmartKarrot Offers Custom plan.

What is SmartKarrot and how does it work?

SmartKarrot is an intelligent growth platform designed to facilitate customer success and account management teams. The platform is specifically designed to help businesses expand their customer base, increase revenue, and improve overall customer satisfaction. With a strong focus on expansion, SmartKarrot provides a wide range of tools and features that allow businesses to analyze customer data, identify key trends, and develop targeted strategies to drive growth. One of the key benefits of SmartKarrot is its ability to provide real-time insights into customer behavior and preferences. This allows businesses to quickly identify areas where they can improve their products or services, and develop targeted campaigns to drive customer engagement and loyalty. In addition, the platform provides a range of automation tools that streamline workflows and reduce manual processes, enabling teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. show more

STAMP - Customer Success Software


Customer Retention Product Overview
(19 Ratings)

STAMP pricing: STAMP Offers Custom plan.

What is STAMP and how does it work?

STAMP is a Retention Automation platform that assesses B2B customer sentiment, significantly improves clients’ ability to retain accounts, increases recurring revenue, and maximizes customer lifetime value.

Strikedeck - Customer Success Software


The Guiding Platform for Customer Success
(48 Ratings)

Strikedeck pricing: Strikedeck Offers Custom plan.

What is Strikedeck and how does it work?

Strikedeck is the fastest and the most connectable Customer Success Automation Tool. Strikedeck uses machine learning and predictive analytics to bubble up insights and alerts about customer health, sentiment, and engagement.

Ringorang - Customer Success Software


Business Performance Enablement Software
(1 Ratings)

Ringorang pricing: Ringorang Offers Custom plan.

What is Ringorang and how does it work?

Ringorang's software platform revolutionizes workplace training, permanently changing employee behavior and delivering measurable business results. Ringorang's software platform provides microlearning and gamification features that make corporate training fun. Allow employees to learn in the flow of work and create measurable behavior change. show more

MetaCX - Customer Success Software


Manage Value in performance economy using MetaCX
(1 Ratings)

MetaCX pricing: MetaCX Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is MetaCX and how does it work?

MetaCX is a business value network platform that redefines how value is realized, managed, and defined throughout the entire corporate value stream. It tracks value delivery over time and manages all of your business interactions in one place. With MetxCX, you can connect with firms, both downstream and upstream in your value chain to assure the success of your most important efforts. You can connect with your customers to keep value at the forefront of the customer experience and to demonstrate value delivery on a regular basis. You can make contact with your suppliers to establish accountability and verify that you are getting the value you paid for. You can track the progress of an endeavour or operation by collecting data from both your business and others with whom you collaborate. You can transform fragmented data sources into a dynamic picture of performance aimed at achieving goals and delivering value. Additionally, you can implant the interface of MetaCX directly into any website, SaaS application, or digital experience, removing the need to leave the current tool set. show more

Salesmachine - Customer Success Software


Increase Sales with Customer Success
(40 Ratings)

Salesmachine pricing: Starts at $75.00.

What is Salesmachine and how does it work?

Salesmachine software is a platform used to manage sales and success teams with actionable insights to increase conversions. Gain actionable insights to engage with customers to identifies risks and key behavior interactions. Generate qualified leads on opportunities based on customer fit and product adoption to convert more trials with less effort. It integrates with Salesforce, Zapier, Segment, and more. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

ClientSuccess - Customer Success Software


A Customer Success Platform To Manage, Retain, and Grow Customer Base
(245 Ratings)

ClientSuccess pricing: ClientSuccess Offers Custom plan.

What is ClientSuccess and how does it work?

ClientSuccess is a software that provides companies and organizations with a tool to handle customer retention and growth. With the tool, there’s no more logging in to help desk, CRM, data warehouse, and spreadsheets to know what’s going on with a customer. Businesses can stay on top of their customers by knowing everything that needs to happen at each stage, whether it is onboarding or preparing for a renewal. Users can create beautiful and engaging playbooks so that they can make sure their customers are receiving excellent service. It allows users to stay up-to-date with customer health and get alerts and notifications before anything goes wrong. Users can adjust their notifications and get notified when a customer’s usage drops or even set reminders so that they can check in with their customers regularly. It helps users to always be prepared for their one-on-one’s and other leadership meetings. The tool gives users the right data to document and measure the retention and growth of their customer base. show more

Gainsight CS - Customer Success Software

Gainsight CS

The platform for customer success
(33 Ratings)

Gainsight CS pricing: Gainsight CS Offers Custom plan.

What is Gainsight CS and how does it work?

Gainsight CS is a customer success system that analyzes the customer journey across many channels to help firms streamline activities such as onboarding, retention, support, workflow management, and more. Managers can use video tutorials, walk-throughs, and other support resources to manage the training and implementation of new operations on the platform. White-label capabilities are included in Gainsight CS, allowing businesses to design customised surveys using templates, issue automatic follow-up reminders, and evaluate client replies using machine learning and text analytics. Account planning, interaction tracking, targeted campaigns, alerts, goal management, and more are just a few of the capabilities available. Furthermore, a video messaging tool allows users to make and distribute short movies to customers in order to increase consumer interaction. Gainsight CS allows teams to communicate client updates, insights, notes, emails, and to-do lists with external and internal stakeholders, allowing for better cooperation. It also integrates with HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP CRM, Slack, Google Analytics, and SurveyMonkey, among other third-party services. show more

Amity - Customer Success Software


Your go-to customer success platform
(50 Ratings)

Amity pricing: Amity Offers Custom plan.

What is Amity and how does it work?

Amity is a robust customer success platform that enables you to show your clients the benefit of utilizing your product on a daily basis for improved growth and revenue. It enables you to showcase what success means to your clients and how your service can assist them in achieving it. With Amity, you can recognize your customer's reason for the upsell and be ready to capitalize on it. It offers real-time insights which are tailored to your company, so that you are never left behind. It allows your team to take the appropriate action at the appropriate moment. You can use management dashboards and reports to get the data they need to plan for predictable development. Amity incorporates information from your application, website, and smartphone apps with data from your invoicing, CRM, email, branding, and support ticket systems to comprehend the complete customer lifecycle. Your team can develop and sustain high-precision customer connections with the assistance of health ratings and customized insights. Additionally, you can create your own notifications, alerts, lifecycles, playbooks, and programs using your own business rules. show more

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List of Customer Success Software

Quality Driven Software 5
Custify 5
Ubeya 4.8
UserGuiding 4.7
Planhat 4.7
upmetrics 4.7
Ubiquity 4.7
Gleantap 4.7
Catalyst 4.6
Clear Analytics 4.6

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