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Updated on: October 25, 2021

Top Customer Success Software

Companies set a target or some expectations of customer satisfaction and thrive hard to complete those expectations and in order to make sure that they have succeeded in doing this feat, they use a Top Customer Success Software. This software creates a “health score” by analyzing the previous data and predicts the future satisfaction that a customer might retain. It helps in the growth of a company by making an increase in customer retention rate, establishing a customer base, and identifies any red flag or obstacles that might hinder the growth of the company. This software is often used by sales and customer success teams for optimizing and improving the relationship between the customer and the company. We have prepared a list of all the Top Customer Success Software and you can choose the right one for yourself. You will not regret choosing the software as it will help in the growth of your business.

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A Customer Success Platform To Manage, Retain, and Grow Customer Base
(170 Ratings)

ClientSuccess pricing: ClientSuccess Offers Custom plan.

ClientSuccess is a software that provides companies and organizations with a tool to handle customer retention and growth. With the tool, there’s no more logging in to help desk, CRM, data warehouse, and spreadsheets to know what’s going on with a customer. Businesses can stay on top of their... read more


Customer experience made better with Totango
(656 Ratings)

Totango is a smart customer success solution that will assist your team in achieving their objectives and goals with real time results. This customer data platform continually monitors all customer health signals and engages them proactively at scale, leading in more focused, proactive customer... read more


Software that helps SaaS companies combat customer churn
(546 Ratings)

ChurnZero pricing: ChurnZero Offers Custom plan.

ChurnZero is an intuitive customer success software that helps subscription businesses to understand their customer's product usage besides assessing their health. It provides businesses with the adequate means to personalize their customer experience by achieving timely and relevant touchpoints.... read more


Customer Success Software for SaaS
(125 Ratings)

Custify pricing: Starts at $199.0. Offers Custom plan.

Custify's Customer Success Platform is designed for B2B SaaS businesses and enables them to reduce their churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value. Your most successful accounts are likely to expand. Reach out to them to upsell and grow your business. Never wonder who to talk to or when.... read more


Increase Sales with Customer Success
(34 Ratings)

Salesmachine pricing: Starts at $75.0.

Salesmachine software is a platform used to manage sales and success teams with actionable insights to increase conversions. Gain actionable insights to engage with customers to identifies risks and key behavior interactions. Generate qualified leads on opportunities based on customer fit and... read more


A Platform to Manage Customer Lifecycle

MetaCX pricing: MetaCX Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

MetaCX software is a platform used to manage a shared space to optimize sales and success in real business that customers can see. Invite customers and prospects to a shared space where you can collaborate around success plans. Capture every customer touchpoint across every system and device... read more

Quality Driven Software

Client Satisfaction Software
(32 Ratings)

Quality Driven Software pricing: Starts at $29.0.

Quality Driven Software is a client satisfaction and survey solution that helps companies avoid getting negative online reviews by helping identify issues before they become complaints. The software allows you to create and send out surveys internally to employees, or externally to customers. This... read more


The platform to connect your customers
(44 Ratings)

Froged pricing: Froged Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Froged is a behavioral messaging software that can help users perfect their business by finding a pool of happy customers. With the help of this software, one can easily find out what is more important for each customer and move on to provide better support to them. The application helps users to... read more


Customer Onboarding Made Simple

Arrows pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Custom plan.

Arrows software is a collaborative customer onboarding tool. The software offers tools to send every customer a personalized onboarding checklist with automated email reminders to automate workflows. Collaborate with your teams with tasks and track progress via dashboard. Small, Medium companies... read more


Powerful customer success solution

Catalyst pricing: Catalyst Offers Custom plan.

Catalyst is an advanced customer success platform that combines modern technology with beautiful designs to enhance business growth. Sales teams can utilise the same to manage their accounts and opportunities in a seamless manner, enhancing their customer success rate overall. Executive teams can... read more

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