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Updated on: October 26, 2021

CRM Software

A (Customer Relationship Management) CRM Software helps businesses to manage their relationship with the customers while also providing various tools and features to convert leads into sales. A CRM software is very effective for any business as it brings a number of sales, marketing, and customer-facing functions at one single screen. It also stores details about your customers to help you in handling them better and, thus, ensuring a healthy relationship with your customers.

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Fastest Growing CRM Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


Salesforce is a futuristic Customer Relationship Management Software bringing companies and their customers together. The integrated software helps departments like commerce, marketing, sales and service to get a unified view of each client. Moreover, companies can also leverage on the particular... read more

Salesforce also won


Thryv is a platform that enables businesses to meet modern customer’s expectations simply and efficiently in today’s era. It is a highly secured and easy-to-use Business Management Platform that automates tasks while also putting the customers at the center of the business. The platform enables... read more

Thryv also won


Act! CRM is designed keeping in mind the needs of small size and mid size businesses to build lasting relationships with their customers. The software lets you personalize your platform and work-station the way you want so that your employees can adapt to it easily. Make informed decisions with... read more

Act! also won


Sellsy is an end-to-end complete CRM, invoicing, and accounting software solution that helps you reduce administrative complexities. It let the finance department get rid of overhead work with an automated online solution for accounting. The tool's CRM allows users to create multiple sales pipelines to follow-up with their prospects efficiently and collaborate on their team's closing deal. The tool also provides email automation, lead tracking, and scoring features. It enables users to monitor each page of their website that customers visit and then create an automatic scoring tool to qualify opportunities. The invoicing part helps users... read more


Freshsales, also known as Freshworks CRM, is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can help businesses grow their revenue through context-driven sales. This highly-rated CRM can help businesses close deals faster, improve seller effectiveness, reduce IT complexity,... read more

Freshsales also won


Close is a CRM platform popular among salespeople which provides a sales workflow, ultimately used to close deals. Close gives you an overview of activities relating to your sales, bringing items to your attention according to their level of priority. It has a simple UI with a beautiful timeline... read more

Close also won


SutiCRM is a powerful cloud-based CRM platform that automates marketing, sales, support, and contracts. Businesses make use of the service to nurture new leads and maintain strong relationships with existing clients. It is a multi-sided Platform (MSP) that handles all the core business aspects from... read more

SuiteCRM also won

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer is CRM software that helps companies build strong customer relationships. It has Sales Pipeline CRM, CRM for marketing activities, and Customer Service CRM. The Sales CRM lets users store all their customer information in one convenient and easy to use workspace. Users can manage accounts, route leads effectively, get visibility into their entire sales pipeline and revenue, and collaborate on sales opportunities. Users can also standardize their processes and promote best practices with reusable action plan templates. CRM for Marketing helps users drive effective campaigns and generate leads to improve their campaign success and... read more


Kustomer is an efficient CRM solution that helps enterprises deliver robust support services to their clients. Powered by AI and process automation, the software goes beyond ordinary ticketing systems, standardising repetitive tasks such as contextualising conversations or sending a basic response. Thus enabling the support team to focus their energy on other relevant tasks. The intelligent system identifies subject matter within every inbound conversation and gets individual customers routed to the right resource. It also allows supervisors to track and intervene during live conversations, if needed. With the flexible software, enterprises... read more


Keap is an intuitive Sales, CRM and Marketing Automation software that can be utilised by businesses to enhance their sales and save time as well. Companies get to generate more leads, sort them out and forward the right kind of messages to the right people. They can also trust on the particular to... read more

Keap also won

HubSpot CRM

A forever-free customer relationship management software that provides solution to all your CRM needs. HubSpot CRM automates the tasks for your sales people which allows more work with less data entry. The interactions are tracked down automatically and a separate visual dashboard displays deals... read more

HubSpot CRM also won


Nimble is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for G Suite and Office 365 teams. It helps users connect with their customers wherever they are in the world and is the only CRM that works across every social network. It generates auto-enriched contact profiles by sourcing... read more

Nimble also won

Copper (ProsperWorks CRM)

A productivity tool that comes equipped with several sales features like online CRM, real estate CRM, healthcare CRM, sales forecasting, sales enablement etc. The software is integrated with calendar, docs, google sheets, Gmail, slides, and inbox. It is easy to use and receive a notification every... read more

Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) also won

Top Producer CRM

Top Producer is a Cloud-based CRM Software to build your Business. The software is used to manage your interactions with three key client types - prospects, current clients and past clients. A sales pipeline is available to handle contacts and schedule appointments, send emails, qualify, and... read more

Top Producer CRM also won


Nutshell is a sales automation CRM and email marketing tool for B2B teams to help them optimise their efforts and focus more on building good relationships. Its marketing solution seamlessly connects with users CRM data, enabling them to get their sellers and marketers to a point where both get... read more

Nutshell also won


Streak is a CRM software that’s entirely integrated within your gmail inbox. It relieves you of a number of stress as it brings everything related to your CRM function at one place, i.e. in your inbox. With Streak’s support pipeline, you can get access to the entire support history of the... read more

Streak also won


Teamleader as a business management software helps organizations monitor multiple customers and projects, generate quotations and invoices along with efficient time tracking within a unified portal. Creative marketing agencies, SMEs, architect offices, IT companies can use the solution to convert more quotations into projects and deliver the particulars within stipulated time and budget. Business owners can easily track time spent on individual projects, and make necessary moves. Teamleader offers active calendar integration with Google, Office 365, Exchange, Prixo, Vectera, Lisa, Timewax and more. Email monitoring becomes a hassle-free... read more

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a Gmail CRM for small and medium sized businesses which aims at making your relations as simple as possible. Its live collaboration feature allows all your team members to receive live and instant updates regarding all the changes inside the Records. With NetHunt Cloud feature, you can... read more

NetHunt CRM also won

Wise Agent

Wise Agent is a Customer Relationship Management software for real estate businesses. It can be used for seamless management of transactions, organization of client information and to facilitate automated smart marketing campaigns. Contact management module within Wise Agent maintains lists of all prospects, customers, leads, etc., and makes the data retrievable at any time of the day. Social data from subscribers’ emails, get captured by the wide variety of tools within Wise Agent. Businesses can set separate rules for seamless management of individual leads. Managers get access to detailed reports comprising the status of individual... read more

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a salesforce automation software to make better decisions in Sales. It is simple, user-friendly, and designed to help sales reps to keep selling. Focused on increasing productivity, the software gives quick access to relevant deal data to facilitate ease of analysis and... read more

Zendesk Sell also won