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IT Asset Management Software

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Symantec Asset Management...

Asset Management Suite
(6 Ratings)

Symantec Asset Management Suite powered by Altiris technology enables organizations to better manage their IT assets and ensure compliance.

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Clarity Asset Portfolio...

CA Asset Portfolio Management
(1 Ratings)

Get more from your IT hardware and software asset investments with the right IT asset management software—Clarity AM (formerly CA IT Asset Manager) from CA Technologies. Learn more.

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Micro Focus Zenworks Asset...

ZENworks Endpoint Management Tools | Micro Focus
(4 Ratings)

ZENworks Endpoint Management tools enable you to easily track, manage, and secure your endpoint devices.

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ManageEngine Asset Explorer

IT Asset Management Software, ITAM, Asset Lifecycle Management - ManageEngine AssetExplorer
(6 Ratings)

IT Asset Management Software (ITAM) from ManageEngine Asset Explorer to provide complete asset life cycle managment, hardware & software discovery and inventory with software license management and licensing compliance.

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BMC Helix Discovery

BMC Helix Discovery - BMC Software
(63 Ratings)

BMC Discovery gives IT crucial visibility into how the assets support the business. A lightweight footprint allows IT to map applications with up to 100% accuracy in 15 minutes or less.

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HCL Z Asset Optimizer

Discover, Manage and Optimize Assests
(0 Ratings)

HCL Z Asset Optimizer (ZAO) is the market leading software asset discovery and management solution for IBM® Z mainframe systems. It recognizes more than 15,000 software products and features in the market, plus its features to manage in-house software assets, this product makes the software asset management of your mainframe systems simple.

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Assest Tracking Software
(4,792 Ratings)

BACKTRACK asset tracking software allows you to accurately and efficiently track locations, frequency of use, & movements of assets, equipment, or inventory.

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Belarc Advisor

Products: Belarc Advisor
(6 Ratings)

Belarc's products automatically create an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB), consisting of detailed software, hardware, network and security configurations. Customers use our products for software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, information assurance, and more.

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Software license optimization software
(0 Ratings)

Belarc's products automatically create an accurate and up-to-date central repository (CMDB), consisting of detailed software, hardware, network and security configurations. Customers use these products for software license management, IT asset management, cybersecurity audits, information assurance, and more.

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PDQ Inventory

System Management Tool
(25 Ratings)

PDQ Inventory is a systems management tool that scans Windows computers to collect hardware, software, and Windows configuration data. Use PDQ Inventory to create custom machine groupings and data reports, so your deployments can go exactly where they need to.

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Miradore Management Suite

On-premise IT Systems Management
(2 Ratings)

Miradore Management Suite is the simplest on-premise IT Systems Management software for Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops, laptops, and servers

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IT Asset Management | Sassafras Software
(6 Ratings)

Use Sassafras’ award-winning ITAM software to gain insight and reduce your IT Asset Management costs.

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Total Network Inventory

Network management software: network inventory, server monitoring, software deployment | Softinventive.com
(2 Ratings)

PC accounting, Windows & Linux network monitoring. Make Computer and Network monitoring process easy with Softinventive network administration tools!

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Sassafras AllSight

Spend Less on IT Assets
(6 Ratings)

Sassafras Software has a long tradition as innovator and market leader in providing tools for Software Asset Management. Sassafras AllSight has become a critical component of license compliance and software cost reduction efforts in some of the largest corporate, educational, and government enterprises worldwide.

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Help Desk for Cloud and On-Premise
(0 Ratings)

BOSSDesk is an ITSM solution available on the Cloud or On- Premise. It has Highly secure physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within secure data centers. It has key features like Incident management, Problem management, Change management, Service catalog and much more.

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Statlook Free

statlook ® - IT Asset Management & Monitoring Software
(0 Ratings)

Manage All Your IT Resources From One Place, Take Control Over Software and Hardware! Software Asset Management, Monitor How Users Utilize IT Assets.

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ALVAO Asset Management

Microsoft-centric Asset Management Software
(14 Ratings)

ALVAO Asset Management - Manage all the operational asset records with one tool, easily and transparently. Get rid of cumbersome spreadsheet records. The system ensures data integrity and quality.

What is ALVAO Asset Management ? ALVAO Asset Management Pricing ALVAO Asset Management Alternatives


Combine data-driven business decisions
(6 Ratings)

DRYiCE ROAR developed an automated data reconciliation product that provides a single source of truth for IT environment. By tapping all data sources, it simplifies billing, service management, and asset management processes.

What is DRYiCE ROAR ? DRYiCE ROAR Pricing DRYiCE ROAR Alternatives

EUC Inventory CLOUD

Maintain Accurate EUC
(12 Ratings)

EUC Inventory CLOUD - Establish and maintain an accurate, always up-to-date inventory of your critical spreadsheets and tools in the cloud with this hosted, inventory-as-a-service

What is EUC Inventory CLOUD ? EUC Inventory CLOUD Pricing EUC Inventory CLOUD Alternatives

Certero for Enterprise SAM

IT Asset Management - Discovery & Inventory | Cloud & On-premise
(1 Ratings)

Certero for Enterprise ITAM helps you gain control of your IT assets and costs, whilst improving governance, security and support.

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List of IT Asset Management Software

Symantec Asset Management Suite 4.1
Clarity Asset Portfolio Management NA
Micro Focus Zenworks Asset Management 4.4
ManageEngine Asset Explorer 4
BMC Helix Discovery 4.3
HCL Z Asset Optimizer NA
Belarc Advisor 4.5
BelManage NA
PDQ Inventory 4.9