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Updated on: September 25, 2021

VoIP Providers

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) transforms incoming and outgoing calls into digital signals and transfers it through the internet, changing it to standard telephone signal to get to a non - VoIP number. VoIP systems require high speed internet, in addition to specialized software and hardware, some VoIP providers need clients to use their phone system, while others may be used with any exclusive VoIP phone. VoIP software offers features such as phone calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, video calls, desk to desk calls and conference calls. Most cloud based VoIP providers offer mobile based applications which help you to make and receive calls via with your data connection.

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Virtual phone numbers for Needs
(15 Ratings)

HotTelecom pricing: HotTelecom Offers Custom plan.

HotTelecom software is a platform used to manage virtual numbers with a SIP account and can prompt response to your request to support customers. The software offers tools to forward your calls to telegram covering more than 90 countries. Record Calls for better conversations and measure the... read more

Vodia PBX

Call management made easy with Vodia PBX
(18 Ratings)

Vodia PBX pricing: Vodia PBX Offers Custom plan.

Vodia PBX is a hybrid IP-PBX software with a complete suite of business telephony features serving industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education and call centres alike. Vodia PBX offers a variety of productive services that are trusted by prominent companies such as Cisco, Easybell, Twilio... read more


Automate Business with with VoIP Phone Systems
(977 Ratings)

VoIPstudio pricing: Starts at $4.99.

VoIPstudio software is a VoIP phone service used to manage communications solutions. The software offers a full suite of PBX features and is fully integrated for CRM. Create virtual conference rooms with customized messages and musical interludes for callers on hold. Advanced VoIP features are... read more


Manage Business with Phone System
(27 Ratings)

Ring4 pricing: Starts at $9.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

Ring4 software is a Phone system in the cloud and can be used on any devices. Ring4 mobile numbers can let you call, text & receive voicemails via the app over data or WiFi. The app comes with call recording and video conference. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small, Medium and Large companies... read more


Get your business phone number on Slack
(22 Ratings)

Yodel pricing: Starts at $25.0.

Yodel is the cloud based business phone solution that seamlessly integrates with teams and workflows. The virtual assistant answers calls, gives insight about the caller and puts the call through to team members and applications.

Jive Voice

Enterprise-class VoIP business system
(1,214 Ratings)

Jive Voice pricing: Starts at $19.95.

Jive Voice is a cloud-based, business-class hosted VoIP business system that provides hosted VoIP solutions to both small and medium-sized businesses. Jive Voice was designed with customizability in mind, so it can be tailored to fit the needs of any company. Call analytics, auto-attendants, call... read more


A VoIP Phone System for Business
(37 Ratings)

NUACOM pricing: NUACOM Offers Custom plan.

NUACOM software is an All-in-One VoIP Phone System to connect boost staff performance and optimize customer services. Record all calls with Smart Call Transfer within groups. Flip calls and make more calls with click-to-call features. It integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and more.... read more

Dialpad Talk

A business phone system that works the way it should
(627 Ratings)

Dialpad Talk pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Custom plan.

Dialpad Talk is a business phone system that provides unmatched mobility, flexibility, and security to more of the world’s most innovative businesses. Dialpad Talk includes native Voice Intelligence features like real-time transcription and post-call summaries with highlighted action items.... read more


Cloud-Based Phone Service and VOIP Provider
(3 Ratings)

RingByName pricing: Starts at $28.95. Offers Custom plan.

RingByName is designed to help create better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. Track all interactions with customers and prospects, enabling you to make more sales and provide better service. The Virtual Receptionist will answer... read more


Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Software
(436 Ratings)

Fuze pricing: Starts at $15.0.

Fuze offers enterprise-grade HD audio and video conferencing for meetings with up to 1,000 participants with dynamic screen and content sharing. Connect groups of coworkers and external parties quickly with 1:1 and group messaging across desktop, mobile, and web. Users can send images, documents,... read more

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