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Updated on: May 7, 2021

Inbound Call Tracking Software

Inbound call tracking allows businesses and marketers to gain a deep insight into which sources are generating the most calls. You need to be tracking your inbound calls, in case your business frequently connects with the customer over phone calls. With an inbound call tracking software, you can manage phone numbers, track calls and record phone conversations. Detailed analytics and real-time data regarding call traffic allows you to optimize your caller's experience and improve your campaigns. Some inbound call tracking software allow calls to be automatically forwarded to the most optimal target. They can also be integrated with your CRM software to efficiently track leads.

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Inbound call tracking and analytics platform
(85 Ratings)

Ringba was designed to push the limits of innovation. Built using state of the art technology hosted on reliable, redundant, and secure cloud-based infrastructure. No contracts feature gatekeeping, or price gouging. Achieve the maximum yield across all of your advertising channels with automated... read more


All in one Sales Engagement Platform
(23 Ratings)

CallAction automates time-consuming, repetitive sales tasks of the customer lifecycle. Frictionless lead generation using call, text or email communication channels on your online & offline marketing. Save time with automated data-entry into your CRM. Instantly respond to every email lead or phone... read more

Clixtell Call Tracking

Dedicated Call Tracking Software for Businesses
(27 Ratings)

Clixtell is a call tracking tool that comes with intuitive features such as measuring call tracking, conversion intelligence, detailed click and call reports, live dashboard, dynamic phone insertion, and more. With the call attribution feature, the tool reveals specific keywords and campaigns that... read more


Call Tracking For Inbound Calls
(47 Ratings)

Retreaver's inbound call tracking analyzes leads to drive higher conversions. Provide your buyer’s agents with caller context, history, and qualifying information before connecting the call. Tag your calls with contact, ad, campaign, context, location, segment and other important information.... read more


Make smart optimizations and increase ROI with Phonexa
(33 Ratings)

Phonexa is a call tracking solution that delivers a thorough insight into marketing campaigns, thus allowing the user to make smart optimizations and increase the ROI. The software comes with scores of features such as tracking, lead distribution, email marketing, accounting features, predictive... read more


Consolidated Tool for Call Tracking and Analysis
(632 Ratings)

CallTrackingMetrics is a consolidated tool for call tracking and analysis, and it provides contact center solutions to organizations. It is an omnichannel tracking and analytics tool to track which of their campaigns are generating responses, by using keywords-level marketing attribution. It can... read more

CallView 360

Call Tracking Made Simple
(7 Ratings)

CallView 360 is a tracking and analytics software system of Dial800’s with algorithms and analytical tools to track and record incoming calls. Determine the source of any call, whether offline or online to drive the business to your company. Track your ROI of your marketing campaigns to measure... read more


Call Tracking Software
(47 Ratings)

WhatConverts is a call and lead tracking system promising simple setup for agencies, plus cloud-based deployment. A noticeable and unique feature of WhatConverts is the manner in which it tracks and reports leads. The software traces a lead back to the source where it originated. Match tracking... read more


All-in-one Call Tracking Tool
(23 Ratings)

Callcap software is a platform used to manage and monitor calls. The software offers call recovery options to build customer relationships. Stay connected with your customers. Receive Email Alerts and measure the performance of your team via Dashboards. Generate reports to analyse the business... read more


Track Calls to Generate Leads
(1,167 Ratings)

CallRail software is a platform used to track marketing campaigns to drive leads. Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords. Record Calls to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service. It integrates with... read more

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