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Updated on: September 25, 2021

Audience Response Software

Audience Response Software often known as Audience Response Systems (ARS) helps event professionals, event organizers, and presenters enable interactive participation of the audience in meetings, conferences, events, corporate training, and educational programs. Event professionals often use audience interaction software alongside presentation software, webinar software, or other event management software to receive audience responses through engagement, social Q&A, live polling, and attendee evaluations. A typical audience response software also allows presenters to create engaging, interactive PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily. Audience Response Software is also known as audience interaction software, audience engagement software.

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А Web-based real time voting арр
(1 Ratings)

MyVоte is an advanced web-based tool that allows you to сreаte real time ratings, ranking, and роll voting соntests and view the results. The аudienсe саn раrtiсiраte live in various polls using their mobile рhоnes, tablets and desktop without any need to dоwnlоаd or install.... read more


An ultimate platform for live interaction, webinars and video conferencing
(1 Ratings)

Sparkup is an advanced audience interaction platform for online meetings and events. The software helps companies offer a front-row experience to their individual guests, that everyone will remember. Program managers can rely on the particular to generate engaging and interactive meetings, events,... read more

Crowd Mics

Empowering event audiences to speak, text, and vote
(11 Ratings)

Crowd Mics creates memorable and FUN experiences that increase engagement and excitement. Use your smart phone as a microphone that broadcasts over the event's PA system. Control your event by selecting speakers, disabling microphones, and conducting real-time polls.


smartphones and portable devices

Use smartphones, laptops and tablets as education tools. Maintain class materials,self paced tests and in class quizzes online. Real time texting during lectures and offline texting. Participants get to see items up for auction with video or pictures. View the current highest bid in real time.... read more


Create an always-on conversation

Vodafone is a world-leading technology communications company with over 625 million global customers, a presence in 65 countries, and 94 million+ business IoT connections. As a much-loved brand, Vodafone prides themselves on their ability to engage with customers through industry-first connectivity.


Web-based audience polling for live meetings

Market research, presentation support, training and testing, opinion polls and surveys, elections, trial research, strategic thinking, and quiz games. The iPad Meeting includes iPad rental, posting all meeting materials for viewing or download on the iPads, and web-based audience polling service to... read more


PowerPoint Audience Response Systems

CLiKAPAD works seamlessly within Microsoft PowerPoint, with voting slides that run directly from your main presentation so that you can fully brand your votes. Our ppvote software has been developed in-house, meaning we are ready and able to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ support... read more


Increase audience engagement at life sciences events

Array is a content engagement solution designed specifically for life sciences events. With nearly 20 years of experience at over 7000 life sciences events, we understand you, your audience, your presenters, and your stakeholders. The unique interactive features in our software can increase... read more


Get jaw-dropping engagement

Deliver interactive presentations that combine your PowerPoints and PDFs with video, web content, images and polls. Everyone participates from their own device, in person or remote, in real-time or in their own time. No need to download or install a thing. It just works.

Social Q&A

A Queueing solution for Business

SocialQueue software is a platform for customers to browse any local business, check waiting-time, join queue virtually to plan their visits. Recieve Real time view and notification for live waiting time and position in queue. Inform customers of place in the store so they can plan accordingly.

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Buyer's Guide on Audience Response Software

What is Audience Response Software?

Web seminars are getting more and more popular nowadays. It is an effective way to organize online gatherings and meetings without the need to consider place and time. Keeping in mind the global population, web seminars, meetings, and events are the ideal way to gather an audience.

Audience Response Software is one such software that assists in conducting online meetings and events. It is the software that allows the host to collect feedback and response from the attending audience through various means, including question and answer sessions, live polls, quizzes, surveys, and so on. This software can be used for a variety of reasons and serve for commerce, training, and educational purposes.

Audience Response Software allows online events to become interactive sessions instead of a one-way flow of information. This software also allows integration of other software such as presentation sharing, note-taking, and other such supportive tools that adds to the essence of the meetings.

It is a truly effective software to have around, especially in today’s time when work-from-home is getting more and more popular. Let us get a deeper insight into what else this software has to offer.

Why Use Audience Response Software?

It is natural for a company to look into the benefits that it would get from adopting new technology into its daily flow of work. If you are wondering the same about Audience Response Software, here are a few reasons why this software can be of immense help to your business:

Real-time feedback

One of the greatest advantages of adopting Audience Response Software is that it allows you to have real-time feedback options. You may be using it for business meetings with partners, among employees, for training, or even utilizing it during a seminar with your customers.

No matter what purpose you use it, it allows you to take immediate questions from your audience. This allows you as the host to understand if you are being able to communicate your message or not. At the same time, real-time feedback allows your audience to present their questions immediately. This does not leave any room for confusion later on.

Increased engagement

Audience Response Software actively promotes interactive sessions instead of a one-way flow of information. These interactive measures make the meetings and events more exciting and interesting, where instead of simply listening, your audience also gets to take part in it. This greatly affects engagement factors. Automatically, the audience participates better, thus, increasing interaction and engagement.

Prioritizes anonymity

Not all audiences are the same, and the same applies to their opinions and personalities. Some people have no issues stating their opinions and thoughts out in the open, while others may be reluctant to share a word.

However, Audience Response Software allows people to convey their thoughts without the need to reveal their identity. This helps the host to gather true opinions instead of biased or false feedback. In this manner, organizations may collect accurate opinions while maintaining the privacy of the audiences.

User friendly

Another very basic but crucial reason why anyone should opt for beneficial software is its interface. It does not make sense to try and adapt to software that is extremely difficult to use. Fortunately, Audience Response Software is the type of software that is extremely easy to use. Be it the traditional system or the modern cloud-based software— users will find either extremely easy to operate without any special training.

Top Features of Audience Response Software

We have elaborated about what Audience Response Software is and how it can be beneficial to a company. We will now step into learning about a few features that Audience Response Software provides. Let us get started:

Data gathering tools

One of the prime features of Audience Response Software is that it has advanced data gathering tools that will allow the host to get accurate and quick data on the results. It gathers the responses from the audiences and stores them in a database. This information provides the base for important analysis and deductions that provide crucial insights.

Public display of poll results

Audience Response Software carries a feature that tallies the results of the polls and sessions and displays them almost immediately after the poll is over. This allows for fair results and prevents any manipulations. No matter what kind of poll or question-answer session is being conducted, the result is immediately displayed on the audience’s screens.

Individual response tracker

Each response is marked with an identification number that can be traced back to the user. This information is stored in the database that contributes to reports. However, it is also beneficial when the software is used for learning or training purposes. Tracking individual choices and opinions can contribute to individual evaluations.

Top Use Cases for Learning Management System

Audience Response Software can be used for multiple reasons and thus is used by various industries. Let us take a look at the industries that utilize Audience Response Software and other use cases.

Industry-level use cases


Audience Response Software is very useful to the government for council meetings and so on for deciding majority votes.

Educational industry

The education industry is one of the major industries to utilize the Audience Response Software for imparting education to students.

Medical industry

The medical industry utilizes the Audience Response Software actively for training purposes. The software is useful for various departments of the medical industry.

Corporate industry

The Audience Response Software is very much active in the corporate industries, where major decisions are always based on meetings and conferences. It is used for deciding on major matters.

Event management industry

As the event management industry keeps on hosting events of various kinds, the Audience Response Software can be easily found in this industry.

Functional-level use cases

Integration with presentation support tools

Audience Response Software allows easy integration with other presentation-support tools that make it easier to host online events.

User-friendly interface

It is extremely easy to use and thus does not require any special training. Therefore, it can be used by all levels of employees and all departments of an organization.


Contrary to traditional systems, Audience Response Software is cloud-based and thus can be used for a global audience.

Data management

Audience Response Software collects information from polls and gathers them in a centralized database, which can be used for deriving insightful reports.

Response tracker

Audience Response Software has an effective response tracker that is extremely effective for training purposes.

Buying considerations - Detailed Buying Guide of Audience Response Software

We have covered everything that you need to know about Audience Response Software. Now, let us move on to the few things that you should keep in mind while making your purchase of the Audience Response Software.

Online reviews

When you are purchasing Audience Response Software, always make sure to take your time to go through the reviews and feedback from past clients and customers. A lot can be revealed about software by this feedback. Therefore, always do your research before making the final decision. You may also reach out to past clients for first-hand feedback on the software.

User interface

You may also ask for a free trial to check out the interface that the software has to provide. YOu need the software that your employees and future audience can easily use effectively. Therefore, choose the software that provides a user-friendly interface for your employees to use effortlessly.


There are traditional Audience Response Systems. However, we have already stepped into the digital era where everything is done online. Therefore, while choosing the software, make sure you choose the one that has cloud features enabled. This will expand the range of your audience on a global scale and allow them to interact despite their location.

Making the final decision - Choosing the right Audience Response Software

Audience Response Software is an effective tool to gather the opinions of your audience in a quick and hassle-free manner. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting Audience Response Software for your organization, you can easily rely on this article to be the source of all the things that you need to know about it.

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