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Marketing Attribution Software

Marketing Attribution Software helps businesses to assess the ROI of marketing channels and choose the winning choices that contribute to the success of their marketing and sales teams. With this tool, marketing teams can create attribution models and pull the data from several marketing channels to understand which exercise worked better and how?

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Align.ly Attribution - Marketing Attribution Software

Align.ly Attribution

An advanced multi-touch attribution software for your Salesforce
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Align.ly Attribution pricing: Starts at $208.25.

What is Align.ly Attribution and how does it work?

Align.ly Attribution is a robust multi-touch attribution solution for Salesforce, equipped with an interactive user interface. The software uses standard Salesforce Campaigns, providing full control to individual users over their own data, reports and dashboards alike. Further, it is also compatible with a variety of attribution models like First Touch, Equal Weight, Last Touch, U-Shaped and Time Decay. Align.ly Attribution with its retroactive attribution application technology facilitates seamless collaboration between various attribution models and existing data. Whether a company is running large enterprise deals or transactional sales, Align.ly Attribution provides both opportunity based and account-based attribution models accordingly. The software makes it easy for users to apply attribution weights against the lifetime value of individual accounts or opportunity amounts alike, offering an accurate picture of campaign-driven revenues over pipelines. Unlimited Salesforce campaign monitoring, unlimited users and detailed onboarding support are some of the exclusive functionalities served by the same. show more

rampmetrics - Marketing Attribution Software


Promote accurate business growth with exclusive marketing insights
(13 Ratings)

rampmetrics pricing: rampmetrics Offers Custom plan.

What is rampmetrics and how does it work?

Rampmetrics is powerful marketing analytics, attribution, and conversion monitoring software helping businesses perform a thorough analysis and gain actionable insights for improvement. Its expert services are trusted widely by top companies such as Keyedin, Bluehexagon, Communitybrands, XebiaLabs, and many more. This platform delivers a variety of exceptional features that enable marketing teams to replace incomplete reports with comprehensive analytical tools. With an advanced conversion tracking mechanism, marketing teams get access to valuable insights into the initial lead engagement structure and understand prevailing influences that promote seamless customer interaction. Moreover, businesses are also equipped with comprehensive marketing strategies and techniques to measure out essential marketing impact as per convenience. Also, seamless integration with prevailing marketing and sales funnels, help users customize the platform with personal data fields and better execute sales processes as per convenience. Rampmetrics with its easy and intuitive interface turns out to be a convenient platform, which reduces complexity and promotes efficient market growth. show more

InfiniGrow - Marketing Attribution Software


The revenue marketing platform for generating revenue
(17 Ratings)

InfiniGrow pricing: Starts at $1500.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is InfiniGrow and how does it work?

InfiniGrow is a revenue generation platform developed to assist B2B revenue marketing teams in budget planning and forecasting. It enables you to use multi-touch attribution to assess the business effect and ROI of your actions across channels and assets. With InfiniGrow, you can turn research and money allocation into an iterative process that helps you make quicker choices and meet your KPIs. You can get a clear picture of your cost/performance statistics so you can compare it to your plans and actuals. You can understand and demonstrate marketing value to the company and every one of your marketing expenditures and actions can be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency. You can quickly respond to any marketing-related query from the team or any other stakeholder inside the organization. You can make investment decisions based on data and backup budget requests with real facts that will help them get approved. To meet your KPIs, you can forecast multiple budget allocation scenarios and pick the correct channels and activities. Additionally, you can automate your data collecting and reporting to save time. show more

CaliberMind - Marketing Attribution Software


Make correct decisions based on appropriate analytics
(29 Ratings)

CaliberMind pricing: CaliberMind Offers Custom plan.

What is CaliberMind and how does it work?

CaliberMind is a reliable platform for obtaining accurate B2B revenue analytics. Reportedly, this solution has been trusted by a large number of B2B sectors for its clear and precise insights on revenue conditions. The platform integrates with key data sources and the experts mainly spend their time bringing the obtained pieces together. Connecting and cleaning data sources is considered the first step towards understanding the immediate market performance and with CaliberMind, this connection becomes an easy thing to execute. It further enables client organisations to catch up and encash on the best services, should they be worried about their data not being at par with their contemporaries. The search ads further identify interested leads among a large audience thanks to the different frequencies of filling forms or the customer success ticketing system available. CaliberMind further gathers all these things together to enable the clients to have an overview of all ongoings. The platform also makes it increasingly convenient for reporting against notable benchmarks with absolute accuracy and confidence. show more

Dreamdata - Marketing Attribution Software


Revenue Attribution Made Simple
(31 Ratings)

Dreamdata pricing: Starts at $499.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Dreamdata and how does it work?

Dreamdata software is a platform used to gain insights with metrics across business channels. The software offers tools like powerful visuals and record customizable attribution models to identify revenue generation. Collaborate to track and identify your customer’s journey in real-time. Measure the ROI with campaigns to automate business workflows. Marketers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Attribution - Marketing Attribution Software


Attribution monitoring made seamless
(59 Ratings)

Attribution pricing: Attribution Offers Custom plan.

What is Attribution and how does it work?

Attribution is a multitouch attribution monitoring software built for B2C marketers, B2B Marketers, B2B CMOs and Bizible Alternatives for their data-driven marketing needs. The software promises comprehensive visibility, usability and fidelity on the go, enabling unmatched functional outcomes. Marketing teams can depend on the particular software with various tools, which are not available in any other platforms alike. Attribution is capable of identifying overlapping campaigns that can enable campaign cohesiveness, besides generating opportunities for stronger message continuity. Users can also depend on the solution to go through the entire browsing history related to individual clients and solve anomalies accordingly. Attribution, with its return on ad spend by cohort feature makes users find out the exact duration, how long it takes to break on an ad spend. They can also make comparisons between sources either by campaigns or channels over time. Other facilities loaded within are real-time views of an unattributed journey to conversion and model-based customisations with simple settings. show more

Roivenue - Marketing Attribution Software


Maximize Your Marketing ROI
(25 Ratings)

Roivenue pricing: Roivenue Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Roivenue and how does it work?

Roivenue is a marketing intelligence suite built to maximize ROI through data-driven attribution and integration. Compare different data-driven marketing attribution models and get simple and actionable insights. All performance metrics are available in just two clicks. Zoom in on a specific part of the conversion path or look at it as a whole. Identify oversaturated channels and get recommendations for budget reallocation based on your goals. Use your extensive customer data to generate relevant campaigns for higher response rates, sales, and ultimately CLV. show more

Bizible - Marketing Attribution Software


Making the right marketing decision just got easier
(321 Ratings)

Bizible pricing: Bizible Offers Custom plan.

What is Bizible and how does it work?

Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution and analysis solution that creates a unification between ad and behavioral data, along with machine learning. Thus helping business houses to make the right decisions in the marketing sector. Predictive account engagement scores offered by the platform, enables organizations to prioritize individual accounts and work accordingly. Enterprises can also collaborate the platform with their pre-existing marketing technologies like Salesforce, Marketo, Liveperson, Microsoft Dynamics and more. Full funnel insights offered by the software allows users to get comprehensive credit for their marketing strategies irrespective of the area within the funnel where it is taking place. Moreover, marketing experts using Bizible, can also apply credits to various stages which matters the most within their buying cycle. Ad network integration feature within the solution, allows enterprises to embed granular data views inclusive of ad level performance and keywords. Besides online channels, users can also monitor marketing performance for offline channels as well. show more

LeadsRx - Marketing Attribution Software


Access more marketing touchpoints to get a complete view of the customer journey
(55 Ratings)

LeadsRx pricing: LeadsRx Offers Custom plan.

What is LeadsRx and how does it work?

LeadsRx is a multi-touch attribution software that helps mid-to-large enterprises make informed decisions about different marketing programs. It shows the enterprises how marketing contributes to top-line revenue. The software helps marketers with the appropriate insights, technology and confidence to deepen their customer relationships and scale marketing performance seamlessly. With its SaaS-based marketing attributions, LeadsRx collects touchpoints on all channels, captures conversions in the entire funnel and provides impartial results. The top funnel includes initial conversions like newsletter sign-ups, PDF downloads and views of key pages. At the bottom of the funnel, users can view sales contact, test drives, product demonstrations, and proposal acceptance. While the mid-funnel helps them to access free trials, app downloads, inbound phone calls, event attendees, personal meetings and store visits. The software helps companies to track Google Ads, Facebook and 100% of digital channels through the Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel mechanism. Companies can also utilise LeadsRx Open Attribution API to monitor custom events and enterprise dashboards. show more

Full Circle Insights - Marketing Attribution Software

Full Circle Insights

Response Management Software
(127 Ratings)

Full Circle Insights pricing: Full Circle Insights Offers Custom plan.

What is Full Circle Insights and how does it work?

Full Circle Insights delivers sales and marketing performance management solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. Track lead responses throughout funnel stages and get a closed-loop view of their outcomes, from source to result. Unlock comprehensive lead tracking and performance in Salesforce. Customize funnels according to key stages in the buyer’s journey. Diagnose areas of optimization with comprehensive conversion metrics that highlight breakdowns between marketing and sales. show more

Wicked Reports - Marketing Attribution Software

Wicked Reports

Analyse marketing campaigns with Wicked Reports to boost ROI and LTV
(8 Ratings)

Wicked Reports pricing: Starts at $260.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Wicked Reports and how does it work?

Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution monitoring platform that helps eCommerce marketers analyze the impact of their marketing campaigns and increase ROI further. The software helps users with accurate ROI metrics, Lifetime Value (LTV) tracking, and a comprehensive campaign attribution mechanism that helps them to create better marketing campaigns in the future. It also offers detailed predictive behavior, cohort, and data mining analysis, facilitating better optimization of marketing campaigns to enhance return on investment. Wicked Reports enables eCommerce marketers to prepare accurate attribution reports that can be used to identify exactly from where the leads, customers, and subscriptions are coming from. The platform also includes wicked playbooks that help users increase their ad ROI, understand old data and determine the profitability of individual campaigns. Wicked Reports allows eCommerce marketers to track active campaigns over multiple social media channels. This way they get to optimize every stage of their business’ marketing funnel. Moreover, the Wicked Smartz feature included within, helps with money-saving decisions and allows users to integrate the software with external advertising and eCommerce platforms. show more

C3 Metrics - Marketing Attribution Software

C3 Metrics

Ace your marketing work with C3 Metrics
(4 Ratings)

C3 Metrics pricing: C3 Metrics Offers Custom plan.

What is C3 Metrics and how does it work?

C3 Metrics is an attribution data cloud that makes marketing work better. One can transform outdated reporting into real-time cross-platform insights that help businesses to grow. Companies using C3 metrics report a 15%+ increase in ROI. Built on the attribution data cloud, C3 Metrics solutions deliver accurate insights. It further simplifies the complexity of marketing in a world of competitive marketing strategies. C3 Metrics employs an innovative machine learning model that includes the most complex data evaluation algorithms such as viewability and cross-device, as well as converting and non-converting data from both online and offline media. This platform’s full-funnel source provides preference to a team of ads rather than just the 'last clicked' ad; characteristics money transfer revenue to the ads that originated, converted, and assisted the purchase; matches the referenced revenue to every ad with its corresponding cost, and distils this data into an actionable metric. Moreover, this platform ensures to accurately enumerate the ROI of every marketing expense. C3 Metrics extends its support to pharma and travel as well. show more

Prismana - Marketing Attribution Software


Lead Attribution For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses
(4 Ratings)

Prismana pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Prismana and how does it work?

Prismana is an online lead attribution and ROI calculation platform built from the ground up to help businesses measure the efficacy of their efforts. Although they live in a mobile world, people don't always use the phone as, well, a phone. They often prefer to email or fill out a form. That will render traditional call tracking useless. Other solutions have a steep learning curve which means they don't really get used or they get used by one or two people. Prismana automatically gives you this information for the channels that you are monitoring. show more

Attribuly - Marketing Attribution Software


Understand The Customers Buying Journey
(0 Ratings)

Attribuly pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

What is Attribuly and how does it work?

Attribuly is an innovative marketing tool that provides insight into campaigns and helps to drive up return on investment. It is the only Shopify customer events integration currently in the market. Attribuly is incredibly useful for tracking campaigns and can provide with the data that need to make informed decisions. It offers a comprehensive view of the customer journey and helps to identify which campaigns are the most effective in driving sales. Attribuly also provides a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of campaigns, so it can make adjustments as needed in order to optimize ROI. This tool is an invaluable asset for any business looking to maximize their marketing efforts and increase their bottom line. show more

Dimensions Attribution - Marketing Attribution Software

Dimensions Attribution

The Next Generation of Marketing
(0 Ratings)

Dimensions Attribution pricing: Dimensions Attribution Offers Custom plan.

What is Dimensions Attribution and how does it work?

Traditional analytics platforms overwhelm with metrics, forcing to sort through which channels and campaigns are working, which aren’t, and where there’s opportunity. Dimensions Attribution saves time, frustration, and misinterpretations. Driven by machine learning (ML), Dimensions provides clarity, highlights trends, interprets results, and recommends new strategies. Giving more tools and more time to grow business. show more

OptiMine Insight - Marketing Attribution Software

OptiMine Insight

A marketing attribution software for optimized media plans.
(0 Ratings)

OptiMine Insight pricing: OptiMine Insight Offers Custom plan.

What is OptiMine Insight and how does it work?

OptiMine Insight collaborates with you to assess the contributions and worth of all campaigns, and then leads you to a media plan that is optimised. It contains the most actionable, detailed measures, guidance, and suggestions across both digital and conventional marketing platforms, at the ad and campaign level. To stay ahead of the competition, it provides continual, quick model changes. Its agile analytic sprints generate long-term lift. It provides bottom-up details, direction, and ideas for ads and campaigns. Even individual keywords are taken into account. It has mobile-friendly dashboards that provide insights using cutting-edge technologies and techniques. It enables team cooperation as well as budgeting scenarios with guidance in order to obtain the best results with your budget. You can measure all of them using OptiMine, regardless of whatever channels you use to record conversions: online, call centres, agents, in-store, channel partners, dealerships, or anywhere else. Additionally, it returns to you aggregated, standardized, and cleaned data for use in your own internal reporting, dashboarding, and analytics system. show more

Cubed - Marketing Attribution Software


The data to create a greater marketing ROI
(0 Ratings)

Cubed pricing: Cubed Offers Custom plan.

What is Cubed and how does it work?

Cubed uses proprietary multi-touch attribution, built upon propensity modelling. It is based on a neural network, an advanced machine learning model. It is constantly training, learning which user behaviour makes a person more likely to buy. This level of insight provides brands with the data they need to lead in their market. show more

My Digital CMO - Marketing Attribution Software

My Digital CMO

Create your marketing strategy now
(0 Ratings)

My Digital CMO pricing: Starts at $15.0.

What is My Digital CMO and how does it work?

My Digital CMO is the perfect tool to create and execute an effective marketing strategy. It comes with a robust set of features to help you plan, implement, measure, and improve your digital marketing efforts. They created Digital CMO to help small businesses and start-up operations. As marketing improved, I felt like I needed a central place to manage their marketing strategy, remain consistent, and remove any emotional-related decision-making. Their Digital CMO is a tool that helps you create and manage your marketing strategy from scratch! If your story is similar to mine and you need your own Marketing Executive. show more

Attributer - Marketing Attribution Software


A Marketing Channel Attribution
(0 Ratings)

Attributer pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Attributer and how does it work?

Attributer software is a Marketing channel attribution data to automate workflows. The software offers tool to manage campaigns to drive ROI with better decisions to drive growth. It integrates with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and more. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

GETitOUT - Marketing Attribution Software


All-in-One Marketing Builder
(0 Ratings)

GETitOUT pricing: Starts at $39.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is GETitOUT and how does it work?

GETitOUT helps you build your marketing from the ground up, so you can find your ideal clients, create irresistible messaging, and websites, and landing pages that work.

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List of Marketing Attribution Software

Align.ly Attribution 5
rampmetrics 5
InfiniGrow 4.9
CaliberMind 4.8
Dreamdata 4.8
Attribution 4.6
Roivenue 4.6
Bizible 4.5
LeadsRx 4.4
Full Circle Insights 4

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