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Updated on: July 31, 2021

Marketing Attribution Software

Marketing Attribution Software helps businesses to assess the ROI of marketing channels and choose the winning choices that contribute to the success of their marketing and sales teams. With this tool, marketing teams can create attribution models and pull the data from several marketing channels to understand which exercise worked better and how?

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Align.ly Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution Solution for Salesforce
(1 Ratings)

Align.ly Attribution pricing: Starts at $208.25.

Align.ly Attribution uses standard Salesforce Campaigns. This means you have full control over your data, can utilize Salesforce reports and dashboards, and the solution will integrate seamlessly with your marketing automation platform. They support all the leading attribution models including... read more


Marketing Analytics Software
(13 Ratings)

rampmetrics pricing: rampmetrics Offers Custom plan.

rampmetrics helps marketing teams shift from reactive, incomplete reporting to in-depth, actionable marketing insights. Modern Marketing strategies and techniques are creating a need for more advanced forms of measuring marketing impact. First Touch and Last Touch attribution are useful but do not... read more


Revenue Attribution Made Simple
(14 Ratings)

Dreamdata pricing: Starts at $499.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

Dreamdata software is a platform used to gain insights with metrics across business channels. The software offers tools like powerful visuals and record customizable attribution models to identify revenue generation. Collaborate to track and identify your customer’s journey in real-time. Measure... read more


B2B Marketing Analytics
(18 Ratings)

CaliberMind pricing: CaliberMind Offers Custom plan.

CaliberMind is a leading B2B Customer Data Platform for Revenue Marketers, bringing together data analytics, attribution, and smart workflow automation. With CaliberMind, you can quickly visualize which campaigns and channels drive performance at each stage of the buyer journey. Automatically... read more


Maximize Your Marketing ROI
(18 Ratings)

Roivenue pricing: Roivenue Offers Free-forever plan.

Roivenue is a marketing intelligence suite built to maximize ROI through data-driven attribution and integration. Compare different data-driven marketing attribution models and get simple and actionable insights. All performance metrics are available in just two clicks. Zoom in on a specific part... read more


Built For Data-Driven Marketing
(58 Ratings)

Attribution pricing: Attribution Offers Custom plan.

Attribute marketing spends on revenue growth with the most powerful multi-touch attribution and ROI tracking available. Easy setup and a smart interface with intuitive workflows offer advanced visualizations and unlimited reporting flexibility. Attribution keeps a full browsing history for each... read more


Making the right marketing decision just got easier
(311 Ratings)

Bizible pricing: Bizible Offers Custom plan.

Bizible is a B2B marketing attribution and analysis solution that creates a unification between ad and behavioral data, along with machine learning. Thus helping business houses to make the right decisions in the marketing sector. Predictive account engagement scores offered by the platform,... read more


Access more marketing touchpoints to get a complete view of the customer journey
(172 Ratings)

LeadsRx pricing: LeadsRx Offers Custom plan.

LeadsRx is a multi-touch attribution software that helps mid-to-large enterprises make informed decisions about different marketing programs. It shows the enterprises how marketing contributes to top-line revenue. The software helps marketers with the appropriate insights, technology and confidence... read more

Full Circle Insights

Response Management Software
(119 Ratings)

Full Circle Insights pricing: Full Circle Insights Offers Custom plan.

Full Circle Insights delivers sales and marketing performance management solutions to optimize a company’s marketing mix and drive more revenue. Track lead responses throughout funnel stages and get a closed-loop view of their outcomes, from source to result. Unlock comprehensive lead tracking... read more

Wicked Reports

Multi-channel attribution for marketers
(6 Ratings)

Wicked Reports pricing: Starts at $260.0. Offers Custom plan.

Wicked Reports is a marketing analytics company that provides subscription-based, actionable reports on marketing results at each stage of the customer’s journey from the first click to sale. The map attribution models to marketing campaign goals so you can measure and act on marketing’s impact... read more

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