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Conversational Marketing Software

Conversational marketing software enables two-way communication between the company and the customer. Brands leverage this software to identify buying behaviour, decide exact sales requirements and shorten their sales cycle by transferring customers to payment getaways or sales reps in order to close transactions. Using AI-smart chatbots, companies can interact and engage with leads in real-time. Creating meaningful dialogues with potential customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey helps in generating qualified leads and provides valuable insights about the customer's buying behaviour. Conversational marketing software tracks customer's lifecycle and generates follow-ups via chatbots or sales reps, helps to create customized responses within conversations and supports creation of bots for intelligent and successful conversations.

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Heyday - Conversational Marketing Software


A Chatbot for Ecommerce
(1 Ratings)

Heyday pricing: Starts at $49.00.

What is Heyday and how does it work?

Heyday software is a customer messaging platform for better experiences. The software offers an AI-powered chatbots to recommend products to match shoppers search on autopilot. Collaborate with teams to get access to data and view on your agents’ performance. The Customer surveys in-chat used to check the pulse on customer satisfaction in minutes. It integrates with Salesforce, Shopify, and more. Marketers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Bonzo - Conversational Marketing Software


A Conversation Software for Business
(1 Ratings)

Bonzo pricing: Bonzo Offers Custom plan.

What is Bonzo and how does it work?

Bonzo software is a platform used to create conversations for better workflows. The software offers tools to build campaigns through 5-channels like SMS, Email, Video, Calls, and Voicemails. Collaborate with teams to speak directly to your audiences and respond with prospects via Mobile app. The Artificial Intelligence to drive outreach and conversations. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Botgate - Conversational Marketing Software


Grow Sales with Marketing Tool
(1 Ratings)

Botgate pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $79

What is Botgate and how does it work?

Botgate software is a platform used to optimize sales through conversational marketing. The software offers Hybrid model to qualify leads for better customer experience through conversations. Integrate channels with Botgate AI Messaging API to follow all conversations. It integrates with Slack, Pipedrive, Google Analytics, and more. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

360dialog - Conversational Marketing Software


Messenger Communication for Business
(12 Ratings)

What is 360dialog and how does it work?

360dialog software is a WhatsApp Messaging API to automate workflows. The software offers tools to create branded Messaging with images, files, location, videos, links, and more. Connect your customer service and ticketing applications to messenger channels. It integrates with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Bitrix24, and more. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

ChipBot - Conversational Marketing Software


Smart plugins for automating your website
(16 Ratings)

ChipBot pricing: Starts at $10.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ChipBot and how does it work?

ChipBot is an automation plugin provider platform that can be used to increase sales by using engaging videos and to substitute live chat with simple self-service support. It helps you gain consumers for your website using face-to-face videos and automated chatbots. With ChipBot, you can use appropriate videos on each page to communicate with your consumers. It offers ChipBot Pylons that help you increase your online sales and lead generation along with activating your funnel and directing visitors to your product or contact page. You can import YouTube videos and use influencers to promote your goods, or rework an existing video. The platform also offers ChipBot Nexus which is a self-service support bot that reduces live chat duties and prevents embarrassing chatbot messaging. It enables you to obtain feedback on the content of your help pages. Additionally, the platform offers Interceptors, which are promos that appear when visitors scroll to a certain portion of the page. You can reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on the page longer, gather their information, and utilize the information to enhance the website. show more

Spectrm - Conversational Marketing Software


The smart conversational marketing platform
(33 Ratings)

Spectrm pricing: Spectrm Offers Custom plan.

What is Spectrm and how does it work?

Spectrm is a conversational marketing platform that enables you to learn about your consumers' preferences and personalize their customer experience in real time via a discussion. It offers a client-focused approach to marketing automation so that you can use chatbots to converse with and convert consumers at scale, on their chosen channels, and at their preferred times. With Spectrm, you can search, socialize, scale, and display one-on-one discussions with your audience. Using Spectrm powered marketing chatbots, you can engage, track, and convert more consumers in real time. It allows you to engage and convert consumers on the sites and applications they use every day. You can optimize your marketing funnel for a seamless and immediate interaction. You can personalize suggestions in real time and convert your clients when they are most likely to buy on Facebook and Google. You can reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to emails and ensure that consumers receive what they want when they want it. Additionally, with no internal engineering resources, you can prototype and optimize your chatbot using Spectrm. show more

Saleswhale - Conversational Marketing Software


Your AI assistant has got you covered
(38 Ratings)

Saleswhale pricing: Saleswhale Offers Custom plan.

What is Saleswhale and how does it work?

Saleswhale is a conversation-centric AI-powered software. Your AI assistant first reaches out to your leads and gets conversations going. Leads that do not respond at any point after a certain number of days will be politely followed up with for as many touch-points as you deem necessary. If a lead turns out to be the wrong person to have a discussion with, your AI assistant is able to request to be referred to the right person. The moment a lead is interested to speak to a sales rep, your AI assistant will rope the sales rep straight into the email thread, make a round of introductions and hand it off. show more

Drift Email - Conversational Marketing Software

Drift Email

Boost up your contact records with Drift
(27 Ratings)

Drift Email pricing: Starts at $1450.00.

What is Drift Email and how does it work?

DriftEmail is an advanced email management software that automatically flows back to your MAP and CRM to update out-of-date contact data with fresh information, surfacing new contacts on your target accounts. This sophisticated email management software instantly distinguishes between human and automated email responses. With Drift, you can route actual human replies to the appropriate individual to ensure follow-up and generate more pipeline. Users can track and manage all campaign replies in one location. Using the job titles and phone numbers from email signatures, you can automatically clean and enrich contact information in your marketing automation platform and CRM. Additionally, by exposing fresh leads from OOO responses, you can broaden your reach. It enables you to invalidate out-of-date contacts, find job changes, and process unsubscribed for compliance without lifting a single finger. Drift Email's email management solutions can easily be integrated with your current email marketing software, ensuring that you never miss a quality lead opportunity. Furthermore, the software offers a free demo to its users for testing and trying its premium features. show more

Dashly - Conversational Marketing Software


Support your customers with personalised care
(11 Ratings)

Dashly pricing: Starts at $31.20.

What is Dashly and how does it work?

Dashly is a customer communication platform that helps small and midsized Saas and eCommerce businesses to automate their workflow and deliver better customer support. The platform helps to convert visitors into buyers using its various sales tools, such as triggered pop-ups, emails and live chat. Dashly allows users to engage their website visitors and encourage them to buy the product. Brands can start Zoom call meetings with their customers with its live chat function. Dashly also features an advanced Leadbot that is responsible for automating lead, making sure every visitor is routed to the right agent. All the bots available at the software are system generated and they do not need any coding skills to get activated. The software reminds the shopper about the abandoned carts, onboard them quickly and drives companies’ product adoption with the targeted emails. Dashly can also be connected with the companies’ CRM, Analytics and other tools to sync their data. show more

ShopPop - Conversational Marketing Software


Send relevant notifications to individual buyers that will generate more sales
(28 Ratings)

ShopPop pricing: ShopPop Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ShopPop and how does it work?

ShopPop is a chat marketing platform that enables businesses to forward relevant notifications to individual customers about the available products and generate more sales. The software helps users drive customers back to stores for purchasing their favourite picks, by allowing the latter to opt for ‘back in stock notifications’ on products that are currently out of stock. ShopPop comes with a wide range of widgets that look and feel native to store owners. Also, these widgets only appear to users when they want or let their customers receive notifications. Store owners can even automatically reply with Instagram or Messenger DM against the native posts on their Instagram and Facebook pages. With ShopPop, businesses get access to a variety of messaging templates that they can send to individual customers, notifying the latter about product availability, special discounts, link to pay and other relevant information. They can even edit these templates for sending personalised information. Moreover, ShopPop serves the following platforms like Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix and Shopware facilitating seamless business. show more

Verloop - Conversational Marketing Software


Conversational Marketing and Sales Platform
(147 Ratings)

Verloop pricing: Verloop Offers Custom plan.

What is Verloop and how does it work?

Verloop is a marketing and sales platform that leverages automated conversations to boost lead generation, boost conversions and makes the handling of customer support queries easier. With 24x7 customer support, users can extend timely customer handling services for managing common queries related to tracking orders with the help of a bot. With the always-on bot, faster sales cycles can be driven and more deals can be closed in real-time. It also offers code-free customization through features such as connecting to the tech stack and creating support tickets with a drag and drop interface. With Hybrid Chats, the bot knows when to intelligently hand off conversations to their human counterparts. Verloop can be trained to respond to FAQs and make the support more personal and contextual with an easy to configure Webhook Interface. And with real-time sentiment analysis, users can help customers before they drop-off. show more

Instabot - Conversational Marketing Software


Conversations that Increase Conversions
(50 Ratings)

Instabot pricing: Starts at $49.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Instabot and how does it work?

Instabot is a conversational marketing platform that allows you to create and launch chatbots that understand your users, and then curates information, answer questions, captures contacts, and book meetings instantly. Identify where users are most engaged or drop-off within your conversation so you can optimize. Export users straight into your internal portals or Salesforce and Eloqua with one switch. Train your bots to get smarter based on user interactions. The more users who talk to you, the better your bot will respond. show more

Automat - Conversational Marketing Software


Sales conversations to your website
(18 Ratings)

Automat pricing: Automat Offers Custom plan.

What is Automat and how does it work?

Automat is a Conversational AI solution that allows brands to market their product, reach their customers, and provide support through speech recognition capabilities. Brands that use Automat on their site are seeing big ROI. Personalized recommendations get new visitors to convert 2X more than usual. Imagine thousands of sales conversations happening at scale, all helping your customers at the very moment they’re ready to buy. Automat maximizes engagement by simply talking to your customers, learning their needs, and personalizing your website to their desires. show more

Conversica - Conversational Marketing Software


Empower your revenue team to engage and act on a massive scale
(252 Ratings)

Conversica pricing: Conversica Offers Custom plan.

What is Conversica and how does it work?

Conversica is a conversational AI solution that assists enterprise revenue teams in attracting, acquiring, and growing clients across the customer journey via email, SMS, and website chat. It provides AI Assistants that help teams find new revenue possibilities while also expanding workforce capacity, supercharging your sales teams to operate at their best for a fraction of the cost. With up to 100% prospect coverage and higher engagement rates, you can strengthen the top of your funnel using Conversica. You can connect site visitors to content right away, rapidly pre-qualify new prospects, and increase webinar and event participation. Your AI Assistant's Conversational Marketing abilities guide the possible best action across phone, chat, and text. Conversica’s AI Assistants with their conversational sales abilities can assist in the discovery of sales-ready prospects, performing the job of at least 10 SDRs and delivering a 4x funnel at half the price of employee-driven engagement alone. With Conversica’s AI Assistant, you can increase efficiency for your overburdened customer success teams by simplifying time-consuming outreach effectively. show more

Serviceform - Conversational Marketing Software


Generate Leads in Minutes
(1 Ratings)

Serviceform pricing: Starts at $99.00. Offers Custom plan.

What is Serviceform and how does it work?

Serviceform software is an all-in-one conversational marketing tool to generate qualified leads. Create chatbots with brands to manage customer support and multichannel chatbots. The analytics tool used to track the paths your customers without any code. Create conversion optimized with multi-step forms and can manage payments or recurring subscriptions through Stripe. Manage interactive User experiences for your products and services through conversations. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Watermelon - Conversational Marketing Software


Simple Customer Service Experience Platform
(13 Ratings)

Watermelon pricing: Watermelon Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Watermelon and how does it work?

Watermelon software is a platform used to centralize and automate customer contact in minutes. The software offers tools to create chatbot and publish your chatbot to your most popular channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram. Measure the performance of conversations across channels into a single dashboard. Small, Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Drift - Conversational Marketing Software


Engage with your customers in real-time and get your revenues scaled up
(689 Ratings)

Drift pricing: Drift Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Drift and how does it work?

Drift is a revenue acceleration platform, helping companies enhance their revenue, sales and productivity levels. Organisations also get to deliver personalised experiences to individual customers by bringing their go-to-market teams together. This way, they get to enhance the outreach of their brand and shorten the sales cycle as well. Over 50,000+ businesses from all around the globe use Drift to generate a qualified pipeline in real-time. Brands get to connect with their buyers over voice, chat, video and email to accelerate the revenues. Moreover, integration facilities offered by Drift helps brands engage their website visitors in real-time, providing personalised experiences accordingly. Timely notification offered by the platform helps organisations engage with their target accounts and never miss out on anything. Lastly, organisations can also rely on the particular to enhance their revenues without increasing the headcounts in a refreshingly frictionless manner. show more

Layer - Conversational Marketing Software


Automate Team Workflows in Minutes
(1 Ratings)

Layer pricing: Layer Offers Custom plan.

What is Layer and how does it work?

Layer software is a platform used to connect data across your organization. The software offers tools to integrate with Layer’s built in templates, and start using the workflow automation builder. Collaborate with teams to document all tasks for better business. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Freespee - Conversational Marketing Software


Use the power of conversation to drive your business
(1 Ratings)

Freespee pricing: Freespee Offers Custom plan.

What is Freespee and how does it work?

Freespee software is a platform for managing real-time discussions and accelerating sales. The software includes capabilities for intelligently routing inbound calls to the appropriate person. Customer chats across numerous channels can be used to gather business intelligence. Freespee recognizes that purchasing is an emotional experience, especially when it comes to high-ticket items and services that necessitate extensive research and thought. Across your consumer channels - internet, voice, messaging, in-store, email, video, and more - the platform links millions of interactions and data points. This gives you a unified picture of your client’s journey. With a collection of comprehensive lead management tools, the Freespee Sales Acceleration Suite converts website visits into engaged leads, increasing conversion and ROI. It optimizes marketing strategies and identifies the programs that generate high-quality leads and website traffic. It learns about your buyer personas and modifies your marketing messaging accordingly. It contributes to a rise in the number of high-quality callers. Reduce friction and improve the calling experience. Furthermore, it allows purchasers to plan a callback instead of risking losing their call during peak hours. show more

Siftrock - Conversational Marketing Software


Email Management made easier for you
(27 Ratings)

Siftrock pricing: Siftrock Offers Custom plan.

What is Siftrock and how does it work?

Siftrock is an advanced email management software developed specifically for B2B companies in order to assist them in replying to their emails for better engagement rate and growth. It allows the user to reply to emails instantly and automates the entire aftermath of the sending process. With Siftrock, users can save both their time and energy while keeping their database utterly clean. It enables the users to synchronize their data with various platforms like Pardot, Eloquoa, Act-On, Hubspot, and Marketo in order to ease up their workload. This software, although works behind the scenes but it does the most important part that your business needs to thrive, user engagement increment! It further offers tools to improve the quality of your leads and your email reply content. Users additionally get features that separate the human replies from the autoresponders to ensure a more qualified lead generation experience. It significantly enhances your database health and email deliverability with every email that you send. Because of its smart features, it is a top favorite in the market with marketers like SurveyMonkey, Payscale, Avalara, and Citrix taking full advantage of its functionalities. The cherry on top is that it offers a free trial version to test its features. show more

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List of Conversational Marketing Software

Heyday 5
Bonzo 5
Botgate 5
360dialog 5
ChipBot 4.9
Spectrm 4.8
Saleswhale 4.8
Drift Email 4.8
Dashly 4.8
ShopPop 4.7

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