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Updated on: April 15, 2021

Conversational Marketing Software

Conversational marketing software enables two-way communication between the company and the customer. Brands leverage this software to identify buying behaviour, decide exact sales requirements and shorten their sales cycle by transferring customers to payment getaways or sales reps in order to close transactions. Using AI-smart chatbots, companies can interact and engage with leads in real-time. Creating meaningful dialogues with potential customers at different stages of the buyer’s journey helps in generating qualified leads and provides valuable insights about the customer's buying behaviour. Conversational marketing software tracks customer's lifecycle and generates follow-ups via chatbots or sales reps, helps to create customized responses within conversations and supports creation of bots for intelligent and successful conversations.

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Self-Service Support For Busy Businesses
(12 Ratings)

ChipBot embeds at the bottom of your website and empowers people to find their own help. The form factor also makes it easy to leave feedback. If you’re missing content or have inaccuracies, ChipBot will alert you in what to fix. Collect feedback to improve your articles, collect questions for... read more


A Smart B2B Conversational Platform To Help Connect & Engage With Buyers
(26 Ratings)

Insent is a real-time customer engagement platform where users can chat with visitors (potential prospects) earlier in the buying cycle. The platform can be used to initiate conversations with buyers as well as third-party content publishers. It identifies and qualifies visitors so that users know... read more


Conversational Marketing And Intelligence Platform
(12 Ratings)

Spectrm is a conversational marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes build chatbots to automate and accelerate customer service. Optimize your marketing funnel into an instant and effortless conversation. Personalize recommendations in real-time and convert your customers at their... read more

Drift Email

Email Management Software
(27 Ratings)

Drift Email is the best email management software. Automatically separate human replies from autoresponders. Route real human responses to the right rep to drive more pipelines. Measure reply rates. Manage and track all campaign responses in one place. Automatically update phone numbers and job... read more


Sales with Audience Engagement
(14 Ratings)

ShopPop software is a platform used to create interactive conversational experiences. The softwares offers tools to engage and convert leads with conversational forms, surveys or shopping journeys. Share your chat landing page link directly on Facebook or elsewhere to grow your audience. Marketers,... read more


Conversational Marketing and Sales Platform
(80 Ratings)

Verloop is a marketing and sales platform that leverages automated conversations to boost lead generation, boost conversions and makes the handling of customer support queries easier. With 24x7 customer support, users can extend timely customer handling services for managing common queries related... read more


Sales conversations to your website
(18 Ratings)

Automat is a Conversational AI solution that allows brands to market their product, reach their customers, and provide support through speech recognition capabilities. Brands that use Automat on their site are seeing big ROI. Personalized recommendations get new visitors to convert 2X more than... read more


Your AI assistant has got you covered
(29 Ratings)

Saleswhale is a conversation-centric AI-powered software. Your AI assistant first reaches out to your leads and gets conversations going. Leads that do not respond at any point after a certain number of days will be politely followed up with for as many touch-points as you deem necessary. If a lead... read more


Conversations that Increase Conversions
(41 Ratings)

Instabot is a conversational marketing platform that allows you to create and launch chatbots that understand your users, and then curates information, answer questions, captures contacts, and book meetings instantly. Identify where users are most engaged or drop-off within your conversation so you... read more


Engage Prospects and Customers in Authentic Conversations
(238 Ratings)

Conversica is a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants for business, helping organizations augment their workforce to attract, grow and retain customers. The flagship Conversica Sales AI Assistant helps companies find and secure customers more quickly and efficiently by autonomously... read more

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