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A free contact form for your website - Foxyform.com
(1 Ratings)

A contact form for your own website - create your own contact form quickly and easily - with anti-spam protection and, of course, completely free!

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FreeContactForm - Clean And Simple Contact Forms
(1 Ratings)

Free contact us forms that are responsive and secure, ready to download, and really easy to install

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Advanced Lead Tracking Algorithm
(136 Ratings)

Waalaxy is a lead capture software that allows you to automatically contact your target on LinkedIn and via email, the two channels that account for 96 percent of B2B prospecting today. The tool was created with the goal of allowing you to launch your campaigns in less 10 minutes. You can contact 700 potential clients every week in 10 minutes per day.Its vast list of features includes – its simple mechanics allow you to launch campaigns in under 10 minutes. On average, their chat assistance responds in under 3 minutes and has a 98 percent positive feedback rating. Easily segment your list of prospects using a variety of parameters such as title, firm, location, language, and tag. Integrating natively, Update your CRM and have the data instantly exported to your favourite tool.One of their most beneficial features is that of personalized auto-mated messages. Nobody enjoys being approached by a robot. Their feature set allows you to customise your communications. As long as your prospect does not answer, your follow-up mails will send themselves.Import new leads automatically and set your campaigns on autopilot. show more

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Free Lead Magnet Software For eBooks, Checklists, Workbooks and More - Beacon
(8 Ratings)

Create professional lead magnets in minutes without hiring a designer so you can generate more leads, increase conversion rates and save time.

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LeadConduit - ActiveProspect
(7 Ratings)

Meet LeadConduit LeadConduit is a real-time lead optimization platform that empowers you to take action on your leads by customizing lead flow, enhancing leads with additional data, filter and reject leads, and deliver it all…

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Dial Your Leads

DYL | Client Relationship & Lead Management Solutions
(2 Ratings)

Receive real-time notifications and stay ahead of your competition with ContactConnect, the lead management CRM from DYL.

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Turn More of Your Website Visitors Into Sales Calls | ResponseiQ
(0 Ratings)

Our intelligent instant callback platform enables you to increase sales calls by up to 25% from your existing web traffic. Maximise your CRO and try our widget today for free, no credit card or sign up fee needed.

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Camilyo integrated online presence and marketing tools for online service providers
(2 Ratings)

All-in-one, omni-channel, white-labeled, integrated marketing platform, designed specifically for online service providers

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Fonctionnalités Génération de leads
(1 Ratings)

Comment définir une stratégie commerciale cohérente et efficace ? Le cycle de la démarche commerciale débute par l'acquisition de nouveaux clients

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MarketVolt - BenchmarkONE
(1 Ratings)

We're saying goodbye to MarketVolt! Allow us to introduce you to BenchmarkONE, an all-in-one email marketing and CRM platform. Are you a school

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optinopoli - Next-Generation Lead Capture and Sales Conversion Technology
(0 Ratings)

Capture leads through your website and multiple content channels across the web, with personalized on-site engagement to build relationships and convert leads into buyers.

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Streamline multifaceted lead management schedules just the way you like
(9 Ratings)

LeadByte is an innovative lead management software, helping companies scale their lead generation activity and revenue metrics in an efficient manner. The services provided by this platform are relied upon widely by top companies like Monetise, LeoVegas.com, Clicksco, LeadLeaders, and more. The platform delivers a host of features that help startups and global brands alike, maximise earnings and save time by optimising workforce performance and revenue. Businesses can capture leads in real-time via methods like web forms, quizzes, Facebook lead ads, Ping-Tree and more. Also, a high-volume processing API delivered by the particular let users scale their business activities in a seamless manner. Furthermore, LeadByte facilitates real-time validation of incoming leads through customisable rules and third-party validation schedules. Thus enabling users to define their own criteria, while increasing the value of leads they buy or sell. Moreover, businesses can distribute leads exclusively or opt for multi-sell, Ping/Post via emails, SMS and file schedules to maximise profit. Real-time reports help users track and manage volumes of lead wise batches in an efficient manner. show more

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Everthere - Enterprise Grade Market Intelligence Platform
(84 Ratings)

Turn real-world marketing behaviors into actionable data. Know where your competitors are, understand where the industry is headed.

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Overtok Call Conversion | Action-Driven Conversational platform
(0 Ratings)

Keep customers in your ecosystem connected and engaged with your site all along the calling journey

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Unlimited leads from Google Maps
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Choose among the 4000+ categories of Google Maps, and target precisely by state, county or city in more than 95 countries (and more coming soon). Scrap.io isn't an old database scraped months ago and filled with obsolete and invalid data. All extractions are done in real time from Google Maps, and will always download up-to-date and valid data. They only offer professional and publicly available data on the internet. The US and European laws authorise to download and exploit these data for commercial purpose. They keep track of every email, every phone number and on which page it was found. show more

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A Sales CRM Software To Manage Leads And Improve Customer Relationships
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HelloLeads is a simple CRM tool for small businesses. It helps in improving sales conversions by having all the prospects and leads in one place. The tool keeps a track of conversions, activities, and does fail-safe follow-ups as well. Users can add lead details using Forms, by scanning Business cards, QR codes, and even Barcodes. It allows users to stay in touch with their leads through mediums like Call, SMS, WhatsApp or Email. Using the software, users can engage with their leads instantly using automated greeting emails and also by sharing digital business cards. With the help of on-time follow-up reminders, users can stay on top of all the necessary activities and work systematically and efficiently. The tool helps users to categorize their leads based on interests, customer segments, and deal size. The software also allows users to capture every conversion detail and keep a complete track of the history so that nothing is lost and everything can be retrieved when needed. show more

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A LinkedIn Lead Generation Software
(4 Ratings)

LinkedProspect software is a platform used to target and engage people with product or service. The software offers tools to invite and send a sequence of messages to engage your prospects. Generate leads and start a sales conversation with them to meet the business requirements.

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Génération de leads hyper qualifiés à partir de votre site web - Visiblee
(2,513 Ratings)

Visiblee accroît la génération de leads de votre site web, et vous permet d'identifier les visiteurs anonymes qui ne laissent pas leurs coordonnées

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Stillbon Lead Extractor Tool

Ultimate Lead Extractor Tool to Generate / Extract Businesses Leads
(0 Ratings)

Download FREE lead extractor tool to extract contact details of businesses and its owners from search engines, websites, Google Map. Lead Generation tool offers to export contacts, emails, names, address, etc. for your business.

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The Managed Service for All Your Online Advertising - Optily+
(2 Ratings)

Bionic supply intelligent automation software and services for social marketing that deliver significant improvements in return on advertising spend.

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List of Lead Capture Software

Foxyform 3.5
FreeContactForm NA
Waalaxy 4.8
Beacon.by 4.2
LeadConduit 4.4
Dial Your Leads 3
ResponseiQ NA
Camilyo 3.8
Magileads NA
Marketvolt 4