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Updated on: August 18, 2022

G Suite for Sales Software

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ScheduleOnce for G Suite

ScheduleOnce - Google Workspace Marketplace
(8 Ratings)

A feature rich online scheduling platform that works in tandem with Google Calendar and Google Meet to support your business in a wide range of prospect and customer scheduling scenarios.

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Freshdesk for G Suite

Freshdesk - Google Workspace Marketplace
(17 Ratings)

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software in the SaaS market.

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Help Scout for G Suite

Help Scout - Google Workspace Marketplace
(6 Ratings)

Deliver human-centered service with email, live chat, and docs from Help Scout.

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mailparser.io for G Suite

mailparser.io - Google Workspace Marketplace
(2 Ratings)

Mailparsed extracts data from emails and attachments. Virtually eliminate manual data entry from emails. Send data nearly anywhere with webhooks, REST, or download via Excel. Save hours of work each week & increase accuracy.

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Freshdesk Gmail Gadget for G...

Freshdesk Gmail Gadget - Google Workspace Marketplace
(19 Ratings)

Freshdesk Gmail Gadget lets you quickly check into ticket and requestor information right from your email, and even send your replies from there.

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Nutshell CRM for G Suite

Nutshell CRM - Google Workspace Marketplace
(14 Ratings)

Nutshell is CRM software that helps small-business sales reps win more deals. With its award-winning product and next-door-neighbor service, Nutshell helps outbound sales teams win more deals, more quickly. Nutshell integrates with the software small businesses already use, including Google. With this app, you can bring Nutshell to your G Suite email inbox and calendar. View Nutshell contacts directly from your email Save emails from Google to Nutshell with one click Create contacts from Google emails Sync your calendar with Nutshell Easily sync files from Google Drive show more

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Simple CRM System for G Suite

Yoman.io - Google Workspace Marketplace
(1 Ratings)

Yoman is your super-simple contact manager. Forget complicated CRM systems! This is the simplest way to manage enduring customer relationships. Add your contacts and put everything in one place: reminders, appointments, contact details, files and more! Syncs with Google Calendar, supports Gmail accounts. Best of all - it's FREE for up to 100 contacts!

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Sortd for Gmail

Sortd - Google Workspace Marketplace
(11 Ratings)

Sortd is the world's first Business Productivity Suite for Gmail and GSuite. Expands beyond email and productivity and integrates across the business into Projects, Sales, Client service, Hiring, Finance and Operations. Offers many of the same capabilities of an Airtable, Monday, Tables by Google or Asana. Has been rated as the #1 App for Gmail with 3,600+ upvotes on Product Hunt.

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SherpaDesk for G Suite

SherpaDesk - Google Workspace Marketplace
(1 Ratings)

Sherpadesk is the all-in-one automated solution that combines all the tools you need to run your business and team more effectively: IT helpdesk ticketing, analytics, invoicing, project management, time tracking, billing, remote assistance, & much more. Customer Support Tickets, Invoicing, Time Tracking, Help Desk, Manage Assets

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