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Configurator 360 logo

Configurator 360

Configurator 360 | Product Configuration Software | Autodesk 4.3 Based on 5 Ratings

Configurator 360 is no longer available for new subscriptions. Forge Design Automation API is an alternate technology that will help automate everything from small repetitive tasks to entire product development processes.

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Mode Analytics Visual Explorer logo

Mode Analytics Visual Explorer

Create data aggregations Write a Review

Prepare pivot tables, data facets, combo charts, dual axes with multiple measures, and more. Link visual elements, like size or color, to data and expressively represent findings. Perform codeless Quick Calculations and transformations without writing additional SQL. The award-winning data engine bypasses the memory limits inherent in web browsers by processing data server-side.

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Marxent 3D Cloud logo

Marxent 3D Cloud

3D Asset Management for Ecommerce 3.3 Based on 2 Ratings

Marxent® 3D Cloud is the proven, enterprise 3D product visualization platform built for ecommerce. Make your complete product catalog available in 3D, export assets to most file formats, allow teams to easily share models, deliver customer applications, and measure return on investment.

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Expivi logo


Expivi 3D Product Configurator | Expivi - Customize anything Write a Review

Expivi offers a seamless and intuitive augmented reality experience for your customers. With a single click, your customers can view the customized product on their mobile devices. Expivi links seamlessly as a plugin on most platforms, such as Shopify and Magento.

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Configura CET Designer logo

Configura CET Designer

Design Spaces - Configuration made simple | Configura 5 Based on 1 Ratings

We offer software solutions that will help you streamline your sales, design and order processes.

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ShapeDiver logo


ShapeDiver | Cloud applications for Rhino and Grasshopper 5 Based on 1 Ratings

ShapeDiver automatically turns your Rhino and Grasshopper files into interactive 3D models accessible worldwide, 24/7, through any modern web browser.

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Outward logo


Visual Technology for Home Furnishings Industry Write a Review

Outward, Inc. is a visual transformation and technology company. It manufacturers and retailers of all sizes to produce high-impact photography at the push of a button. With Aperture Platform, the customers can control visual merchandising.

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DriveWorks logo


DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS® Design Automation and Product Configurator Software 4.5 Based on 45 Ratings

DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS® design automation and product configurator software enables manufactures to deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy.

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Showefy logo


Smartest and finest photorealistic web configuration system Write a Review

The innovative real-time configuration system that allows to show all product variations through the best overall experience available on the market. It works with all mobile and desktop platforms. Show customers all products with all the choices available. Provide your sales network with showefy®, it will make selling more engaging therefore increasing closing rate.

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Kickflip logo


Futuristic Custom Products 5 Based on 2 Ratings

KickFLip is a product configurator software that allows you to create exceptional customization experiences. Without writing a single line of code, Kickflip allows you to create professional product configurators in a purely visual interface.Its vast list of features includes – Management tool, using which you can track custom orders and see all the options your customers have created and the designs they have created. They have a Seamless integration with Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop. You can integrate Kickflip into a custom ecommerce website using their API. Custom integration is available with their Enterprise plan. Your customers can share their designs on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. All their software updates are free and automatic. Hosting is included, and bandwidth is unlimited, at no additional cost.One of their most beneficial features is their customization choices. you can apply colours on your projects, upload product images to visually render your products based on customer demand, apply text to your products.You can also Generate high-resolution print-ready files for quick and efficient production. Let your customers drag, rotate, and resize texts and images within print areas.

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Spectrum Customizer logo

Spectrum Customizer

Product Customization Platform Write a Review

With Spectrum, everyone's a product designer. From WebGL product design through factory integration, Spectrum is the only 3D-to-factory solution for product customization. Now in use by brands like Under Armour, Eddie Bauer, CamelBak and Wilson Sporting Goods, it’s like no other customization product on the market

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PicarioXPO logo


High Quality Visual Content Software Write a Review

PicarioXPO Designer makes it possible to easily create visual assets on demand. Create all visual content from a single source and make unlimited variations. PicarioXPO iPad app lets users sync the designs files from their PicarioXPO account to their iPad.

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CanvasLogic logo


3D & AR Product Configuration And Visualization Write a Review

CanvasLogic is a leading provider of 3D and augmented reality visualization solutions. It is Combining the functionality of CPQ software with the simplicity of user-ready dashboards, innovative platform can be used online, in-store and in the field. It has some key features like Smart configuration, Cloud native, Streamline product data and much more.

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Web development services, ecommerce development and VR/AR solutions logo

Web development services, ecommerce development and VR/AR solutions

Digital Artflow | 3D product configurator, quoting tools & VR/AR applications Write a Review

We develop WebGL-based applications such as: 2D & 3D product configurator, quoting tools, VR and AR applications and integration with e-commerce platforms.

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Simplio3D logo


A Visual Product Configurator 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Simplio3D is a web based 3d product configurator used to customize products using real-time 3D visualization. Create interactive and engaging 3D renderings to pump-up your sales. The software offers 2D layered images and real-time 3D to create and customizable products as per business requirements. It integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and more.

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WooCommerce Product Designer logo

WooCommerce Product Designer

Home - Designer Suite for WP 3.5 Based on 1 Ratings

The ultimate product designer toolbox for web to print products like t-shirts, signs, post cards, business cards, phone cases, labels etc…

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DynaMaker logo


Visual Product Customization Made Simple 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

DynaMaker is cloud service for building and publishing online product configurators. The software offers tools to configure products and generates sales CAD files such as quotation drawings. Export files such as STEP, BOM, BIM, DXF, IFC, cut lists. It integrates with e-solutions such as customer portals, CPQ solutions, e-commerce, ERP and CMS.

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List of Visual Configuration Software

Configurator 360 Configurator 360 4.3
Mode Analytics Visual Explorer Mode Analytics Visual Explorer 0
Marxent 3D Cloud Marxent 3D Cloud 3.3
Expivi Expivi 0
Configura CET Designer Configura CET Designer 5
ShapeDiver ShapeDiver 5
Outward Outward 0
DriveWorks DriveWorks 4.5
Showefy Showefy 0
Kickflip Kickflip 5

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