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Mintel In-Store logo

Mintel In-Store

Mintel In-Store and Field Services 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Mintel Field Services: the on-the-ground intelligence you need Read more.

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Resonate Analytics logo

Resonate Analytics

Resonate | AI-Powered Consumer Data & Intelligence 3.1 Based on 4 Ratings

Revolutionize your customer understanding with the AI-driven Resonate Ignite Platform and the deepest, most comprehensive understanding of the US consumer.

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MobileAction logo


All-in-One App Marketing Intelligence Platform Write a Review

Peerless ASO product equipped with all keyword features user need. Comprehensive market data and SDK intelligence to take app to the next level. The most accurate ad data across various ad networks to craft the best ad strategy for the app.

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PipeCandy logo


Stay up-to-date with your fellow e-commerce prospect’s business plannings Write a Review

PipeCandy is a compact market intelligence tool that provides accurate information on over a million online merchants. It aids in the development of lead lists, company research, data enrichment, and competitive benchmarking. The solution can also be used to plot the brands' commercial evolution, including sales, traffic, and order forecasts. Moreover, Pipecandy’s products are backed by Commercepedia, a commerce-based database, which includes 85% of active eCommerce businesses as well as accurate monthly eCommerce sales forecasts based on 23 attributes. Pipecandy hosts a variety of essential products which goes as Pipecandy prospector, firehose and researcher. These can be used to get access to high coverage leads lists, enrich pre-existing marketing data and uncover reliable market share trends and estimates. Noticeable datasets offered by the software covers top D2C brands, retail clothing stores, eCommerce companies, retailers market lists and top subscription box organisations.

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FullCircl logo


Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform Write a Review

FullCircl is a Customer Lifecycle Intelligence (CLI) platform that helps B2B companies in financially regulated industries do better business, faster. Its solutions allow front and middle office teams to win the right customers, accelerate onboarding and keep them for life.

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Valuer logo


Meet your new AI search Write a Review

Valuer is a data-driven platform powered by advanced AI algorithms that helps corporations, accelerators, and venture funds with the discovery of relevant innovative technology, identifying new market opportunities, and prioritizing strategic initiatives to fuel their business development.

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Pi Datametrics logo

Pi Datametrics

Search Intelligence | Content marketing platform 3.5 Based on 2 Ratings

Know your customers, your competitors, and the value of the opportunity with Pi’s Search Intelligence and content marketing platform.

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Captify Search Intelligence logo

Captify Search Intelligence

Captify Technologies 3.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Captify's Semantic Technology analyses over 33 billion monthly searches to power insights and media across all channels and on every device. To date, Captify has raised $15 million in investment and backed by Panoramic Growth Equity and Smedvig Capital.

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PrivCo logo


Gain Insights into Company Intelligence 4 Based on 1 Ratings

PrivCo software is a platform used to research on private companies with comprehensive company profiles. The software offers tools to search companies, sort through fundings, deals, and investors. Access direct private company data on demand via API. Export Investor TearSheet PDF and Data in Excel file format. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

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EQ Works Custom Audience Building logo

EQ Works Custom Audience Building

Location Behavior, Data Science & Marketing | EQ Works 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Unleash the power of location behaviour data and step into the future of advertising. Leverage our first-party audience data to uncover deep insights about your consumers' digital journey. Actively engage with your audience by mapping real- world location behaviour into consumable and actionable data.

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Manzama Base logo

Manzama Base

Current Awareness Platform for Global Organizations - Manzama Write a Review

Discover and share insights from news, social and other online media sources to strengthen client relationships and drive new business.

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Airnow Data logo

Airnow Data

Supercharge Your App Marketing Strategy Write a Review

Monitor apps, benchmark competitors, understand market trends & ASO fundamentals all in one place. Supercharge Your App Marketing Strategy. This Market Data Gives You a Holistic View of The App Ecosystem.

Read More logo

Most powerful Consumer Insights Platform - QuenchTec Write a Review

Automated insights processes to keep up with ever-changing business needs, shorten research processes through automation.

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MakerBox Frameworks logo

MakerBox Frameworks

Supercharge the marketing weeks Write a Review

Sharpen positioning, increase sales and build audience with 10-minute guides. Roadmaps to learn new marketing models.

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Export Import Data in India| Foreign Buyers in India - The Dollar Business Write a Review

Grow your business using export-import data using our AI-based tool. Analyse your competitors and find active foreign buyers across the world.

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Rwazi logo


Crush your Competition in Emerging Markets Write a Review

Introducing Rwazi - their ultimate solution for winning in the ever-changing markets of today. They understand that success lies in the execution of hyper-local strategies, but without the right insights, it can feel like navigating through uncharted territory. That's where Rwazi steps in, empowering them with the knowledge and direction to excel in any market. Imagine having thousands of local consumers at their fingertips, ready to share their wisdom with them in real-time. With Rwazi, this becomes a reality. This cutting-edge platform harnesses the collective power of these consumers, providing them with invaluable information about their buying habits, preferences, and even the precise locations where they make their purchases. Armed with this knowledge, they can now execute their strategies with unwavering confidence. No longer will they need to rely on guesswork or vague assumptions. Rwazi ensures that they have access to the most up-to-date and accurate insights, allowing them to tailor their approach to each specific market. Improve their performance in existing markets by fine-tuning their strategies based on real-time data. And when they're ready to expand into new territories, Rwazi will be their trusted guide, ensuring a successful launch that hits the ground running. With Rwazi, they open the door to limitless possibilities. Gone are the days of shooting in the dark, hoping that their efforts will pay off. This professional and informative platform equips them with the tools they need to make informed decisions, guiding them toward success every step of the way. Don't let uncertainty hold them back. Embrace Rwazi today and take control of their market execution like never before. Their competitors won't know what hit them as they blaze ahead, armed with the invaluable insights only Rwazi can provide. It's time to elevate their game, transform their approach, and leave a lasting mark on the markets they operate in. Remember, success favors the well-informed. Choose Rwazi and embark on a journey towards market domination today!

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Upinion logo


Amplify people’s voice in crisis situations by gathering insights and stories 3 Based on 1 Ratings

Upinion promotes inclusiveness and effectiveness of humanitarian support. We build panels in crisis areas around the world using mobile technology and social media. We have continuous real-time conversations with people living in these areas. which allows for self-representation, direct participation, and partnerships

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Sharpr logo


Sharpr — Knowledge Management Write a Review

When insights need to be centralized and made searchable, shareable, and dynamically delivered, the best brands in the world look to Sharpr.

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ExploreBit logo


ExploreBit -?Explore Every Bit of the Startup World - ExploreBit Write a Review

The best places to discover & meet the startups & investors | Connect with Angel investors, VC's & Entrepreneurs that match your purpose.

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Mining Intelligence Data logo

Mining Intelligence Data

Data Application - Mining Intelligence Based on 1 Ratings

Get access to curated data from thousands of mining companies and their properties. Mining Intelligence Companies and Properties Data Application offers a wealth of global mining data.

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List of Market Intelligence Software

Mintel In-Store Mintel In-Store 4.5
Resonate Analytics Resonate Analytics 3.1
MobileAction MobileAction 0
PipeCandy PipeCandy 0
FullCircl FullCircl 0
Valuer Valuer 0
Pi Datametrics Pi Datametrics 3.5
Captify Search Intelligence Captify Search Intelligence 3.5
PrivCo PrivCo 4
EQ Works Custom Audience Building EQ Works Custom Audience Building 4.5

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